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Tuesday, 01/03/2012, 06:57 am

UFC NEWS – Fight With Jim Miller Is For Number One Contender Spot Says Guillard

“The biggest thing I learned [from the loss to Joe Lauzon] is to be patient and not rush myself. The only reason he won that fight was because I rushed myself. I was rushing my shots, trying to hit him. I actually ran into a stiff jab that actually rocked me. By the time I hit the canvas, I shook it off, but he was already on my back. So, it’s a life lesson — I walked away with nor scratches or bruises. And now I’ve been blessed even more that after the loss I’ve been given a number one contender fight against Jim Miller, live January 20 in Nashville. So, that goes to show you I didn’t lose anything from that loss, but I got to learn something.”

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44 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Fight With Jim Miller Is For Number One Contender Spot Says Guillard”

  1. josh says:

    This should be a good fight. Wonder how Jim is going to come back after getting his ass whooped in his last fight.

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      I knew Guillard wasn’t very bright but he must be just plain STUPID if he thinks a win over winner puts him as the ONE contender. HELLO when you lose you go to back of the line especially when their about 10 other better fightes ahead of you. Miller will put him away anyway but i doubt it wil shut him up. After Guida loses to Maynard they can match him up with Guillard for the title of top 5 gatekeeper along with the rest of the Florians, (FIGHTERS THAT WILL NEVER BE GOOD ENOUGH FOR A TITLE SHOT)

  2. ROBERT HERSEY says:

    He’s clearly back on the cocaine if he really believes the rubbish that just left the hole in his face .

  3. dyllan says:

    thats bull shit. he lost to lauzon. lauzon should get a shot before him

  4. mezzanoche says:

    How the fuck does Melvin have a number one contender fight after getting smashed by Joe Lauzon? What a joke, doesn’t matter anyway Melvin can’t beat Frankie, Bendo, Nate Diaz, or Joe Lauzon, and he may lose to Jim Miller as well. So, he will never touch that belt anyway. lol

  5. John Canyon says:

    stupid. melvin got knocked out, plain and simple. NATE DIAZ FOR NUMBER 1 CONTENDER SPOT!

  6. DommaB says:

    so two guys both coming off a loss are getting a no1 contenders fight. Hmmmm someone may be dulusional

  7. mike f says:

    I think melvin is alittle misinformed. Jim miller is coming off a loss just like him. No way his is for #1 contender. I would put Diaz and maynard ahead of him. Hell even Cerrone. If he beats miller, maybe a fight against Diaz or maynard

  8. jason N says:

    funny stuff

  9. Maka says:

    Miller has this one by being one tough bastard. He’s going to come back in better form and get business taken care of as quickly as possible.

  10. Mark F. says:

    Melvin sounds like a sore loser. There are many factors why he lost against Joe Lauzon. He’s forgetting that he underestimated Joe, he’s also forgetting that he has track record of losing via submission and Joe has a track record of winning via submission. Melvin is too confident for his own good and his last fight is a perfect example of the result of being too confident.

  11. Dude says:

    Oh please Lauzon with his next fight and Diaz are before him.

    • phace says:

      I don’t see Lauzon in the mix unless he wins his next fight(Pettis). He got beat by Sotiropolis and Stout prior to his Guillard win. However, I also question Guillard’s claim that their fight is for #1 contender. I don’t think 2 people coming off losses in their respective top contender fights should be granted a title shot on their following win in such a stacked division.

  12. Nick L says:

    guillard is a joke.. cocky and delusional. great striker, but he will continue to get submitted by guys like lauzon. I don’t hear him calling for a rematch, because the same thing will happen. No scratches or bruises huh? No shit. You got CHOKED out in no time, bro

  13. KingGareth says:

    You don’t run into jabs, you get hit by them rushing in. J-Lo was the better fighter that night. Guillard isn’t even in the top 10, so I really wouldn’t say this is for the #1 contender.
    I hate when fighters make excuses, trying to take something away from the other fighter.
    I guess some people/fighters are so unsure of themselves that they have to make up fairy tales to make themselves feel better.
    In the UFC there are no lucky punches. They train like crazy to be able to land those shots. J-Lo won by having more skill than Guillard that night. Guillard is a very talented fighter but lacks a lot of discipline, which is what usually costs him fights.

  14. KingGareth says:

    Lauzon vs Diaz would be a good fight if Pettis is injured.

  15. Chupacabra says:

    I think he’s just rambling on. If it’s true then it is what it is I guess but no way does he deserve a number one contender fight. Not before Lauzon at least. If anything the winner of this fight should get a crack at Cerrone.

  16. A.James says:

    Cocaine’s a helluva drug!

  17. lol says:

    grown crack babies are sore losers.. This guys a bum hunter and a joke.

  18. Damn says:

    Winner of Lauzon-Pettis vs Nate Diaz, Loser of Guillard-Miller vs Cowboy

  19. marquezgotrobbed says:

    Delusional anybody? lol…Diaz or Lauzon (who pwned Guillard) are ahead of Miller and Guillard. And Bendo is next in line.

  20. Somedude says:

    Obviously Melvin Guillard would’ve destroyed Joe Lauzon if he didn’t rush in the way that he did. The same unfortunate thing happened to Mark Hominick not too long ago. That being said, i think Melvin has to defeat at least 2-3 more opponents this year to deserve a title shot.

  21. JB Spencer says:

    say what u will about guillard; i personally dont think he will ever get a title shot, but hed be a bad matchup for edgar – good fight either way. Also wd luv to see him v hendo.

  22. Moses White says:

    IMO, like the rest of these comments, there is no way neither he nor Miller should be considered for No. 1 contender status. He hasn’t fought a top ten LW and won. Period. He looked impressive against some great fighters but that’s not enough reason to get a title shot. I agree he needs to get through Miller and then win against at least 2 or 3 top ten LW’s before anything is offered to him. Diaz should be next in line considering his last performances. Maynard is up on the list but Frankie isn’t going to fight him again for a long time. So he’s prob out of the picture unless Frankie loses the belt.

  23. danriverapv says:

    wow that interviewer.. the moment the video started hes got a face u want to punch. i was about to question where that fag interviewer was from, then he said Canadian mma and it was all clear to me.

  24. Digs says:

    I hope this is a good fight. If Melvin learned anything from his last fight, it better to be to control his ego and work on submission defense.

  25. frankie flave says:

    joe lauzon vs nate diaz should be the number 1 contenders spot. not this fight!!

    • JB Spencer says:

      I agree, also think diaz would beat lozaun; joe has conditioning issues, and with his last win its unknown whether hes worked on it. And we all know how good the diaz bros conditioning is; i think nate would beat an inshape lozaun let alone outa shape.

      But hes gotta get past pettis first

  26. Smh.. the LW #1 comtenders spot is a mess but Guillard sure as hell aint in the picture.

  27. the original steve says:

    hahahahahah this cocky asshole thinks he gets number 1 contender spot after one after getting choked out in 40 seconds? no way. this guy has nothing but some hard punches.

  28. jboy says:

    If its true, I really don’t get how that works.155 is stacked, human and guillard needs more wins after their losses. It’s all corrupt. We don’t know who’s the best in the world because Ufc is a monopoly..but fuck it I enjoy watching fights

  29. Miller is going to knock Melvin on his fkn ass! I see a sub win for Jimbo!

  30. slacker says:

    Guillard is one of those guys where you never know who is going to show up. He will look unbelievable one fight, then totally without a game plan the next time. For example, he looked outstanding against Evan Dunham, but then he goes and fights like a moron against Lauzon – a fight to me that he should probably edge out Lauzon in, for the win. No disrespect to Lauzon. He is amazing, but Guillard should really have had that fight standing. I think Guillard will take out Miller.

  31. GRT 3000 says:

    He’s right about having to learn something from his loss to Lauzon, but dead wrong if her thinks he didn’t lose any ground in the LW division.

  32. A.James says:

    Guillard is an idiot to think hes close to getting a title shot. He’s obviously making shit up.

    • JB Spencer says:

      Yeah, talk about having dillusions of grandger. Im no guilard hater like most on this site, and think he would match up well against edgar; hed be just as strong n powerfull as manard but twice as fast…. BUT he needs to beat miller and a top 5er before hes even in the picture, and 155 is STACKED; way too many others that are only one fight away…

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