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Wednesday, 11/30/2011, 12:18 pm

UFC NEWS – Fight Journal: Mayhem Miller 'TUF' Edition (Video)


9 Comments to UFC NEWS – Fight Journal: Mayhem Miller 'TUF' Edition (Video)

  1. Mike says:

    Nice video. Can’t wait to see you smash Bisping!

  2. Tom Foolery says:

    So many women’s shoes in the garage? I have so many questions about that.

  3. danriverapv says:

    i do not envy bisbing…

  4. Calvin says:

    Thankyou Mayhem i was wondering who was 5 rounds and its amazing he still likes Diaz

  5. AlexAbeyta says:

    Go kill bisping!!!!! WARRRR MAYHEM!!!!!!!

  6. Twayne says:

    His favorite MMArtist of all time is between Penn and Diaz.. Thas wassup Mayhem, you da’ man! Does anyone know what Miller’s Gamer Tag on XBL is? I deffo cant beat him in fighting, but I can deffo beat him on MWF3 lol!!! Mayhem Miller FTW!!


  7. ancexedia says:


  8. Analtmae says:

    purchase to take huge discount suprisely

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