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Thursday, 12/01/2011, 12:21 pm

UFC NEWS – Frank Mir Says He Has Nothing To Prove In Rematch With Nogueira Next Week

“… I’ve been asked if I want to “prove” whether my second-round TKO of Big Nog was legitimate or not, but, quite honestly, there’s nothing to prove there.

I won the last fight, which took place three years ago in Las Vegas, because I was the better fighter on the night. After the fight there were all sorts of excuses that Nog was hurt, that he had a staph infection but I personally don’t think his staph infection played much part in the fight itself, or the result at the end of it all.

I think I would have beaten him in the exact same manner, TKO in a couple of rounds, staph infection or not. Maybe without the problem he could have increased his pace and tempo a little bit more, but, in hindsight, we really didn’t fight that type of fight anyway. He fought a very calm and calculated type of fight and he looked to pick me apart with single shots from range.

If we’d started having a hard grappling match and Nogueira backed off or refused to engage then, yes, it could have attributed the win to him not being 100 per cent on the night. I could have looked at that scenario and said, “Yeah, Nogueira wasn’t really Nogueira tonight.”

As it turned out, though, that didn’t happen at all and I don’t feel there’s any reason I need to “prove” anything regarding that result.

Me punching him in the chin repeatedly had nothing to do with a staph infection, believe me. I could be sick as hell going into a fight, but I still remember and can perform the necessary techniques to get me out of trouble. The problem is, you can’t keep repeating those techniques over a length of time, as you have nothing much in the tank. Nogueira lost that fight because my striking technique was better than his and that could be the reason he loses this rematch, too.

I am already a two-time UFC champion but what drives me at this stage in my career is the need to achieve all I can achieve before my career is up. I don’t want to be one of those guys looking back at my career with regret. I know what I am capable of as a fighter, and I know what I should be achieving in 2011 and beyond.

Even at 32, and with everything I’ve been through, I’m not at the stage where I’m about to give half efforts or take my foot off the gas in any way, shape or form. I still have as much hunger now, if not more, than I did when I was a young kid starting out in the sport of mixed martial arts.

I know that I am capable of becoming even better than I am right now, and that excites me on a daily basis. Each day I leave the gym, I come away thinking I’ve improved and developed my game. I will keep on fighting for as long as I keep experiencing that feeling…”

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38 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Frank Mir Says He Has Nothing To Prove In Rematch With Nogueira Next Week”

  1. sweden says:

    you are right you haved the first one.Always big fan off mir.Gonna eat big nog for breakfast.
    Big nog is done not good at all!!!

  2. Tapout a Warrior says:

    Class act. Frank Mir embodies the Samurai mentality I enjoy watching his fights. He was an awesome Ringside Commentator as well in the WEC. His been there analysis of fights and options during made it much more appealling than Mike Goldberg saying everytime someone gets hit “Hes Rocked” and Joe Rogan ” That punch hurt him” lol Mir rd 3 Kimura win.

  3. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Frank should get a rematch with Shane Carwin if he loses but I doubt it.

  4. P R O D I G Y says:

    Glass jaw Queer Mir will get KO’d this fight. Hes a bum.

  5. BJ Penn Fan says:

    frank talks to damn much… the end.

  6. mike f says:

    Seems Mir has kinda been on Dana Whites shit list since the break lesners neck comment. He lost his wec announcing job, and hasnt called a zuffa fight since. And he hasn’t really had a meaningful fight since carwin. The Cro cop fight didn’t propel him anywhere, and neither did nelson.

  7. canilive says:

    i hope nog submits your ass

  8. Frank is going to knock Nog the FK out! Mir FTW!

  9. Xaninho says:

    There’s that creepy smile again. He would be a great Joker in the next Batman movie…

  10. Jash says:

    I want frank mir to lose, normally i’d support him but he just has that annoying air of confidence about him and says he’s going to smash everyone befor every fight. it was good to see Carwin shut that mouth for a while but to be honest i think Nog’s in some deep water with this fight.

  11. mmaislandjunkie says:

    i hope big nog can pull it off. hes a legend and a class act. mir has his up and down moments but im hoping he comes into this fight like he did against cro cop, if he does than big nog stands a shot at winning.

  12. magoo says:

    Not a big Mir fan,way to full of himself…..but Big Nog lost my respect after Brilz beat his little brother. After the fight Brilz extended his arm to shake big Nogs,all he did was look at him like he was above Brilz,kinda sucked cause I really appreciated his sincerity towards the fighters on both teams during his stint on the ultimate fighter

  13. magoo says:

    You think Nates gonna shake Georges hand,after he beats the piss outta his older bros….Baaahaaa!

  14. KingGareth says:

    Both the Nogs are extremely overrated and remind me of the old punching bag in a gym with all the tape on it.

    • Xaninho says:

      Yeah overrated Pride fighters like Royce Gracie, Anderson Silva, Dan henderson, Shogun Rua, Rampage Jackson, Wanderlei Silva, Gegard Moussasi, Alistair Overeem, Nick Diaz etc.?

      I’m sorry but that was not the smartest comment you could make dude…..

  15. Long-Strong says:

    i think Frank Mir got this easily. we’ll see, I guess.

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