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Tuesday, 01/17/2012, 06:33 am

UFC NEWS – GSP: "I'd rather fight Diaz than Condit"


“I do actually care. There are two guys that are fighting, Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit — Carlos Condit is a very nice guy. I never trained with him but I have trained in Albuquerque along with some of his teammates, and he’s a very nice guy. I like him a lot. But, the reason why I wish Nick Diaz to win this fight is that I want to fight Nick Diaz. I don’t wanna fight Carlos Condit. I wanna fight Nick Diaz. But, in another way, I just hope the best man will win. But if the best man is Nick Diaz, I will appreciate it more, because it will be a better build up for a fight…

That’s really the fight that I wanted to have and the fight was going to happen in the beginning. And it didn’t happen, because he (Diaz) didn’t show up for the promotion. Then after I got hurt and this whole thing happened and — that’s really the fight that I wanted to have happen. Even though I like Carlos Condit better as a person, I would rather fight Nick Diaz.”


On Diaz and Condit fighting for the interim title:

[box_light]“For me, I try to not think about the belt. When I’m going into a fight, when I fight the winner of that fight, I’m not thinking ‘I’m the champion.’ I’m thinking I’m gonna fight for the title. Because, if you lose, you’re gonna lose the title, even if you had it before or not. That won’t matter.

The thing is, when you defend the title and do it a few times, there is a routine that comes with it and people expect you to win. And they not only expect you to win, they expect you to do great. Sometimes, it can play on your mind. That’s a little bit of what happened to me. I felt like I lost a little bit of motivation. That’s the danger that can happen with champions sometimes.”[/box_light]

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44 Responses to “UFC NEWS – GSP: "I'd rather fight Diaz than Condit"”

  1. Night-Wind says:

    Just because Nick doesn’t have the ko power but Carlos has.

  2. lalo diesel says:

    diaz or condit …mmm no chance….diaz too slow..condit..maybe a gatekeeper… gsp ww champ for a long time..this guy is too smart

  3. CanILive says:

    hahaha condit would put a beating on dat assss that’s why

  4. seprodrigo says:

    outwrestles diaz, outgrapples condit, remains champ.

  5. The Beast says:

    i think they both have a legit shot at gsp but against each other i think diaz is superior

  6. Andew says:

    Come on guys, no matter who he picks your going to have an argument. I am glad he picked Diaz it’s a better fight for the fans and more popular so he gets more $$$ in ppv buys. Plus with all the trash nick has been talking he has to call him out. I like either fight but have been a long time Diaz fan, purely for the heart and skill he puts on display each and every fight.

    • Mike says:

      Bigger fight, more popular fight, but better? I disagree with that. Diaz is going to get smothered for five rounds, and will probably leave with a really bloody face(he gets cut easily).

      Condit has a better chance of catching GSP, though I’m still leaning heavily on GSP’s side.

      Condit vs Diaz though? I have Condit by a close decision, but I’m thinking it’ll be a close close fight.

  7. Mo says:

    GSP is a French Robot sent back in time to start the apocalypse…

  8. American Fight Fan says:

    WAAAARRRRR ST PIERRE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. dude says:

    I think Diaz has already got into GSPs head just as he always does, plus GSP will get ring rust, lack of motivation, great cardio an jj form Diaz, etc.. I really hope Diaz beat the crap out of GSP so that we can finally see an exciting fighter as a champion

  10. magoo says:

    He wants Diaz cause hes a fuckin dick and deserves the beating of his life,can’t wait.I sure hope Diaz wins and defends once before facing George,so he can talk all his shit before Georges shuts him the fuck up,and shows him who the true WW champ is!!

  11. A.James says:

    What’s up with all these Americans cheering for a Canadian instead of their fellow countryman?

    • Jaedr says:

      I am an American and I ashamed to think that nick diaz is my fellow countryman. He’s a disrespectful disgrace to the sport and his brain isn’t big enough to control his balls. How about that? I’m surprised anyone cares when he gets insulted considering how he treats everyone else.

      • Stevo the great says:

        Your a wanker! Say that to Nick or Nate at a meet and greet event if your so tough. Go ahead…..go wait in line for an autograph then speak your mind! Until then shut the fuck up…..cause your only a “Fan” if that. So until you step up and say something or get in the ring……you are the real disgrace! You pussy ass keyboard warrior! Those fingers typing must be real tough……

        • Mr.Rusk says:

          I’m sure glad Nick and Nate have such a wonderful white knight to rage keyboard wars for them I’m sure they’ll let you swallow instead of spit from now on

        • A.James says:

          GSP is a cheater or have we all forgotten “grease gate”?

        • Jaedr says:

          I am a fighter actually and I would never stand in line for his autograph because I’m 100% sure he’s too stupid to spell his own name right. If he wants to fight me over my opinion of how he acts that only proves me right so what are you talking about?

  12. JMad says:

    after seeing how hardy and kim ended up i wouldn’t wanna fight condit either

  13. Night-Wind says:

    I ment one punch ko power.

  14. The Refutor says:

    Condit will easily get grappled by Gsp and Diaz will always be the underdog but he is the best motherfucker out there

  15. Condit is more dangerous then diaz. Gsp will end up beating Diaz and then facing the Saint!

  16. SP says:

    I agree with mike. Diaz will spend 5 rounds on his back and trying to roll out.
    Condit has a better chance of a one punch KO before that happens.

  17. Mr.Rusk says:

    I’d take Diaz over Condit too smaller skill set to gameplan for

  18. Of course.. GSP wants the less dangerous guy he can lay on easily. He knows Condit would finish him.

  19. MMAnalyst says:

    If Condit had that much trouble with Rory MacDonald’s stand-up and wrestling (he was losing that fight until he got the last minute TKO – still a nice job) – if he had trouble in that fight he will never get anything going against GSP’s wrestling/pace/pressure/jab/high-low mixed attack and general defence – plus guys always seem to lose to GSP and then say “Now I know what it takes to beat him – I just couldn’t execute in the octagon tonight, or whatever).

  20. Heath says:

    It boggles the mind why anyone would want to see GSP remain as the Champ.. This guy is the most boring fighter in the sport today.. When is the last time he put on a exciting performance..You all talk shit about Nick yet every performance he puts on is a freakin war.. He will stand in the pocket and trade with anyone, he wont try and beat you at your weakest aspect of the game, he will play right into your strong points and beat you where you feel most comfortable. Think GSPussy would have stood and traded with Paul Daley “NOFUCKINWAY” he would have taken him to the ground and humped out another decision. Nick could have easily take Paul downtown and submitted him.Instead he stood with one of the most powerful punchers out there and beat him at
    his own game… Nicks a warrior and so is Nate.. GSP is the king of the non finishers and will go down in MMA history as one of the most boring, play it safe fighters ever to dissapoint true fight fans from all over the world…

    • magoo says:

      What’s really bothering you Heath…….lmfao

    • magoo says:

      What’s really bothering you Heath…….lmfao. It’s called pride and respect something your fighter lacks, just as his fans do…… Loser!

      • Heath says:

        Mangoo, I can tell you have never trained to fight a day in your life…If you had, you would respect real fighters..Your the type that just likes to watch one guy lay on the other.. Post up your old avater of you in that pink shirt..suites you much better than the ones you have been useing lately..PUSSY…

  21. mmaislandjunkie says:

    i would be happy with that single win. its much more impressive than dong the schlong or the overrated dan hardy. nick will smash carlos then chart will pay me my $50.

  22. magoo says:

    Oops said it twice,oh well it was worth it….HA!

  23. Mike says:

    Cesar Gracie Jujitsu “ALL DAY,” Viva la raza “ALL DAY,” K-DAWG “ALL DAY,” Oscar Dela Hoya “ALL DAY,” Marijuana “ALL DAY,” Rap music “ALL DAY,” Taco Bell “ALL DAY,” Carne Asada “ALL DAY,” El Pollo Loco “ALL DAY.”

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