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Monday, 12/26/2011, 12:35 pm

UFC NEWS – Ellenberger Predicts First or Second Round Knockout over Diego Sanchez

“Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. That’s what I’ve always done. If it goes three, if it goes five rounds, if it goes 10 rounds, I mean, I’ll be ready for sure. I always look to finish fights as fast as I can, just being prepared as I can. But I can see a TKO in the first or second round.”

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10 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Ellenberger Predicts First or Second Round Knockout over Diego Sanchez”

  1. A.James says:

    I hope he gets rid of the short bus warrior.

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      I still can’t belive how bad Diego sanchez;s face was beat to hamburger in the Kampmann fight. Diego clearly got his ass beat in that fight. Kampm ann barely had a mark on him and was screwed again just like in the Sheilds fight. Sheilds has not won a fight yet in the UFC IMO. I wish the UFC would have given Ellenberger this fight with Fitch. I have heard Crazy Bob cook is a hard at work doing his magic using both Kosckeck and Fitch to manuver tehri way around Ellenberger. No way Fitch was fair any better than Sheilds against Ellenberger. I pray Crazy Bob Cook doesn’t succeed in getting both his fighters out of fighting Ellenberger. Mark my words if ellebger gets his hands on Fitch it will be a KNOCKOUT and the fans will be so friggen happy because Dana White has vowed that Fitch would be released after his next loss. The day Fitch is released will be one of the greatest days in UFC history because it will send a clear message to all the LAY N PRAYERS that boring ass fighters will not be tolerated in teh UFC. Dana says Fitch is vastly overpaid and has very little fanbase and worst of all he is stinking up his fight cards. Fitch was warned by Dana/UFC before teh BJ fight that he would be released if he lost and he still lost 2 rounds to BJ even with his 30 pound weight advantage. Remember what i said Fitch will somehow avoid ellenberger wait and see

  2. Brandon says:

    would be a rather large upset if diego won (IMO) i would love to see him finish diego in spectacular form similar to how he finished the jake sheilds.

    • dlee says:

      Ya it would… Im pulling for Jake, but im not knocking Diego down one bit. The dude might ride on a shortbus, but you better know he has more heart than any fighter. Dude doesnt quit one bit.

  3. rondo says:

    Go Diego!!!! keep the dream alive!!!

  4. slacker says:

    Diego has two great intangiables: heart and toughness. But his stand-up is too stiff, which B.J. really capitalized on. Ellenberger is too strong for him everywhere. He will do what Kampmann was unable to do: finish him. Ellenberger by K.O.

  5. Long-Strong says:

    wouldn’t be surprised. loving this guys attention lately. talks the talk and walks the walk! Jake Shields knows what’s up!

  6. GRT 3000 says:

    Go Diego Go. I predict Sanchez by dirty Sanchez.

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