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UFC NEWS | GSP Talks | Will Cheer For His Enemy This Weekend, Refutes White's Claim Of Hatred Towards Diaz

On Saturday night, live from the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, elite welterweights Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit will collide for the interim UFC 170lbs championship.

UFC superstar Georges St-Pierre will be a very interested – and conflicted – ringside observer to the UFC 143 main event. ‘GSP’ has been the undisputed welterweight king since the spring of 2008, but knee injuries have forced him to withdraw from scheduled bouts with both Condit and Diaz and so he must sit on the sidelines while the pair stake a claim to his crown.

Expected to return to the Octagon perhaps as early as the summer, St-Pierre had this to say:


“I respect Carlos Condit, but I want Diaz to win. It will be a weird feeling, sitting at the Mandalay Bay wanting Nick Diaz to win. I want this fight with Diaz so badly, as badly as I wanted the title shot when I got down on my knees. I have never asked (UFC President) Dana White for anything, but I did ask to fightNick Diaz. I was (crushed) when I had to pull out of this weekend’s fight hurt, but I am determined to get back to the Octagon as soon as possible to fightthis guy. He needs to hold up his part and beat Carlos Condit on Saturday to make this fight happen.



“I am very nervous that Carlos Condit will win on Saturday night, and that I won’t be able to fight Nick Diaz this summer. Carlos Condit is a very good fighter, he can strike, he is aggressive and he has submissions. He has been very impressive and is the type of fighter who gets better and better the more confident hegets.

I am not personal friends with him but I know him a little and he’s a great person. I know a lot of people who know him well because we train with the same people, but I have only spoken with him a few times.  He is a true mixed martial artist. I feel bad, it is weird that I want him to lose, but I have never wanted to fight anyone as much as I want to fight Diaz.”



“I don’t truly hate him as a person. I don’t know that he is a bad guy, but I hate what he brings to the sport with the disrespect and the unprofessional things he says and does. It is sort of a professional hatred. He has been nothing but disrespectful and arrogant towards me. During UFC 137 (week) I felt like I had to walk around Las Vegas with my fists ready (to punch Diaz) because every time I came across him he wanted to fight there and then. Every time the elevator opened (in the hotel) I needed to be ready to fight in case he stepped in. I was on edge all week. This guy is crazy.

I am used to hearing (smack) talk from opponents, Matt Serra did it, Dan Hardy did it, and Josh Koscheck did it, but with Diaz he has taken it to another level. He and his coach (Cesar Gracie) have called me a coward and tried to disrespect myaccomplishments.

All that has done though is make me determined to beat him up. He will bring out the best in me, I will be 100% focused, like a bomb-expert defusing a time bomb. When my back is against the wall and I have no choice but to win, when I cannot lose to this person under any cost, that is when I am most dangerous.

Also, as champion, I believe Diaz deserves the fight for the title. Style-wise, he is a very tough match for me and the fans deserve to see the fight they really want to see.”



“The way I see it, I am not the champion anymore on Saturday night. I have not fought since April, against my will, but I understand the champion must fight. Youhave to put the belt on the line in order to call yourself champion, the best in the world. Right now I am not the best in the world, I am injured. The winner of this fight on Saturday will be more than just the new No.1 contender, but he won’t be the new champion either. The winner of this fight will have to beat me to become the true world champion and I will have to beat the winner of this fight in order to call myself the best in the world again.

I like the format where the winner of this fight will have to fight me and I have to fight the winner to truly become the UFC champion. That is what the UFC is about,that is competition. This is fair to all of us, we have to beat each other to be the undisputed champion.”



“He was very impressive. Nick Diaz’s boxing is very strong; he could be the best boxer in the UFC. I don’t want to be seen to be advising any other fighter how to win a fight, but if Diaz does what he does best then he should win this fight on Saturday. It is a very close fight though.”



“I am ahead of schedule. I can already train and even kick but I am remaining calm and not rushing. I won’t train properly until July, it is a matter of discipline not to force my knee to go harder than it can heal. No athlete wants to sit on thesidelines, especially when you are the champion and you must watch two others fight for the interim championship belt. I will watch on Saturday and go home very motivated to rehab on Monday morning but I must be disciplined and I must continue to rehab at the pace I am doing.”

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68 Responses to “UFC NEWS | GSP Talks | Will Cheer For His Enemy This Weekend, Refutes White's Claim Of Hatred Towards Diaz”

  1. Gack says:

    How can you not like this guy? He’s so professional and articulate, and really a great role model, not only to other MMA artists aspiring to reach the ranks of the UFC fighters, but also to fans of the sport. Conducts himself with poise and professionalism like no other champion in the UFC. My hats off to the guy…

    • Ronnin says:

      Yeah but he is boring as hell, thats all that matters, forget about “manners”, GSP is a great athlete, fighter? doubt it

      • Lance says:

        Your obviously under 18 years old or your just a plain jackass. By fighter I believe you are inferring to an asshole. No George is not an asshole but he can beat anybody up, so therefore he is a fighter. If you want to state your a philosopher and your statement goes deeper than that, then try another forum. Your too fucking boring.

    • I'm a BJ fan but GSP is a class act says:

      I agree with you Gack. I live in Hawaii and I am a huge BJ fan. But one has to admit that GSP is very classy guy. He is a great role model as a champion and sets a great example as a Professional. I know i will probably take a lot of flack from my fellow locals for this comment but, it’s the truth. GSP trains like a professional, conducts himself as a professional, and conducts himself respectfully. Can’t help but to respect this guy.

      • Ronnin says:

        Well it would be nice for you to go to a social event with him, right? I watch and care about fighters because of their fighting styles, heart, and entertainment… and GSP is boring as hell

        • Shawn says:

          How can you say he’s “boring”. A boring fighter doesn’t BEAT UP his opponents. And if you watch all his fights (with the exception of the Fitch fight), he has beaten up ALL of them. Just look at their faces at the of the fight. Ya, he hasn’t finished, but you don’t need to finish to make an exciting fight. The only reason why some people like you think it’s “boring”, is because he switches the mentality of his opponents, that they run away from him. He has to chase them down. I can see that being boring. But as a fighter, no one can disclaim he doesn’t fight. Maybe when his opponents decide to fight back, it will be more exciting for the rest of you guys. lol

        • Man of Steel says:

          He might be boring but he has the ability to win. Against everyone so far since holding the belt. Surely you would show respect for his gameplan to win? Wouldn’t you? Funny enough GSP is not one of my personal top 5 fighters like as you said its based on styles. Respect all the way!

    • waitwtfffwtfwtf says:

      well um because I have seen roughly 6 hours of him taking people to boring decisions. Anyone remember when he first came to the UFC and had the allure of an exciting new striker in the mix, well that is long gone. Matt Serra created the most boring Champion ever by taking away his confidence in any area but wrestling

      • Funny says:

        that you get bored of watching GSP, BUT you’ve watched him for “6 hours.”
        What? Not a big fan of GSP, but he fights well. Well enough for me to pay attention and not walk out of the room.

  2. John Blaze says:


  3. Jason N says:

    If he would actually fight I would like him. He plays the game. I will avoid everyone’s strength. If he is so good, show it by beating a guy at his game. He would be huge if he would do that. But he won’t.

    • Stevo the great says:


    • McCombski says:

      “He will avoid everyons stregnths ?” Did you realy just say that? Every fighter is going to try and capatilize on the other gusy weekeness. These gusy go out to win. And to win you have to do what ever your best at. If you got in a fight on the street and u where a wrester and you where fighting Roy Jones JR. u are telling me that you would stand with him ???? BULL SHIT !! you would use your advatage to his disadvantage every time.

    • Chris Nickle says:

      Name the fight where he didn’t beat them at their own game?

      What happened to Koscheck? Koscheck said GSP couldnt strike, that he was going to keep it on their feet and destroy him… GSP punched Koscheck so many times in the face it caused long term damage and he has never been the same. At any point in that fight, he could of taken that decorated wrestler down and out wrestled the shit out of him and submitted him but he didn’t need to, he wanted to punish him.

      Also you are forgetting one thing dude. It is not GSP’s responsibility to go out there and beat people at their game. He is the Champ. It is the challengers responsibility to come in and take that belt from him and his last few fights those fighters have not shown an interest of even being in the cage with him. Jake Shields could of literally sent one of his coaches in to fight Georges. He was useless as was Kos as was Serra in his rematch, keep going (Sorry BJ). That shows me that he is in a different universe in the WW division. He destroys guys and then humbles them, like a true champion. You hate because he doesn’t talk shit and hype the fights like the rest of the douchebags out there. If you were a true fan of MMA, there is nothing you wouldn’t like about GSP.

      • guamy says:

        besides the FACT that he cheated against bj in the 2nd fight and who knows how many times before. GREASE GATE.

        • Shawn says:

          LOL! You still crying about that? I’ll admit, I was pretty upset about that too. But, it wasn’t GSP greasing himself up, it was his corner man. He didn’t even know that’s what he was doing. To busy focusing for the next round. And what other times do you think he has “cheated” since that fight? No one’s tried to submit him, and his stood up with pretty much all of them. Punching their faces to a pulp. lol. Grease has no baring on punches. Keep picking at straws buddy. Haters just like to hear themselves hate. lol

      • Shawn says:

        Well said Chris. Keywords “he destroys guys”. It’s evident in their faces at the end of the fight. Sure, he hasn’t finished a fight in a long time, but he’s made a fight of it. You don’t have to finish a fight to dominate someone. And as you said, he’s dominated everyone. People just like to hate on this guy, because they enjoy subs and KOs. I just enjoy a good fight. And a good fight to me is seeing someone dominantly beat up on someone else. I don’t care if they don’t finish, as long as it’s a fight. ie. Hendo vs Shogun.

    • chris says:

      hmmm may i point you to the koschek fight?

    • io31 says:

      “He plays the game. I will avoid everyone’s strength. If he is so good, show it by beating a guy at his game.”

      Totally agree with this. For example in a hypothetical situation where UFC puts Marcelo Garcia in front of him, he should not strike with him, go to the ground (GSP may have to pull guard, he shouldn’t use his wrestling to get top position) and grapple with him. If he somehow ends up on top , he should avoid GNPing Marcelo. I can only become a fan that way..

    • Kyle says:

      Are you serious? He beat Hughes in wrestling and submitted him. Hughes was a very good wrestler, probably the best in the history of the WW division before GSP, and he was also a very good submission artist. Remember the Thiago Alves fight? He was considered the best striker in the WW division at the time, and he was also a huge WW. GSP took him down at will and beat him up standing. What about the first Koscheck fight? He was able to take him down a number of times.

  4. Kevin D'Amour says:

    Couldn’t agree more GSP is a class act, all of these people on the internet bitchin’ about the fact that he hasn’t finished a fight in a couple years. Not one of these guys could finish the likes of Jon Fitch, Josh Koscheck, Thiago Alves, let alone Dan Hardy

    • pp4bb says:

      i could finish dan hardy. anyone with a year of high school wresling could finish dan hardy ha

      • McCombski says:

        Realy cause GSP is the best wrestler in the ufc but a high school wreslter could do better??? hahaha good one. Thats why gsp has best all the best wresters and by best i mean national cahmps not high school wresters

      • Shawn says:

        And that’s why he’s in the UFC and your not? LOL Hey, while we’re at that…I could finish Overeem…and JDS…and Jones…at the same time. Here pass that shit over your smoking, and I can add Silva in that list too.

    • learntoread says:

      Pretty sure ‘ol Dan Hardy was later sub’d by Chris Lytle, something GSP tried to do on two separate occasions (had deep holds) during their fight, unsuccessfully…and the dude carries around a black belt :/

  5. pp4bb says:

    i dont like his fighting style

  6. slacker says:

    This is going to be an awesome fight Saturday night and it is great that George will be there to give the winner his due and motivation to fight him. It’s funny how he hinted to Carlos in this quote what he needs to do to win. He is basically saying that Carlos will need to work take-downs in order to win this fight. In m mind, I don’t think George cares who he fights. The winner is obviously the one most deserving of the title shot. I think he would be just as content to see Nick suffer the humiliation of losing and missing his chance to fight him. I can hardly wait for this fight to happen!

  7. DKAVA76 says:

    His fights are boring as hell…but what a decent guy. He needs to give charm lessons to Bones.

  8. CanILive says:

    “He needs to hold up his part and beat Carlos Condit on Saturday to make this fight happen.”

    – so that he doesn’t have to lose to carlos………

  9. For Your Consideration says:

    GSP is simply the best. If you cant put aside your vain and ignorent hatred towards him to see that then you should watch golf instead. GSP is not the issue in his fights not ending in knowckout or submmision its his oppenants inability to beat him. Why cant his oppenants beat him? THEY ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH……………….PERIOD…………

  10. Ronnin says:

    WELL, WELL, WELL… Seems like someones getting into GSPs head… its funny how Diaz does that to all his opponents… knee injury, ring rust, angry… I think Diaz got this

  11. guamy says:

    Great role models dont CHEAT. And that is what GSP and his corner did. other than that he seems pretty cool lol.

    • Shawn says:

      Dood…get over it, that was 3 years ago. And it wasn’t him…it was just his corner man. Who by the way no longer corners him. And if your going to hate on him cuz he “cheats”, then you’d have to hate on almost every MMA fighter. Cuz they “cheat” too. They just haven’t been caught.

      • Anomie says:

        I would ask when butt-hurt Penn fans will get over this, but I already know the answer is never. BJ Penn has shown his legacy – Can’t take the losses and always complains about something.

      • guamy says:

        it does not matter how long ago it was when he was caught cheating. matt hughes, matt serra, bj penn, and shaun sherk all have said he was very slippery when they fought him also stating that he must have put baby oil on or some thing. what do all these guys have in common? they are grapplers and it would be a huge disadvantage if they had to fight some one who had greased up before hand. So you can stop jerkin off to your GreaseSP picture and realize he is a fonny, fraud, fake ass white boy as rashad would say ect. ect.

  12. The_Gooch1 says:

    I didn’t realize it at first but I was reading this in GSP accent. Anyway, I will be rooting for GSP but he better be an animal in there if he faces Diaz.

  13. guamy says:

    why are you FAGS all up on BJ’s site talkin shit. dont they have a GSP website? or something. oh ya he really showed jake shields up in his own department too right. Wrong GSP was so scared to go to the mat with him it was commical. i know it was jakes job to getem to the floor but Chris Nickle said Name the fight where he didn’t beat them at their own game? well every 1 knows jake is a beast at BJJ and GSP i can say did not beat him at his own game. If you fought the biggest fight of your life and the guy you fought cheated you wouldnt get over it that easy. Funny thing is he knew GSP was gonna cheat he told the commison to watch for it and what happens they catch them. GSP should have been DQ.

  14. Luke'sFather says:

    I want to see “Rush” again.

  15. Kalani says:

    And this is how a true mixed martial artist handles himself. Class act!

  16. andrew says:

    did anyone else fall asleep trying to read this. god gsp is so boring

  17. Mike McMack says:

    I really like GSP in terms of how much of a class act he is, I know a lot of people agree with me on this. I would like to see him finish guys more often, he’s no question one of the best ever but winning decisions the way he has the last few years isn’t a good representation of GSP’s skills and it’s boring as hell to watch. I hate paying $50 for two guys to hug for 25 minutes in the main event.

  18. Zack says:

    Yall are stupid. Don’t make excuses for gsps lack of ability to finish. Dan hardy got subd by Chris lytle and Gsp couldn’t. Hendricks kod Fitch Gsp couldn’t. Gsp sucks. Jake shields got stopped Gsp couldn’t do it. You can’t deny his talents but he still fights like a pussy. I guess that’s why hes slowly falling down on the p4p rankings tho. He went from number 2 p4p to at least 4. Is jds defends against overeem Gsp will be 5

    • Donnybrook says:

      I don’t know if he’s been fighting like a pussy, but he has been fighting safe for sure which has caused him to lose some fans. I’m still a fan because the reason you stated and the way he conducts himself but I’ll admit I don’t get too pumped anymore when he fights. Diaz may be just the guy to bring back the pre-Serra GSP (who used to finnish fights)… he seems pretty pissed, not only at Nick but at all the bad opinions about him from the fans and fighters.

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        sorry donny fighting safe IS fighting like a pussy. be prepared for gsp trying to make his next fight boring, it will be nick diaz who will be doing his best to make the fight exciting by actually trying to hurt his opponent. gsp is gonna try his best to hug it out for 25 minutes.

        • slacker says:

          Diaz wishes he could hug out his opponents. Then he would be more well-rounded than GSP and he would be the UFC champ. But it’s GSP who can match what Diaz does + wrestle, which is why he will beat Diaz if they should ever happen to fight. GSP is the pay-per-view king, as Dana said a couple months ago, so a “small” amount of people don’t share your point of view.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          brock lesnar was a bigger ppv draw becuz of his wwe background does that make him the best mma fighter ever? what does ppv king mean exactly, besides selling ppvs? ppl like pretty things and gsps a pretty boy. gtfoh w that ppv talk bs. i bet guys who buy gay porn buy gsp ppvs.

        • slacker says:

          GSP can’t be that boring if he is the ppv king. He is the highest ppv draw over several years – not just during Brock’s short stint. I would assume that the same people who watch the UFC on ppv are the same people who watch it at a local sportsbar or go and see the live event. He is one of the top MMA fighters and obviously many people don’t find him to be as boring as you would make him out to be. The gay porn thing. That was funny.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          did u watch his fight v shields? or even koscheck before it? or hardy? thats 3 years of boredom. i guess its like howard sterns radio his haters made him so popular and the same goes for gsp, ppl tune in just hoping he loses.

        • slacker says:

          Well, we have been through this before. I agree that he needs to finish more fights. But that doesn’t make him all together boring – at least not to quite a few people. I get that he is for some. But considering how dominant he has been, he deserves more credit than discredit. As for PPV’s, I don’t think people are going to cough up 60 plus dollars to watch a guy they hate. They would just skip that pay – per view buy or check the news later that night.

    • James says:

      You sound kind of gay. Why is it everyone who dislikes GSP is gay?

  19. cody says:

    guys he hasnt finished anyone in 4 yrs ufc 83 i think were almost to 150 nuff said…..he is a true professional though but hopfully diaz r condit can get him outta her hes the second most boring champ to cruz and it sucks cause ww is one of the most stacked div

  20. A.James says:

    I like GSP and I like the way he puts 100% into his training but I think Serra traumatized Pierre to a point where he’s so afraid of losing that he’ll just drain the clock and win on points. Where is that razor edge killer instinct a fighter is supposed to have.

  21. Bob Dole says:

    sociology 101 : i wonder why BJPENN.COM has a lot of people hating GSP? hm… i wonder why i wonder why… anyway, WAR CONDIT!!!

  22. Aikai says:

    BJ is my favorite fighter, but to all those that post lame comments about GSP. I would put all my money on that he is a better fighter than you and has more class.

  23. DBKlein69 says:

    mmaisland, did gsp “hug it out for 25 minutes” against bj?

  24. I can’t believe half the morons on this page buy into Gsp’s “nice guy” persona.He’s not a nice guy, he’s an asshole.He just chooses not to be an asshole on camera or in interviews.Gsp wants Nick Diaz to win because he is scared yep i said it SCARED of Condit.Gsp is such a class act huh?Remember this quote”I’m glad you won that fight Matt.But er i was not impressed by your performance.I look forward to fighting you in the near future.” showed real class to the current champ at that time.He hired tate on the ultimate fighter to talk shit to Koscheck because he did’nt want to look like the bad guy talkin shit.Why would you have an emt on your coaching staff?Thats just a couple of incidents i can point out where Gsp is not a nice guy or a class act.There are many more i could point out.But it would take up to much time.Gsp is preying for Diaz to win because he is scared of Condit simple as that.

    • Luke'sFather says:

      I’m not a huge GSP fan or hater but the examples you just gave were horrible. In no way does any of the stuff you provided show that he’s not a class act. And I’m not saying he is or isn’t but your attempt at proving he’s not a class act does not impress me. lol

  25. dave says:

    sounds like diaz has gsp walking around the hotel scared as helll//that is what diaz is all about

  26. guamy says:

    getting in the ring and talking shit after hughes just had a war. IS NOT CLASSY. and if you think it was then your moma needs to slap your head a few more times and teach you about class.

  27. DBKlein69 says:

    guamy and techno striker: since u clowns obviously know very little about what ur talking about, i’ll fill u in. when gsp said to hughes “i was not impressed by ur performance”, he was MIMICKING what hughes said in an interview about gsp’s last fight. retards. hughes was asked if he thought gsp was a threat to his title and he said he saw his last fight and “I WAS NOT IMPRESSED BY HIS PERFORMANCE”. this obviously offended gsp, which is why he said the same exact thing to hughes. he was being sarcastic. hughes and everyone else standing in the octagon knew it. get over ur jealousy of one of the greatest mixed martial artists to ever walk the planet.

  28. DBKlein69 says:

    it was phil nurse applying the grease, not gsp. gsp was merely the beneficiary of nurse’s taboo tactics.

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