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Wednesday, 02/01/2012, 01:58 pm

UFC NEWS | GSP In-Depth | Discusses Injury, Title, Diaz & More (Video)

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7 Responses to “UFC NEWS | GSP In-Depth | Discusses Injury, Title, Diaz & More (Video)”

  1. Chartmonster says:

    Gsp is a perfectionist and his whole life if mma and the UFC…that’s why he is who is and the champ.

  2. Shawn says:

    IMO, as a martial artist, GSP is right now the epitome of a true martial artist. Not saying others aren’t true in their own right. But he embodies the mentality, the physicality, and the spirituality of martial arts. I also believe that Nick Diaz is a true martial artist as well. But he is the Tiger to GSP’s Dragon. They are the Ying and Yang in the UFC. Diaz has the inner turmoil and fire that drives him, and comes across with aggressiveness. St.Pierre, is the calm, wisdom, driven power, and comes across as focused energy.

    • kenji says:

      George should listen to Freddy Roach about a tune up fight before a title with diaz or condit. a fighter is never the same after a serious surgery. Cain Velasquez can vouch for that and John Fitch. The body has a way of shutting itself off no matter how big a name it is.
      both fitch and cain were unstopple until they needed to recover from a serious injury. we will see if pierre’s reasoning benefits him.

      • Jimmmmmmy says:

        He should have a tune up fight, but like he said, you can’t just walk into the UFC and have a ‘tune up’ fight. The UFC only takes the best of the best and it would be less of an upset for GSP to lose to Diaz or Condit then to lose to a ‘tune up’ fighter. Freddy Roach suggested it because he is a boxing coach and GSP said that yes, in boxing a tune up fight is possible because boxers have that freedom, but GSP is not gonna go to Strikeforce or some smaller organization for 1 fight. I think it’s the right thing to do to just jump in and fight condit or diaz.

  3. dave says:

    gsp is a true puppet..he has god peope advicing him what to do…just like when he fights he only dioes exact what he is told from jackson …gsp is just a really good puppet,,DIAZ coming for him

  4. EddieStix says:

    wholly fack, is the camera man jerkin off’?! keep er’ still chief. ne-who, can’t wait for the Saint to get back to top form. He’s the best and way better than Diaz imo.

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