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Friday, 12/09/2011, 09:48 am

UFC NEWS – Frankie Edgar Is His Own Biggest Fan

“I was in awe of it myself; I was in awe of what I’d done, just like everyone else. I don’t like the first round, I have two young kids, they’ll be watching it, and they don’t like the first round either. Everyone asked how did you make it through the round? I don’t know. I don’t know what it is. I guess I’ll attribute it to how I prepare myself, and my will to win. When I watched it, it’s like I became a fan of myself, too.”

UFC lightweight champion, Frankie Edgar took to to talk about his last performance against Gray Maynard where he was able to overcome a first round beating to ultimately knock his opponent out in the third round.

After watching the tape, Edgar admits to being “in awe” of his performance, so much so that he is now a fan of himself.

Deserving… Cocky… What are your thoughts Penn Nation?

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43 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Frankie Edgar Is His Own Biggest Fan”

  1. SanSooRob says:

    Lol just like your buddy from bellator always gettin rocked lol
    Bendo going smash this turd

    • Fortyb4five says:

      lol Frankie is gonna win every aspect of that fight…sorry to burst your bubble.

      • Frankie will go to Flyweight after Bendo handles him.

        • zach says:

          Your a yard why would he drop to 125, he talked about going too 145 but your stupid as hell if you think he’s about to drop to flywieght and on top of that Frankie is gooed against wrestles so I dont think bendo has the best chance on him, Maynard couldn’t even keep him on the ground

        • Lmao im stupid as hell when u just said “Frankie is gooes against wrestles” . U illierate fuck go back to school and learn a thing or two.

        • Ryan M says:

          NO, you are stupid. He clearly knows his shit and just mistyped. Learn about weight classes. There isn’t even a flyweight in the UFC yet. Making an announcement this weekend though.

        • In comes his butt buddy too save face.

        • Quazzi says:

          haha oh u frankie haters make me laugh. I didnt like him beating bj anymore than u but dont be ignorant. Frankie is the real deal. i dont care for the jersey boy much but he is a exciting fighter and very underrated. Ben doesnt do anything as well as gray does so please tell me how he will handle him lol?

        • GRT 3000 says:

          he won’t gas after the first round + Ben has the ability to mk. quick adjustments & ‘show up’ where ever the fight leads. After Frankie’s last 2 fights though I definitely have respect for him – 4 sure he is the real deal. Can’t wait for this one.

  2. A.James says:

    Frankie has way nicer hands then Benson. He’s way faster too.

  3. dave says:

    i hope frankie go to 145….i would like to see aldo and frankie switch classes….if frankie go down to 45 he will meet all the guys with his same fight and run style and gett beat

  4. KingGareth says:

    Maynard almost knocked Edgar out and Benson is a much better overall striker.
    Who ever has the least amount of injuries going into the fight wins.

  5. Michael kk says:

    Bendo has no chance, hes just another great fighter going down in frankie edgars legacy

  6. Chris says:

    I just don’t really like Frankie. Not because he beat BJ. Not because of this quote. Just not really a fan.

  7. The King says:

    Lol how Frankie beat a sinus infected penn 2x and thinks he’s the greatest.
    Rudy saud it right after Abu dahbi and parillo says it in bjs latest RVCA road to Diaz video.
    It’s when he and parillo were sitting down talking in the cage.

    I wonder how long BJ has been fighting this condition. And the Marinovichs didn’t help by taxing his body so hard breaking his immune system in half.

    But really. You van live in reality. Or choose to believe he’s just a lazy Hawaiian.
    I live in reality.

    • dave says:

      you aare a true penn fan…wheen the marinovich bros worked withh him befor the dieago fight taht was the best bj we have ever seen////he looked amazing…he must have had the worst sinus infection ever befor the diaz beating…YOU ARE RIGHT FRANKIE IS SHIT..he did only beat bj by running…but had bj still been using the marinovich bros for that fight bj would have caught him

      • jose alvarez says:

        stop bj’s spirit was broken after frankie kicked his legs out at ufc 118. i respect bj penn but bj was broken by frankie edgar end of story

      • slacker says:

        It doesn’t matter how he beat him, he beat him twice. Styles make fights and Edgar had the footwork and cardio to beat Penn.

      • The King says:

        Why would BJ continue to use the Marinovichs if they cause a condition to get worse?

        • Matt says:

          The marinovich’s left BJ’s camp for the first Edgar fight, weeks before the first Edgar fight. c’mon man! If BJ got a sinus infection then, it would heal by the first fight. Marv gave BJ his last workout around Feb. 20 2010. That’s 7 weeks before the fight. So that’s the worst sinus infection the world’s ever seen if Marv gave it to him. And then that infection hung around till April of that year and into late August when they had a rematch? Your kidding yourself man.

  8. jose alvarez says:

    henderson will lose to frankie edgar. i’m sorry but if herderson couldn’t finish guida he can’t finish edgar.

    • GRT 3000 says:

      Herderson is by far the best imaginary fighter on the planet. He beats everyone…

      ne-who (jj)…Bendo beat Guida though. Wouldn’t just beating Frankie then be enough for the win, or does he need to absolutely clober him KO style?

  9. slacker says:

    Of course he has become his own fan. I think that would happen to anyone who survived two 1st round beatings like that. You would feel invincible. It’s like a Rocky movie.

  10. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    You know his mom is his biggest fan. Maybe when Frankie beats Bendo then people will finally give him the credit he deserves.

  11. mikey says:

    how could you NOT be a fan of Frankie Edgar?

    he’s the 2nd best UFC lightweight champ has ever had (behind Penn)….

    if he keeps going the way he is….he will be #1.

  12. drew says:

    dont see anyawy benson wins this fight, i agree sorry to burst your bubble but benson isnt going to beat frankie

  13. maurice says:

    Bendo needs to keep this fight in the clinch. He really bullies guys there. Frankie is definently the better strking and wrestling. Expect another 5 round war. I think bendo eeks out split decision. Does good enough job at beatin edgar up in the clinch. But edgar won’t be dominated and will have his moments in the fight. After this fight edgar size will once again become a cause of concern

  14. deezy says:

    Frankie is way to slippery to be controlled in this fight. He will slip counter and basically whoop bens ass.

    • slacker says:

      Yeah, he is very slippery. When he is grappled in the center of the Octagon, he pulls his arms out so quick, just like Machida. He is very hard to just grab and manhandle. And very hard to hold against the fence with his footwork.

  15. DewYouKnow8 says:

    Just to note- trying to make Frankie look cocky perhaps.. Bj lost to Frankie twice.. This article isn’t story-worthy either. Just to clarify, I like Bj, and I this story sucks.

  16. Xaninho says:

    I see Henderson winning this. 1st round submission by guillotine.

    • slacker says:

      Really? I think Henderson’s footwork and hands are too slow for Edgar. But he is very tough with killer leg kicks. I see Edgar wearing him down by the 4th round.

      • Xaninho says:

        I don’t know about his hands, but with his taekwondo background Henderson’s footwork seems pretty good to me. Great take down defense, solid wrestling.

        And I wish I could do a guillotine like he does it, it’s sick!

        • slacker says:

          Hmmm…. yeah, he does have great takedown defense. I think Edgar is in and out so fast with his stand-up striking (punches and kicks) that he will get the better of him there. I guess we will see.

  17. Josh says:

    Does anyone know how to get BJ Penns autograph i dont wanna use a sob stroy but it might help in this situation but i have autism and dyspraxia and i am a huge fan of BJ and mma im starting to train in it soon and i have coached it temporarly at a gym in my local area but for christmas i would love to have BJ’s autograph as he is one of my heros does anyone know how to get it

  18. magoo says:

    The man can appreciate a great comeback,whats wrong with that? It was freakin awesome Frankie!

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