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Tuesday, 12/20/2011, 11:56 am

UFC NEWS – Frank Mir Happy To Welcome Strikeforce Heavyweights To The UFC

“We don’t have the type of depth that the other weight classes have and I think it’s only a benefit to move them (Strikeforce heavyweights) over to us. I guess I have a bad taste in my mouth because of what happened when I first started my career. I had to always hear about, ‘Oh, you guys are good, but the PRIDE guys would kick your butt.’ There is no comparison and then that frustration of not being able to get to them. And then when Nogueira came over and Mirko, ( I ) got a hold of them. ‘Yeah, but there is still Fedor.’ I don’t want to hear that. I want to know that anybody that is in the division, it’s like if you think you can beat me, ‘Hey Joe Silva, is he clear?’ Okay, cool, let’s fight. Now we can solve it you know? That whole unattainable thing just drives me insane.”

A recent guest on ESPN’s MMA Insiders show, former UFC heavyweight champion, Frank Mir talks about the influx of talent coming into his division from Strikeforce.

Names like Fabricio Werdum and Alistair Overeem have already made the jump to the UFC and as announced last week, Strikeforce will be shutting down their heavyweight division mid-2012 and guys like Josh Barnett and Daniel Cormier will likely follow.

Historically the UFC’s heavyweight division has been the weakest as far as depth of talent is concerned and Mir relishes the opportunity to deepen the ranks and build on his resume.

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29 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Frank Mir Happy To Welcome Strikeforce Heavyweights To The UFC”

  1. primalmasher says:

    The division is only weak to mir because JDS is too good for him.

  2. MMA MASTER says:

    Mir will take JDS’S ARM HOME JUST LIKE HE DID Nogueira’s

    • thank you says:

      ^ The Truth..
      Frank is a beast.

      • IknowMMA says:

        And by the way Nogueira had that fight and be made a bad choise when he went for a guillotine! Ground game is the only thing Mir has, his stand up is not as good as big nog or dos santos so stop dreaming

        • Jsmed says:

          so that explains why he knocked big nog out right?

        • Shawn says:

          IMO, Nog had that fight, but Dean kept telling him not to hit in the back of the head, which he wasn’t doing. So in order not to get disqualified for something he wasn’t doing, he had to switch up, giving Mir the opportunity to scramble. Had Dean not kept telling him to stop punching in the back of the head, that fight would have been a TKO stoppage. Mir wasn’t going anywhere all turteled up like that with left arm trapped, and his right arm doing nothing to defend.

        • Mr Jeep says:

          Nobody can submit Mir, big Nog already tried and failed, he could go knee to the body and do diffrent things to Knock him out the way Mir did to him in the first fight, accept the results and you would be free, no excusses, act like a man!

        • stufu says:

          I just watched it again for the 10th time and was hitting him in the back of the head, he did it at least 5 times. The worst that would of happened would be a point deduction and a stand up, unless Mir couldn’t continue. Nog made a mistake and paid for it, plain and simple.

        • Mr Jeep says:

          He already ko big nog ignorant, stop beeing a retard fan.

        • jacob lee says:

          did u not hear them say that mir didn’t have enought time to warm up. mir is always bouncing around and i could tell right away he was not loose. when the big guys dont get warmed up then the are very slow and it appears that they are not good. but mir’s karate beats nogueira’s boxing any day.

        • DBKlein69 says:

          big nog = 2 losses, 2 excuses

    • IknowMMA says:

      You are out of your mind! Let off the payote! Dos Santos is the Champ

    • THE INUK says:

      JDS has are WAY better than Nogs, therefore Mir will be KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT before he can even think of grabbing an arm..

      Mir will NEVER be ufc hw champ again. sorry

  3. Big Man says:

    This should make for some good fights

  4. Dos Santos says:

    Everybody seems to forget Frank has had the belt twice..
    Also his stand up isn’t that bad.He has KO’d mirko, dominated nelson, and rocked cheick.. Also didn’t he KO nog before he broke his arm?
    Also frank’s submissions are on another level, and dos santos only loss was by sub.. sooo…?

  5. Ethan says:

    I like Frank Mir, but he can’t stand up to the big punchers in the division. Fights start on the feet and Frank mir is not good at getting fights to the ground… half the time he gets there is because someone has knocked him down or taken him down… If he was more aggressive with the takedowns or guard pulling even, then I think we’d see him in the top 3 of the heavyweights.. and his standup is not bad, but it changes after he gets hit..

    I’d like to see Frank Mir vs Werdum but I think it’d be a snoozer because they’d both stand… (normally standing is supposed to be exciting but not for these two)

  6. Ricardo says:

    Frank Mir should’nt fight at 265..
    He should cut down to 245..
    Imagine how beast he will be because at 265 he is shit and slow as hell

  7. jason N says:

    JDS will whoop every HW

    • Freddy says:

      Amen to that look at carwins face after facing him ..Carwin made short work of Mir..Any Hard hitter would KO Mir ..Overeem, Carwin, JDS..Mir would have a good chance with any Grappler tho…And Nelson doesnt count..he had too many Bigmacs that night

  8. Shawn says:

    Well except for Barnett and Silva, I don’t really seen any HW contenders coming from SF. Not sure about Bigfoot, but White doesn’t like Barnett, so not sure what will happen with Josh after the tournament. Personally, I’d sign Barnett, he bring something different to the table in the HW division. He’ll pull in the crowds, and he’ll make a show, not to mention put up a good fight with anyone in the HW div. But with Fedor and Rogers released from the organization, and Werdum and Overeem being signed to the UFC, there really isn’t anyone else in SF’s HW division. So Mir would be welcoming lower tier fighters.

    • Anthony says:

      Barnett and White supposedly have made amends, and as for ‘there isn’t anyone else in SF’ – Daniel Cormier. He blew Bigfoot Silve out of the water striking… This is a guy who was an olympic wrestler!

      Will the SF fighters be at the top of the division – probably not, but I think they would fill, what I think, is a large gap between the elite heavyweights and the gatekeepers. Mir is caught in that position by himself at the moment with maybe Big Nog. Too good for those ranked below, but not good enough to challenge the JDS, Velasquez, etc.

  9. levi says:

    Frank Mir is a hall of famer. He is fast. He has prob the third best standup in the heavy weight division and the best ground game. And he has amazing trips and takedowns against the cage.

  10. Jb says:

    On any given day anyone can loose. A good champ tries to eliminate or reduce the exposure to those scenarios. Good fights are good fights. Mir is a beast but I think people are sleeping on Shane and BC. Jds is also top tier and will be. Don’t be surprised when Reem kicks his injured knee after beating brock

  11. BigMikeWC858 says:

    Mir’s chin is weaker than Nogs arm!! I am a big fan of Mir and I don’t think anyone from strike force could beat him except for Overeem and Fedor if there smart enough not to follow him to the ground. Other than that he is just a gate keeper to the top 3 heavy weights.

  12. fongsta says:

    Com’on.. Frank has no CHIN at all.. JDS would knocked his ass out within 2 minutes of the first round, EASILY!

  13. Gabriel says:

    Lesnar vs Mir 3, that would be fun to watch! But Mir is definetly 2 slow..

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