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Tuesday, 12/06/2011, 11:12 am

UFC NEWS – GSP On Diaz: “I know I have his number. I will beat him.”

“I truly believe (Diaz) deserves the fight. He’s a fight that I want and a fight that everybody wants to see. Let’s do it. He’s a very good boxer, probably one of the best in mixed martial arts. Also very good jiu-jitsu. But I believe I’m better than him everywhere. He’s fought very well, but I know I have his number. I will beat him.”

UFC welterweight champion, Georges St Pierre, is out to prove he is the best welterweight fighter in the world once again and he talks about the matchup with Nick Diaz to the Montreal Gazette.

Scheduled for UFC 143, GSP vs. Nick Diaz, as polled on BJPENN.COM, is the most anticipated fight in the upcoming months. Both fighters have proven their place amongst the world’s best and after years of anticipation, they will finally face each other in a five-round affair for the UFC’s welterweight title.

GSP seems to think he has Nicks number, however he is not the first to claim so. With a win over Diaz, Georges has beaten virtually every top 10 welterweight in the world, but can he do it?

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185 Responses to “UFC NEWS – GSP On Diaz: “I know I have his number. I will beat him.””

  1. Brian B says:

    Just by George saying he is better everywhere means he is lying to himself. He should have said his MMA game is better. Because his jiu jitsu and boxing is not better than Diaz’.

    • mike f says:

      I think his stand-up is better than diaz. He broke koschecks face, and picked shields apart. And his overall ground game is better.

      • Steve says:

        Nick broke K.J. Noons jaw with the first punch combo landed and knocked him down. This is significant because K.J. has boxed professionally something that obviously Kos and GSP have not. Quit dreaming Nick is going to send GSP even further into fantasy when he KO’s him.

      • DontBeScaredHomie says:

        You’re dumb as fuck, GSP hardly did anything to shields and his nonexistent stand up game and ended up going to the hospital because had a busted up face. Nick will destroy GSP from bell to bell literally Georges only chance of winning this fight is if he stalls for 5 rounds Nick has him out classed with his boxing and ground game. Also unlike all of Georges other opponents Nick isn’t scared to go after it and fight to finish. Maybe when you all see GSP tap due to strikes for a second time you’ll understand.

        • phace says:

          You all seem to forget what GSP has done to his last 8 opponents in the UFC(not Strikeforce). Diaz is good and will bring a fight but I highly doubt he will beat GSP. You never know, but I say GSP wins.

        • DontBeScaredHomie says:

          What has GSP done to his last 8? Oh that’s right he’s had 6 decision wins and his last 3 fights were far less than impressive. I don’t see why you guys wont admit that GSP can’t win this fight without stalling just the fact that he stood with shields for 5 rounds and never once came close to finishing the fight says more than enough about his game or how about how he went 5 rounds stalling out Dan Hardy who hasn’t won a fight in how long? Or how about how he fought Kos with one eye for 4 rounds and still never came close to finishing that either. In Diaz one fight back in the UFC he looked better than George did in all 8 of his fights and not to mention he did it against Penn who is one of the best and battered him worse than anyone has ever done to him also look at Nicks career the majority of his losses came to people stalling GSP knows that and he isn’t dumb enough to fight him any other way because of the simple fact Diaz murder him if he doesn’t stall

        • wakeuphomie says:

          as the article said george has fought just about every top ten competitor, and not just beat but dominated. Ya shields wasnt his best fight i will say that he focused to much on the KO and didnt set anything up, but everyone knows his potential ask fitch, penn, alves, kos(2), sherk, hardy, serra, and hughes i mean you cant say george doesnt have stand up he took out all these fellas hes a real mma fighter and P4P Champ not to mention hes got class, so recognize diaz only looked good against penn cause penn gassed and was relying on heart but no sense in talking us and 5 million other GSP will see his hand raised!!!!

        • DontBeScaredHomie says:

          You must be dumb to think that BJ lost that fight because he gassed and not because he got beat on for two rounds nonstop and even if Penn “gassed” Nick gassed him out quicker and damn sure did more damage than GSP did in both of his fights with Penn put together

        • GRT 3000 says:

          Hey, Don’tHaveaCryHomie – yer boyfriend Nick (or you might call him Dick?) is going to get smashed. Just deal with it.

      • Abe says:

        he didnt pick shields apart just u know, shields won last 2 rounds dumbass.

    • Carlos says:

      Diaz’s boxing is better but GSP’s kickboxing is better takedowns/takedown defense goes to GSP and the Jiu Jitsu goes to Nick so it’s almost equal just depending if GSP will stand or go for GNP while Diaz can go to the ground or keep it standing.

    • Hard Stiff Jab says:

      Nick can and has taken a beating and still win the fight. You can shorten your career and mental capacity by fighting that style. He will be remembered as a bad ass. He’s not the brightest light bulb on the street. When he dies at a relatively early age, he will more than likely be penneless and just another sad story in the fight game.

  2. Daniel R says:

    its only fair he “gets his number” if the game plan is to dry hump him for 25 mins! maybe take him out for dinner afterwards as well George…

  3. JayDee says:

    Whatever makes your mind at ease, Georges.

  4. Stevo the great says:

    I really hope Diaz shuts both this fools eyes……swollen or asleep! Both if possible.

  5. jonah says:

    GSP had one job in this fight…. And that is to finish his opponent. He needs to establish the stand up early, overwhelm him with relentless take downs and work the ground and pound. I don’t see Diaz finishing the fight if he cannot stop gsps takedowns. Basically he needs to treat this like when he fought bj….without the grease.

  6. JT says:

    “Don’t be scared homie!”

  7. pk9grrr says:

    well he can give diaz a call after the fight for some more cuddles ba dum tshhh!!

  8. Nick S. says:

    Nick is definetly got this fight his stand up and Jiu Jitsu is the shit.

  9. Joe L says:

    He will beat Diaz, Not one welterweight on this planet can beat him. Diaz can not box he doesn’t pivot or hit with his first two knuckles, they are boxing basics.

    • your mother says:

      your mother cant box. everyone fights different u dumb mother. some fighters throw lots of combos and some throw less with more power. oh yeah vape your mother kiddd

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      And I’m sure you’re the boxer who can show him how shitty his skills are, right? While you’re playing keyboard warrior and boxing basics know-it-all, he’s sparring with pro boxers.

    • Ethan says:

      and your trying to teach Diaz something about boxing when he’s training with Andre Ward? I will say Diaz looks flatfooted while he’s boxing but its not a boxing match… you’ve got bouncy fighters, you’ve got stand and bang fighters… I dunno where the hell to put Diaz since he has some of the best boxing combinations (the best imo) in MMA, so he’s too technical to be a brawler, and his footwork is too lazy to be a boxer.. but back to your comment, he’s not wearing boxing gloves, hitting with two knuckles (which arent made to be punching people in the head anyways) seems like a quick way to beat yourself

      • The Will says:

        I know Nick personally and he is not the best boxer. He is a great MMA fighter, just like GSP. I think GSP is more prepared and if Nick doesn’t evolve his camp and his level of training, he will have an uphill battle trying to compete with George. George trains at the highest level possible. His work ethic is unmatched and his mental training is phenomenal. His only defeat in years came from a lucky punch, something that GSP has spent all of his last fights working to avoid and has accomplishing this goal with flying colors. I hope Nick gets what he is looking for in his camp for this fight because I want him to come in to this fight with the best chance of winning he can get and no excuses at the end of the night if things don’t end up going his way. Fighting at this level is not all about your skills or your heart, it’s about having the complete package- Skills, heart, mental fortitude, training, nutrition, sleep, hydration and emotional support. Listen to what Nick said after his fight with BJ. He wasn’t happy with how his camp went and he was finding it difficult to find his timing and range. He complained that his camp and sparring did not properly prepare him for that fight and I see that as being a huge factor in his confidence going into this fight. I just hope to see a great fight between two of the sports best.

        • GSP says:

          Thats right!keep sucking my balls!!! (Not impressed by your performance….)

        • gary says:

          No such thing as a lucky punch! serra meant to throw the punch and it was intende to hit GSP in head and he did! he had intensions of knocking him out and he did! so i no way was that luck

        • GRT 3000 says:

          I agree man; love em’ or hate em’ GSP has been the WW champ this long for a reason. All you Nick cryers can keep up the good work. Yer’ boy is going down.

  10. GSP will knock this glass jaw bum out in the first round. KO of the night for sure possibly of the year.

  11. ThaGreenBandit says:

    “…but I know I have his number” is GSP for, “my lay and pray, safe style of fighting is unstoppable, and Diaz’s brilliant BJJ and boxing won’t be enough for him to overcome it.” I hope Diaz can pull this off because I’m so sick of the boring, 25 minute snooze fests that happen when GSP fights

    • Matt says:

      I also look for GSP to just try to get Nick down to the canvas and control him there. That is the way to fight smart. I hope it’s not the way it plays out, but I’m expecting that too. I hope I’m wrong.

    • GSP says:

      Oh get that britain’ dick off your mouth!You redcoat’ wannabe’!Bisping is a piece of shit with no knouckout power!You fag’ addict!Go watch gay porn or somethingBITCH!

      • A.James says:

        Why don’t you tell us how you really feel?

      • ThaGreenBandit says:

        WTF does anything that you said have to do with what I said? Where in the fuck did that homophobic rant come from? Having flashbacks of selling your butthole for drugs or something? Put down the crackpipe (or is meth your preferred choice?), chill out for a second, and take the time to actually read what I wrote in my comment. “redcoat wannabe”? Where the fuck did that come from? Put your kneepads on, moisturize those lips, and go back to doing what you do best.

    • buck says:

      if you think gsp is boring to watch…..THEN DON’T ……. some people enjoy his fights and if you’ve been watching them he hasn’t been laying on them. He’s beat the crap out of his last 5 or so. He knocked Shields down how many times? Koscheks face ??? what more do you need??? Just because Diaz beat up an out of shape BJ penn (by the way won the first round) doesn’t mean squat!!!!!! All Diaz is , is a mouthpiece like Sonnen who will get whats coming to them. YOU’LL SEE!!!!!!!!

  12. KingGareth says:

    Any given Saturday….
    I don’t like Gsp. He picks who he fights. He backed down from Condit to fight Diaz because his feelings were hurt. Not because he thought he was the better fighter or deserved it more. The morning he pulled out with a knee injury he was tweeting how he felt great, then all of a sudden his knee had been bothering him for a while so he had to pull out. Im not doubting the knee injury but I doubt it was enough to force him out of a fight. JDS faught with a mcl tear, Gsp wont fight with a sprain. That is the difference between a true Champion and someone who plays safe to keep the belt.
    Gsp will never be known as the greatest fighter of all time for a reason.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      I agree fully. JDS is a fighter, while GSP is a great athlete that fights, and it shows. You’re right, at least in my book, GSP will never be known as the greatest fighter of all time.

    • Jaedr says:

      why would GSP want to reveal that he has a knee injury if he was still planning on fighting? you are an idiot.

      • KingGareth says:

        He had a simple knee sprain. It isn’t a bad injury that would prevent a fighter from fighting. A week after pulling out, he managed to show up to the PPV he was supposed to fight in and walked around without a limp.
        I think he pulled out because he wasn’t going to pass the drug test. Why wait so long to fight again? The UFC needs random drug testing.

    • Jaedr says:

      not only that MCL tears are not even serious I just ran 4 miles the other on my very own torn mcl and it wasn’t too bad.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      You are ridiculous comparing JDS to GSP. Don’t you think GSP deserves to be healthy for a title defense? Its his belt! If JDS dropped out of the fight, someone else would have replace him. Who knows when his next title shot would come around. Rashad has been on the shelf forever now because of injuries.

  13. canilive says:

    prodigy’s got multiple personality disorder lol

  14. TrigenicKin says:

    Whatever, Diaz has much better hands. GSP will have to take the Cyborg approach and kick his legs out from under him. I know he won’t wanna play the Jiu-Jitsu game with Diaz. The only thing that I think he has better is his wrestling. Cardio isn’t a factor since they’re both in phenomenal physical condition. But wrestling and Muay Thai is the only way he’ll beat Diaz, and that’ll be by decision; everybody knows that he won’t finish Diaz.

  15. mick says:

    GSP is definitely too strong and freakishly athletic for diaz. diaz’s awkward but effective style of boxing wont work against being repeatedly taken down and mauled, and it will happen, cause gsp is a freak, and takes down high-level scholastic wrestlers at will. also gsp is lightyears ahead of him with kicks, but hey its mma anything can happen, cant wait to see it

  16. MMAnalyst says:

    GSP has too many weapons for Nick to worry about – while Nick has punching. Or jiu-jitsu if they go to the ground… one or the other, and he doesn’t mix them up much either. GSP will kick, punch, shoot a take down, and basically keep Nick from getting comfortable (like he does to everyone he fights). Not sure if he even needs a Greg Jackson gameplan for Saint Nick… plus, GSP won’t tire out like other fighters and he will set a pace that will make Nick work harder than Georges has to. I think Diaz is HIGHLY entertaining but he will find himself in the middle of round 3 wondering when he can get something working well, while getting jabbed in the face, kicked in the legs and taken down repeatedly.

    • Kyle says:

      Well said. I’m a big GSP fan, but trying to take out any bias, I don’t see Diaz stopping GSP’s takedowns. The way he mixes up his striking, especially superman punches, with kicks and takedowns will keep Diaz off balance the whole fight.

      Also, there’s a reason GSP makes $5 million a fight and has the most PPV sales. Clearly he’s entertaining, and don’t give me that shit “everyone just wants to see him lose”.

      And finally, when is the last time GSP used lay and pray??? Koscheck, Shields? Nope, neither fight really went to the ground.

  17. KingGareth says:

    Gsp will beat Nick with wrestling or a cut.

  18. Dante says:

    gsp not one of my favorites, however im not blind to his skills..hes great!… that being said

    War Diaz!

  19. abill says:

    GSP win by decision. Although I would love to see Diaz stop him…. And no one respond to Prodigy, He is just looking for attention.

  20. mma123 says:

    Yall are so butt butt hurt on gsp its rediculous..I understand the sites called but do you really gotta show ur ignorance? Would you bet you allowance, pay check maybe kids college fund on diaz over gsp? Diaz grew up fightin, not fightin fraternity brothers after a long nite of spending mommy an daddys money. I’ve seen countless hands on the streets just like diaz an better then Diaz, nick is a world class athlete an has street type hands thatll get idiots who have never seen a fight on the streets with some random guy with the same hands. In the streets or in the cage gsp would whip his ass. This fight will go an come like all the rest an gsp will remain champ. Pretty soon yall gsp can’t finish haters will be begging for swords to be giving to the fighters. I’m a Diaz fan way more the gsp but I don’t make stupid ass claims nobody can back up.
    Gsp by tko 4th round. Maybe after this fight yall will stfu

  21. King says:

    I believe GSP will win because he trains harder than anyone out there and has all the resources to be the best for a while. Just my opinion. Please…hate responses are not needed. I respect all your opinions as well.

    • Matt says:

      King, GSP works hard and does the right things in training and preparing. But, GSP is probably getting pharmacuetical help also. Pictures like the one above have me pretty convinced. Everybody works hard, diets rests. But nobody else looks like that.

      • Outside Opinion says:

        Everyone “says” they do all that stuff. GSP really does it. He does all he possibly can to gain the edge and searches out his own weaknesses to fix them. He is constantly rebuilding his game. Dominance does not have to be drug induced. Google: Edwin Moses – this guy ran Olympic / World Championship Hurdles and was unbeaten for 10 years!!! He is also the reason you have so much drug testing in sports now. He was clean. All the others chasing him were doping because they just didn’t want to train as hard and smart as Moses did or just did not have the natural talent. Way to accuse someone of using PED’s without one shred of evidence to back it up. The reason you think he is doping is your feeble mind does not operate on his level and you have no idea what it takes to be GSP.

        • Matt says:

          You’re right I have no proof. But the way he looks at all times is evidence for my point. Doesn’t mean I’m right. And because he’s never tested postive, that is evidence for your point. Nobody has proof. And by the way, my mind is sharp.

      • King says:

        His looks are definately debatable I’d admit, but I’m not on board with believing the only way to those results are through roids or any testosterone related support. I’ve been involved with fitness training for years and I’ve seen a few cases where guys tend have natually broader shoulders and others with over-developed abs. I admit it’s a bit out of the norm that GSP has both, so I see your point, but it’s not impossible for that to be all natural. I’m just trying to keep an open mind before stamping him with the roid factor. If I had to point the finger on who might be getting testosterone help, it would be at some heavyweights. I’ve seen pictures of them progress and I have a hard time believing the natural body can produce that much muscle in a short period of time.

  22. Ryan says:

    i think he’ll win too but will he make his fight a boring lay and pray and just be a point fighter…probably yes

  23. mma_kid says:

    I have to say this will be a great fight whoever wins. I strongly believe that Diaz boxing and overall unorthodox standup will be a problem for GSP. On the ground if anyone thinks GSP is going to be able to just lay in Diaz gaurd they must have never seen this guy fight. Diaz is one of the best in the world at punching people from his back an forcing people to make mistakes in his gaurd. Undoubtedly GSP will get the takedown if he goes for it, but he should use that drive into the fence to use some close clinch strikes and take some of the deep gas tank Diaz has.

  24. Tristan says:

    Nick Diaz is gonna back that cheater into the cage and land mean combinations… War Diaz…

    But Diaz is a bitch for not fighting BJ like he said he would

  25. The saint will destroy Diaz anywhere the fight goes!

  26. P R O D I G Y says:

    There probably will be a CRAZY co-main event for this card because Nick Diaz is a boring fighter and GSP cant carry him just by his name and reputation as the GOAT and MMA’s most exciting fighter. Im thinking Perosh-Gustaffson as the co-main event winner leap frogs Rashad for a title shot becuase they are more deserving anyway.

  27. magoo says:

    Diaz won’t be able to handle George’s speed strength and pace,and he will be in for one hell of a shocker with how good GSP’s stand up is, Also Diaz won’t be able to stop George’s takedowns, and he will be overwhelmed with Rushes strength! With all that being said how the fukc can anyone see Diaz beating George’s?

    • James Toney says:

      I aggree with everything except one thing. I think he will be able to keep the pace. The only way Diaz wins this fight is if he can bust GSP up a little in the stand up early. GSP doesn’t have a warrior spirit. If he gets hurt he turns pussy.

    • bizzle says:

      LOL @ Magoo, come on princess Pierre refused to even stand with Hardy and you think he has the chops to stand with Diaz? Yea right..

      • magoo says:

        How many shots at St Pierre’s head landed from Hardy? That’s right bizzle,none! Hardy is one of the biggest and strongest WW around and George out muscled him, what the hell is Diaz gonna do?

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          hardy is far from biggest and strongest of anything. i think gray maynard is bigger and stronger than that used tampon looking head wearing brit. gsp was scared to stand with the overhyped brit so he will be scared of standing with nick. it will be interesting if nick can work off his back well cuz he will be there a majority of the fight.

        • bizzle says:

          LOL you lost all credibility by claiming he is one of the biggest and strongest.. That’s why Condit,Rumble and Lytle all murked him right? Hardy has mid tier standup and it still had GSP afraid.. Diaz stand up is head and shoulders above both GSP and Hardy.. GSP has good technique on the feet, but he is stiff and has no power.. If this fight remains standing GSP will get ko’d as he does not have half the chin BJ does..

        • magoo says:

          I’m not gonna argue with you bizzle,say what ever you want,think what ever you want,GSP will beat this douche bag any where the fight goes, Georges won’t be letting Diaz use his chin as a speed bag,he’s way to smart for that! After Georges proves once again why he’s the best WW ever, you will have some lame excuse send me my 300 bucks,and will wait for the next great hope to beat Georges,then we can bet again….etc etc……..lmao

  28. Cagin says:

    I am never impressed with Georges performance

  29. KingGareth says:

    I bet if there was random drug testing in the UFC, Gsp and many other fighters would fail for sure.
    Gsp is a science project with all the resources in the world available to him. Diaz isn’t blessed with the help that Georges gets. Gsp is spoon fed.

  30. io31 says:

    Diaz wins this by vicious trash talk off of his back. GSP won’t be able to withstand being called a b!tch repeatedly to the face for five rounds. Nick has excellent cardio to go all five rounds with taunts, mean mugging and swearing, he has the complete package.

    NIck might have failed one drug test, refused to take another (causing the main event to get canceled) but it is obvious that GSP has lower body fat therefore he must be the one who is using drugs and cheating. Also you are a b!tch just like GSP if you try to point out that Nick had a freaking performance enchancing SURGERY to reduce his chances of getting cut. Seriously, what were you expecting him to do, learn how to wrestle? That would be gay and the real fighters at 209 don’t do that.

  31. Ninjaman says:

    GSP has better striking. Forget the word boxing and focus on striking. GSP has better groundwork. There is no Jujitsu in MMA anymore, its submission wrestling. Shut Diaz up and send him packing.

  32. maurice says:

    God I hate dat fukin gsp. Can’t wait to see him shiit himself when he realizes diaz has his number anywhere inside da cage.

  33. maurice says:

    And ninjaman ur a fuckin retard. Don’t post dumbass comments like dat anymore

  34. Ninjaman says:

    How can you hate anyone? GSP will win because he is better EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Ninjaman says:

    I love you Maurice!

  36. slacker says:

    This is one of those fights that looks good on paper, matching skill set for skil setl. But the biggest and most important variable here will be STRENGTH. GSP has handled guys like Alves, Koscheck, and Fitch who are all easily more powerful than Diaz. That is why GSP is so confident. It will be a beatdown.

  37. Jake S. says:

    GSP will not stand up with Diaz. That’s a fact. I think both fighters are the greatest, but let’s be honest. GSP is gonna wrestle, and dry hump Diaz, that’s the game plan. Let’s stop lying to ourselves fanboys.

    • slacker says:

      GSP can easily take a few punches and here and there from Diaz and press forward. He will mix it up, using both stand-up and take-downs to win the fight wherever and whenever he feels like it.

  38. A.James says:

    Diaz has the more skilled hands but that’s the only real edge he has on GSP. St Pierre would be a fool if he didnt attempt to rag doll Diaz and mix it up with some stand up. Hopefully he doesn’t lay on him for 25 minutes.

  39. It be like tht sometimes says:

    GSP is currently the most dominant champ. I know some of you joc ridin girls are gonna say no its anderson, but silva did show that he has a weakness in the fact that he let Chael pin him down with not much offense till the sub..and I’m not saying GSP is better but he has fewer areas his opponents can exploit, if any. And as for him not being a standup fighter look at his earlier fights in his career. He destroyed half his opponents on the feet. I am disappointed that he has not shown that as of late, but he still does try to stop his opponents without costing himself a victory. He may go to decisions, but he still wins fights. And besides he gets you girls riled up about everything he does. -_-

  40. Keith says:

    Diaz all the way. I don’t like GSP, I think he’s a fake and plays it too safe. I think Diaz is will to take risks and will defeat GSP.

  41. chaelsatappingbitch says:

    gsp is going to win no doubt about it. there is nobody in the division who came close to beating him or will come close, and definitely not diaz. gsp is too strong, technical and athletic for him, as he was for all the others. let’s face it, we would have to see gsp win by decisions for many many years to come and that’s a fact.

  42. slacker says:

    GSP might use the strategy he used with B.J., getting him up against the fence and making him grapple and use up lots of shoulder and arm strength early – slow him right down. Then take it back to the center of the octagon and start filling in Nick’s face with his jabs. lol Yeah, you see. GSP has lots of options.

  43. Donnybrook says:

    GSP all day any day with what ever he wants. I think it’s going to be an easy pay day for the Champ and who ever puts $$ down on him.

  44. The Refutor says:

    Gsp cant box, Nick can and his jiu jitsu is definitely better

    • GRT 3000 says:

      …well it’s good that GSP isn’t in boxing then. He’s in Mixed MA and has plenty of options. + he can strike…at least well enough to be WW champ since 07′. Nick does have a good ground game, but he won’t sub GSP man. he’s too strong – too good.

  45. A.James says:

    GSP took the fight because Diaz talks trash just like Kos. Diaz is going to sell the fight which means more PPV buys with GSP getting his cut from the buys. Diaz isn’t near as complete as a fighter as Pierre. The only way he loses is if he gets stupid. GSP is the man. You gotta give it to him.

    • GRT 3000 says:

      +1 on a side note; I don’t think Nick has the brains or business savvy to be hyping fights in order to cash in. I think he lacks emotional competence (bigtime) so all of the outbursts and crying are actually real. Your right though, that kind of shit still sells tickets.

  46. Heath says:

    Gsp wont be able to do shit on the ground with Nick.. His side control bullshit aint gonna work this time.. Nick trains with Shields who is a better wrestler/grappler than greasy not to mention the rest of the talent at his disposal at the moment.
    Nick and Nate are years ahead of greasy when it comes to BJJ and an active guard. Nick is real slick and Greasy wont have any defense for what Nicks Bjj brings to the table. So go ahead and shoot for the take down and Nick will make you pay for it..
    Heres the thing..Gsp dont like standing and trading punches. He’s going to have to eat alot of leather in this one and I dont think he has the spirit. He will break mentally with the amount of punches he is going to take.. So go ahead and shoot you cheating bitch but you aint gonna find what your looking for on thr ground..
    Keep in mind what Nick did to Penn…….and he likes Penn….

    • magoo says:

      Strength and cardio wins this fight for either fighter its that simple!

    • magoo says:

      Nick likes BJ huh!!! coulda fooled me!

    • slacker says:

      Notice how you started with Diaz on the bottom. That was Penn, who was a great LIGHTWEIGHT. This is GSP!

    • io31 says:

      Diaz won’t submit GSP from the bottom. Actually he won’t submit any on the wrestlers at the top of that division. Well, scratch that too, very few fights at that level end with a submission from the bottom at that top level, in any division. Silva-Sonnen was the last one that ended that way. Guard is not an offensive position in MMA anymore.

    • Donnybrook says:

      Your so wrong in every aspect of your comment… GSP is going to out strike and out grapple Diaz all night long. I get a kick out of people who say “Diaz has better boxing and BJJ than GSP”… NEWS FLASH, this is a MMA fight!, not a boxing match or BJJ tournament and Georges is better than Nick at MMA period.

    • A.James says:

      Are you kidding me? Diaz was terrified on the ground with Penn. it’s going to be the same against GSP. Easy money for the champ.

      • Heath says:

        Terrified on the ground???!! Yeah, ok.. Nick would submit BJ ..Fact

        • Fortyb4five says:

          lmao heath you’ve always been a dumb Diaz nuthugger. just shut the fuck up before you make yourself look even dumber.

        • Heath says:

          Alright keyboard warrior… I’ll check back with you after the fight and we will see.. Maybe your right..
          Just makes me laugh how all these guys count out Nick.. Even after what he did to BJ..
          They think its still 2006.. and Diaz will get out wrestled..

        • Donnybrook says:

          He’s not going to get out wrestled Heath he’s going to get out MMA’d… be sure to check back after the fight now.

    • GRT 3000 says:

      welll, you’ve given this some thought Heath; unfortunately you’re wrong. GSP is going to take this fight easy imo. Just wait and see.

  47. Ahbustae86 says:

    GSP by points. GSP will shot in get top position and get out as soon as he feels threatened.

  48. maurice says:

    And gsp doesn’t fite safe. He jus suks and can’t finish ppl. He preys on weak cardio, dats y he looked like a beast against bj and serra. Gsp was outstruck by SHIELDS and booed by 55000 canadians. Seems as if da canadians r realizin hm much gsp suks more the us americans realize

    • Sully says:

      Outstriked by Shields? How did GSP win then? Their were very few moment when the fight was on the ground. Admittedly GSP took some strikes but Shields caught him in the eye and Pierre said he couldn’t see out of it.

      GSP fights safe and wins on his own terms – disciplined.

  49. Xaninho says:

    Why are people assuming GSP is juicing, just because he’s always in great shape? He’s never busted for anything, so untill then I say he has outstanding work ethics, great dieticians, nutrition experts, and trainers surrounding him.

    His physique isn’t that uncommon.

    • Matt says:

      I would say his physique is very uncommon. No offense to you tho. What other fighters have that muscle size and bulk, are that lean, and that cardio and stamina all at the same time? Usually one of the three mentioned will suffer at the expense of the others. It doesn’t mean he is using pharmacueticals and drugs to get like that. It’s not proof. But I’m so skeptical of GSP using something that helps him have that much muscle and be that lean and have that much cardio, all at the same time.
      But he’ll have videos of him working out or some training video. And I find it hard to believe that is how he gets how he is, by just doing what he shows on video. But like you say, he has to have all the other things in addition to look that way and perform that way.

  50. Brave Reply says:

    He’s got the “Roid Gut”

  51. P R O D I G Y says:

    No way in hell Diaz can withstand GSP’s punching power. St Pierre has the most punching power in the sport as shown on SportsScience so its a FACT cause everything on TV has to be real.

  52. slacker says:

    If any of these slaggers of GSP bothered to go back and watch some of his early MMA fights, they would see that there is almost no difference in how he looks from then to now. It’s all unchecked groupthink.

  53. Mike Diaz says:

    Im really looking forward to this event. To see the Grease get dethroned would cause an extra “Amen” at church the next day. But anyways, the reality of it is Gay Saint Princess will have the same strategy as always, lets face it, he has faced the elite of the elite and the plan does not change ‘ever’. So, in order for Diaz to avoid a decision loss from all the humping, stalling, repeated takedowns, Nick has to polish to perfection his takedown defense, no joke about it. If that gets done, I can see Gonna Score Points in trouble for the first time in a good while. TEAM PENN!!!!!!!!

    • GRT 3000 says:

      I agree with the TEAM PENN part. all the rest is just hatin’ on GSP though. Gonna Score Points – good one never heard that b4. ne-ways, I haven’t been too excited abt GSPs last few outings either, but if he doesn’t change his gameplan, and everyone knows it, they should be able to pick it apart and come in ready with their own gameplan & actually win. but, it seems like everyone’s gameplan gets shit-on when they face the champ.

  54. BJ says:


  55. Curtis says:

    lmfao ……ppl nick is gonna gas like he did against KJ ( light weight) and george will finish him GUARANTEED. i love nicks fighting spirit but he isnt gonna hang wit george. ive seen every fight by both these guys have had. Georges last 10 fights were against the top 10 WW in the world…..Nick beat credible ppl but no where near georges lvl.

  56. Fox says:

    diaz will stand in front of gsp and get jabbed and taken down for 5 rounds if any of you think other wise i dont know what to say yes we all know gsp has the tools to finish fight but he’s not going to risk it and lose the belt so diaz will get jabbed pressed against the cage taken down and repeat neither one of their boxing is bad gsp boxing coach is freddie roach but it wont matter nick will get out pointed unless he does like matt serra did and charge swinging and clip gsp and after that fight if anyone tries to do that to him gsp would most likely just take him down so gsp will go to the cards again and go on to fight carlos unless nick gets lucky and hits him with a bomb

  57. scott says:

    Diaz complained his camp for the BJ fight was not good. The problem was he could not spar with Andre Ward and his crew because they wanted money for services. Nobody in Nick’s camp has boxing skills like his so he probably was frustrated. Now he is training with Floyd Mayweather Sr so Nick’s boxing will be real sharp for this GSP fight. Also GSP is an idiot if he thinks his standup and BJJ is better than Nick’s. I do not see GSP with highlight reel TKO’s or submissions like Diaz has. If they hit the mat in a BJJ match Nick would beat GSP with ease his BJJ is elite. GSP only way to win this fight is lay and pray.

    • slacker says:

      Diaz does have great boxing and BJJ skills. He just won’t have the muscle to pull off beating GSP in either category. When was the last time GSP was wobbled by a punch? When was the last time anyone came close to armbarring him, choking him, or any kind of submission period? Exactly. Eons ago. And all those guys who failed at this are much stronger than Nick. Nick is technically better on the ground than those guys, but he is just not strong enough to pull it off. GSP is going to bust him up in his classic, round-by-round, methodical style.

  58. Dan says:

    GSP is too smart to lose his belt. He’ll fight smarter than Diaz, jab him and set up the takedown.

  59. Aaron says:

    Nick is going to get a lesson. This is MMA not Felony fights after the fight I see Nick saying to GSP, YES MASTER I will be on time for my next leson. MASTER may I polish your royal balls B4 I go home to bite my pillow.

  60. maurice says:

    I just don’t understand y ppl think gsp can box. His jabs, inside leg kicks and superman punch is all he has. He looks like an absolute joke when he attempts ur basic 1, 2 combination. I’m not goin to talk about the sad overhand rite he telegraphed against shields for 25 mins. He aint standin wit diaz. WE ALL kno diaz will eat a jab jus to throw 5 or 6 punches bak in return. On the ground its technique vs technique, diaz is an absolute magician on da ground. Diaz has da best boxing in mma, but dat doesn’t even compare to his nasty guard play. If gsp wins, I guarantee da best part of the fight will be diaz talkin shit, doin damage from his bak and lookin for subs…while gsp throws 1 elbow every 30 to a min.

  61. Bobby Larson says:

    As a fan of Diaz’s I’d like to see him take the W, but I’d like to take a more realistic approach regarding this bout. GSP love him or hate him has probably some of the most crisp kickboxing in the game. Sure he doesn’t possess the ko power we all love to see but the way he throws his combinations along with that vicious jab he’s made his trademark his last couple bouts is something to watch out for. We all agree Diaz has that bad ass warrior I’ll fight anyone, any day, spirit. Will it be enough? Maybe, maybe not. GSP definitely has the superior strength which can be a major hazard for Diaz. As far as jiu jitsu goes I think Diaz deserves the edge due to his slightly longer limbs and flexibility. I think he does a better job of scrambling in order to transition and gain a dominant position on his opponent(that’s not to say GSP will allow that to happen but it most certainly can). As far as boxing goes I do think Diaz has the better hands but not a better stand up game overall. I feel GSP could comfortably pick him apart with kicks and punches which may eventually lead to a takedown where he’ll most likely do his dirty work. All in all I’m amazed how some people think it’ll be a one sided dominating performance for GSP. I personally think it’s a toss up. I don’t think GSP’s ever faced anyone who’s as good on the ground as he is striking, if not better. Should be a true test for the champ. Will he pull it off? Most likely. I don’t see Nick outstriking GSP but I do see him tapping him out. We’ll have to wait and see.

  62. canilive says:

    diaz needs to use his high kicks more!!!!

  63. Darren Howley says:

    Interesting fight. Diaz is exciting on the feet and on the floor. Savage ground game we just dont see it because he is such a good boxer. The problem guys have when fighting GSP is that along with him being an excellent fighter, one of the best in the world, is that he is so big and strong for a welter weight. The weights he cuts to make 170 doesnt take away from his strenght. He is built like a tank and improving all the time. I think we could see an exciting fight with Diaz pushing the pace and GSP countering I just dont think Diaz will have enought power when he lands, because he isnt going to land that much against a guy who can bow as well as GSP. Decision GSP

  64. maurice says:

    55000 canadians booed gsp…I wonder y. Lmao. Diada real champ

  65. Zack says:

    Look at his fuckin legs. Either he is very blessed or he’s on roids. That’s fuckin just stupid. But Gsp will
    Win by decision. It will be a good little nap session.

  66. Rafi Bomb, homie says:

    I can’t remember Nick ever saying he knows or that he will beat someone. He’s said he’s gonna fuck people up but never that he knows he will win a certain fight. At the most, he says “Let’s go, I don’t know, you know? Lemme fight em. You know?”

    And then you have obnoxious dickbags saying they know they will beat someone. Nick is the I’d roll a fatty with him kind of guy.

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