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Saturday, 12/10/2011, 10:57 pm

UFC NEWS – Highlights From Tonight's Mir vs. Nogueira Co-Main Event (Video)

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24 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Highlights From Tonight's Mir vs. Nogueira Co-Main Event (Video)”

  1. Big J says:

    His shoulder pop was pretty nasty. Mir is a bad dude….poor Nogueira.

  2. dave says:

    i hate the way they pass the empty can of tht xcience shit to every fighter,,,already open and empty ,,,,,is that stuff any good???

  3. slacker says:

    Nogueira will be kicking himself for not keeping that fight standing. He likely would have won. Mir was looking so slow, and of course, he dazed him. Great submission.

    • rob says:

      Frank Mir was the one that went for the takedown. That was the most beautiful Kimura i have ever seen.

      • Jarek says:

        Dude, nothing beautiful about that, unless youre a butcher or bite birds’ head off in your spare time. People say crap like, ”Nog didn’t feel any pain because of the years of training”, never have I heard anything dumber than that, just see the moment of kimura, Nog screamed for a second and you could see his pain in his twisted face.

  4. Dot808 says:

    Heh during the fight i was thinking to myself “oh shizz you better tap!”… Sure enough *snap* goes that arm.

  5. Nightmare Inc. says:

    He’s shoulder popped out of it’s socket obviously there was no snap … you all just listen to Joe Rogan (guy famous for exaggerating and using acid)… It was a Dislocation not a break .

  6. Jujitsu Player says:

    That was the sickest kimura I’ve ever seen. Feel bad for Nog he was tuning up Mir in the stand up and he looked he was about to go but props to Mir for getting hold of that arm and finishing the fight. Think Nogs pride cost him a dislocated shoulder or broken elbow…..get well soon.

  7. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Wow. I knew Mir’s ground game was nice, but I didn’t think he’d end the fight by subbing Nog.

  8. Mir is a beast, but inconsistent! Glad to see him get his game back bc he could be champ again!

  9. jersey says:

    thats funny wasn t big nog sayin if mir dont tap he was gonna break his arm lmao

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