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Tuesday, 12/20/2011, 01:10 pm

UFC NEWS – "I'm Looking Forward To Fighting Dos Santos" Says Overeem

“Style-wise, dos Santos is going to be an excellent fight for me — striker against striker. With my experience, I should have the upper hand. I must say that he is very dangerous with his hands. He’s got a lot [of power] in both punches; he’s clever and he’s fast. I’m looking forward to fighting him after Brock.”
During yesterday’s UFC pre-fight media conference call former Strikeforce heavyweight champion, Alistair Overeem stated that he is looking forward to facing current UFC heavyweight champion, Junior Dos Santos.

It would be a Striker vs. Striker match of almost epic proportions. In one corner the UFC heavyweight champion who has shown nothing but phenomenal standup with his hands since entering the world of MMA and in the other corner, the K-1 Grand Prix champion.

In most circumstances you would pick the K-1 champ over the UFC champion in a pure striking match, but MMA is anything but pure striking.

Overeem is clearly the better standup fighter on paper, but in the Octagon JDS rules the division.

He must first get past Brock Lesnar next week but if the two get it on sometime in the future who takes it BJPENN.COM?

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40 Responses to “UFC NEWS – "I'm Looking Forward To Fighting Dos Santos" Says Overeem”

  1. jason N says:

    JDS will put him away in the first.

    • zoeldog27 says:

      For Sure, what a dick he hasnt even won one fight yet in the UFC and he’s running his mouth at the title holder already he’s gotta get past brock first and even if he does they would probably give him frank mir first or velasquez and they would both destroy him so i think hes been checking himself out in the mirror too much lol spanking the monkey if he has one left to spank after the steroids lol thats probably all he can beat HIS MEAT!!!!!!! LMFAO !!!!!!!!!

  2. JDS has nothing to worry about his next possible 2 opponents cant take a hit and hes the best at giving them out.

  3. Original says:

    Brock Lesnar by hammer fists KO.

  4. Ricardo says:

    The Demolition Man WILL get demolished come December 30 by Brock “Sandman” Lesnar.
    Brock gets the takedown in the 1st and then he will GnP him to the living death..
    Raining HAMMER fists.
    BTW…Overeem entrance is always with a sledge hammer LMAO haa

  5. magoo says:

    Over looking the big gorilla…….Rookie UFC mistake. Lol

  6. slacker says:

    I’ve never seen Overeem fight, but Brock looks scared to me. If he is as powerful as people say, Overeem should be able to KO Brock.

  7. tommy says:

    overeem by ko then overeem by ko

  8. Xaninho says:

    You guys should have seen Lesnar’s face at the press conference, when Overeem said he would pick Lesnar apart piece by piece…I’m not sure but Lesnar looked like he crapped his pants. He had a genuine anxiety look on his face.

  9. Jimdoggino says:

    Overeem by late 2nd will knock out Brock. Then Dos Santos the same against The Reem…

  10. uhnomuhlee says:

    I’m dying to see Brock pound this guy out… not because I dislike the guy, but so everyone can see the hype train derailed. Brock is 3-1 in UFC heavyweight championship fights. This is Overeem’s first big top level opponent on the biggest stage in the world, and he is a monster who has fought at the top since he got into the UFC with the exception of Hering. As in the case with Fedor, Overeem has proven nothing. Success outside of the UFC does not translate to UFC dominance, plain and simple. If Overeem does manage to avoid ruin at the hands of Brock, it’s JDS by KO, no doubt about it. He has the smoothest hands in the business, possibly the heavist, and he took some big overhand rights from Roy Nelson without ever being shaken. Overeem will not hold the UFC strap any time soon. He looked pretty bad for supposedly being such a dominant force against Werdum, and people really think he has a shot standing up with Dos Santos? Absolutely silly and disillusioned… Let’s see him get one win under his belt in the octagon before he starts talking about his second fight, and let’s not even bring up a title shot.

    • Anthony1994 says:

      Your saying a K1 champ has no chance againist just a good boxer? Don’t make stupid comments based on one fight you seen of a fighter.

    • ANDYBOY says:

      yeah the first one was closer to age 50 than age 30, the other already beat him with ease, and the third won made him turn and run like a b**** while he sold his soul to the devil that Carwin would gas…..good looking devil! in a rematch Carwin would SMASH BROCK! and do it smarter than trying to flurry, he pick and choose his shots, then he’d be 1-1 with two guys he fought for the HW belt….some record! Even randy controlled him on the feet inteh clinch, face it, Brock on top of someone is his ONLY hope to win a fight, off his back and on his feet any 205 would DESTROY HIM…even Forrest Griffin! Brock is a very very very talented wrestler, but in a street fight in a circle of guys he cant run away he’d get push intot he middle and f***** up by his opponent time and time again. brock is a super HW GSP, he relys on his wrestling to win, BUT atleast Brock finishes fights hahahahahaha

    • Xaninho says:

      Dude…What the hell are you saying?

      Overeem has 35 wins.

      Brock 5 of which one over Min Soo Kim in a Dream event and one over Heath Herring? Heath Herring is obviously NOT top level and Min Soo Kim..Well I don’t even know him.

      He won against Randy Couture, a great fighter, but also a very small HW and basically on his way to retirement at the time. He had a win over Frank Mir, Frank Mir obviously underestimated him because Mir submitted Lesnar in their first fight. And Shane Carwin, who gassed himself out.

      The first REAL competition he had was Velasquez and we know what happened right?

    • the refutor says:

      Well said my brotha

  11. Justen says:

    I think Overeem will win both these fights. Tko of Lesner 1st round. N prob a 2nd round tko of Dos. You obviously never know though.

  12. Mike McMack says:

    I think JDS will outstrike Overeem. I think Junior’s speed will be a huge problem for Alistair especially when Reem has a suspect chin.

    • Mike McMack says:

      Overeem must have seen better strikers in K-1 so maybe I’m wrong. I’ve never seen any of Reem’s K-1 footage to know, but to win the K-1 GP is pretty amazing in itself.

    • Jordon says:

      Ummm, i think Badr Hari is a MUCH better striker then anything the UFC has seen before. So lets be real here. Overeem KO’d him and won the K1 Grand Prix.

  13. Xaninho says:

    JDS is awesome, but I don’t think his striking is any better than say Badr hari, or Peter Aerts. Technically Tyrone Spong is one of the very best, he just needs more time to get used to the extra weight he’s carrying.

    Overeem defeated all of these world class strikers in K-1….

    • bizzle says:

      He won the k-1 grand prix by fighting in one of the weakest brackets in tournament history.. He beat up a blown up middleweight(spong) cruiser-weight with broken arm(saki) and peter aerts who is a legend but is about as in prime as chuck liddell and had already 2 fights that night.. I have been following k-1 since the 90-s and that was a weak bracket, he got lucky. I can tell when newbies don’t know what they are talking about because they point at his k-1 win and get all excited with out knowing any of the details that matter.. You guys are in for a rude awakening..

  14. Chartmonster says: confident and ready for Jds. Brock will be a bigger test for reem then jds. Get around brock and it will be a walk in the park against junior.

  15. twinfin says:

    overeem by knees

  16. abuka says:

    Has anyone seen Reems last fight? He didn’t perform, and his conditioning is questionable. I think to beat someone like Brock, you need to be a true mixed martial artist, and have a decent ground game, either juijitsu our wrestling. . Reem is terrible on the ground, my prediction is that Brock will take Reem down and control him on the ground. Pulling out a win, either by submission our by multiple poi pounders while being controlled on the ground.

  17. JD says:

    ..this is what’s gonnna happen people, it’s really very simple…Brock will take Alister down & gnp him out late in the 1st, and that will be the end of Overeem for a while…….THEN…….JDS will knock out Brock no more than :45 in the 1st.

  18. A.James says:

    I’m buying this PPV. I don’t think giant guys this skilled have ever gone at it like the way these guys are about to. It’s definetly going to be over in the first round.

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