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Saturday, 12/10/2011, 10:54 pm

UFC NEWS – Highlights From Tonight's Jones vs. Machida Main Event (Video)

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83 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Highlights From Tonight's Jones vs. Machida Main Event (Video)”

  1. BeScaredHombre says:

    jones is an asshole for dropping machida. hate his guts!

  2. anthony says:

    why are y’all mad at jones?

    • They're all mad because... says:

      …they’re trying to find fault with Jon’s fighting skills and THEY CAN’T. So they all gonna pick on other aspects of the man: his jokes suck, he’s cocky, he changed, he just drops Machida when he should’ve laid him down gently and revived him using CPR, his camp sucks, etc etc etc.. It goes on and will go on for years because JONES WILL BE CHAMP FOR YEARS TO COME. The only person that can beat Jones is Jones himself !

      Jon “Bones” Jones, UFC Light Heavyweight Champion

      • GRT 3000 says:

        Yeah, that and he kicked the crap out of almost everyone’s hero. Pick one: Rampage, Shogun and now Machida. I agree that the list will go on. I think peeps will warm up to him being the champ eventually. I’m a huge Machida fan, but I knew he was going to get smashed this eve. Can’t hate on Jones for doing what he’s trained to do.

  3. tyler says:

    looks to me like hes just doing what hes trained to do hes doing his job go jones

  4. dkava says:

    Ummm…Brazilians rarely tape guys. See the fight right before it…

    • Rusk says:

      Lmao yeah I can hear his thoughts now….” Fuck big nog let his arm get broken if I tap to a choke ill look like a total pussy “

      • GRT 3000 says:

        When Chael taps he slaps his paw around like a fish and yells TAP repeatedly while looking at the ref. …very gangsta – Machida could have done that =/

      • DBKlein69 says:

        lol at rusk that was hysterical!! looks like it was a rough night for team blackhouse. mir sending big nog into an extended layoff, and jones leaving machida motionless on his face. what a perfect ending to a great night of fights. wish i coulda seen anderson’s face as he dropped machida to the mat. ur next spider!! dana is not gonna let u run from chael forever!! haha!!!!!!

  5. Digs says:

    man. i can’t even hate on jon jones anymore. he took out an elite LHW in Machida and put him to sleep.

    he proved he can take a shot. can strike with an elusive fighter. cut him. strike with him. and submit him.

    props mr. jones.

  6. Fork says:

    he proved that his stand up sucks. 😀

    • Jotun says:

      He rocked Machida with a left hand that lead to the standing guillotine, out struck Page, and made Shogun look like an amateur……yeah, his stand up “sucks”. Lol

      • OCD says:

        Another person who gives Jackson’s nickname a nickname. In the words of the infamous Xibit “Yo, we heard you like nicknames, so we gave your nickname a nickname.”

  7. Jotun says:

    It’s ridiculous for anyone to hate on Jones because of the choke. Last time that I checked, most MMA fans held fighters that wouldn’t tap in huh regard……like Big Nog. What was Jones supposed to do? Lay Machida down like a child? This is a MMA FIGHT!

  8. slacker says:

    Great fight. Lyoto was doing well, but just needed to have the next big punch as per their exchanges. Jones got the next big one and the rest is history. If Lyoto had tagged him hard next, it could have turned out completely different. He was definitely giving Jones problems.

    • magoo says:

      For sure slacker,but you gotta luv how bones was measuring him the whole time he was backin up,that reach comes in real handy for alot of things!

      • slacker says:

        oh yeah, he has an incredible advantage with that reach. the guy is amazing. machida did a much better job than rampage avoiding kicks in general. it looks like whoever will beat jones, will have to be able to take him down. maybe rashad or phil davis. i don’t see anyone else.

  9. slacker says:

    Machida was more effective in two rds. than Rampage was in four.

    • Ly-er_Ly-er says:

      From how I’m seeing, I think Jones is probably the #2 P4P best right now! If he beats Rashad, Davis, & Henderson…probably has a great case for #1 P4P!

      • slacker says:

        Yeah, he is moving right up there. Although, it’s fun to talk about p4p, if you think about it, Silva and Penn are really the only guys at that higher level, who have moved up in weight, rather than down, and proven themselves. Well, Hendo beat Fedor, but then he lost to Shields, so they kind of cancel each other out as far as p4p credit. I don’t see Hendo getting near Jone’s chin, but he has definitely done enough to earn a shot anyways. I was really impressed with Machida tonight. If he had done things just a little differently, I think he could have had that fight, or at least pushed it into a very close war in the 4th and 5th rounds.

    • chris says:

      he was more effective, and Jon was patient for Machida to make the mistake… DUH

  10. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Can’t believe it. I missed this WHOLE FUCKING CARD, but I’m still In denial that I didn’t see not one damn fight. Ain’t this a bitch…?

  11. Dot808 says:

    I aint a small bit mad about Jones droppin Machida after the choke. Its a MMA fight. Plus the fighter is suppose to step away after a Ref stops the fight so the corner or staff can handle w/e going on. And Jones did shake Machidas hand after the fight before his interview with Rogan If i remember right.

  12. Lambo says:

    Theres always gonna be people hattin on the winners, Don’t be Jealous. Just watch that fucking sport pussies.

  13. slacker says:

    It’s more the ref’s responsibility to take care of what to do at the time of stoppage. They will learn from that. I can’t remember the last time, if ever, a fully standing quillotine happened.

  14. saiyan man says:

    jones did great but that first round he was having trouble with machida’s puzzle like stand- up . great fight tho cant wait for jones vs evans in 2012 or henderson , davis etc ..

  15. Jeff says:

    Yeah, that definitely made him look like the piece of shit that he is. So much for martial arts teaching you respect. Since day one, i’ve never liked Jones, he’s an awesome fighter though. Karmic retribution will come around and he’ll get his. Hopefully an H-bomb to his chin will lay him out cold, doubtful though.

    • lolziez says:

      yea what a piece of shit having a job that consists of dissrespecting someone in the ring by using any means necessary to kick the shit out of someone to win a fight, but lord forbid he didnt help him down gently. man people like you need a fuckin kick in da ass, and i say ass cause thats where your head was last..

  16. GRT 3000 says:

    Jones is just young so he comes across as a bit…fake at times, cocky whatever. But he’s young and in the spotlight. At least what he’s trying to put forward is positive; may not be the 100% whole deal, but who the fuck is 100% on it at 23-24?! Give em’ time to grow up a bit and quit shittin’ on him.

  17. Nightmare Inc. says:

    Dropped him like a piece of shit … get him someone else to fight that can challenge him this time… he had to mess around to make it look like a fight… anyone that thought Jones was going to get knocked out is stupid coz you couldn’t see he was playing with him.

  18. A.James says:

    Jones did win but he also got exposed in this fight with his talk about having better striking than Machida. I have mixed feelings but hats off to Jones. He was the man last night.

  19. Zack says:

    I personally would’ve thrown him on his face too but he could’ve told the ref he was out. Rogan asked him did you know he was out jones said ya I could feel him go limp. That is some bitch shit. That could’ve ended 5 seconds sooner if jones would’ve just told the ref he was out. And jones standup is WACK!!!! Couldn’t land but one punch with a 10 inch reach advantage

    • The King says:

      Magoo and the other ass holes don’t see it that way. Just like they don’t give a shit about cheaters.
      Magoo = no morals and ethics… Yeah jones won. Nort taking anything away from his perfermance but you gotta admit that was a cocksuckin move on jones’s part. I bet when it happened Magio was cheering his ass off. Never mind how bad it looked on the sport itself. Shaking my head at Magoo and other ass holes just like him.

      • GRT 3000 says:

        so calling blacks zoo animals is ethical? Your full of shit buddy.

      • slacker says:

        Fighters are told to separate and even pushed out of the way when the fight is being stopped. Don’t you think it is more the ref’s responsibility to get in there and stop him from falling flat?

      • Donnybrook says:

        THE KING HAS SPOKEN AGAIN!… and he sounds like a winey little bitch. Maybe you should take up watching tennis or something if your going to cry about shit like this… it’s fuckin fighting man!… grow some balls and move on.

        • Zack says:

          It’s professional fighting not street fighting. All I’m saying is jones should’ve told the ref ” he’s limp”. Two words that’s it. You can kill someone pretty easily holding a choke too long

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          thats why the ref was there. machida was limp for 2 seconds max before the ref stopped it. enough with the cries, if bones let go cuz machida pretended to go limp like chael sonnen tried to pretend he didnt tap he would have lost his dominant position. because mma is full of cheaters, fighters are better off waiting for the ref to do his job.

        • GRT 3000 says:

          I agree with Junkie; Jones needed to maintain the hold until there was either a tap or a stoppage. If Machida didn’t want to go beddy bye (while standing) he should’ve tapped. + he wasn’t out for that long before the ref stepped in.

      • magoo says:

        Pull your panties up ,dry your eyes and move on Queeny,it is what it is quit your whining, put on a different song,everyones sick of this one!

  20. Jones Fan says:

    For those who don’t know: Jon Jones’ background is wrestling. His professional MMA record is 15-1. 86% of his wins were finishes. His one loss was a disqualification during a fight he was figuratively DESTROYING his opponent (because of two illegal strikes, he was given the loss). Again, he was a collegiate wrestler and is currently learning and improving on other forms of combat to improve his skills. Stated that he worked on his boxing for the Machida fight and will continue to work on his boxing. He is not the complete MMA fighter yet but continues to win impressively each time out.

    And he only will improve. He is 24 years old.

  21. Haha says:

    Some of u clowns are funny. Bj chokes pulver he taps and bj gives a extra squeeze, Henderson drops bisbing then drops a extra bomb, Mir breaks nog’s arm and no one says shit but Jones lets machida fall and everyone cries like a bitch Stfu. Jones is winning and all the bull shit nitpicking ain’t gonna change shit.

    • JB Spencer says:

      +1 whats up wit all this jones hate? Ive seen many fights where the guy taps or goes limp, ref says break and other guy doesnt let go untill the ref pulls em off. Jones let go immediatly and just cuz he doesnt gracefully lay machida down on the mat hes an asshole. Yeah it looked kinda bad but, he was out so offcoarse hes gona drop like a sack of potatoes

  22. SanSooRob says:

    Big props to Jones , bet are you jonnies fans were worried that 1st round lol
    Machida will be back!!!

    • Ha ha! says:

      I’m more worried about people who write “bet are you jonnies fans” are actually allowed to go out in public without any type of restraint! What, doesn’t Brazil have any schools or are you a product of the American public school system?

      • SanSooRob says:

        No my iPhone writes what it wants sometimes lol Great name HAHa is that what the girls say when they see you in person lol I’m not worried at all, about geeks like you running wild on the Internet. We all know you wouldn’t stick your nose out your mamas house hahaha

  23. Jason says:

    Elbows should be baned

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      why? they need to allow more strikes like upkicks from guard and soccer kicks.

    • e says:

      you gotta be kidding… elbows are the SHIT.

    • slacker says:

      I wouldn’t mind seeing elbowing AND kneeing banned. They are incredibly dangerous single shot blows. I love a good fight where fighters have a variety of weapons and strategies to choose from. I just think they have enough martial arts skills available to them for competition that is very entertaining, without adding those more extreme elements of danger. Soccer kicks, I just don’t see the need. There needs to be some criteria created that pro-actively reduces the probability of a tragedy in the ring. I don’t see allowing soccer kicks moving in that direction. I suppose so far my criteria is weighing the effect of a powerful, single shot strike.

  24. hanibal says:

    I think jones was within his right to keep the hold until machida taps out or goes to sleep to make sure he won
    but that’s NOT what he did, he felt machida going limp yet kept the pressure and didnt tell the refree
    and after the refree jumped in to stop the fight he dropped machida who was unconscious with no regard to machida’s safety or respect towards his classy opponent
    it’s like getting an extra blow after the fight was stopped!!

    jones always claims two things, that he’s the best and that he’s a good humble person, last saturday he proved only one..

  25. ThaGreenBandit says:

    So many haters just looking for any reason to hate on Jones. It’s pathetic. First he was overrated, then he was lucky, then he was cocky. Now he’s an asshole for not sining Machida a lullaby while putting him to sleep. Get over it.

  26. CanILive says:

    BOO HOO HOO, Machida stated ” I am not impressed by jon’s rise to the top”

    YEA? well guess what

    that’s what he gets, Jon actually shoulda grabbed the mic and said RASHAD that one was for you! Jon gave machida the stanky leg!

    and so what if machida got dropped… SHOULDVE TAPPED just like nog…..

  27. Ninjaman says:

    I was sad to see Machida get beat but hats off to Jones who fought very well. I understand how people can say negative things about Jones becasue when someone dominates the way he does and speaks confidently about himself at such a young age but he is the real deal and look forward to his next fight.

    Randy needs to come out of retierment and beat him because Randy is the only person who can do that!

  28. Mach00man says:

    Why is everybody hating on Jones. Oh he dropped him, it was unsportsmanlike, man whatever! So let me get this straight, Some of y’all Jones haters seems to think that he is without class because he let Machida flop, but you seem to think it was ok when Hendo gave Bisping an extra flying hammer fist for good measure when he was CLEARLY unconscious? Some of you dumbasses need to rethink your comments before you start typing.

  29. El Charlie says:

    I’m officially on the bandwagon. To be honest I still believe Machida can beat him although he already proved otherwise. He’s proved time and time again that he’s here to stay. If anyone should hate then go ahead, hate. After Saturday night I don’t see anyone taking that strap for a long time. If anyone should have a chance at beating him it’d be Rashad but even that’s a longshot imo. Although Rashad’s gotten better over the years with his striking I don’t think it’s at the level of Jones’ maybe a notch under. Jones I’ve said time and time again has phenomenal timing along with that speed that keeps improving. I don’t think he should have a problem picking Rashad apart when the time comes. But due to the fact that they’ve trained before, I’m sure Rashad knows a thing or two about exposing Jon in areas that we may not have seen before.

  30. hanibal says:

    you can’t call everybody who’s saying that what he did is unsportsmanlike and disrespectful a hater, sometimes that’s just what it is
    I’m a big anderson silva fan yet I said much more about his fight with maia, also a big hendo fan but the extra blow was wrong and unnececcary, although to be fair bisbing talked so much trash, and felt the same way when palhares continued to crank on that heel hook after his opponent tapped

    being a fan of a fighter does not mean you support what they do whether right or wrong I’m a jones fan and thought he will win that fight but what he did was not so good and humble
    he claims to be a martial artist and martial arts teach respect towards opponents, especially a classy one like machida

    anyway, it’s not that big a deal, just saw the comments and wanted to give my two cents

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