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Tuesday, 11/29/2011, 06:38 am

UFC NEWS – Frankie Edgar Excited To Fight Benson Henderson

“He’s been on a tear since he came over from the WEC. He’s beat all the top contenders, so he’s more deserving of a title shot. He’s real exciting. He’s young and hungry, so I know I‘ve got my hands full. I know it will be a good one [fight]. He’s a good fighter, so I’m going to go in there and do everything I’ve got to do to win.”

During yesterday’s UFC 144 pre-fight press conference in Japan, UFC lightweight champion, Frankie Edgar fielded questions from the media in attendance about his upcoming title fight with number one contender Benson Henderson.

Set for UFC 144 in Japan, the lightweight king likely faces one of his toughest opponents to date, and based on his comments, he knows this.

It’s still early to decide who the favorite is in the matchup, but who ya got Penn Nation?

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38 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Frankie Edgar Excited To Fight Benson Henderson”

  1. The Beast says:

    should be a war both good its an even fight

  2. He wont be excited when hes in there with Ben when hes making him his bitch.

  3. king says:

    I’m going for Bendo, but I think Frankie’s quickness will cause Ben problems.

    • Bobby Larson says:

      Agreed! Frankie possesses that unique style where he never stops moving. Similar to Cruz and Guida. His speed is just the icing on the cake. Ben is definitely the bigger and stronger man of the 2 but Frankie’s proved to be more than worthy of an opponent to anyone. He has unbelievable talent and heart. Should be a good one. I believe Bendo definitely has the tools to beat him but you can never count Frankie out.

    • GRT 3000 says:

      no doubt Ben will have have problems with Frankie in there; dude has scraps. but Bendo has the ability to show up no matter where the fight goes, dude has got some serious MMA going on. Can’t wait for this fight!

  4. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Bendo all the way. Strong takedowns, nice in the clinch, crazy sub defense, and a good standup game. Frankie’s only chance is to hit and run, hit and run…

  5. Terrance says:

    Bendo ! Bendo ! Bendo !

  6. Ninjaman says:

    Edgar was seems to be the guy who is last picked until he provesd yet again that he has all the tools to be champion. He has wrestling, striking, speed, great chin and most obvious, hes got heart. Can Bendo beat him, yes but so could Penn and Manyard. Edgar is truly a champion who can be beat at any time but he keeps on tickin.

    I just wish you folks would give credit where credit is due. Edgar is awesome and he makes bigger, stronger men look smaller and weaker.

    • This is very true i just cant get into his fighting style and am a huge smooth fan i thinl.Bendo got.this

    • effyocouch says:

      Very true. Edgar is a beast, one hell of a fighter, and he doesn’t even cut weight to fight which makes him even more awesome. I really am an Edgard fan…

      …that said, I still have Bendo winning this fight. I’ve been saying this since the WEC merger: Ben Henderson will be a UFC champion.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      True, but like Prodigy said, just not a fan of his style

    • Outside Opinion says:

      Once you get past the animosity of Frankie beating BJ (at least in #2) Edgar has the tools. He KO’d Maynard and should have silenced the critics with that performance. Henderson can muscle Edgar, if he can ever get a hold on him. Like both these guys, should be a great fight.

    • : ^ ) says:

      Okay, Edgar has heart, but to say he has a chin when Maynard, Maynard of all people, dazed him TWICE and came close TWICE to knocking Edgar out~I don’t think Edgar has a chin, he has HEART though. That’s what got him through round 1 of each of those fights. Maynard was stupid, very stupid, TWICE, when he tried going for the KO twice instead of using his wrestling after rocking Edgar.

      Edgar has heart and speed. He knocked out a tired Maynard, but Edgar doesn’t have true KO power. His speed frustrated Sherk and also BJ.

      Bendo is tough, has great stand up, great ground, good speed, and is a smart fighter. If he rocks Edgar, he won’t err like Maynard did twice. He will finish Edgar quick. Bendo has great Cardio, but does tire towards the end of the 4th round, his only “weakness.”

      I got Bendo by submission. Should be a GREAT fight.

      • DevonAK86 says:

        Just because edgar got rocked does not mean he has a weak chin! it proves he has a great fucken chin because alot of guys would have folded if they took that beating! And his ability to recover is awesome. Frankie FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Chavez0712 says:

          He did fold. Oh no i mean he did a whole backflip. My bad but he still won so i got to give it to him. He is a true champ but i dont see him holding on to that belt for long. With Henderson, Cerrone and diaz all coming after it he will lose it to somebody

    • GRT 3000 says:

      I give Frankie respect all day man. I fuckin hated him when he beat BJ, especially the way that he did it. also, super biased cuz BJ is one of my favorite fighters. But after his last two fights he def. won my respect; that fucker will not quit, plus like you said he smaller than all of these guys. I’m being totally objective when I say that he had better be on his shit when he fights Bendo. No one can argue that Bendo doesn’t have what it takes.

  7. Xaninho says:

    Henderson is going to take that belt, with ease. Edgar is fast, but Henderson is just as fast and bigger and stronger.

  8. The natural says:

    Please somebody tell me what bendo has on grey Maynard cause I say grey walks all over him in every aspect. What make u think Edgar will c anything he hasnt before in bendo maybe a slower pace no striking skills I don’t no maybe it’s his long hair

    • EffLay&PrayFighters says:

      well for one, Bendo can actually finish a fight when he hurts his opponents.. unlike Gay Maynard who dropped that ball, TWICE! LOL… Bendo is waaay better at striking, on the ground, great submission defense, & a better wrestler…. dude.. have u seen any of his fights?? i usually struggle to stay awake with most of Manards fights.

    • GRT 3000 says:

      nah, Bendo would beat Gray.

  9. stone cold says:

    ben smooth henderson ftw cuz stone cold said so!

  10. deezy says:

    Frankie will win period

  11. HEAVY D says:

    I dont really have a favorite. But I’ve always liked Edgar. I think it’s going to be a great fight either way. I’ve never seen either one in a boring fight. PENN for life!!!

  12. Cletus Jackson says:

    I have ben for the win cuz some douchebag said so!

  13. david uppercut says:

    how is henderson going to win? he got his ass whooped by anthony pettis

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Ass whooped? Hell no. That fight was stolen at the last second with that amazing kick. Until then, it was pretty much even. Pettis edged him out, but by no means did he put an ass whoopin’ on Henderson. That being said, styles make fights, so what does Pettis beating Henderson have to do with the Henderson – Edgar fight?

    • GRT 3000 says:

      yeah and Guida kicked the shit out of Pettis, and Bendo decisively beat Guida. You make a point, but it’s small and easily nullified.

  14. Ekeezy says:

    Ben Hen is a better Nickname, Bendo sounds like Bend Over which sounds GAY!

  15. LMcKenzie says:

    Ben Has this every way..He has the diversity, athleticism, power, and speed to finish Edgar, and at best finish him. I love Edgar, but I don’t see a way out of this one for him. War Benson!!!

  16. joegun says:

    Bendo 100% frankie is going down…

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