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Monday, 01/09/2012, 11:45 am

UFC NEWS – Get Your Upcoming “Ultimate Fighter Brazil” Fix On FUEL TV

The very first installment of “The Ultimate Fighter” on an international basis is upon us.

With the recently made public plans to have Vitor Belfort coach opposite Wanderlei Silva in the first “Ultimate Fighter Brazil” installment, many MMA fans have been wondering how to watch.

Set to air in Brazil on their number one television network, El Globo, the “Ultimate Fighter Brazil” will also be available to north American audiences on FUEL TV.

UFC president Dana White recently chatted up the plans with ESPN Radio:

“The UFC has so much content that even Spike, if you look at what a huge percentage of their content we used to be, we still needed more. The Ultimate Fighter Brazil will air on Fuel TV. All this unique content that we’re doing in other parts of the world, Fuel TV is going to take. I’ve been saying for the last six months, if you’re a UFC fan and you really love the UFC, it’s impossible not to have Fuel.”

Vitor Belfort is currently set to face Anthony Johnson at this weekend’s UFC 142 event, however he is double booked right now and regardless of this weekend’s outcome will coach opposite Wanderlei Silva and face off with his fellow Brazilian at the shows conclusion.

Airing dates for the first international “Ultimate Fighter” are yet to be revealed so stay tuned as information becomes available.

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12 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Get Your Upcoming “Ultimate Fighter Brazil” Fix On FUEL TV”

  1. Millerhighlife says:

    Fuel Tv is free many places, but not Hawaii

  2. Jmad says:

    Yea whatever man I had FUEL with time warner cable, I moved seriously like nt even 10 miles away and still have the same time warner package and no I dont have FUEL, this is bullshit.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Agreed. How the hell was that fuel tv move a smart thing? I call up Comcast cable, and the reps basically tell me I’m shit outta luck! WTF?! I’d think that viewership numbers would plummet, but I guess Dana has a plan. Regardless, this sux

  3. DBKlein69 says:

    what sucks is that FUEL isn’t available in high definition. when u watch everything else in HD, u really notice the difference when u turn on FUEL. i hope dana and FOX plan on addressing this soon. cant have live fights in standard definition. what is this bellator?

  4. tom23 says:

    my question is, will it be subtitled?

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