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Thursday, 12/01/2011, 03:00 pm

UFC NEWS – Jason "Mayhem" Miller Talks About The Long Road Back To The UFC (Video)


27 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Jason "Mayhem" Miller Talks About The Long Road Back To The UFC (Video)”

  1. Steven says:

    Miller is going to win

  2. Ryan says:

    Miller seems like a great guy.He’s a great fighter, I’m a fan. I really think he can take this win and deserves it more.

  3. Randy says:

    Love this guy. I think he was long over due to get back to the big stage. Strikeforce dropped the ball with him. They could have had a great fight with Mayhem and Jake Shields. I hope he kicks Bisbitches ass.

  4. Ryan M says:

    I love when somebody being interviewed doesn’t want to divulge information and Helwani won’t give up until he finally asks straight out ” can you give me a hint?” lol what a great interviewer.

  5. magoo says:

    Good luck Mayhem your one of the good guys…….Punch him in the face so many times he begs you to kick him…lol

  6. Creature says:

    Mayhem should bring Hendo along as a corner man lol. Bisping would be having flash backs up until he goes to sleep from a Mayhem choke

  7. Justen says:

    Miller fought Shields n got his but kicked. Bispings gunna stomp him.

  8. phil mccrackin says:

    bitchping is going nighty nighty :)

  9. chris says:

    mayhem is such a class act

  10. ancexedia says:


  11. JAG says:

    No doubt, Mayhem does have charisma, pizazzzz, mad skills(I’ve watched him fight for YEARS on the smaller less televised events), great all around game, and overall a good guy…… It’s going to be a great fight and 1 of the best fights of the year but Michael will raise his hand when this is done! Bisping has trained SO HARD for this fight and that is saying something with someone who doesn’t leave anything to chance. HE WORKS SO HARD AT his job and took a long break cuz of TUF filming and contract obligations, THE FIRE INSIDE THAT MAN IS PEAKING and HAS BEEN BURNING FOR SOME TIME!!

    • John says:

      I think jag needs to hop off those English nuts

      • JAG says:

        All good John..I talked to Michael yesterday and he’s my friend, I gave Mayhem respect and even said he’s a good guy..”No Nut Hopping” over here, ASK BJ, I get my fair share of HIGH END women and am a one way street. All good tho, you can state your opinion anytime.. I’ve seen Michael train for this fight here in Orange County & that guy’s regiman is that of a NAVY SEAL! No trash talking, not one word of anything but respect but for every good seed there’s 10 bad ones……i.e. YOU

        • canilive says:

          he took a brk ” to not get paid” and be on tv, ya know TV, the thing bisbing tries to make fun of mayhem for

        • JAG says:

          Break from “fighting in the cage”, ya know OCTAGON, the thing these guys really LOVE to be in and all that matters to them, not to mention, what they do for a living…

          I think I know who has the last word or laugh here……….

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