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Wednesday, 01/25/2012, 04:45 am

UFC NEWS| Evans Believes Phil Davis Is Scared Of His Wrestling

“When it comes to MMA wrestling, he’s definitely not a better wrestler when it comes to that. That bothers him and it actually makes him a little bit afraid as well. When he gets hit on his feet and he can’t go to his safety zone, which is on the ground, then he starts going into panic mode. When you start going into panic mode, you start thinking about ‘oh my God I’m getting hit, oh my God I’m losing the fight, oh my God there isn’t anywhere in this fight where I can go where I’m safe, let me find a way out of this.’ Then you start looking for your way out. I’m not worried about getting taken down. I feel pretty comfortable on my back. I feel like there’s really nobody that can hold me down. I feel like I can get up on anybody, and I have gotten up on almost everybody I go with, so I’m not really worried about being taken down. Cause if he takes me down, he’s going to have to keep taking me down because I’m going to keep getting back up.” got this gem of a quote in a recent interview with former UFC light-heavyweight champion, Rashad Evans in a recent one-on-one interview with him.

Phil Davis on paper has the better wrestling pedigree, that pretty much no one can argue. However in Rashad’s statement he believes that his adaption to MMA has been better executed than that of Phil and as a result, Davis may be “scared” of him.

The two are set to square off this weekend during the UFC on FOX 3 card. The two main event competitors are both trying to make a case for a title shot against current divisional kingpin, Jon Jones.

Is Davis scared of Rashad? That seems highly unlikely, but Evans does make a strong case for his MMA skills as a whole. He does appear to be the fighter with the most tools and that could play a huge factor in this number one contender match.

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19 Responses to “UFC NEWS| Evans Believes Phil Davis Is Scared Of His Wrestling”

  1. Daniel R says:

    rashads stand up’s looked pretty good recently and all in all, i think he should take this one. Still dont like the guy

    • JMad says:

      He needs to stop trying to look so cool, his head movement/footwork or whatever, when he came out against Tito looked f*ing stupid. He still kicked ass but he looked kind of dumb for a second there.

      • Daniel R says:

        i thought he looked real fluid against tito – weird but effective. Saying that, neither of Tito or Davis’ have great stand up so Rashad should easily control it on the feet – just whether or not he can get back up everytime like he thinks he can

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        I thought he improved greatly since his fight with Rampage and Machida before that. I don’t remember any of that stupid bouncing back and forth against Tito.

  2. stone cold says:

    phil davis probably the stronger and better wrestling. he trains with brandon vera so his strikeing should be improved. hope rashad gets smashed gnp

    • phace says:

      Last time I saw Vera his stand up wasn’t looking too great. Unless Davis trained with some fighters outside his camp on striking I think he’s doomed on the feet. As for the ground part, that may be his only chance. He has pretty good jiu jitsu and he’s a good wrestler. Other than that, I think Rashad is gonna SMASH Phil. I really hope he does so him and Jonny Bones can get the show on the road.

  3. bryanfury85 says:

    Scared of evans wrestling? As huge as davis is? I doubt it. Worried about evans striking speed, accuracy, and power would make more sense. Evans has some of the fastest footwork in the lhw division. Machida is the only one that rivals his speed.

    • phace says:

      That makes sense..I think Rashad is just trying to get in his head. I don’t think Phil is scared of his wrestling but I do think the rest of what he’s saying is true.

  4. Scott McScottingson says:

    lol..i don’t see a modified kimura in your resume rashad…
    AKA The Mr Wonderful.

  5. Mo says:

    Evans for the win….booo

  6. lex walker says:

    Rashad is gonna whop his ass the fight bones

  7. Dom#1 says:

    so rashad says davis gets his and he starts to panic.. If I recall Thiago silva dropped rashad late in the 3rd round while he was completely gassed, rashad did get back up…Rampage grazed him with an uppercut and he went down and his eyes rolled. So? you get knocked out 4 times in 1 fight by lyoto get bitch slapped by 2 others and then talk about someone elses chin.. I dont get this guy. Yeah hes good at leg humping but he wont do that against davis. I hope rashad wins tho so I can watch jones smash the fuckin guy!

    • JMad says:

      he actualy only leg humped thiago and rampage. most of his other fights have been exciting. im not a fan, jsut saying, i also hope he wins so him and jones can settle their “beef”

  8. Natural says:

    Sounds like rashads scared. Don’t be scared homie. That’s only thing Davis has is he’s a larger wrestler.,,,
    Otherwise I got rashad all day

  9. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Davis should be afraid of his striking not wrestling because Phil has close to no striking ability he is often off balance and just looks amateurish when striking. His striking against Lil Nog was complete shit.

    Rashad is going to TKO decision Phil.

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