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Thursday, 12/29/2011, 11:29 am

UFC NEWS – EXCLUSIVE: Cesar Gracie Not A Fan Of His Fighters Getting Physical During Staredowns, Thinks Cerrone Is Scared, Talks Diaz vs. Condit

Coach and manager of the Diaz brothers, Cesar Gracie, recently had a chat with about this weekend’s co-main event between his student, Nate Diaz and Donald Cerrone.

During yesterday’s pre-fight press conference Nate Diaz was seen shoving his opponent and knocking his hat off of his head and to that Cesar had the following comments

“I’m kind of used to it really, but I’ll tell you my thoughts on it.

I never like to see people touching each other before a fight, like physically touching. Because than you might get a fight before the fight than there won’t be a fight. People won’t get paid and the fans miss out so it kind of really is not a good idea.

With that thing, I guess Cerrone said something, that’s what I heard. ‘I’m gonna get up in that ass’ or something like that, it’s like, really, you’re going to get up in someone’s ass? Well maybe you should do something like Broke Back Mountain instead of fighting with that cowboy hat on.

Nate’s not going to get punked like that, he’s not going to let a guy talk to him like that whether it’s at a fight or in the street or at the mall, whatever. But I never like to see guys fighting before a fight; it’s not a good idea.”

Just to dig a bit deeper on the subject before we actually start to dive in to breaking down the fight itself, I wanted to know if Cesar thought that either of the brothers actually had it in them to “fight before a fight.”

He said…

“I think they can keep a pretty cool head about it. I’m always worried about stuff like that, like I said I don’t think it’s very professional.

It definitely has put a lot of attention on this fight. I can pretty much guarantee fireworks coming up on Friday. But it takes two, it really does, you shouldn’t talk to some other adult male like that when it comes to fighting.

I think Cerrone kind of went over the line. I think his story of what happened when Nathan didn’t shake his hand, I don’t know if he is using that story to pump himself up, but according to Nathan that didn’t happen. He just didn’t want to sit there and be buddies with the guy because he knows he is going to have to fight him, but he never said those things that he allegedly said.

I think Cerrone might be a little scared, all that bravado and all that talking shows some insecurity in my mind. He’s trying to pump himself up and get past that. As far as fighting is concerned I’d rather focus on that and the guy Donald he has some skill and Nathan is a skilled fighter and they are both very passionate and I’m looking forward to the fight.”

The fight is tomorrow and who better to break down the styles and the matchup than Cesar Gracie. In this exclusive interview, he does just that as well as talk about the Diaz vs. Condit fight, what it means to fight for the interim title, the missed opportunity to fight GSP and much more.

Just click play below to get your all access, unedited pass to this one-on-one interview.

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39 Responses to “UFC NEWS – EXCLUSIVE: Cesar Gracie Not A Fan Of His Fighters Getting Physical During Staredowns, Thinks Cerrone Is Scared, Talks Diaz vs. Condit”

  1. Ekahi says:

    Stockton !!!! Let’s do dis, Nate!!!!

  2. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Yeah whatever, you’re a mouthpiece instigator. You’re a grown man making broke back jokes. That’s why Nick leap frogged Condit for a title shot after he fucked up his chances. You are up for any kind of drama as long as you reap the benefits.

    • Long-Strong says:

      Cesar Gracie sucks!

    • Bloodhound says:

      He’s just a douchebag in general and it rubs off on his students.

      I’m all for being tough and all, but as a teacher he should have been teaching his students how to be tough yet respectful, only one I’ve really seen able to grasp that concept from his camp is Nate Diaz, and usually (or at least as of late) only after being disrespectful.

  3. Jb says:

    A pissed motivated cowboy ain’t a good idea nate

  4. slacker says:

    Who cares about what Cesar Gracie thinks? He’s a buffoon! A sociopathic circus act clamouring for his five seconds of fame!

  5. Tim says:

    I’m honestly laughing at all of you fools saying Nate’s going to win. Like are you freaking kidding me?

  6. Sheek says:

    This guy thinks everyone is afraid of his students..what a dickhead!

  7. KZJ says:

    Cerrone didn’t say anything about getting “ass”, all he said was,

    “Come alive Friday, alright…”

    Cecar and both the Diaz brothers are punks and nobody is scared of them.

    Cerrone takes this fight all day.

  8. maurice says:

    Still don’t get y ppl call the diaz bros “punks.” lmao dats so silly. I agree wit caesar about cowboy being scarred. Cowboy is a beast, but da diaz bros gets under ya skin. Cerrone keeps praisin diaz more then himself. Do ppl honestly think cerrone is goin to go to “war” with diaz?…and win? 3 mins into da fite cerrone will be shocked. Cerrone only advantage is his kicks, which r kind of hard to set up when u got a punch after punch wrecking ur face and body. Cerrone pick ya poison. Either get boxed up until a stoppage, or shoot in desperatly and get subbed by gracie bjj.

  9. Mike McMack says:

    This is Nate fighting not Nick. Cowboy is better than Nate in every aspect of this matchup and he’s my pick to win this fight. I’m thinking a 3 round war but anything can happen.

    • Mike McMack says:

      I take that back, Cowboy has better stand up and Nate has better BJJ. I still think Cowboy wins the fight because of his takedown defense and better striking.

  10. Cesar Gracie is trying desperately to win the Ed Soares award. Cant wit till Cowboy gets in Nates ass haha.

  11. maurice says:

    Diaz bros aren’t punks. Guys like guida, sanchez, riggs, gsp, kim, joe daddy r punks for makin gameplans dat consist on doing da least amount of fightin when facing a diaz. I bet greg jackson put a lot of wrestling into cerrones gameplan.

  12. stix says:

    I’d rather nate or gil fights ben henderson cause bendo is way more exciting than frankie. only time edgar is exciting is when maynard is beating him senseless in the 1st round. not interested in frankie jab-n-jogging nate for 5 rounds

  13. Steve O says:

    Did he really say that Cerone is scared because of all the bravado and talking???? Has he met his 2 douche bag paper gangsters??

  14. mmahawk says:

    Cesar is an enabler. He doesn’t do anything to curb the bad behavior of some of his students, in fact he excuses most of it. I liked his “tough talk” about Nick during his first attempt at making the GSP fight, and then the next day all that tough talk changed to backtracking and making excuses for his guy. Whatever.

    In as far as Cowboy vs. Nate….I want Cerrone to win, but that doesn’t mean that I am looking past Nate Diaz. I don’t like Nate much (mostly because of some of the sh!t talking he did about the fans when he was at a UFC Fight Night almost 3 years ago) and I’d like to see him get uglier after a vicious beatdown, but Nate IS skilled. If Cerrone comes in too emotional or has an adreneline dump after dealing with Diaz and his attitude, Cerrone could find himself in trouble. Cerrone needs to refocus and not play Nate’s game of “I punked you at the weigh-in” and punk his ass in the octagon.

  15. Shawn says:

    Everyone is going to b surprised. Inav Cerrone winning this one. Prob buy sub. Lol. Ye, oddly enough.

  16. The Ansir says:

    All the shit talking is getting out of hand, I like Cerrone but blogging that you punked someone out just comes off a little girlish, though I would rephrase that if Donald were in room with me, haha. Regardless Cerrone all day, he is to good for Nate and Nate knows it, that’s why he hypes up the fight this way so people wanna see it, I could think of at least 4 other fights I would much rather see cowboy in.

  17. Jmad says:

    I like both of these fighters, this is going to be a war but I think Nate will win. I think he can catch Cerrone in a submission and I dont think Cowboy can finish Diaz, if cowboy wins it’ll be a close decision, imo.

  18. AJR80 says:

    Cesar Gracie talks too much.

  19. davvee says:

    cowboy was the next inline for a title shot if he neat nate,,,so if the timing is right he should get the title shot…or if the timing aint right he shoud get 1 more top contender then fight for the title,,,i see nick and nate holding the titles ast same time,,,this is going be like strikeforce with cesar training the lew chamo and the ww chanp…also jake looked better at mw beating danny hendo,,jake shoukd bet fight at mw and see what he can do…maybe they can bring there old style of running the ufc gracie bjj

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