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Wednesday, 01/11/2012, 06:00 am

UFC NEWS – Hendo Won’t Skip His Way Into Jones Fight If Evans Wins At UFC on FOX 2

[box_light]”We’re working on it now. We’re going to obviously see what happens in this Rashad fight at the end of the month. The next fight on FOX, Rashad is fighting (Phil) Davis, so we’ll see what happens there. If Rashad wins, if Rashad comes out injury free, we’ll get the Jon ‘Bones’ Jones vs. Rashad Evans fight going.”[/box_light]

UFC president Dana White is going to stay true to his word and has decided to wait out this month’s UFC on FOX 2 main event before determining who will get the next crack at Jon Jones, who is ready to return to action.

As he revealed on yesterday’s Jim Rome show, Dana White confirmed the plans to have Evans face Jones for the UFC’s light-heavyweight title if he can get passed Phil Davis in the evening’s main event.

However, it would appear as if a Davis victory would not put him in as a lock for the title fight and that the UFC may opt for Dan Henderson in the event of an Evans loss.

Good news for Rashad who has been the long standing number one-contender for more than a year, but for one reason or another has yet to try and earn his belt back.

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62 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Hendo Won’t Skip His Way Into Jones Fight If Evans Wins At UFC on FOX 2”

  1. DewYouKnow8 says:

    hendo vs nog would have been nice. I think Rashad should have first dibs, and Hendo is a big draw that has interesting fights outside of a title fight. Hendo/Rampage in Japan would have been sick but thats not happening.

  2. Calabama says:

    Sick… I really think Rashad can test JBJ, wouldn’t be shocked if he won really… stoked for the fight!

  3. rob says:

    Are you kidding me? Rashad can’t test shit. Bones is going to front kick him in his glass chin.

    • caveman says:

      Are you retarded ? Just cause he got ko’d ince means nothing. Youre just another bones nut hugger. Lwatch the sport, learn the sport and than come back with a better reply. You just sounded like an idiot.

      • grandmaster says:

        Caveman ur a joke. U obviously ain’t watched enough of the sport. Jones along with Silva is the sports pound for pound fighter. He would wreck rashad. Ur a buster

      • CanILive says:

        learn something???? watching MMA so easy a caveman could do it….

        if any of us watch mma, then hmmm i wonder why we believe in Jones so much?
        cause he has finished every one of his past 4 fights.

      • phace says:

        You may be right about Rashad’s 1 time KO and loss not meaning anything in Jones’s fight with him. However, for someone to bring that into question doesn’t mean they know nothing about the sport. Obviously they probably saw him do the stanky leg against Thiago Silva. I think that could be anyone’s fight but it’s just been so long since we’ve seen Rashad fight a top contender(I don’t count Tito in his current condition). Hopefully the fight happens and it’s a good fight.

      • Uhnomuhlee says:

        I despise Jon J

      • Uhnomuhlee says:

        I despise Jon Jones, but if you really think Rashad has any shot beating Jones, you haven’t been watching their fights. Does Rashad getting knocked out just once mean anything? Maybe not in how you think it would/wouldn’t, but Rashad is scared to stand up these days. Unless he’s only seen round one of the Machida fight, Jones has definitely put some fear in him to stand up… So Rashad’s lost all this confidence in his standup game. He juat wants to take down and so absolutely nothing. He has no submission game against someone like Jones, and he’s shown just some awful attempts at ground and pound. The root of this problem though, is he cannot put Jones on the floor. If he does in fact achieve that at some point during the fight, he’s not strong enough to hold him there for one of his awful dry humpings. Someone must be blind to not see how Jones absolutely dominates his opponents in the strength area. He’s an ok striker, nothing special but has the reach and his over the rop techniques going for him in surprise and whatnot, but if he gets his hands on you pr you try to have a grappling match with him, you’re done. Rashad will blow my mind if he can give Jones any little bit of trouble. The only wah to beat Jones is by KO, and if you ask me, Hendo’s the only one left to land that shot as Jones’ striking technique will only get better.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          Well… He has said in interview that he has been working on his MuayThai. His fight against Tito was just a teaser. He wasn’t the same fighter who fought Rampage and Machida.

  4. Xaninho says:

    If Davis beats Evans I think Davis should get the next shot. So Hendo won’t skip if Evans wins, but it’s ok to skip if Davis wins?

    I don’t get that, if Davis wins he should get the next shot at the title.

    • Mo says:

      Davis has only beat Nog by decision, up and coming Gustafsson and Brian Stann by decision. He hasn’t even begun to fight the elite in that weight class. Hendo has been on a roll since he lost to Shields, plus the dude is 41 years old. His fighting clock is ticking. Only makes sense to put the Legend Hendo in there.

      • Xaninho says:

        So Davis has a 9-0 record, of which he defeated lil Nog, Gustafsson(main-event @ UFC Sweden) and Brian Stann a top 5 contender.

        If he can beat #1 contender Evans, I’d say he proved enough to get the shot.

        Hendo is great and I enjoyed every single one of his fights but he won’t beat JBJ.

        • Mo says:

          Either way, your boy Davis isn’t getting past Evans. Who ever gets to fight Jones will lose regardless, I just figured Hendo had more of a “punchers” chance.

        • Michael says:

          Brain Stann was never and will never be a top 5 contender at light heavy, he is barely a top 15 contender at Middleweight

        • phace says:

          Phil can’t beat Jonny Bones either…at least not now(based on what we saw in his last fight). All I know is that Rashad and Chael need to win that night see we can see these epic grudge matches!

        • bennyj says:

          love how you put main event in sweden as if it proves something haha, brian stann MAYBE top 5 in the weight division below, and nog (though i love him), is past his prime and davis couldn’t come close to a finish. get a grip

        • Xaninho says:

          At least it proves the UFC board thinks he is no slouch and good enough to fill the spot of a main event. I guess you know something they don’t?

      • Kai says:


        Davis submitted Gutstafasson and made made stann drop down a weight class.. but i agree he needs to be tested more..

  5. DewYouKnow8 says:

    If Davis wins I think he should have to have one more fight while Hendo takes the title shot. Davis= 20 something, Hendo=40 something.. give Hendo the shot. Besides, experience is only good for Davis.

  6. Calabama says:

    Come on dude, “Rashad can’t test shit”? You might not like him, but he is damn good… I believe he will make quick work of Davis and then really go to work on Jones, more than anyone else…

  7. NardoC64 says:

    Rashad is wack! Bones will destroy him. I’d have rather seen Rashad v Hendo so Hendo could’ve did him like Pissbing. Then Hendo would have another UFC title fight and get twisted by Bones. Now, I personally believe a super fight between Bones and Anderson would not only be exciting… but Bones would be stopped in dramatic fashion and the Spider would simultaneously hold both titles.

  8. Zack says:

    Rashad could win this. Ever since he left Jackson he gave up the blanket fighting style.

    • J.Powers says:

      Rashad hasn’t had a fight since last year when he laid on Rampage like a “blanket”… Your statement is invalid.

      • Edub says:

        Rashad outboxed the fuck out of Tito last August… Your statement is invalid.

      • Robby says:

        Haha, you’re banned from bc you’re a moron! Like the guy said before, Rashad tore Tito up in the summer and hurt himself, that’s why Lyoto got the shot instead of Rashad.. You should actually watch MMA before you comment on it.

        • CanILive says:

          robby…. re-read that statement he said ever since he left the jackson camp…… the tito fight he wasn’t apart of the jackson camp… right? i’m not 100% sure but giving some validity to his statement

        • CanILive says:

          and he tore up a 2 weeks notice Tito

  9. Ninjaman says:

    Let Jones fight Rashad as the first fight on the card, then Davis as the second fight on the card and in the main event he beats on Hendo for a few minutes. It would make for a great night of fights!

  10. kevin9999 says:

    Why is rashad biting his bottom lip in this pick? Looks like hes jerking off. What a gross POS. Oh and jones would destroy him easy.

  11. MMA_RoB says:

    I think jones would beat rashard standing jus by hitting him wiv kicks thn more thn likely finish wiv a choke .. Bt would love to see a big KO BY RASHARD

  12. DevonAK86 says:

    Rashad will out strike, wrestle, and out point Phil David in a 3round WAR! Then he will get a shot at the champ JBJ! The first round will be good for Evans but it will not be enough to stop the champ! JBJ throws an elbow in the second that cuts Rashad and its all over!

  13. James Wolfe says:

    Hendo Vs. Rampage – 2, man that first fight was great. Would love to see this again.

  14. Mathew says:

    Rashad doesn’t seem to be so brilliant after the Lyoto fight, I mean I understand he did what he had to do to beat Rampage and I take nothing from that, but in the 3rd round when he got caught it wasn’t even by a hard shot and if Rampage wouldn’t have tried to toy with his food I think he may have beaten rashad in the 3rd round. Either way, after the Lyoto fight I don’t think Rashad can take shots as well as I used to believe so I think he’d have hard time getting inside on Jones to take him down to even be a threat. I do believe Rashad has ENOUGH power to hurt Jones with a nice punch but thats about the only chance I give him versus Jones if he can’t take him down. All things said, I do believe Rashad is the number 1 contender, I do believe he is going to beat Davis and he has the talent to beat anyone OUTSIDE OF Jones in the LHW division and if he fought Lyoto again I think he’d be a little smarter and take him down first chance he got.

  15. Jb says:

    Hendo vs rampage all day. I love hendo but I don’t see him being able to deal with jbj reach and striking. Luv ya hendo but jbj is huge in that weight class not counting his reach

  16. CanILive says:

    why doesnt anyone suggest hendo vs. rashad????

  17. DevonAK86 says:

    I say Hendo has 2 fights left in him!

  18. Jmad says:

    JBJ is trying to stay busy this year just like in 2011, everyone will get their turn.

  19. joey says:

    Hendo should get his shot he has the best chance at beating jones rashad is gonna get smashed!at least Hendo s right could have tore jones jaw off Evans has nothing for him

  20. Vincent says:

    But not every fighter Is known for knocking people out with their right hand.

  21. Rashad vs Hendo for the belt.. sounds good to me.

  22. Mir says:

    Everyone keeps saying Rashad has a glass chin he got knocked out once in his career and that too only after taking a lot of punches to the head and even some kicks that to me isnt a glass chin thats a chin that has been tested. Rashad in my opinion has the best shot at taking the title from Jones aslong as he gets inside and keeps clear of the insane submissions jones has. I dont think Jones will be able to knock Rashad out this is going to the judges with rashad winning or by submission with Jones winning

  23. NardoC64 says:

    I mean no disrespect, but you’re crazy.

  24. mmaislandjunkie says:

    i hope phil davis lnps rashad, poetic justice!

  25. Ronin says:

    Hendo vs bones, rashad, or rampage would all be good, but I want to see him at middle weight. Think a rematch with Anderson would be a crazy fight

  26. Mike McMack says:

    Can the UFC just pull Rashad from the Davis fight and put him against Jones already? I want to see this fight so bad, I really don’t care who wins. I just want to see these guys settle the score.

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