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Wednesday, 01/18/2012, 06:00 am

UFC NEWS – Erick Silva Discusses His DQ loss: Just Wants To Win,Win And Win (Video)

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12 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Erick Silva Discusses His DQ loss: Just Wants To Win,Win And Win (Video)”

  1. syche says:

    Ye that was bs, glad everyone knows it. This kid is a beast hey, has the look of eagles

    • JMad says:

      I agree that he’s a beast and I’m glad we have a new guy in WW that can really shake things up but what does “has the look of eagles” mean?

      • JB Spencer says:

        lmao… i sure as hell dont know, but its kinda cathcy n sounds hella funny.

        In fact, this morning someone cut me off on my way to work, i caught up to him at a stop light and gave him ‘the look of eagles’ and he nearly shit himself.

  2. Xaninho says:

    It was a bad call, but it was an honest mistake by Yamasaki. He should have the LnP fighters stand back up a bit quicker, like Dan Miragliotta did past weekend, but overall he is still a top referee.

    • davvee says:

      dan miragliotta was told im sure to stand them up real fast cuz the brazin fans would go crazy if johnson pulled a gsp and lied on the guy for 5 rounds…..if not i would love to see him ref more gsp fights..but could you imagine what will happen if they have a soccer feild full of people cheering for anderson and he loses to cheal ontop him all fight,,,there good easily be a serious riat…this could be a mistake,,all the time there are riats and people killed from soccer games///

      • Brandon Wheaton says:

        I said the same thing, I’m certain Dana told him to after the johnson fiasco, but it’s a trend I hope continues.

      • JB Spencer says:

        ” ” … could u imagine what woulda happend if vitor or aldo had come up on the short end of a call like that n lost… theyd b talkin about this on cnn – wolfe blitzer reportin – “its day 5 of the rio dejuanero riots, its not confirmed if hes still alive after the brutal assault, but rioters claim to have mma refere mario yamasaki held hostage. Negotiations are on the table…” “police are saying the rioters have ‘the look of eagles’, so this could go on for days to come”

        • JMad says:

          That is so F*ing funny, i tried to comment on it yesterday but the site was all messed up. Seriously ‘the look of eagles’ is this kids thing. we have to spread the word.

  3. Shawn says:

    This is just purely analytical. Initially, I was dumbfounded by that call. I thought Silva won that fight. Then I looked at the replays (frame by frame). There were 12 strikes in total from the first punch when Prater dropped, to when Yamasaki jumped in. From the original angle, there were 4 hits to the side of the head, 3 hits to the back, with one being arguable, 2 hits to the arm, and 3 hits that were unknown because it was covered. On the reverse replay angle, you only see the first hit which was a glancing blow to the back of the head (technically still a hit to the back of the head). On the replay that Joe Rogan showed in his post fight interview, I saw pretty much the same hits from the original angle. As I saw it was B (back of head), S (side of head), B, A (arm), S, S, S, S, B (arguably), A, ? (covered hit), ?, ? (this is where Yamasaki jumped in. Personally, at such a controversial call, as I’ve seen other fighters get away with worse, but also looking at it at the view of the ref (who really has a better vantage point than all of us watching on tv). I don’t think Yamasaki made a bad call, he just saw it as it presented itself to his view. If he was warned Silva not to hit the back of the head from the first punch, he did hit Prater with 2 more to the back of the head. Causing Prater to not be able to continue. If not a win for Silva, it should have been no more than a No Contest. Video replay should really be implemented for calls like this.

  4. Mach00man says:

    I’d say give Erick “The look of Eagles” Silva a rematch!

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