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Wednesday, 01/18/2012, 02:02 pm

UFC NEWS – If Wanderlei Silva Trades With Me I’ll Break Him, Says Belfort

“(Johnson) pretended to be hungry when he came after me, but in reality he was not doing anything dangerous. A wrestler is not going to be able to take me down and smother me. It’s no use. I come from jiu-jitsu. You can try but it won’t lead to anything. I come from jiu-jitsu.

On his upcoming fight with Wanderlei Silva:

“If he does (trade with me) I’ll break him again. He no longer has the chin to trade with me. Tell him to change strategies or it’s going to be another knockout.”

Speaking to Brazilian media outlet, O Globo, Vitor Belfort discusses his last fight with Anthony Johnson and his next fight booked against his Ultimate Fighter Brazil coaching Rival Wanderlei Silva.

Also in part of the interview which is not featured here he states his coaches for his last training camp cost him in the ballpark of $100,000.00.

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34 Responses to “UFC NEWS – If Wanderlei Silva Trades With Me I’ll Break Him, Says Belfort”

  1. Chartmonster says:

    Vitor will Kill Wand no doubt about it!

  2. Poor Wanderlei. Dana is really going to make a push for him to retire if he loses this fight, especially if he loses by embarissing KO again.

  3. Michael says:

    Anthony ‘overweight’ Johnson did take him down and would have smothered him if he had not be given those generous stand ups.

    • your mother says:

      not really. vitor neutralized the attacks hence the stand up by the ref.

      • Nick says:

        After like 10 seconds. I’ve seen a lot less happen and they still didn’t stand them up. The ref was clearly on his side that fight.

        • david says:

          johnson wasnt trying to improve his position and waasnt causing any damage from his position so they stood him up, they were a little quick but he wasnt doing anything anyway

        • Craig says:

          They were stood up far to quickly, and I have to admit there may have been some bias on this one. Jui Jitsu no longer dominates over wrestling since wrestlers now understand how to defend against it. Vitor is one of my favorite all time fighters but he is being a little over confident on this one, the axe murderer is always dangerous although I do not believe as skilled.

        • LCM says:

          Wrestlers now understand how to defend against it, can you guess why? BECAUSE THEY ARE TRAINING JIU JITSU.

    • MMFT says:

      i don’t think so… rumble wasn’t doing anything on the ground. and he seemed pretty tired after the first clinch. you could tell he wanted to finish it fast, throwing dumb wild shots and missing horribly. it was a bad fight all around for rumble.

    • andyboy says:

      Nothing Generous about being stood up from a stall! if you’re not advancing position or inflicting DAMAGING strikes you shood be stood up! this is Mixed Martial Arts rules, not BJJ, wreslting, judo, muay thai, boxing……so Jiu Jitsu guys and wreslters shouldn’t be given the advantage of “stargetically” keepign the fight on the ground unless there doing significants amounts of work. this isnt’ BJJ with a 7 min round, and unlimited open round, this is 5 mins to be diverse!

  4. Nick says:

    I liked Vitor when he was fighting against Anderson, now I can’t stand him. Like the thing he said after he KO’d Akiyama (even though he blasted him twice in the back of the head.) And now he’s saying that Anthony didn’t smother him because of his jiu jitsue? Bitch, please the ref stood you up way too early. I’ve seen less be done in that time and they still didn’t stand them up. Plus Anthony was trying to work. The ref didn’t even give him a chance. I hate the fact he’s figthing Wanderlei because that’s a guaranteed KO for him. I wish he would fight someone like Chael Sonnen. Or get KO’d against Anderson again. Can’t stand Vitor.

  5. Ricky says:

    $100,000.00 for training?!? Outrageous and Ridiculous.

    On another note, I’m not sure how I feel about this (not that it matters or anything) but I would still watch it because of the Vintage case being brought forth. I’m not sure when’s the last time the UFC has put a fight on with guys who go back 13+ years in the sports and are pioneers of what we know as modern MMA. Vitor!

  6. Todd says:

    I love Wandy and Vitor both, this is a terrible fight for Wandy. This fight might just end faster than the Leben fight. TUF Brazil will be a great season though.

  7. Vincent says:

    Nick shut up nobody cares about your stupid opinions. Johnson couldn’t hit belfort on the ground because belfort had him tied up and I wonder how he did that? Hmm… With jiu jitsu dumbass stop complaining Johnson is a nobody and was trying to lay and pray get over it.

  8. phillip says:

    listen here,Nick..the only bitch is you..he would have destroyed rumble anyway..yeah i believe he will ko wanderlia easily..hes old news..he doesnt choose the fights.the ufc gives them to you..rumble..or should i say fumble..talks alot of shit about standing up with great strikers..but when it comes down to it he pusses out..just like with dan when you call vitor a bitch..go look in the mirror BITCH!!!!!

  9. Jb says:

    Whoever said they hate Vitor knows nothing about mma or UFC. You probably have been watching for a few years. Congrats. Vitor was around in the beginning and one of the most humble killers you will ever meet. Luv Wand but if he trades he’s screwed. Vitor still has some of the fastest hands in mma

  10. lol says:

    matching him up with a washed up fighter.. good job ufc but this wont up vitors rankings at all

  11. 1981AD says:

    He is getting FUCKED on the coaching… Firas and GSP are laughing their way to the bank right now…

  12. dave says:

    I hate this fight what is the point Vitor is in his prime and Wanderlei Silva is well he is way past it and he does not have a chin any more to fight.

  13. BJPennRules says:

    Stupid fight…!, why is Dana matching up Vitor with Wanderlie!! damn I wish Dana would give Wandy a fight he could win..have some respect.

  14. lex walker says:

    It would b great if wanderlei won this fight but he’s tha man win lose or draw

  15. Dave says:

    this is wado retirement fight,he already said his is the last fight he wants for his career//not to mention he wil get ko fast then rich frrankilin….to bad wando is one o my fav….

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