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Wednesday, 12/07/2011, 11:13 am

UFC NEWS – GSP Tears ACL, Out For 10 Months: Diaz vs. Condit For Interim Title Set

The ever elusive Diaz vs. GSP fight has once again been put on the shelf following a recent announcement made by UFC president Dana White that GSP’s knee is far from healthy.

Dana stated, “GSP blown ACL will be out for 10 mos. Now Condit vs. Diaz for the interim welterweight title on Feb 4th in Las Vegas!!”

The welterweight division has had a barrage of instability starting with UFC 137 when Diaz was removed from the main event against GSP for missing two consecutive pre-fight press conferences. Following his removal, the UFC opted to put Carlos Condit in for the title and Diaz was demoted to the co-main event against BJ Penn.

It was GSP who then was forced off the card due to an injured knee damaged in training and Condit was forced to sit on the sidelines having traded his position to face BJ Penn for his own chance at the world title against GSP.

GSP vs. Condit was rescheduled and the two were set to face each other until a brash Diaz got into the head of GSP with a variety of insults which eventually prompted the champion to request to face the Stockton fighter, Nick Diaz, as soon as possible in the place of Condit.

Condit was than scheduled to face off with Josh Koscheck and Diaz with GSP in February’s main and co-main UFC 143 featured bouts. However, in this circle of top welterweights nothing ever seems to go as planned.

With the recent announcement that welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre is injured and out for 10 months Condit will now face off with Diaz in the main event of UFC 143.

For this first time since Shane Carwin beat Frank Mir at UFC 111 in 2010, the organization is set to put in place an interim title in the champions extended absence. The bout will serve as the first interim title bout in nearly two years.

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One Response to “UFC NEWS – GSP Tears ACL, Out For 10 Months: Diaz vs. Condit For Interim Title Set”

  1. Carlos Conduit says:


      • Michael says:

        GSP out 10 months with sand in his vagina

        • Shawn says:

          Spoken like a true uneducated douche. At least now you can get your jerk on watching Diaz beat on condit. Don’t jizz on yourself. lol

        • Michael says:

          Yep, because educated people use the word douche all the time. Most educated people talk about jerking off and jizz too. Be sure to look up the word sarcasm when you get a chance, and then take a class on understanding humor. Once you have finished all of that- look in the mirror and stop taking yourself so seriously. Then make sure to stand up for GSP because he needs you Shawn… he really needs you.

        • primalmasher says:

          He calls it humor, but It’s just his way of letting us know he’s the one with sand in his gaping mangina.

        • Jason says:

          You tell ’em Mikey! Hahaha

        • IknowMMA says:

          Shawn this is no place for GSP fans he havent finish a fight In years! Just because he is Canadian and so are you doesnt make him the best he has a lot to prove now days now if that bothers you then you are going to love this. He is being dodging a match with Anderson Silva for so long now! What is he waiting if he waiting for? Man to much talk from Diaz? No to much shit from GSP or GreaSP at least Diaz backs it up in the cage and he finish fights just like Condit …”fights” not wresstling matches, ya congrats you sat on top of a guy who is smaller than you for 25 min… Fights like Hendo bs Rua will ever be remember not GreaseP, That guy allways has an excuse for everything, he was scare when he was set against condit, he was scare when he was set to fight Diaz and he is scare now cause he will lose his tittle. Over all what a lack of professionalism from St. Pierre, let’s not forget this is a job, a career for some people he should be responsible for NOT GETTING INJURED AGAIN AFTER YOU HAVE BEEN SCHEDULE TO FIGHT like come on!!! Again? No interim take that tittle away for good if he is as good as he think he CAN PROVE IT by getting it back.

    • DontBeScaredHomie says:

      I don’t know how many more times it’s going to take GSP to get “hurt” before you guys realize hes just scared and trying to prolong his inevitable ass kicking Nick Diaz is going to give him.

      • james schade says:

        I couldnt have said it better my friend he does not want to fight Diaz that is plain to see he was so happy he got out of the first one now he had to come up with a good S.I. TO GET OUT OF THIS MATCH.That means sudden illness by the way he paid a teammate to twist the shit out of his leg he knows his reign of long boring fights is over

      • GRT 3000 says:

        wow, you find out everything on this Site. Didn’t know the CIA was in here giving all the inside scoop on fighters. I heard GSP is running in Coke from Columbia while he’s dodging fights too. wtf is up with that eh fellas?!

      • Jujitsu Player says:

        You deluded fool, he’s fought and beaten better than Diaz. Anyone who thinks he’s dodging the fight is a fucking retard. If you’d ever had any kind of injury or competed at any level in any sport you’d realise how much it sucks.

  2. Nick says:

    Dana just tweeted this like 10 minutes ago.I was waiting for you guys to break this story. Some big news.

  3. canilive says:

    ROFL ROFL ROFL atleast he called out of it in advance this time…. (yawn)

  4. chris says:

    fuck his mother!!!!

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      That just litterally made me Laugh Out Loud. Damn, bro!

      • Ly-er_Ly-er says:

        Wow really! I know stuff happen that just suck & when u train hard things like this just unfortunately happen! But damn, I really did want to see how that fight woulda turned out w/o all the assumed outcomes! Hmm oh well, guess u’ll have Diaz’s number in 2013 then right George! LOL

  5. Brave Reply says:

    The Homie is Scared!!

    • ryan says:

      Yeh, cuz if I were the WW champ that’s succesfully defended the belt 6-times and counting and hasn’t lost a fight in over 4 years, I’d think now would be the right time to fake a torn ACL and go on vacation for 10-months minimum.

      • DontBeScaredHomie says:

        That’s why he keeps getting hurt now that he has to fight Diaz right? He goes basically his whole career without getting hurt and having to pull out of fights like that but now all of the sudden when he has to fight Diaz he is getting hurt nonstop George is scared and all of you ignorant people that think he is so great and unbeatable just don’t want to admit it.

        • Tomx2424 says:

          He didn’t get hurt the first time he was supposed to fight diaz moron. Diaz got scared and skipped 3 flights to go to the press conference and Dana pulled him and put condit in to fight GSP. That’s when the first injury occured. I like Diaz more than I like GSP now but saying he’s scared to fight him is ridiculous. Way smaller less skilled fighters have beaten Diaz in the past and there not even the slightest reason to think GSP couldn’t beat him to. Idiot

        • DontBeScaredHomie says:

          Oh man kids these days keep living in the past boy the fact is GSP is scared you’re dumb as hell and Nick has only lost to lay and pray fighter basically and thats all your boy George can do to win he knows it and so does everyone else so keep living in your fantasy land where you think GSP is invincible and when he is tapping due to strikes for a second time come talk to me

        • Brah says:

          So, is BJ SCARED

        • GRT 3000 says:

          lol, this guy is calling people ignorant….

        • DontBeScaredHomie says:

          What does Penn have to do with George being scared? Here ill answer for you nothing, I really don’t understand why your dumbass would even bring him up.

        • DBKlein69 says:

          because the only ppl who say gsp is scared are butthurt bj penn fans, still bitter at georges for beating their boy into submission.

      • Brave Reply says:

        Serious much? Humor is the best emotion, and you are lacking it.

  6. Fourtetshou says:

    He was probably having sex with that huge blond woman standing beside him at UFC 137

  7. ThaGreenBandit says:

    This is gonna be a mean ass scrap right here!


    I smell pussy is that you Georges?

    • Shawn says:

      No that’s your stank ass, with a cucumber stuck in it. lol “Pussy”. Riiiight. I wouldn’t have the balls to say that to his face even if he BOTH ACLs go. Isn’t there a WWE show on tv your missing?

      • zach says:

        Yea because gsp would really fight anyone outside of the cage… Lighten up bro, gsp has been slowly going downhill since the Hughes fight and I dont see him changing his ways, dont get offended about it, all good fighters get pushed out eventually like it or not

  9. magoo says:

    No fuckin way! Damn what a big disappointment Fukc Fukc Fukc!

  10. Michael says:

    wow this is upsetting. I feel like Diaz has already proved he is worthy of a shot at the belt and this fool keeps pulling out of fights. I wish him a quick recovery and injuries are never good, but damn I’m getting sick of this.

  11. James Toney says:

    I’m taking Diaz by flying knee

  12. Sweezy says:

    I am not impressed by your training. (French accent)

  13. DevonAK86 says:

    FML was really looking forward to Nick beating GSP and becoming the new UFC WW Champ! But Diaz VS The Killer is anther great fukcen matchup and like always i got my money on Nick Diaz!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Chris says:

    God dammit George.

  15. KingGareth says:

    Diaz vs Condit will be fight of the year for sure. At least Gsp is out with a legit knee injury this time and not a pussy sprain.

  16. BeanofGTG says:

    How come when someone gets injured, people say they’re “ducking”. First they were saying Silva was “ducking” Sonnen now GSP is “ducking” Diaz. Get real people.

    • GRT 3000 says:

      b/c everyone’s with those opinions is basically full of shit. Some know it and don’t care, but the rest have absolutely no idea how fuckin’ stupid they are.

  17. Jb says:

    So many people knock gsp. I don’t get it. I’ve followed mma since the early 90s, you have to know how much hard work any top fighter has to do. And a blown acl is bad bad, he will never be the same fighter again. Half of you hate him cause he’s French for fuck sake no one like the French but at least he gets in a cage and fights. Everyone who says he lays and prays havnt really studied tape. But I’m sure all the Internet tough people will say this and that. Good luck and god speed to any fighter who suffers an injury

  18. Dak says:

    Interim title is so dumb… Unless they give me a strong co main then I’ll wait to watch this online the next day. They should just make this a free card.

  19. James Toney says:

    Diaz is on junkie radio talking about it!

  20. P R O D I G Y says:

    ehhh Diaz vs Condit will be 10x better anyway ive been waiting to see this fight for years. Condit FTW nobodys stopping him from getting that strap

  21. bizzle says:

    GSP the biggest pusssy in the j/k.. I find it funny though people claiming Silva is scared because he is injured now look who is getting injured every other month.. hahahahaa

  22. James Toney says:

    I bet it’s Belfort’s fault! probably playing too rough with him in practice!

  23. ryu says:

    koschecks like “aww man”

  24. James Toney says:

    I herd Kos vs BJ co main

  25. Dak says:

    If Bones slays the dragon this Saturday, him and Hendo should save this card and make Diaz and condit co main. But I doubt that will happen. I wonder who koscheck will get…..

  26. James Toney says:

    I just talkid to Dana. He told me Carlos started crying again when he told him the news

  27. KingGareth says:

    Kos vs Ellenberger I hope

  28. BJ says:


  29. The_Gooch1 says:

    Man, I was just thinking a while ago that I would love to see a Diaz vs Condit fight. Hahaha! My wish came true! This is going to be a sick fight!

  30. Shawn says:

    It’s not a new injury. It’s the same one, it wasn’t fully healed and he just made it worse in training. What “pussy” do you haters know that will start training for a fight before they are 100%. You try walking, let alone train and fight with a torn ACL. Let’s not forget, he was ready to fight Diaz months ago, but Nick messed all that shit up. Not GSPs fault. And no one ever expects to get injured. Haters. Gain some self confidence, educate yourselves to the fight game, train some, and then come back here and say that shit again. Getting really sick of you fools who have no idea. Just a bunch of insecure momma’s boys, wanna be tough guys.

  31. magoo says:

    The only thing that would make me happy now is if Dana would give Rory MacDonald a top 5 WW to kick the snot out of I know how bout Krotchcheck yea that would make me feel a little better!

  32. MKG says:

    Now that Condit is fighting Diaz we just need BJ to come out of retirement and take the Koscheck fight.

  33. Digs says:

    Fuuuuuuuuug. GSP is fucking up every WW’s career

  34. Dick says:

    Diaz will lose most of his fights in the UFC, if he fights top five guys.
    Being Strikeforce champion doesn’t get you very far.
    Let’s go Condit. Finish him like you did Hardy!

  35. Keith says:

    Like I said on Facebook, looks like GSP suffered another vaseline related injury….

  36. slacker says:

    Condit vs. Diaz is a great fight! Can hardly wait. A bit of justice for Condit. At least it’s a genuine #1 contender fight.

  37. BJC says:

    G.S.P has to undergo surgery this time. So to all the nay sayers…. what fighter would do that to duck a fight ?.Use your common sense people.

  38. Thetude says:

    I know gsp aint ducking nobody but i cant help but be disappointed in him, injuries happen i guess. I am a long time GSP fan and right now i just kinda hope he injures his other knee and retires. its his only chance of going out on top. I cant really see him defeating Diaz or Condit with over a year of ring rust on him.

  39. Lex w says:

    Noooo this is like tha worst news ever wtf was he doing

  40. Badkarma7 says:

    I dont know if I would say he is “scared”. I think fighting Nick would have been his first real challenge as champion. H would have been fighting a guy with an awesome ground game and pretty damn good hands. Say what you will about Nick Diaz, he busted up KJ Noons, stood up with Santos then sub’d him, knocked out Semtex (yeah I know he’s only got hands but the easy way out would have been to close the distance and get the takedown) and, I hate to say this, beat BJ into retirement. He’s alot better than he was the first time around, not to mention he is probably the best conditioned fighter today. Look at GSP, all his fights are the same. Jab, Jab, Jab, Jab, takedown…lay down, stand up, Jab, Jab, Jab. He has found a style that while boring is effective. My guess is, the reality that his current style kicked in and he tried to change styles is why his knee is F’d up. I’ve torn an ACL and let me tell you boys….it aint no joke.

  41. Hostile hunter says:

    All you Keyboard warriors can say what you want about GSP. The man is hurt not scared…Diaz isnt scaring Gsp with his non punching power or his “overrated bjj”. Gsp will destroy Diaz if and when that fight happens…Carlos is going to knocked Diaz out ne way so we should end that Diaz vs Gsp talk right now…

  42. BJC says:

    Why would folks let the actual rules of an Atheltic Commission get in the way of making a ridiculous assumption? That’s why wishful thinking is so enticing. It’s much easier to accept what you want to be true…

    NAC 467.555 Unarmed combatant must report certain injuries and illnesses; physical examination required; payment of physician. (NRS 467.030)

    1. When an unarmed combatant is unable to take part in a contest or exhibition for which he has entered into a bout agreement because of his injury or illness, he shall immediately report the fact to the Commission and shall submit to an examination by a physician designated by the Commission.

  43. Sage214 says:

    Hey GSP, Why you scared homie?

  44. guamy says:

    I bet that is what Dana and GSP hope happen to diaz. they can only protect GSP for so long. i mean come on man he sprained his ankle when he was supposed to fight condit now he tears an acl when hes supposed to fight diaz. now hes got 10 months to collect more endorsments and what not, this is dana trying to save his little bitch boy GSP from an ass woopin by a less marketable fighter.

  45. BJC says:

    This site needs to start banning IP’s for every unintelligent comment posted.It would make the site that much better to carry on a decent conversation or discussion.

  46. A.James says:

    I’m not impressed by your performance!

  47. slacker says:

    If Condit beats Nick, and I think he will, all this Diaz beating George hype will quickly disappear. Then,he can go and get beatup by more top 5 guys like Koscheck, Ellenberger, and Fitch.

  48. Bryan says:

    it doesnt surprise me at all that he tore his acl, looking at his physique and the way his knees go inward the way they do, i figured sooner or later it was gonna happen. That’s a muscular imbalance he needs to adress asap

  49. Cali Girl says:

    NOT surprised AT ALL! GSP was also “injured” against Matt Hughes and let BJ show him how to beat Hughes. He did the same thing with his fight vs. Condit – he really didn’t want to miss the fight w/BJ and Diaz. I think after the BJ/Diaz fight he realized that Diaz is a legit fighter and when Dana lined him up next against Diaz he pissed his panties. So typical – good champion image but NOT a FIGHTER. That’s why I LOVE BJ SO MUCH because he’s a FIGHTER! BTW….interim title fight is the right thing to do w/Diaz & Condit!

    • Thetude says:

      there is no possible way that the ufc legal team would allow any fighter to fake an injury, but i do agree that the interim match will be legit

      • riDICKulous says:

        dun be stupid. all they care is to make more money and like it or not GSP’s fights sells. dun be stupid. if it doesn’t why in the world would Dana pay him 5m per fight. think people.

  50. Mike Diaz says:

    I’m speechless on Grease. To me what really sucks is that Kos has nobody fitting to stand across from him in a replacement bout. Sucks….TEAM PENN!!!!!

  51. LEKS says:

    That knee just saved Diaz from the rugburn he would have got from GSP dryhumping him all night. This ain’t too bad cause we still get to see condit and Diaz go at it, which I think is a better fight anyway. I hope the winner of this, dethrones GSP’s boring a$$

  52. BJ says:


  53. Jeff says:

    Shame :( win or lose I would have liked to see him fight Diaz. I’m a fan of both fighters but I for sure had my money on GSP’s better wrestling (just my opinion). Oh well hope he recovers fully and hey it’s not the super fight but I think Condit will give Diaz a good fight for us.

    And for all of you saying Georges is faking the injury, come on do you REALLY think Dana White would waste his time losing that much PPV money for an injury he could easily confirm was real or fake. White’s not dumb, if GSP was faking it he would drag his happy ass into the octagon himself or just fire him. Dana wouldn’t lose money just to lose money so get your minds straight dumb asses.

  54. PENN NATION send our love and recovery to the Saint.. get better and whoop on the winner of Diaz v Condit!

    • BJ says:



    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      send love? bahahaha. finally karma is catching up the greasy cheater. hope he comes back and gets fuckin owned cries then retires and leaves mma to the professional ass kickers – EFF LAY AND PRAY!!!

      • slacker says:

        Obviously you don’t know the difference between lay and pray, and ground and pound. Lay and pray is what Sonnen did against Silva and he paid the price.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          you obviously dont know the difference between chael and gsp. although they have similar pillow fists, chael on the other hand is relentless with his pillow fists, gsp not so much. gsp throws punches to not be stood up by the ref more than to inflict any damage. watch his fights again to see, gsp sucks. chael is a douchebag but he actually thinks hes hurting his opponent when he hits them so he keeps hitting them, gsp knows hes not so he doesnt throw much except for lil jabs and elbows.

        • slacker says:

          I know you want to bring GSP down with these phony put-downs, but you can’t. If GSP has pillow fists, then his opponents have faces made of cherry pie, because an eaten one is how most of their faces look when he is done using his “soft” ground game on them (Fitch, Penn, Alves, and Koscheck). Go back and watch the fights yourself and get some much needed objectivity. The rest of us know the reality.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          his last entertaining fight was jon fitch. he was very impressive and dominant – in a beatdown kinda way. he beat bj down but he cheated in between every round. he lnp’d thiago and dan hardy, jabbed koscheck for 5 rounds, and did what i thought was impossible against jake shields, he went 5 rounds of jab overhand right/bore me to death.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          LOL relentless pillow fist!

        • Junk.. Those jabs fkd Kos up beyond bad! Monster and the Saint 2 of the best punishers and TD Specialist in the business! Respect dat shitt..

        • Junkie is right .. Chael is the fkn man! Both fighters have the best ground and fkn pound. Both are very well rounded and a force to reckon with!

        • DBKlein69 says:

          mmaisland is still bitter over ufc 94

  55. mmaislandjunkie says:

    with all the great fights going on recently im happy gsp is injured because he would have broke the streak of exciting ufc main events. i know nick would have made the fight entertaining but gsp would have done everything in his power to get the crowd booing as usual.

  56. Curtis says:

    Condits gonna smash diaz and if he doesnt KOS will lol diaz just isnt gonna hang wit the top WW in the ufc…….sad but tru.

  57. slacker says:

    island junkie: you are all over the place now with your thoughts. First you insisted that GSP just lay and prayed. Now, after I bring up how he clearly smashed 4 of his last 6 opponents on the ground and disproved you, you want to say GSP is not entertaining. Well, at least we know now with your quick detour from your original point that you have basically admitted to being wrong.

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      i guess i should have been more clear about my thoughts on gsp. when he feels his opponent has a weak ground game he will lay and pray. when he feels his opponent has weak stand up he will jab for 5 rounds, i guess u can call it stand and pray? so he lnps hardy and alves and snp’d with kos and shields. better now?

      • slacker says:

        You just described what every single fighter in the UFC does: they use their opponents weakness against them. The original point was about whether GSP was active on the ground or not and you were wrong. You should just own up to it instead of digressing to peripheral points.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          i see gsp not only exploiting his opponents weaknesses but also the weaknesses in the scoring system. he holds ppl down when they are weak, without inflicting damage when he is on top i.e. hardy & alves and manages to win rounds throwing about 5-10 jabs a minute if he is uncomfortable going to the ground with them. my bottom line is gsp is a boring fighter who does everything to win a fight regardless if he does the bare minimum to get a decision. other top fighters know their opponents strengths and fight them there to show how much better they are than them. others like brock knows he lacks in one department so he overcompensates with his wrestling n gnp. gsp on the other hand is just lame, pure and simple.

        • slacker says:

          I hear what you are saying if you are talking about him going for the win first. But I don’t know how you can say he doesn’t do damage. He closed Fitch and Koschecks’ eyes. And he busted up Penn and Alves faces real good. As for boring, well I guess that’s just a matter of opinion. Some fans of the sport, like myself, don’t mind if he doesn’t finish a guy all that often, while for others, that makes him lame. I get that part of the criticism. I would rather he finished say 1 out of every 3 fights. But you can’t say that he does the bare minimum in his stand-up and ground and pound. Not when he is knocking guys down and leaving their faces mashed up the way he does. Before Shields he hadn’t lost a round in 30plus rounds (going back to the first Koscheck fight)! How can a guy doing the minimum be that dominant? It’s just not possible.

        • So what are Gsp’s opponents doing in the mean time? Blame gsp for a boring fight, but it takes 2 to fight doesn’t it? Is he outclassing everyone to where they’re inactive… to me that sounds like domination when someone dictates the entire fight.

        • DBKlein69 says:

          mmaisland, gsp doesnt inflict damage? then why did bj QUIT ON THE STOOL?? and what happened to kos’s face? idiot. tell ur mom i’ll be over in a little while.

    • P R O D I G Y says:

      LOL ur starting to bother me dude everyone knows GSP is boring. Even his fans deep down inside. He jabs at wrestlers/grapplers (Koscheck,Shields) and Holds down strikers Alvez,Hardy) And if your scared to engage on the feet at all with Hardy you mine as well retire Hardys a joke and GSP’s performances are the same. It is what it is if i was lying he wouldnt be getting bashed by every MMA forum i have seen and have the fanbase that he has which is decreasing rapidly.

    • Curtis says:

      junkie jerks off to bj and nick diaz…. u have to understand where hes coming from!

  58. Mike says:

    GSP is the most dominant fighter in MMA in the last several years other than Silva. He takes peoples strengths out of the game and does whatever he wants to win the fight. If you cant see that then your too stupid for your own good. His JJ is just as good as Diaz. He boxes close to as well as Diaz but not quite as good, and last but not least he is 100% dominant in wrestling against Diaz. If you think this makes him scared or the underdog you need to quit gambling because you bet with your heart and not your mind. Its as bad as betting on your favorite team. That is the worst thing you can do in sports betting. No way he is scared of Diaz. Diaz has still never beat a top 5 ranked fighter in his life. Do the research and you will see I am right, and please dont say a completely washed up BJ Penn.

    • P R O D I G Y says:

      GSP’s JJ is as good as Diaz when GSP couldnt even sub Hardy lmao. GSP didnt even know how to apply the armbar correctly he had to learn it from Greg Jackson in the locker room after lmfao. Lytle subbed Hardy in less than 10 seconds when they went to the ground.

    • SanSooRob says:

      Lol he couldn’t even sub hardy , be seriuos stupid !!!
      Strip that fer of his belt!!!

  59. Moses White says:

    Anyone that thinks that Georges or Nick are scared to fight anyone is an idiot. Georges is the most dominant welterweight of all time and Nick is a brawler that loves fighting anyone anytime. Injuries happen. Shit happens. Period.

    • Zack says:

      Injuries are more common with steroid use. Gsp got hurt like 3 times in a month

      • Your actually linking injuries with steroid use.. are u fkn serious? Chael ..Hendo and marquardt haven’t been injured? Anderson n Bj been injured are they juicing?

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          you would drag bjs name through the mud to make an invalid point. shame on you.

        • You obviously don’t understand my madness..and I don’t have the time to explain. Your a big boy figure it out..

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          bj wasnt really injured when fitch dropped out he just didnt wanna move backwards in comp. thats why when he was given nick diaz he took it cuz he would have gotten gsp next. things didnt play out how he wanted but he still went for it so mad props to him, now w gsp ducking everyone ur just gonna have to see nick whoop carlos, but even then youd still be hating and cheering for the cheat greaseball mthfkr but everyone knows what kind of athletes u support, the cheaters! dont worry bro thiago silva will be back soon too so u can cheer for him harder than ever.

        • I support Bj to da max., is he a cheater too since that who I support? Hmmm..

        • Oh yeah.. I’m a huge thiago silva Fan and I hope he comes back soon.. He should get on some TRT to get back to top form and start kicking some ass again! Chhhhhiagoooo!

  60. Curtis says:

    ouuuuuuuuu george!!! ohhh mon ami Georgie pooo i luv uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu… wiggle it for me just one more time eh* in french accent*

  61. Brandon4ReaL says:

    I don’t think George is hurt,
    I think his scared.

  62. Dosan says:

    Does this guy fake injuries or what?

    • Donnybrook says:

      Yeah this is BS!!… I wonder if they’ll cut his knee open to make it look like he actually did have surgery or maybe they’ll just tattoo a scare on his knee and not even do surgery…. Moron

      • magoo says:

        What a drag Donny,look at the bright side bro….most normal men with this type of injury generally take10/12 months to heal, George’s will be ready in 6/8 ready topick up where he left off, no worries GSP fans no worries!

  63. Donnybrook says:

    Lucky for Diaz, he might actually do something against Condit, that’s a big MIGHT… but I still have Carlos ftw.

  64. omar says:

    will see how wants it more
    diaz or condit

  65. GRT 3000 says:

    Get better champ…you have a lot of haters you need to disprove AGAIN.

  66. Mike says:

    GSP would earn 3-4 million for a fight with Diaz. Why the hell would he not take that fight? Your an idiot if you think either fighter is scared of the other. GSP has a lot of haters on here because of his boring fight style, but the problem is that they arent realistic. A lot of the guys on here ride Diaz nuts way too much and dont look at the reality that he has never beat a top 5 fighter in his entire career. GSP vs Diaz is going to be the same outcome as GSP vs Hardy. Everybody said Hardy was going to knock out GSP and Hardy got dominated the entire fight. The same will happen to Diaz. GSP is way too strong and way too explosive for Diaz to be able to do anything with. GSP may or may not finish the fight but he will for sure contorl the fight and make the fight happen wherever he wants. Get a reality check the best fighter Diaz has beat is Paul Daley which is nowhere near a UFC title contender.

  67. BJ Penn says:

    Just imagine the hype they will build for the interim champ vs GSP when he returns.

  68. pk9grrr says:

    what a chicken shit bok bok champ ,probly more scared of diazs antics outside and in the cage more then loosing…relinguish your title so real men can fight for fucksake

  69. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Condit will lose to Diaz… Before GSP got injured the second time I believed he was going to smash Diaz. Now I think his cardio will unfortunately be inferior to Diaz as a result of 10 month ring rust making this GSP’s hardest fight of his career. He will now be obligated to use his wrestling to win. I hope his sleeping dragon awakens and KOs the “Stockton Slapper.”

  70. A.James says:

    A torn ACL is a pretty serious injury. I wish GSPa speedy recovery.

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