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Monday, 11/28/2011, 07:48 am

UFC NEWS – GSP Responds To Ellenberger, Says He Will Get His Chance Like Everyone Else (Video)


26 Responses to “UFC NEWS – GSP Responds To Ellenberger, Says He Will Get His Chance Like Everyone Else (Video)”

  1. Nightmare_Inc says:

    What about Silva ya bitch

    • Zack says:

      He’s scared shitless of silva

    • bertram says:

      did you really just call an mma fighter, let alone the champ….a bitch? …can anybody say “typical keyboard warrior”

    • DBKlein69 says:

      silva’s too busy ducking sonnen.

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        at least silva beat sonnen. why is gsp ducking silva? its becuz hes just a flat out bitch.

        • DBKlein69 says:

          its because silva’s frame is twice his size. speaking of being a flat out bitch, who gets his ass beat and then cries to joe rogan about it “i quit im done fighting i dont wanna let my daughter see me like this. waaaah” not the first time we’ve seen him quit. atleast this time he waited until AFTER the fight.

        • e says:

          i guarantee you’d be crying like a faggot if BJ hit you once, if you’re not knocked dead by the actual impact. get in his face and say that he’s a bitch. then we’ll see who the real bitch is.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          dont need to bash bj for gsp being scared. u can call bj a quitter all u want if anderson called him out he would accept the fight not whine about size differential like gsp the real bitch of all bitches.

        • DBKlein69 says:

          mmaisland pretty boy silva whined about size differential when asked about fighting jon jones. but thats ok, right?

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          if jones clears out his division and called out anderson, the fight would be on like donkey kong. its too early to say jones deserves a superfight. but i know gsp fans love this defense technique to deflect the real issue of gsp being a bitch. gsp and anderson = the champions of their divisions for years who have cleared out each of their divisions. they each are respectively no. 1 and no. 2 in all mma p4p rankings. this would be THE SUPERFIGHT in mma history. but gsp is scared and thats the simple truth.

        • MJJ says:

          Why isn’t Silva calling out Jones, that fight seems to have alot more interest and would be easier to pull off.

        • DBKlein69 says:

          because silva is a scared littled bitch and like to pick his fights. why do u think he doesnt want a rematch with sonnen? he doesnt wanna rely on another miracle

        • DBKlein69 says:

          @ e, i would have bj tapping on the stool, just like ufc 94

  2. mololo says:

    Only Idiots ask him to call out Silva. Silva is too big.How many times has Silva called out Bones?? exactly..He’s too big for Silva as well..people talk about GSP like he has boring fights. There is a reason he is the number 1 draw in MMA PPV. Why the heck should he fight to the strength of his opponent?
    It is incumbent on these dudes to come in and try to take the title, not hope he makes a mistake and sticks his chin out or leaves his arm in a clutch. When he won the title twice, he went in there and took it. Same as his walk up the title ladder. Opponents come in the ring and HOPE he makes a mistake instead of taking a chance. GSP is dominant because he works tirelessly on all facets of MMA and comes prepared. I believe Diaz will throw caution to the wind and give him a fight, but he will be the first to have done it in a long while.

    • Kyle says:

      Completely agree, although I’m not giving white trash Diaz as much credit. The key to that fight will be takedowns, and Diaz will not have an answer.

      I’m waiting for Silva to move up to and fight Jones, and Jones to move up in weight and fight Nog, Mir and JDS. Wait, only GSP should move up? I don’t get that logic.

      Give GSP credit. He’s beaten everyone in his division and has avenged his only two losses. Also, he’s never been beat by flying scissor heel hook.

      • Zack says:

        Gsp said himself he was gunna move up. Now he’s talking about going to 155. Jones will move up eventually then we will see what he’s made of. Anderson already has moved up and had two quick knockouts. Silva is the kingpin off all mma. Gsp is a greased up, juiced up baby boy. Jones is on his way to being great also

      • AAxAntonio says:

        maybe you didnt pay attention to dana’s comments about his, jones has to clear the lhw division before he puts on a super fight, something that gsp and silva have allready done, thats why people want him to move up to fight silva. they are the two best in the game

        • DBKlein69 says:

          most ppl on this site are butthurt bj penn nuthuggers who are just bitter that gsp is the welterweight kingpin with no threat in sight. u’ll never hear these same ppl call out silva for ducking sonnen. they themselves dont want to see silva fight sonnen again because they know the chances of silva escaping with a triangle again are slim to none. silva doesnt wanna fight sonnen because he has no answer for sonnen. not only did chael take him down at will, he also dominated the stand up. some of u delusional silva fanboys act like u didnt see the fight. silva was bouncing all over the cage doing his dancing and jiving and throwing really nice punches and kicks all 5 rounds. he looked the EXACT same as he always has. he wasnt limping around like some half-beaten man with broken ribs. he was as fluent and flashy as ever. the only difference was sonnen wasnt standing there watching him. he was attacking from bell to bell. he rocked silva twice on the feet, once sending him staggering back and once sending him to the mat. silva landed many shots but couldnt knock chael down. when chael had him on the mat, he was helpless. rounds 1-4 all ended with silva on his back. the guy needed a miracle and he got one. and he knows if he fights chael again, he’ll need another one.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          gsp uses the rules of ufc to win fights. he doesnt win them by actual fighting. if there were pride rules in effect gsp would be much less effective with his lnp tactics. he may be the ufc ww champion and has been for a while, but he isnt regarded as a top notch striker or finisher – hes just got impeccable timing with his takedowns and good switching from striking to shot attempts. no one is ever scared of gsp, they just get frustrated becuz they cant outpoint the machine. now gsp is scred of anderson silva and its becuz hes scared of fighting the man.

  3. Vassilis says:

    Such a humble guy. He really is a pleasure to listen to.

  4. Jason says:

    god damn I hate him and his stupid french Canadian accent. WAR DIAZ!

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      Bottom line is A. Silva is a REAL FIGHTER just like BJ PENN. GSP is a point fighter who only plays it safe because he’s afraid the get Matt Serra’d AGAIN (KO’D by a natural lightweight) Chael Sonnen had enough steroids in his system to jump over the friggen moon. the highest natural athlete in the world has a testosterone level of 740-800MAX. most athletes are around 500-600. Sonnen had a testosterone level of 3400 which most doctors didn’t think was possible. Sonnen is the biggest steroid abuser in MMA history and shoulfd have been banned for life for CHEATING in a championship fight. Whats funny is Sonnen actually lost twice cause not only did he tapout but he would have lost AGAIN for being ROIDED out. Sonnen is a FEDERALLY CONVICTED FELON for FRAUD and isa total dicrace to martial arts in general. Nooone in MMA is a worse role model than Sonnen. GSP is scared to death of Andeersen Silva and EVERYONE knows it. I saw one weigh in where A. silva was 182 thats only 11 pounds difference than GSP. hell fitch had 30 pounds on BJ at fight time you don’t hear him crying about weight difference. GSP and Fitch always have at least 10-20 pounds on theri opponents and are both scared to fight anyone theri own size. Fitch started his MMA career at LHW and got his ass beat bad and then lost again at 185. Fitch is anatural 205 but because he is great weight cutting is the only reason he is able to use his weight advatge to lay on people. A. silva would KO Jon Fitch so fast he wouldn’t ever get up again. same with GSP

  5. Long-Strong says:

    WAR GSP!!!

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