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Monday, 11/28/2011, 11:25 am

UFC NEWS – GSP Doesn't Mind The Diaz Trash Talk, Can't Understand What He Says Anyways

“He did very well (against Penn.) He’s the No. 1 contender and he deserves a shot. I’m very happy to fight him. It’s always been the fight I’ve wanted to have. They only thing is he did not show up at the press conference … so the fight got cancelled – not because of me, but because of him and what he had done. But me, I wanted to fight him. He wanted to have a title fight and he got it. (Calling me out is) the best way to do it and it’s not personal. I’ve seen it all from everyone before. If they’re trying to get into my head and make me fight a bad fight, it’s just mind games and it doesn’t work. I don’t even understand (or) speak English very well. I don’t understand most of the things that (Diaz) says when he trash talks. I don’t really care. I’m just going to focus on hurting him. If I hit him well, he’s going to fall. He’s a human being. He’s not different than anyone else. He’s got good boxing and great at Brazilian jiu-jitsu. It’s going to be a good fight.”

In a quote coming out of Canadian media outlet GSP talks about his upcoming title fight with number one contender Nick Diaz.

Both fighters haven’t suffered defeat since 2007, both are welterweight champions and both have a large fan following. For GSP, he has been facing the best opposition on the planet for years. Nick Diaz on the other hand has a questionable resume, but his last outing against former champion BJ Penn put the critics to rest and the Stockton native proved he belongs in talks as one of the world’s best.

It is the fight that GSP wanted, and he even prompted a removal of his original opponent Condit to get it. Diaz also holds the same ambitions and specifically moved to the UFC for a shot at the welterweight kingpin.

It’s still early in the game, but this week’s BJPENN.COM poll results show that the majority of our readers want to see this UFC 143 main event more than any other fight coming up.

The fans, the UFC, the media, and both fighters are all chomping at the bit to get this fight underway, but who takes it?

Speak on it Penn Nation.

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50 Responses to “UFC NEWS – GSP Doesn't Mind The Diaz Trash Talk, Can't Understand What He Says Anyways”

  1. Joe says:

    i like how he subtly tries to talk smack about diaz for not showing up to the press conferences


  2. Ainokea says:

    this is the first time i’m saying this. I can’t believe it myself. Go GSP, you may get ktfo’d, but go get em.

    • jersey says:

      get knocked out lol , he couldnt even knock out penn a lightweight

      • This guy says:

        Penn is not like most other fighters though. With all the talent and fits that Penn has, he was unfairly given the gift of an IRON CHIN. When God realized this he had to take something away so that only the best could stand a chance against him That is why Penn can work condidtioning all he wants but it is always somewhat of a weak point.

        hehe. But for real though, Penn has a solid chin. It is going to take a 185er to put him to sleep.

      • Anthony1994 says:

        Who has knocked out BJ penn? No one, not even Machida at heavyweight……..

  3. magoo says:

    Thats right people wanna see this fight,even the haters.If you ever gonna finish another fight George’s please make it this one against low life Diaz!

  4. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I’m with GSP on this one. I don’t understand anything Diaz either and I live in CA.

  5. Joe says:

    GSP was sitting at the press conference with a bum knee, he knew he wasnt gonna beable to fight. Best thing Nick Diaz ever did was not showing up to the conference cus he fought BJ and proved his stature in the UFC.

    • Stevo the great says:

      Amen! To all the people saying Nick only beat cans for a few years….he took it to BJ no problem. He took it to Paul Daley, Evangelista Cyborg, Marius Zaromskis, and KJ noons who was Elite XC champ and a professional boxer with an 11-2 record. If you think these guys are “cans” then lets see you do better, or take this group of guys out in the fashion Diaz did! Until then shut the fuck up haters… will really be hating when he pours it on GreaseSP!

      • traviler says:

        there both awsome fighters ass hole get a life you nob all you do is put down fighters get in the ring with him dick head

        • Ryan M says:

          I’m so sick of all you idiots who say “get in the ring with him”. A fight fan can say whether someone is good or bad without actually fighting. Hockey fans say players suck all the time and they can’t even skate. Being a fan gives you an opinion. You don’t have to be a professional to have one.

    • Joe says:

      haha AWESOME … +1 GSP talks shit yet he didn’t even make his own main event

    • jimmmmmy says:

      GSP injured his knee like 2 weeks after Condit was announced as his opponent

    • "H"BOMB says:

      He fought an aged Bj Penn, Bj is not at his prime like he once wa if that wa the Penn that fought Stevenson through Sanchez, Nick wouldn’t have made it.

  6. Where's tha cardio BJ? says:

    Diaz will loseto GSP which will prove just howfar the mighty BJ has fallen. Everyone else at ww will beat Diaz and people will see bj for the fraud he has become

  7. Nick Diaz says:

    Hmm mumph lulla mang Stockton, blululu garg snog get paid, woo sanz qios 209.

  8. Mike says:

    I still say Condit should’ve gotten a crack at the title first. I believe he stands a much better chance than Diaz. This is going to look a lot like the second BJ/GSP fight, except Diaz isn’t going to stop any takedowns whatsoever.

    • ZONG says:

      ur right he wont stop em because he WANTS to get taken down dumass . . .

      • Pootius says:

        Wants to get taken down? Zong you’re the dumbass. Nick has never submitted a top wrestler. Reason why he hasn’t lost in so long is because he’s fought guys who play to his strengths. Strikeforce never matched him up against Tyron Woodley because they know it would have been a gamble and Diaz would have easily have gotten taken down and possibly pounded out for 5 rounds.

  9. rayjay says:

    Never thought i would be pulling for GSP…but someone has to teach Diaz some respect…I didn’t care about the smack thrown out before and after the Penn fight…kick his fucken ass…no way he is holding GSP up against the fence for three rounds

    • ZONG says:

      nope he wont, he will either have GSP runnin from the jabs and hooks, OR have GSP in his gaurd tryin to fend off multiple high level BJJ sub attempts. Ur gna finally see ur boy GSP have to fight and lose because of it.

  10. kaeo says:

    i say bj gotten drty lickins from diaz. diaz can be a fuckn dickhead but he has the able and heart to finish what bj penn can’t ever do…… bet gsp!!!!! this is for all da people who
    still suck bj d——k…

  11. GSP should walk out to it's raining men says:

    watching a GSP fight is like watching a soft core gay porn ever since serra KHTFO he don’t want no part of the stand up game if your a good ground fighter with weak stand up he will poke you with his jab for five rounds (kos Jake shields) but if you have any stand up @ all be prepared to get dry humped for five rounds (bj,hardy,alves,) so you GSP bandwagon fakes remember champions finish fights and GSP hasn’t finished one in almost 4 years. Diaz on the other hand has finished 9 of his last 11 fights and won them all. so remember to bow down and kiss diaz’s converse after he beatsdown GSP. that’s the least you could do before you jump on his bandwagon.

    • get um says:

      so true its sad

    • ZONG says:


    • Yermon says:

      So when the other fighter doesn’t come out to fight anymore like BJ…that’s not finishing a fight? Manny Pacquiao is considered the best P4P boxer in the world and hasn’t ko’d someone since beating Hatton, so what? Does he suck?
      No one gives credit to the guys GSP has been up against…they’re awesome fighters, who could be almost all of them champs. Is easy to knock out 2nd tier fighters, but the best of the best are gonna out uo a fight…

  12. Donovan Magyer says:

    Diaz…great fighter, but WTF is wrong with him? His and his brother’s faces look like they caught on fire and someone put them out with a pitch fork. Those are some perpetually pissed of guys too.

  13. Curtis says:

    Aight i love both these fighters but diaz’s resume dpesnt compare to georges…. Diaz beat BJ and KJ Noons( light weights), daley( ufc throw away) and the others arnt worth mentioning…. shit he couldnt even finish noons who is a light weight…., George hasnt finished guys cause his competion is greater. I GUARANTEE GEORGE GETS ON NICK ONCE AND NICK FEELS THE POWER AND GOES ” OHHH SHIT THIS IS WHY NO ONE GETS HIM OFF” its a done deal folks…..and im a huge diaz fan, a win for hims just not in the cards

  14. e says:

    most of the time i cant understand what george is saying.. though i can understand nick when im high as fuck.

  15. GSP should walk out to it's raining men says:

    Nick could of easily took Noons down and choked him but he wanted to beat that ass down and thats just what he did. and i would love to see GSP try to bang with paul daley for five minutes but he would just dry hump him to victory. and for the other people that aren’t worth mentioning I’m pretty sure Diaz beat gomi when he was ranked #1 in the world. I know frank shamrock was washed up but did you see the beating he put on a living legend. and he stood toe to toe with scott smith(fought @ a catch weight cause smith can fight as high as 205) who can KO anyone and beat him to the ground then choke him out and I’m not even going into the dream fights cause them guys aint no names they are just no names to you

  16. Jason says:

    that’s ok, nobody can understand GSP and his worthless french Canadian accent. But he’ll understand what Nick is saying when his gets whipped. WAR DIAZ!

  17. SwizzleTits says:

    You guys(and girls) act like jealous Lovers when defending your favorite fighters. Of course Georges doesn’t care what Diaz says, he knows it’s all part of the business and gets people hyped for the fight, which equals more PPV buys, which equals more money for both fighters. Diaz himself has said numerous times he only talks shit so people will pay more attention to him. Not hard to figure out. Can Diaz beat Georges? It’s possible. Will he? probably not. And do you think he really gives a fu&k? Nope. Cause he’ll have plenty of money to ease his pain$$$

  18. magoo says:

    Nah….I like Nickelbacks,,,BURN IT TO THE GROUND instead twinkle toes!

  19. Spoolz25 says:

    HAHA gotta love how someone has their opinion and some immature people get all personal saying shit like “go fuck ya mum” or whatever, its really pathetic…….i hate GSP yes he is the most boring fighter he fights for wins n thats why i dont like him, fighters i like are exciting ones who go for the finish n dont just lay for 5rounds, i think diaz has a massive chance, either way i dont see GSP being champ by the end of 2012, cause everyone knows WW is one of the weakest divisions in the UFC along with MW, i have respect for champs like JDS JONES n EDGAR who actually hold titles in very tough divisions

  20. I can understand the Saint’s French draw better then that ignoramus thug linguistics that Diaz slurs! Hey Gsp Bj and I will be rooting for you to kick his thug ass! FK him up..

  21. brandon thomas says:

    You no there both good but GSP will shut him up and any of you bitch ass diaz fans will also be at a loss of words fuck any of you guys talking shit about bj maybe you can go to Calif and suck on diaz cock fuck you Penn rules

  22. dey fresco says:

    Your lil GSP pulled out of a fight because of some lil injury i bet half of you didn’t know that Nick had 3 injuries that night including the exact one GSP had meaning he was only about 60% and beat the living shit out of PENN who was said to be in the best condition ever!
    some of You people are underestimating Diaz greatly he will beat Georges come Feb 4th

    WAR DIAZ!!

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