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Friday, 11/18/2011, 09:31 am

UFC NEWS – EXCLUSIVE: Martin Kampmann – “I’m going in there for the kill” against Rick Story this weekend

This weekend at UFC 139 top welterweights Martin Kampmann and Rick Story will square off and try to bounce back from recent losses.

UFC 139 is set to take place on November 19th at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California. With the original heavyweight title fight headliner between champ Cain Velasquez and Junior Santos moving from UFC 139 to UFC on FOX 1 the organization has decided to go with a non-title affair between Dan Henderson and “Shogun” Rua as the evenings featured attraction.

For Story, he was last seen in a grueling three-round affair against Charlie Brenneman that saw him derailed from all talks of a title contention

For Kampmann, he last saw action in one of the most entertaining fights of the year against Diego Sanchez and was, as he puts it, on the wrong side of some bad judges decisions.

Luckily for us, Martin gave us a few moments of his time to discuss the loss, what he thinks about the judges and his upcoming main card bout this weekend at UFC 139.

INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT: Full *unedited Audio with additional content at the end of the entry
PC: What are your thoughts on this fight with Rick Story?
MK: “I think he’s a tough matchup, he’s a great wrestler and he likes to come in and bang. He’s a great wrestler too, he can take a punch and he can dish them out. It’s a tough matchup, but I am well prepared and I’m going to kick his ass.”

PC: Story was riding high on a big win streak until he faced Brenneman on short notice. Do you hold any stock in that loss or was he just taking on too much at one time?
MK: “I think maybe he did take on too much at one time. I’m a different fighter than Brenneman, that fight was pretty much a wrestling match it wasn’t that exciting. He just ended up on the bottom because Brenneman was able to take him down and he lost a wrestling match. It wasn’t like he got beaten up bad, so I think he is still very tough.

Before that [loss with Charlie] the opponents he’s beat and the guy that fought Alves that’s the opponent I’m expecting to come out. I’m expecting the best out of Rick Story and that’s what I’ve prepared for and that’s the guy I want to beat too.”

PC: What are your thoughts on your losses?
MK: “I think I’ve been on the wrong end of some decisions. I think my last loss against Diego was complete bullshit. I beat him up and he knows he got beat up and the judges got it wrong.

This time I’m going to go in there and finish the fight, I’m tired of the judges having a say on who is winning the fight because I know I got the better of Diego Sanchez and he knows it too. It sucks but I can’t go back and change it, I’m just looking forward to the next fight and I’m going to have to finish them from now on. For some reason the judges don’t like me too much.”

PC: Where do you rank Rick Story when comparing him to your previous opponents?
MK: “I think he’s definitely one of the best guys in the UFC and I think he is very tough and I think he will do great in the UFC after I beat him up.”

PC: How do you see this fight playing out?
MK: “Knock out or submission either way and I’m happy. When I visualize the fight I visualize a three round war because I don’t want to go out thinking it’s going to be a first round stoppage. I always visualize a three round war, but no doubt in my mind I’m going to finish him. I have better Jiu Jitsu, I feel like I can submit him, I have better striking I can knock him out, either way I’m happy as long as I finish the fight.”

“… I need to win all my fights, I’m tired of getting screwed by the judges, I’m here to win.”

PC: How was training at Xtreme Couture this time around and where there guys there sufficient to help you in this matchup?
MK: “I feel good, I’ve had a bunch of guys to work with, I feel I’m well prepared for the fight and I’m going to show him on Saturday.”

PC: Last question here is just give me a sales pitch on your fight, if someone is on the fence about ordering this weekend’s pay-per-view how would you sell it to them?
MK: “They got to get the UFC. My fight is going to be action packed, I’m going in there for the kill and Rick Story is a scrapper he can eat a punch and he can dish them out too. He comes forward and he will eat punches just to give one back. This is going to be a fucking war!”

To listen to the rest of the interview where Martin talks about Alistair Overeem joining his team, wanting to fight Nick Diaz, Carlos Condit getting screwed out of his title shot, fight predictions and many more topics, just click play and listen to the audio below.

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38 Responses to “UFC NEWS – EXCLUSIVE: Martin Kampmann – “I’m going in there for the kill” against Rick Story this weekend”

  1. SaberTooth says:

    This guy is so damn good. He beat Shields and definitely beat that shitty fighter Sanchez. Though he did take a beating he gave a lot more that he took. He was robbed in both those fights. I feel sorry for Story, Kampmann is going to school him.

    • MMFT says:

      I agree those were some shitty calls by the judges… but it happens. he could’ve tko’d shields, but he wanted to submit him and that was his mistake. and he couldn’t easily beaten sanchez, but he started fighting diego’s fight instead of his own. but it sounds like he won’t be doing that this time around.

      • SaberTooth says:

        Yah you’re right, he has shown to be a bit mentally weak in the past. But I hope also that he has learned from these last 2 fights. Hopefully, he has smart coaches who have helped him.

        As far a Story goes, he is in need of schooling by a better fighter. A good beating by Kampmann will help him be a better fighter.

        Kampmann is one of the best, but because the judges robbed him of the last 2 fights, he is kinda under the radar. Could you imagine if he had gotten the rightful wins he deserved in those? He would have already beaten GSP and been the WW Champ today.

    • Xaninho says:

      Damn didn’t think this could ever happen, but I can’t do anything else but agreeing 100%. Kampmann got fucked over by the judges in his last two fights. These judges are a joke and everyone knows this.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      I wouldn’t call Sanchez a shitty fighter, but he definitely got that ass whipped and was given a gift win

    • Saber.. Totally agree! Kampmann FTW!

      • SaberTooth says:

        YAH Next Stop, F’UP GSP. I’d like to see pics of GSP in a hospital bed with a couple of googly eyes!!

        Oh Sorry man, I believe you are a GSP fan. Don’t mean anything personal, just sick of listening to that squeaky French Canadian voice. GSP’s time is for a good beating to come his way.

  2. MMFT says:

    kampmann is pretty kick ass. he just has a problem with falling into his opponent’s game plan instead of doing what he needs to do. hopefully losing some close decisions taught him a lesson.

    • SaberTooth says:

      Damn Dude. That’s a bit extreme. How about a little more loving and caring attitude? Aren’t you from Hawaii? Geez the world must be turning upside down when we have angry Hawaiians!!

      • e says:

        stop your moaning. i guess you’re complaining about the title of this post too.

        • SaberTooth says:

          No, I’m not complaining about a fighter psyching himself up to fight another man who wants to kick his ass. And I’m not complaining about you saying, “kill em”. I just was wishing you had some of that Hawaiian good nature and love and caring. That’s all… wow sorry….

        • e says:

          you must definitely must be confused if you took my “response” literally.

        • e says:

          ************you definitely must be confused if you took my “response” literally.

        • SaberTooth says:

          Ah ok, I feel better now. I knew you were a good natured Hawaiian. And I DO mean that lliterally. But Damm, do you have to *********** me? Bruddah that was a lot of stars!!!

        • e says:

          the asterisks represents an edit

        • SaberTooth says:

          No shit foreskin, Go play with yourself cuz dude this is WAY over your head. Damn your dumb. Is everybody that stupid in the penn?

  3. Brandon says:

    Poor guy, suppose to be 4-0 and getting a title shot right now…

  4. sgt thai clone says:

    he beat Sanchez-he was robbed

  5. P R O D I G Y says:

    Kampmann is skilled he needs to be more aggressive though and try to finish some fights. him n bj by far get robbed the most when it goes to decision.

  6. Joe says:

    KICK HIS F*^%^%^&%^ HEAD OFF

  7. The Unknown says:

    I believe it. Story as Kampmann stated is a great wrestler and does love to dish it out but I think Martin is more technical in all areas. Story likes to brawl and bang as oppose to Kampmann where he picks his opponents apart with crisp boxing. Not to mention his very underrated ground game. I do agree he has been on the shit end of the stick in the Shields(although arguable, Shields did outgrapple him) fight, as for Diego it is what it is. We might not agree with the outcome but it happened. I guess its a similar story to the Machida/Rampage fight. Diego was overly aggressive, however he didn’t land enough to win imo. If Kampman isn’t lured into a brawl(like the Daley and Diego fight) I see him winning this in the third round by submission. Bring it to him Martin!!!

  8. JB Spencer says:

    I dont even like kampman, but hes a really good fighter, when i watch him im always thinkn ‘damn, this guy just might have gsps’ number’ n yeah he kinda got robed by the judges with shield and diego, even tho i was on my feet yellin for diego all the way. Guessa few a them judges are like me and give points for heart.

    And btw, sabertooth, id hardly call a former no 1 contender with wins over fighters like clay guida and nick diaz a shitty fighter

  9. JB Spencer says:

    And o yeah, whatabt his fight with condit, he didnt get robed by the judges on that one. And while i do think he won agnst shield n diego, he can hardly complain; every fighter knows how shitty these judges can be, so if your trully the better fighter then take it outa the judges hands. Plus ive seen WAY worse blown judges calls than those two fights

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