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Saturday, 01/07/2012, 06:34 pm

UFC NEWS – Educating The Masses: Why BJ Penn No Longer Respects Nick Diaz

Allow me to introduce myself, My name is Scott Hernandez and I manage the BJPENN.COM website as well as BJ Penn’s Twitter and Facebook accounts. I work closely with BJ on a daily basis and because of this I have a strong emotional attachment to all things relating to our team and BJ’s life and career.

I went on BJ’s Facebook today to try and informally educate some of his detractors as to why BJ came out on Twitter two days ago and attacked Nick Diaz. For me, it was to the point where after reading several responses and comments I thought it important to put out some flames and explain what is going on.

I was merely trying to educate some of the people who don’t understand where BJ is coming from. But I probably shouldn’t have done it in that manner because it still left glaring questions unanswered and maybe put some words in BJ’s mouth that shouldn’t have been there.

So here I sit, using the BJPENN.COM platform to go into more detail and instead of name calling and calling people disgraceful I would like to run over some items and explain why BJ feels the way he does about Nick following their UFC 137 fight.

First and foremost, BJ and Nick are no longer friends. I understand the media may have painted a picture following the fight that things where cool. But they were not. The one photo of the two together post-fight was taken by Cesar and BJ and Nick did no socializing amongst each other after the fight. This was just a picture painted by the media, but it was never all flowers and butterflies.

Behind closed doors and far from the public’s view, the two have not been friendly and these recent comments are a result of that.

What I offer you now is some media in various forms and an explanation as to why BJ lost respect for Nick.

While many may focus on the pre-fight chatter between the two and how both parties where respectful, Nick caught BJ off guard and the relationship started to fall apart at the weigh-ins when Nick tried to strike BJ.

Check it out:

So that was “strike one”.

In what had seemed to be a calm and respectful lead up to their fight things started to turn ugly as soon as the two squared off and weighed in.

Then during the fight, and I am not here to get into the technical breakdown of which fighter did what as far as the actual fight is concerned, but in between rounds Nick shoulder checked BJ. This is another thing that bothered BJ and hurt the friendship even more.

Here is the shoulder check:

The shoulder check was disrespectful, unwarranted and unnecessary, but I’ll move on.

The third item of my list of four that I wish to highlight is the post-fight antics of Nick. He took to Jason Parillo, BJ’s boxing coach, with a verbal out lash and again, strained the relationship between himself and BJ further.

Here it is:

The last item on the list is this clip from HDNet. Nick calls BJ bitter for the loss and seems to have more to say about the fight and BJ.

Diaz talks at the two minute mark:

That is all I wanted to express to you guys. Understand it or not, these are the items, these are the actions that changed BJ’s opinion of Nick Diaz and what tarnished their friendship.

I can’t speak on why it took BJ three month’s to finally come out and say it bothered him, but what’s done is done. I know his supporters will and always do understand, but I hope this helps clear up what’s going on with the ones who don’t get it and maybe you can see, from our side, where we are coming from.

These actions are not of friends; these are actions of people who do not like each other. Nick crossed the line with BJ on more than one occasion and that was all she wrote.

For BJ’s part, he’s not losing any sleep over this stuff, but for me, I wanted to try and educate and merely answer some of these questions we have been receiving from the fans.

Thanks for listening guys and thank you for all your love and support throughout the years. Hope this helped clear some things up!

– Scott

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0 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Educating The Masses: Why BJ Penn No Longer Respects Nick Diaz”

  1. Harris says:

    BJ PENN is a legend, Diaz will get a taste of his own medicine very soon, BJ all the way, always backing BJ, BJ for life!!!!!!! 😀

    • jimbo says:

      i dont give a fuck nick diaz clearly is a torn man and he clearly beat the piss out of bj penn

      • Can't We All Just Get Along???? says:



        • Bod Pa says:

          Maybe or maybe they want to sell an upcoming fight. Got news for them, nowbody wants to watch that one, BJ would get stomped on… again…

          unless he would get the same cardio as Diaz, which he wont even when he would improve his. Could you imagine what whould happen if another main event happened… the last two rounds… I dont want that shit. I like BJ too much, I dont want to seem him broken. Maybe he could try lightweight again would be much better, he could loose some lovehandles.

          BJ you still rock

      • Bruiser says:

        diaz is a fucking mangina!!

    • Fuck you politician says:

      Hey BJ, when you fight nick Diaz that’s what u get.. Shouldn’t have signed a contract to attempt to beat te fuck out of him and expect nick to kiss your ass?? It’s nick Diaz…I mean really?? I like BJ for years.. Really hard to stay a supporter with this bullshit.. Ok so you don’t like nick along with to. Of others.. He smashed you… I don’t see you doing anything different next time…I think it would have been awesome if you came out.. Knocked out someone very relative then called him out… This is just hard to buy even from BJ

    • Hey BJ!!! Read this says:

      Lol you should try ro wrap your own legs around your head and use your high level jiu Jitsu to triangle yourself to death… Your the biggest joke in mma at this point.. Wtf drugs are your jackass dick sucking camp feeding you.. Jesus, kill your reputation a little more..fucking A!! Come to think of it, the only fucking cool this you did was jump out of a pool and knock out caul UNO .. Go take a lap in the Hilo beach dildo

      • Abe says:

        you do realize Cesar disrespected BJ criticizing his performance after the fight. Cesar kicked BJ when he was done saying his camp sucked, and how he should train with nick diaz who clearly disrespected him before and after the fight. Your the keyboard dildo warrior head, you dont know what its like to enter into the cage who is “supposedly your friend” and they disrespect u like the way he did. So shut the fuck up asshole.

        • Kanye West says:

          BJ Penn does not care about black people

        • snoop froggy dogg says:


        • Another Endicott HoodRat says:


        • Conor says:

          LOL! Well said…. Well said

        • Faust says:

          Actually he praised Penn’s abilities a lot..

          Just said that he had to change teams to get anything out of those talents…

        • doomrider7 says:

          Which is something people have been saying since forever. BJ’s entire camp is composed of nothing but “yes” men that do NOTHING to improve him in any significant way and just cuddle him and fail to bring in fighters that will push push him in grappling or striking. Just watch his second fight with Franky, his corner was completely useless in that fight and couldn’t give any form of advise.

        • Brandon Wheaton says:

          Uh, Ceaser is right though. What good has BJ’s camp done for him lately? Last win I remember is KOing a washed up Hughes (and then look what happened to Hughes after he came to BJs camp).

    • da boss says:

      why do people come on BJ’s website and talk bad about him?

    • SO FUCKING WHAT!!!! IS THIS GOLF????? says:


    • danriverapv says:

      a legend who is now coming off as being a big baby.

    • WAR PENN!!!! Go Get em BJ I Support You says:


      Maybe after Parillo gets his cocked cleaned off from your asshole he can put on a BJ mask and try his hand at fighting your fights…since its apparent every other mother fucker you deal with needs to…one word


      you need your balls back check your testosterone levels BJ…and loss the BJ…its to close to blow job after all this…

    • Rafi Bomb says:

      I’m sure he’ll read that. BABY Jay is being a tad sensitive here. This is Nick, this will always be Nick. How many other ppl get butt hurt about what Nick does? Bitches like Noons. Congrats, BJ. You just joined an exclusive rank of fighters who are grown, pouty babies.

  2. tim says:

    Sorry.. but your not fooling anyone.. just playing the game for a rematch

    • The King says:

      This is real life pal. This is real

      • tim says:

        I know.. my point exactly.. thankyou for accenting it.

        Real life MMA= Getting people to want to see a match or rematch.. if people want to see a fight bad enough… the UFC will make it happen. Why do you think trash talk and opinions of mma fighters even matter outside of the sport? Im being neutral.. personally Im a BJ penn fan over Diaz… but all this he said, not me, lets clarify it in case you didnt understand BS are the typical ingredients used to cook up interest in a rematch.

  3. Adrian says:

    First rule of holes…

  4. magoo says:

    I don’t blame Bj,and I’m glad to know BJ aint losin any sleep over it either,Fuck Team Gracie and Nick Diaz!

    • dave says:

      hahaha bj is losing big big sleep thats why he was quiet for 3 months but it kept him up at night so he had to say something,,,if bj has beef e can handle it in the ring…bj will never punch cesar lik he said…bj is just valking shit now …it is sad i use to love bj but i cant stand behind him anymre…he could ave beenthe best ever ever but he was too lazt to train hard and commit,,,bj is a way way more skilled fighter then nick or even gsp but he dont hve the dedication ….if only he wanted it more

    • km says:

      fuck team gracie? fuck u punk bitch…..u dun kno shit about mma and hop off bj’s dick

  5. Twayne says:



    • DontBeScaredhomie says:

      How can you even be a fan of this fucking child with all his crying and excuses

      • Hey dumbass! says:

        why are you even on this site, you piece of sh##???? you’re lucky i don’t know where you live, motherf##ker!

      • e says:

        talk is cheap fkn keyboard pussies. yall talk shit like a bunch of bitches for real. lucky nobody is there to smack the shit out of all you faggots.

        And fuck all you fairweather bitch ass fans yall callin BJ a disgrace? you cock suckers are the absolute definition of disgrace.

        • DontBeScaredHomie says:

          You’re the definition of a retarded mindless fan. ill send you guys my address because all of you know damn well you won’t do shit to anyone with your pathetic little ass

        • filharmonic says:

          Send it BITCH!

  6. John says:

    I can’t stand all these people saying they lost respect for BJ. I mean look at the videos where nick is clearly being a disrespectful bitch

    • Tired says:

      At the weigh ins, I thought they were just both not backing down. Get out of here about trying to hit him.

      The shoulder bump, really? At this point, they are in a fight. People who are fighters, like these guys are, are not friends in the ring. BJ nor Nick attempted to get out of each others way.

      Still a BJ fan, always will be, he could choose to like or dislike whomever he wants. I think this story is way too sensationalized though.

  7. Vassilis says:

    Scott, getting into a war of words publicly is still pointless in my opinion and doesn’t help BJ’s image. Some times silence is the best answer. Other than that, when both Diaz brothers speak I’m really trying hard not to fall asleep. They can’t complete a fucking sense in proper English.

  8. kevin says:

    well bj had every chance in the world to prove it in the ring. not hatin on bj as a fighter, but this is some straight up junior high girl shit. you fuckin lost. the shit he talked, he backed up. 3 months later, you’re making yourself look like a fool. and scott – you’re making yourself look like the pretty girl’s friend in junior high who has to go tell everyone why the pretty girl’s acting like a bitch. i hope both of you feel stupid, cuz you look stupid – and nick is fighting for the title.

    • crybaby says:

      Agree completely. Who cares if you got shoulder checked and Nick said stuff you don’t like? I got news for you……Nick don’t wana be your friend. He wants to be the champ. So you bitching about how he messed up your friendship sounds soooooooo weak and stupid. He don’t wana be your friend. Maybe since you have so much on your mind you should fight him again. See how that works out

      • rafael BJ PENN FAN! says:

        wow like all you guys are assholes yo. its ether your a fan or not lol you guys are talking about a guy who gave us so many good fight with one of the best fighting styles out there and he didn’t even had to the guy is rich he didn’t have to do any of it! you guys are stupid man.


        • re: rafael says:

          You are a piece of shit cunt. Just because he gave us great fights doesn’t mean he gets to whine like a baby and expect to be respected when he gets beat down in the fight game and nobody calls him out on it. If you don’t like being shoulder checked and swung on at the weigh in, try getting back in the gym and training harder. If not then shut the fuck up queef. I didn’t hear Frank Mir whining like a pussy when Brock smashed his head in and then screamed at him. So shut your god dam face you stupid cuntface faggot asswipe

        • DontBeScaredhomie says:

          I don’t know why people think this is something new for this guy everytime he lost he had excuses why Edgar fight fitch GSP he is just a crybaby and now that he got beat the fuck down he feels the need to talk shit behind a computer and do all this its pretty pathetic

        • Xaninho says:

          You’re talking shit behind your computer on HIS website..That is Pathetic with a capital P

  9. LAKS says:

    It’s all part of the game HOMIE go cry to MAMA BABYj

  10. maurice says:

    wow. i knew y bj was mad already. but this definently explains it further, i didnt even realize he was screamin BS to parillo and bj after the fight. CRAZY!!!

    • BJ fan for Life. says:

      Fighters are still pumped just after the final bell rings. Attribute Diaz’s actions to that. Nothing against Parillo, for sure. Agree that this reason is, well, unreasonable…

  11. Eddie D says:

    So BJ is mad because the person he is fighting is not respecting him…Weigh-in scuffle…Ok nothing different there…He shoulder checked him after the round was over…Big fucking whoop..They are fighting..Did bj want a hug or what…He needs to get over his spanking and get back in there

  12. Twayne says:

    So kevin, which we’re you? the pretty girl or the pretty girls’ friend? Since you know soo much about jr. high girl’s drama. And about world titles? BJs’ held those twice in diffrent divs. stfu you stupid hoemmie! @laks go fill you icecream bowl up you internet scrub!


  13. it is what it is says:

    Nuff crying already! BJ fans tell me this, if the tables were turned and lets say BJ beat Edgar in the LW matches, wouldn’t you all be pissed if Edgar’s camp kept crying about BJ only winning cause he was the “bigger guy?” C’mon man! For every loss, there’s some excuse. Not emotional set, sinus infection, the judges, and so on. It’s getting fuken embarrassing already! I watch all BJ’s fight. I support him and he possesses a certain “Mana” about him but, I’m getting tired of all our Local Peeps and BJ Fans fuken kissing his ass even when he (BJ) and his camp are wrong. Okay YES, Nick disrespectd him “several” times. So, BJ should’ve settled it in the cage bu! Jes like here at home, you call out somebody, you tro down, and if you lose, YOU LOSE! Suck it up. No fuken cry! If Beej wants Nick so bad, SET IT UP! Stop this back and forth bickering and name calling shit! Fucken beef already! Bunch of fucken kids.

  14. TEMPHUiBIS says:

    -]. That’s how Diaz has always been, I like the Diaz brothers as fighters, they are Perfect but they act like dickheads and I hate their attitude .[-

  15. DaMcK24 says:

    If BJ is so mad why doesn’t he go find nick and say it to his face or beat him up instead of crying like a scorned woman…. Ohh wait he already had that chance and retired after an ass whoopin…. What a clown

  16. TheTruth says:

    You should have just posted this the first time and everything would have been fine, but you and BJ both screwed up and now are on your heels trying to gain some cred back. Famous people should be more careful when posting either Drunk or Angry. This situation is proof of that.

  17. it is what it is says:

    Oh, and another thing. If the Beej is gonna fight again, please drop Parillo and the rest of the YES-Men and train to your fullest potential. Fuck, read between the lines of all your “true fans.” they cry out for the same thing only because they want to see you win again BJ. Stop the fucken lounging around shit and take care of business during your training camp. Take some notes from all the Vitor clips that your sites posts up. BJ, your entourage is fucken holding you back man. Same shit lately. Going for a run. Wow. Walking under water with rocks. Diving off Rocks. Wow. Plyometrics. Some boxing. Wow. Anger, uuuuuuu I mad. Visit a heiau. Ok. Fight- Gas out-Lose = excuses. Come on BJ, time is going by, and you aint getting younger. Yet, you can reign supreme again if you DO IT CORRECTLY!

  18. Truth Hurts says:

    Whatever man, you ain’t fooling anybody. BJ seriously looks like a sore loser. Do your talking in the ring bro. You gassed out, got out boxed afterwards and lost the fight. Why do you have to explain to the world why you have lost respect to Nick Diaz? Who cares? Hate the guy all you want but you don’t need to tweet about it because you’re looking like a sore loser. Real fighters fight in the ring, not on the internet… #justsayin

  19. imakeitsquirt says:

    Nick is going to pass BJ over to little bro Nate at 155. BJ episode of BangBros.

  20. J says:

    all this keeps making bj looks worse… just take the loss and move on already. Did he want a hug at the weigh ins? Shoulder check? Was he supposed to hug him between rounds as well?

  21. Shawn says:

    I haven’t lost respect for BJ. I pretty much feel d same way. I Like d Diaz’s…as fighters. U can’t n e thing away from them in that regard. But they r disrespectful to opponents prior to fights. Now whether thats intentional or for show, its unnecessary. Most fighters don’t talk trash. N those that do, never let it escalate to d point d Diaz’s do. Ie. physicality in weigh-ins. As well as d trash talking after fights. Nate was actually cool w Cerrone after their fight. But Nick is a bigger hot head. Hopefully BJ will get his fire back n return to fight. He still has plenty of fight left in him.

  22. vinny says:

    Stop writing stupid stories. It was a fight, Nick put it to BJ, leave it alone, you are making Penn look like a whining baby. Diaz gave Parillo a blast because Parillo was making statements before the fight about Diaz having lousy striking. Nick wanted to make his point to Parillo. Who the hell cares anyways. BJ threatening Cesar Gracie, man BJ has completely lost his balls. BJ needs to get away from all you people who do nothing but agree with him. He needs a real training camp, much like the camp Nick Diaz belongs to. I can not believe BJ allows this story as the front page headline. Pretty fucking sad. Has it come to this?????

  23. Matt says:

    I don’t really like all that BJ said. But I still like the guy. So I’m still gonna be here for now whether he fights again or just decides to stay semi-retired. I’ve said stuff when I should have just been quiet.

  24. Terry says:

    first thing I wanna say is that someone needs to educate these fighters on how to do interviews so they don’t sound handicap…it’s a combination of nervousness and in-experience with media…the UFC needs to set up some sort of education program for all fighters that ever step front of a camera so that the “mainstream” or ignorant fucks of the world don’t tarnish the sport by calling the fighters meat heads and dummy’s. Each and every one of those people couldn’t do a better job in an interview especially with emotion involved…for an example nick Diaz said “ya know” about 100 times within the 2 minute interview…which leads to my next topic ..when u listen to bj penn speak in an interview he is an educated person and shows class infront of the media not like some low life ghetto thug…so it’s all personal preference on the type of person u are as to which fighter u think is right or personally I like bj penn more and back his bitterness just because the type of person he is(respectfull) suits my personality more…some guys might think the Diaz brothers are the coolest people in the world…but for anyone with any intellect at all they would realize in the long run bad for the sport..

    • MMAfan says:

      Dude seriously shut the fuck up. This isnt english 101. I wanna see a fuckin fight! that is all.

      • Bloodhound says:

        It’s bad for the sport to have fighters who think they’re street fighters “repping” it.

        You don’t need to be nice, you don’t even NEED to speak english (Wanderlei Silva) you just have to actually get some point across.

        Only thing anyone knows about the Diaz brothers is that they can fight and their attitude is worse than the shits you get after eating KFC and Taco Bell in the same night, at least Nate has cleaned his attitude up a little.

        They may be great fighters but the sport needs a good image to continue growing, otherwise we’ll be back to the days where it was called Human Cock Fighting and filled with Bar Brawlers, we’re just gaining credibility here and we really need it to continue having it as a legitamite sport.

  25. slacker says:

    Nick calling B.J. bitter is just an attempt to rub salt in the wound of the loss. B.J.’s comments about Nick fighting GSP were good critical comments. Sure, B.J. might have enjoyed pointing out Nick’s wrestling weakness a little, but he didn’t come across bitter or like he was relishing it. Nick just has no grace or sportsmanship in victory. But that should be no surprise! He’s probably over-compensating by saying that because he knows he will probably lose to GSP and he doesn’t want B.J. to have the last word on that. Everyone knows he ran out the back door the first time they were supposed to fight, and he basically admitted in that interview that it was his time to lose! In my opinion, he knows he can’t beat GSP because he knows he can’t stop the takedown. He’s gonna be landing on his ass all night – if that fight ever happens!

    Anyways, most of this stuff is just petty pride. But we are all capable of it when our pride goes unchecked for too long. It’s best to just let it go. It only makes you angrier and angrier. It never stops; it just eats away at you.

  26. petes808 says:

    PEDRO AND SCOT bj got enuf yesmen around him alredy stop adding to it.. we love bj but u guys are trying to justify his computer wars. not happening.


    Scott, this really did not help BJ at all. Did you consult with BJ before you posted this weak shit? Sometimes you fucken BJ admin guys and BJ Mods make some fucked up decisions. Just let BJ do the talking and fighting. We all are still wondering if all this shit (from the initial tweet to Nick, to this article) is even the words or thoughts of BJ. For all we know, its all “his people” who shovel this shit to us. Just wish BJ himself would post more videos of him on this site. It is called “BJ”PENN.COM right? Yet, he doesn’t seem to address the fans on this site other than old footage of him on interviews with media and/or filming him opening his Gym on Oahu. BJ fans want to know……………………………..

  28. Berg says:

    So BJ has ppl speak for him now? That’s lame, now as far as the fight get over it. BJ was outclassed and I feel like he has a hard time dealin with it. I have to agree with Ceaser tho all this nigga does is make excuses. GSP cheats, Edgar runs, Nick grabs the fence. Fuck outta here he’ll blame anyone but hisself. He doesn’t train hard he’s not in good shape and his camp is full of lames. And now he’s doing all he can to try and get a rematch that he doesn’t deserve, that’s why he’s callin out trainers and becoming cry baby j. But be careful what u wish for caz next time he could be fighting Nick it will be a 5 round fight and we all know this nigga can’t go 5. BJ used to bet fav fighter not anymore he’s turned into a complainer, now it’s bout the 209 bitch!

    • Truth Hurts says:

      Forreals though. I gotta admit, I was one of his biggest fans until he started this twitter/internet war. And for all his “moderators” talking for me, you guys should just stop. You’re making BJ look worse! BJ looks like a sore loser/complainer.

  29. keep_it-to_yourself says:

    This article helped me understand more the situation. But I still think it was unnecessary for BJ to make such a big deal out of this through the media. All the talking he has done has made me lose respect towards BJ.

  30. slacker says:

    As for the shoulder check, Nick did that cause he was jilted and pissed that he lost that 1st. round. His ego couldn’t handle it.

  31. petes808 says:

    by da way u guys not educating nobody!

  32. jasonsimmons says:

    BJ VS HENDRICKS OR BJ RETURNS TO LW FOR NATE. I jus have a feeling one of those fights are next for penn.

  33. kyle says:

    in case you hadn’t noticed towards the end of the fight bj was starting to find his range…soo 2 more rounds would have ended up with nick diaz on dream street.
    Take nick diazs dick out of your mouth and realize that he didn’t stagger bj one bit he didn’t rock him one time not once so bj took all that nick had and nick still COULD NOT GET THE FINISH! think about how that has to mentally to nick that he hit bj penn with his best punches and couldn’t even get bj to step back.

    • I don't remember my name says:

      two more rounds??? BJ doesn’t have the cardio at WW to last two more rounds especially with Nick’s body punches. Two more rounds the corner would have stopped the fight like they did against GSP.

    • Eddie D...WTF kyle?? says:

      dude what fuking fight were you watching..Bj was gassed in the 3rd and Diaz was still running on a full tank..Get off of BJ”S nutt sack and speak the truth..Its the only way BJ is gonna hear the truth..Instead of being a so called”YES” man and telling bj he was gonna win the fight if it was a 5rd fight….Speak the turth Homie!

  34. fourtetshou says:

    Well, I see BJ Penn’s point of view, I wouldn’t like anyone who beat me up that badly either – both physically and psychologically…

    He says BJ isn’t losing any sleep over it. But then again, you don’t see Nick Diaz on twitter talking smack about people who beat him up… He’s probably too busy training and smoking weed.

  35. maurice says:

    i for one wouldnt mind seeing that fight again. that was my second fav fight of the yr, behind rua vs hendo. bj and nick were banging, the only time the fight was lopsided was that last 3 mins of round 2. my 2 favs, brawling and leaving it all in the octagon. too bad the friendship couldnt have lasted.

  36. I knew it was all this. What else could it be? Is Nick Diaz bipolar? how do you disrespect your fav MMA fighter of all time like that. I will always be a die hard penn fan i think what he did here was right. My only problem was the timing on it. People feel like he said it to late, But he took the holidays off spent time with his family and once that was over i think he just had nothing to worry about and his last performance ate at him. Ill support BJ whether its LW or WW i just want to see him scrap again i know he still has plenty left to offer. I have no doubt he would walk through every LW not named Frankie and i still think he can beat Frankie with the right gameplan.

    • Bloodhound says:

      Everything BJ says is on point; he isn’t saying he should have won, he’s not saying it wasn’t fair – he’s just calling out what was said and done.

      The timing was the worst but think about it this way; Baby Jay was Semi-Retired, why would you go and call out people if fighting isn’t on your mind, he took his time, got some rest, hung with his family.

      I am PRAYING that this is the Hunger we saw in Stevenson, Sherk, Florian, Sanchez, etc. cuz that BJ was a scary ass fighter!

  37. Rafael says:

    I didnt need to see any of this. Bj penn is a grown ass man if he feels direspeted he has the right to do whatever he wants to do. PHUCK THE HATERS. BJ PENN THE GOAT!

  38. Thanks bradduh Scott! I know Bj’s mentality and knew diaz’s actions were going to piss Bj off. This is competition and business, but no need to act like a fkn Diaz (dick). I WANT BJ v Nate Diaz @ LW. Do what you do Bj..

  39. Jaze says:

    This Scott character is a clown, the points he brings up and tries to make valid makes this whole thing even more pathetic. You made a dumbass decision trying to make a publicity stunt calling out ppl, the shit backfired on you good and made B.J not only look like a sour loser but a bitch. B.J deserves more than this. Nick Diaz put hands allover him, smashed him good, and theres no shame in that BJ is a warrior, but to start coming out with shit like this on twitter, Scott you fucked it up good, making a warrior look like a bitch. You should really clear things up and admit to everyone that the biggest bitch in all this is you and educate yourself and let grown men business be handled between grown men.

    • Berg says:

      What u said this Scott dude is fuckin BJ up and makin him look like a lil girl. BJ is better than that and he should step up and put out a video himself of himself that way we can know why he really thinks. And these points Scott tried to make r bogus for one Nick didn’t try to “strike” BJ at the weigh in u idiot, and also he only talked shit about BJ being bitter AFTER BJ was talkin shit bout Nick and saying GSP would win that fight easy. Slacker u need to watch the fight again BJ is warned about grabbing shorts atleast 2 times so I don’t want to hear shit about Nick putting his fingers in the cage, I have a hard time believing that’s what got him beat. Like I said earlier what got him beat was his lack of cardio and his dumb ass camp. Why would Parilla want BJ to try and take Nick down in the 2nd knowin that he would blow his wod going for it. Trust me if these 2 fought again it would look the same Nicks chin is too good to get knocked out he’s not getting subbed and his cardio is thru the roof of heaven this is just a bad match up for BJ. Like I said BJ was one of my favs til this Scott character starting makin him look like a pussy. BJ needs to move camps and take this shit seriously move back to 155 and become the worrior he was. I’d hate for my last memories of BJ being a sore loser who has to have some clown named Scott do his talkin for him. Fuck fights over move on and get ur ass back in the gym!

  40. Mircfsc says:

    Quit bein lazy, go back to LW, and dominate in your last years…and for the 50th time – NEW TRAINING CAMP. Fucking go to Blackhouse, move your fam with you during training camps. Or just retire for reals :(

  41. slacker says:

    I just re-watched the fight. I see B.J.’s point about Nick holding him up against the fence. I saw Nick stick his fingers in and hold him there 4 different times. B.J. grabbed his shorts in the 3rd., but by then, Nick had already gained the upper hand, and part of that came through Nick wearing him out by grabbing the fence and holding him there. I agree. That is pretty pussy when you are a natural WW fighting a natural LW. Apart from that, I felt there was one key turning point in the match that B.J. could have controlled. He missed a key single leg attempt at around 3: 30 remaining of the 2nd. round that he should have had; at that point the round was about even. He had a good hold of his leg, but then he used bad technique. Instead of pulling Nick’s leg up more and toward him, which would have made Nick fall, he let himself fall downward toward Nick and he just slid his leg out. It’s too bad. Who knows? Maybe he would have won that round, or it would have been very close! What a fight though! For all the punches Nick landed, he couldn’t knock B.J. down. B.J. is one tough S.O.B!

    As for this post-fight back and forth, if I was B.J., I would try to let it go. If it’s any consolation, Nick will never accrue the legacy that B.J. already has.

  42. no longer a fan says:

    BJ is irrelevant now, trying to talk himself back into a rematch. Sad that he has resorted to talking shit to a dude that beat his ass months ago. Move on. What happened to “I don’t want to go home looking like this anymore Joe” ?

    I was a fan during his first run in the UFC, but I started to lose faith when he promised a “fight to the death Georges” and then gave up between rounds. If you’re tired of fighting bigger guys, why not drop back to 155? Guess you’d have to eat better and actually do some cardio though…

    • slacker says:

      I don’t think he is trying to get a re-match. I think he just wants everyone to know, that if you consider the fence – grabbing, Nick isn’t all “street tough” as he says he is. The fight and the stand-up was about dead even until that point.

  43. stix says:

    nick’s a great exciting fighter but a complete social retard, what else is new?

    as far as the shoulder check, he lost the first round pretty blatantly and didn’t like it. after the shit he pulled at the weigh-in he was probably a little embarrassed for losing round 1. not surprising.

    he has the emotional reactions and maturity of a 5 year old in the cage and leading up to a fight. he’s one of my favorite fighters but so unlikeable sometimes.

    he’s been using his size and reach to beat dudes smaller than him for a minute now… gomi, mike aina, katsuya inoue, mushin cobbrey, thomas denny, shamrock, sakurai, noons, zaromskis, cyborg, paul daley… the penn fight was nothing different.

    it’s not the first time he’s pushed a guy up against the cage to put some weight on them and tire their arms out and then backed off out of range to throw punches.

    the carlos condit fight is interesting cause he’s fighting a guy the same height, same size with the same reach.

    but, BJ knows by now when he comes out and beats these bigger dudes in the first round they’re gonna do what they need to do in the next rounds to win. nick wanted that title shot so if he had to push him up against the cage and wear him down before he started unloading punches that’s what he was gonna do.

    nick didn’t ask to fight BJ and didn’t want to fight BJ, he wanted to fight GSP, it fell apart, and cesar wanted to make the penn fight happen cause he saw the size and length advantage nick had. nick got pushed into the fight by his manager and dana. don’t know why he was calling BJ bitter for saying GSP could outwrestle him though.

    BJ took the first round but was worn down by the bigger guy. he landed some good shots on nick but they were all chin shots, diaz doesn’t have a button there. if you wanna hurt nick you have to land on the temple or ear, which is really hard to do when you’re 4-5 inches shorter, giving up 25 pounds and giving up a 6-7 inch reach.

    the condit fight should be interesting.

    • Berg says:

      Nick vs Condit will look just like Nate vs Cerrone except I can see Nick subbing Condit. I’m not sold on Condit getting this shot look at his fights lost to Kampman, could of lost to Macdonald, beat a one trick pony in Hardy, and didn’t I just see Kim on the Facebook card! This is just my opinion but I think Diaz wins sort of easy and we finnaly get to see GSP vs Diaz!

    • slacker says:

      Should be a good war. But Condit will overpower him and send him packing into top 10 purgatory where he will hang around and lose to guys like Koscheck, Ellenberger, and McDonald, never to be heard from for a title shot in the UFC again. Goodbye Mugface.

      • Berg says:

        Nigga please! Do u even watch UFC dude? Or do u just hate Diaz so much u give him no credit! He’s a legit top 10 pfp fighter. He just smashed one of the best in his last fight, killed everyone in strikeforce and will soon be ww champ. Kos fag won’t be able to hold him down for 25 mins sure as hell won’t beat him standing up, Macdonald won’t be able to overpower him like he did Nate and will get wore down by Nicks pace, now Jake would be a good fight but please do some research before u speak ur startin to sound like a jackass. U must be Scott!

        • slacker says:

          He’s a top 10 WW; that is all. And definitely he is good enough to hang out there for a few more years. But he will never be a UFC WW champ. Koscheck can definitely wear him out with enough wrestling and ground and pound to make him ineffective when it does get to the feet. McDonald and Ellenberger will both overpower and outstrike him. But let’s take this one step at a time. The picture will get a little clearer after you watch him lose to Condit.

        • Berg says:

          Hahahahahahahaha put down the crack pipe cuz. Have u even seen a Diaz fight. Caz if I’ve seen say one of his last 10 u would know he doesn’t wear out. He does triathlons fool, he never gasses and sets a ridiculous pace that everyone has trouble keeping up with. Snoozecheck doesn’t stand a chance ground and pound? Maybe when y’all 2 fuck but he by no means at all will “wear down” Nick. Macdonald is not even a good striker, idk y u keep saying these guys will “overpower” him with strikes he just beat who many say is one of the bea strikers in MMA. Rory couldn’t stike with Nate he had to use his size and wrestling plus Rory gasses look at the Condit fight. Shit man I’m startin to wonder if uve ever even seem a fight. Jakes not out striking him either Diaz reach will give him all kinds of problems plus Diaz is sick off his back and Jake bjj isn’t on that level yet. But u will soon learn once u read or hear about the Condit loss. Back to the drawing board Scott!

        • slacker says:

          Diaz may still have “cardio” left, when he eventually gets up from Koscheck working him over on the mat, but his arms and shoulders will be tired making his boxing much slower. I’ve never seen a triathlete wrestling someone on his handlebars or taking ground and pound to the head while doing the backstroke, have you? McDonald did outstrike Nate easily, making him eat heavy shots over and over – you are obviously in denial on that one due to your “Love is blind” love affair with the Diaz’. All respect to B.J., but Nick did not beat a tried and true WW – sized fighter. It’s a completely different fight when your opponent (all the fighters I listed) can take you down “every round” with wrestling, uses kicks, and the reaches are even or close – enter Carlos Condit. But you are not the only one under the Nick Diaz, Strikeforce – level fighting delusion – it’s pandemic! February 4th – Welcome “back” to the UFC Nick Diaz. And welcome to remembering why you left.

        • 209 Grabs for Fences says:

          Aren’t you supposed to be weighing up a sack right about now? Wtf are you doing posting?

        • Abe says:

          Diaz sucks balls, who has he even beaten thats top 10 in strike force? Please dont say Paul Daley cuz he wasnt reallly top 10. When has Diaz ever faced an accomplished wrestler? Condit is going murder Diaz. The most accomplished win Diaz ever had was against BJ thats bout it.

        • slacker says:

          Exactly. Paul Daley is a UFC reject who got man-handled by Koscheck. You hit the nail on the head about wrestling. Anytime Nick faces a good wrestler, he will lose. Condit isn’t known for wrestling per se, but it’s sufficient enough for a guy like Nick. Condit is going to teach this punk a lesson. Then, after that, most of the other top 10’ers can have some fun smashing him.

        • Xaninho says:

          And at some point Diaz got rocked by Daley. Daley wasn’t smart enough to keep his guard up and pick his shots from then on, so he got caught by one of Diaz shots and went down.

  44. Terry says:

    @Mmafan haha get some class pal obviously we all want to watch fights and we all do..if ur not interested in the topics stated here and just want to watch fights go watch UFC re runs from 1-140 or go back to school

  45. learntoread says:

    Dear Scott,

    I am curious, how does one come to the conclusion, (other than being completely over-dramatic), that Nick Diaz tried to punch BJ Penn during the weigh in scuffle??

    It’s quite clear that it was Dana White’s momentum in attempting to break them apart that caused Nicks arm, (which was up at his own temple), to flow to the left like that. That was in no way a deliberate punch attempt by Diaz man.

    Secondly, I’m thinking there would have been no “shoulder bump” at the end of the 1st had BJ not basically walked forward directly towards Diaz. What exactly was Penn thinking was going to happen when he did that, an embrace? A guy like Nick to Tiptoe around him? Seriously.

    Anyhow, that’s just my 2 cents man, not trying to be disrespectful…simply realistic about the situation.

    • TheTruth says:

      Well said. For people to actually think Nick was trying to punch BJ during the weigh ins are complete fools. He is one of the best strikers in the business and he is going to miss a free shot like that? Not a chance. He was not trying to hit BJ. Dana stepped in and Nick whipped his arm down reacting to someone touching him. There is no way that if Nick wanted to punch BJ at that time that he would have missed him. BJ didnt even move.

      Everyone knows by now you dont get in Nicks face because he will never back down. I a not saying it is right or wrong, but that is just how it is. Nick is hardly a mystery and if you want to get into it with him his buttons are pretty easy to push. Either you avoid it or you get in his face, but dont act surprised when he does not back up for you.

    • Gabriel says:

      I was thinking the same thing. The clips were a complete waste of time. If BJ is saying this stuff one would think his manager would have better words but not really. His manager only dug the hole deeper and made him look worse. Nick was nick in all three of those videos and actually looked pretty normal actions for any fight/fighter. Bad management because I would recommend that BJs manager should focus more on BJ being better prepared rather than making excuses.

  46. OCD says:

    Re-match kindle… Penn will lose again. I have no faith that he will EVER train like a champ. His only chance is at 155 , but he still won’t train like a real champ trains. If be did he would be SMOKING everyone in the LW division. He would defend that belt for as long as he wanted to.

    If he trained like a professional he would be smoking people at 170, and at the very least give Gsp a war.

    But nope. He wants to fade away into mediocrity. Penn has a but a couple years, maybe 3 to truly be a real legend. If he so sees fit. But we all know he won’t go the extra mile. He did with the Marinovich brothers, but he was too lazy to keep with it and he messed up his relationship with them. Now what… He does not have youth on his side anymore to offset the poor work ethic.

    He’ll only be a the best 1 round fighter ever. But unfortunately for BJ, people are savvy to this, and now all they need to do is run away for enough rounds to out point him, or use size to lay on him for half a round, then he is done.

    It leaves me in bewilderment at how you can plainly see his greatness in a fight, but he cannot win against top tier fighters. All it would take is training like everybody else does. He would be feared again. No fighter is afraid of BJ Penn anymore. It’s his own fault thought. He knows what needs to be done. But its easier to make excuses.

    • Josiewales says:


      …And for the 1000th time, change camps! You dont see many champions run their own Gyms. Is any current champion the lead of their camp? Not even A.Silva runs his own camp. And, they always cross train with elite fighters that are close to title contention not these scrubs you’ve been training with. Look how well you did when you trained with Nick and Nate and Gil, right? You were considered the greatest LW of all time… damn… I don’t know which is your achilles heel, your Ego or Island lifestyle (Laziness). When was the last time a Legend talk shit on twitter? Exactly… never.

  47. marc says:

    BJ u need to re-group…pull ur shit together bro Focus ur energy training and improving ur game, dont waste ur time crying,whinning and snitching!!!!!!!

  48. Gabriel says:

    So that was the explanation?!?!? Some lame excuses! You mean to tell me it took that long for BJ to spit that out? Well guess it shows how bad Nick beat him… Does not warrant a rematch, will be a repeat. Better fights out there for Nick and the public.

  49. 503Losi says:

    I’ve been pretty blown away how ridiculous the mind set of these guys Pedro and Scott. No doubt they must be like family to Bj, I don’t want to take away from that. So many times in the last couple years I find myself completely bewildered how naive and off base these guys writings are! Seems like Bj himself is having trouble seeing the reality. I’d have to agree with the Gracie/Diaz camp and say Bj has not had the right people around him. They probably love him to death but they don’t tell him what he needs to here! The damn truth!!! How else could he keep coming to fights out of shape and unprepared? Are they really talking him up telling him his training is good enough to go up against the elite? What’s the point of going up against bigger and badder opponents just to make excuses? How could you even mention the size difference? Thats weak! A draw with Fitch? Who cares if you dominated Round 1, it’s only 1 fricken round! Where was the fire? You’re so much better than Edgar but what??? Where is the warrior spirit? Bj looked like he was going to cry when he was walking out for the Diaz fight! If Diaz did not have deep respect for Penn he would have dominated him even more. I personally was thrilled when the Gracie team invited Penn to come train. Of course his response was completely out of line and childish!! The Gracie’s and Diaz’s just want to see him reach his potential like all of BJ’s fans do! What an exciting thought!! What a complete bad ass that would be!! I’ll always be rooting for BJ Penn but its been hard listening to all this BS from him and these other guys, sounds like the blind leading the blind! Good luck in the future BJ, whether you’re raising your babes or kicking ass, or both hopefully for us fans!!! Be humble…

  50. FlyingKamelToe says:

    Website manager trying to explain why bj is mad? Scott only takes this site, bjs career and personal life serious because…well he has to say that to keep his job. Sounds like one of the yes men that Caesar was talking about. This post just reeks of desperation and a lack of judgement. Bj is a man and he doesn’t have to explain or apologize for anything. This makes bj look really bad. Bj should just keep doing what he’s doing. I’m starting to think that what Caesar said was true. Sad. Just sad.

  51. Ly-er_Ly-er says:

    I guess BJ was trying to be as composed as possible, he had these thoughts collecting & now it just finally became public! From my perspective even though they were fighting one another, I guess BJ expected maybe just some bit of respect, but it just got worst & worst! Even tho a few ppl are probly goin to drop out being ur fan, it shouldn’t matter cause the true fans will still support u! I just hope when u finally decide to return to the octagon, that u do so at ur best possible state, “body & mind”! I’m sure its no big deal, but my “loyalty” as a fan is still intact & I will continue to wear the bj penn-rvca t-shirts proudly!

  52. James Kim says:

    This is why I have no respect for American fans. You people have no loyalty or honor whatsoever. How do you lose respect for a guy who has done so much for the sport and brings everything when he steps into the cage? Not to long ago you mfer’s were the one who were cheering for bj and once again you keyboard fags are talkin sh*t. If your going to support someone, go all the way or don’t support them at all. So tell me what is the big f*cken deal? Bj is trying to get back into the division and this sport involves sh*t talking. Nick is a great fighter but he is a disrespectful sob. I hope there is a rematch so Bj can shut your wannbe fans the f*ck up. No wonder why Japanese fans a praised by mma fighters. Also learn the meaning of what “loyalty” is because its obvious none of you have any.

    • BJ fan for Life. says:

      Many “loyal” BJ fans are frustrated by the recent losses and this controversy that has made a bad situatoin worse. It’s easy to see who the fair weather fans are: they’re the one talking shit. And the loyal fans are voicing their concern over this AND MAY NOT AGREE WITH THIS ARTICLE. I, for one, don’t agree at all with this article and the reasons pointed out on why BJ is no longer cool with Diaz. I cannot see a grown man (BJ) being upset with what has happened outside of the Octagon MORE than what happened INSIDE the Octagon! I know when I’m playing bball against friends in a league, we’ll push each other around just for the hell of it. Maybe to get in each other’s head to distract one another from playing well. And Diaz yelling “I won this shit” or whatever at Parillo, it was Diaz coming down from the emotional level that all fighters put themselves in before a fight. It was not meant to harass Parillo. The weigh-in “head bump and swipe” was so petty that when it actually happened live, I thought nothing of it (apparently BJ thought different). And the HDNet MMA show comments was, I thought, a natural reaction by Diaz against BJ because BJ basically said Diaz had no chance against GSP because GSP would control the fight with wrestling.

      I never thought of BJ and the Diaz people as being friends because they trained together during one fight camp anyhow. I agree with many that BJ shouldn’t have taken this approach on Twitter and this Scott Hernandez guy maybe should’ve just let this issue fade away instead of putting his 2 cents into this thing. Now it’ll just take longer to fade away.

      BJ: come back and fight again. These are rocky times for your career. But we all know this isn’t your whole life as you have your girls to take care of and raise (good luck with 2 girls btw, you gonna need it…lol) But your fans know you can put together one more run at a LW title or even a WW title. If you do, thank you. If you don’t, thank you. It’ll be awesome to watch you fight no matter what.

      • fourtetshou says:

        Good post BJ fan for life. I agree with all the points you made. It’s difficult to find an objective point of view through the swarm of shit here.

        I became a fan of BJ Penn after I read his book, which I thought was pretty honest. However, in my parts of his book and in his post-fight comments, it really does appear as if he critically lacks objectivity about his shortcomings.

        A Champion shouldn’t make excuses.

        A Champion shouldn’t blame others.

        A Champion shouldn’t pick fights with people’s managers who don’t even fight.

        This is the cool thing about the internet. Intelligent people can look at all the facts objectively and really discern who is in the right and who is in the wrong. And the internet seems to have reached a consensus when it comes to BJ’s smack talk. That shit is weak sauce, no matter how you look at it, no matter how many excuses you make for it.

  53. slacker says:

    I think B.J. should go and take out Melendez – add another belt to his legacy.

  54. gizmologic says:

    Our mind can be our best friend or worst enemy. One of the qualities of intelligence is humility. That keeps you straight and real. In BJ’s case, not all around him who love him, are acting in his best interest. There is a reality warp there, a inflated ego, boosted by so many yes sayers around him.
    The man has a God given talent, but as wel all know, that is just one part of it, and in this ever harder competition, one will fall short, if conditioning is not in place. This has not happened once with him. He was beat to a pulp by GSP, outpaced and outsmarted by Frankie,where he clearly looked too slow and outboxed by Diaz.
    A well wisher should have told him to stop pointing to external circumstances, suck up the loss, and bounce back with reniewed fervor, and motivation to train even harder.
    That has not happened. He continues the modus operandi, of excuses, blames, fueled by bruised ego. It is not too late to make a paradigm shift, use the good remaining years, and end the career with a positive note.
    Please BJ, as a fan hos has followed your fights through all the years, raise to the occasion and show the world once again, or retire in a respectful way.

  55. Bigfan says:

    he is fighting Nick diaz, what did he expect hugs and kisses?

  56. io31 says:


    BJ said that what went on at the weigh ins “didn’t even raise his heartbeat” in the first interview that he gave to Was that not correct? If it is correct it contradicts with your explanation, if it wasn’t, why should we believe him now?

  57. Ryan says:

    BJ has become the poster boy for contradictions. BTW the Gracie camp is not the camp BJ should be messing with. Gil, Jake and Nate would all beat him. he should have trained with them when he had the chance.

  58. Bert says:

    You’ve made BJ come off like a Whiney girl. You seem to forget that this was a fight not a cuddle.

  59. DaRuckuz says:

    Exactly what i thought,im wit BJ PENN on this one.i totally get it.

  60. markest808 says:

    whatever its not making up excuses its just that was his last draw we in hawaii have a saying
    (dont mistake our kindness for weekness) so like just cuz we got choke aloha dont forget thers a left hook our somthin hiding in the back,thers another saying dont wake the sleeping
    giant! when u gonna learn haters keep coming with the fuel b’z got the fire!

  61. Thom says:

    To all the e-thugs out there go suck a dick, you wouldnt say shit to BJ’s face so dont say it here. As for the whole situation, BJ’s right, Nick behaved like a douche.. I like the Diaz bros’ fighting style but thats it// WAR PENN

  62. Monks OG 209 says:

    Talking shit is good for the soul! Its a fighting sport and BJ need talk mad shit to hype him up to go lick some blood hommies! maybe thats why B not been wining of late? WAR TRASH TALK LOL BRING BACK THE DRAMA.HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO….

    • 91781 says:

      BJ Penn is in the public eye. People will say whatever they want about it. It comes with the territory. It is hard sometimes to read some of the stupid shit posted by people here on his website, but dump crap posted like this is just as bad.

      “To all the e-thugs out there go suck a dick, you wouldnt say shit to BJ’s face so dont say it here.”

      You sound exactly like these said “e-thugs”…

      As for Nick being a douche. 100% agree. But WHAT ELSE IS NEW? Thats how the Diaz’s are. No suprise there. Penn knew this was coming and this idiot writer who wrote this crap should be fired.

  63. Hostility says:

    Bj is right, Diaz dispespect him too much, i was shock when i see the pictures of them

  64. Ryan says:

    Bj penn for lıfe! I love watching him fight. I hope he comes back! a lot of you forget the exciting fights he has given us! I have all respect for him! He fights for his fans and i wıll always be one! BJ BJ BJ!

  65. Dodge says:


    You know what UFC fans don’t respect? Fighters who make excuses. Fighters who hide behind Twitter, on statements they obviously can’t back up, considering Nick cleaned your clock. And guys who have their friends fight their battles for them, by posting cowardly threads like this one.

    But hey, I think you found your calling though. After getting dominated by Frankie Edgar twice and owned by Diaz, maybe assuming the role of an internet tough guy is the best option for you as a fighter.

    Cesar Gracie was right about you.

  66. Heath says:

    So just so we got all this straight… BJ feels disrespected cause nick punked him at the weigh in, shoulder bumbed him after the round, pushed him up against the fence while beating him up and shouted @ fellow yes man Perillo after the fight, while calling out Greasey and picking his own fight..
    Shame on you Nick, where where the roses and box of heart shaped chocolates..
    Also dont think picking a fight with Cesar is such a good idea considering what a tight knit group this team is…They will all take this personal but wont take to twitter to express how pissed off they are, they will just show you.. Fact is you are in Nick’s rear view mirror and part of his past not his future BUT i’m sure Nate isnt to fond of you at this point so call Dana and ask for the little brother.. But be careful what you wish for cause little brother is as bad as big brother…
    No disrespect BJ but you have let alot of us lifelong supports scratching our heads and second guessing you … I wish you the best in the future as a father and leader at your schools and hope you stop all this bullshit before you further tarnish your legacy…

  67. jimmy says:

    Bj Doesnt have the choice to respect Nick or not.
    Nick took that option away when he gave him the worst beating of his life.

  68. GRT 3000 says:

    The Diaz bros. are good at what they do, but are both a couple of emotionally incompetent and illiterate retards. Not sure why BJ would take that personally, they pull this ghetto thug b/s with everybody. ne-ways, whatever – just get in shape and get fighting.

  69. K1 says:

    Hey “Scott” cry me a river! This lame attempt at a rematch is likely just going to end with Bj in the hospital and retired again if it happens. Personally BJ needs to train a little harder, come back fight his way back up the ranks and then maybe try for the rematch.

    • The King says:

      did penn ask for a rematch? Who told you this? Did he state this? I thought he was just trying to point out the dickheadedness of the 209 bitch that had to grab the fence AFTER realizing he couldn’t hang with the Hawaiians fire!

      808 boys stay in the pocket
      209 boys try and go for the fence (BITCH MOVE)

  70. Dustin says:

    BJ Penn is the biggest cry baby in MMA, always has been, always will be. No one gives a fuck about this drama. And surely no one gives a fuck about seeing BJ in (yet another) rematch where he gets his fucking ass kicked.

  71. The King says:

    LMFAO AT ALL THE 209 BITCHES!! Diaz did awesome in the last 2 rounds but really it was only AFTER he knew he couldn’t hang with the Hawaiians fire.. THE 209 BITCH ACTUALLY TOOK THE SMALLER GUY TO THE FENCE AND HUNG IN THE FENCE TO TIRE PENN OUT…

    WHY DO ALL THESE BIGGER FIGHTERS RESORT TO BITCH MOVES LIKE THAT? And then have the nutz to claim That they are the hardest motha fuckas on the planet?

    209 are a bunch of TWEEKER BITCHES!! That grab the fence when they know that their boxing isn’t as good as the Hawaiians..


    LMFAO ALL YOU 209 bitches are exactly that BITCHES.

    The only person that was scared in that fight was the leader of the 209 bitches.
    To me stand and bang does NOT involve the fence in any shape or form..

    Diaz did a great job after he tired penn on the fence.


    209 grabs fences when the heat is too high.

    Eat a dick

  72. Daniel says:

    With the exception of screaming at Parillo in his face right after winning, I don’t see any rationale as to why BJ is all butt hurt for the reasons you presented. Staredowns are staredowns, they get heated that’s the whole point. A shoulder bump in a fight? Big deal. Nick saying BJ is bitter about the loss? Well, he is! I’m not even a Nick Diaz fan anymore, I can’t wait until someone whoops his ass I was really hoping it would be GSP. Diaz’s boxing is severely overrated as well. But BJ is just being bitter over his beating the same way he was all bitter over the beating GSP gave him in their second fight.

    • The King says:

      Let me shoulder check you and then tell me how YOU feel. Dumb ass.
      So many of you dumb asses in here pretending that shit wouldn’t bother you…


      • danriverapv says:

        “the king”- that avatar looks like a swollen green tellituby. way to get the gayest picture of Bj Penn.
        and if we were in the fight game and in bj’s situation and that fighter nudged me during a FIGHT i dont think that would bother me because I AM IN A FIGHT AND IN ABOUT 1 min after inbetween rounds I CAN GET BACK TO WHOOPING SAID SHOULDER NUDGERS ASS. BJ had his chance to get at Diaz but couldnt do jack about it. now that GSP is out for basically a year, 5-7 months ok babby butt blug penn it trying to fight a way back up quickly because hes lazy.

    • The King says:

      LMFAO.. So you DO see some kind of rationale?? You should just stop there.


      Fuckin idiot

      • danriverapv says:

        so much for a legend. legends dont go out and fight then complain about how they lost in a fight because of someone game plan (mma runs on gameplans believe it or not) you can deny all of this and think that WAR BJ is back … nah hes not, hes far too lazy. i can deff see him being at the top of the ww division if he worked his body into an athletic machine, a machine we all new was inside him but he decided to take trust in his natural gift his whole fight career and now its biting him in the ass, i fear its to late at his age to get his cardio at a reliable level. he has been lazy for far too long. and now hes just coming off as a sad sob story to cover up how freaking lazy he is.

  73. jenni says:

    bj penn came out on twitter?

  74. The King says:

    LMFAO HOW IT was THE 209 that was actually scared.

    209 resorts to bitch Fitch GSP game plan..


    • Berg says:

      Ur just as stupid as the nigga writing these articles. BJ wasn’t tryin to just scrap dumbass watch the fight before u speak. Did Nick shoot for a takedown NO BJ tried 2 to 3 times to get Nick down becaz he knew he couldn’t fuck with him on the feet. Shit get off the fence thing BJ don’t need y’all makin excuses for him Nick put him against the cage to work on his body not lean and tire him out it’s a part of his boxing game he puts everyone on the cage it’s a gameplan dumbass. Nick stood and banged that’s why he landed 200+ punches stupid. Take ur finger out ur moms ass and try to go watch the fight so u don’t sound like a jackass! Damn I hate when ppl try to talk shit bout shit they don’t even know. Weak ass queen.

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      nicks lucky bj got worn down in the later rounds cuz bj was owning him the whole first round. bj was quicker throwin out his punches opening nick up and was controlling nick wit ease too. i think bj can take out anyone at almost any weight but not with the cardio he has at the higher weights. all i know is bj is the better fighter with the better skillz nick just hangs around wearing ppl down and picking his shots when they get tired.

      • slacker says:

        The 6 inch reach advantage was tough too as the fight went on, because as the cardio slows, so does the head movement. That’s another problem with fighting at a higher weight class. Not only will guys who stay put in their respective divisions generally have better cardio at that weight, but on average, their reaches will get longer.

  75. Mitch Wilson says:

    This site needs some moderators to clean-up the bullshit disrespectful comments. The amount of BJ bashing makes me sick. No explanation is needed to me fan for life.

  76. Adam says:

    This is the biggest bunch of cry baby bull shit I have ever heard.

  77. 209 Grabs for Fences says:

    209 HAD to go for the fence. His boxing wasn’t up to par. 209 HAD to go a little GSP on that ass..
    And we all know what they say about GSP.

    Yeah yeah.. fak ya

    209 needs the fence to tire his opponents 1st.

  78. Derek loa says:

    This is depressing me. Bj fuck diaz, like i wrote the man will ruin his own legacy. Don’t let him or ANYONE bring you down. Focus on your family bruddah! Much love from atlanta.

  79. dave says:

    i love bj but he is just losing sleep cuz he lost……….the weigh in thing was nick getting in fight mode,,the shoulder bump in cage was in action of battle..and after the fight was nick hyper….then cesar asking bj to come train with him was being nice trying save bj career…everyone knows for years bj has never reached his full potential cuz he surrounded by yes men…and he is not getting pushed…..befor the diaz fight he trained in cali for 2 weeks then went home cuz he said he missed hilo..but he left really cuz there were outsiders there pushing him to spar and trai harder….bj needs to swallow is pride and train with cesar and get a belt back….or stop talkingh shit and come back and get smashed again by nick…….bj was the one standing with his back tio the fence,,,the ref said 1 time to nik dont grab fence just like ref told bj dont grab shorts…so is bj a cheater for holding the shorts???

  80. Nick says:

    as a huge mma fan and a amateur fighter I would love to first tell the people who THINK diaz smashed penn…IT WENT TO DECISION!! DUMB ASSES!!! smashing is getting your ass handed to is losing quickly, it is tapping, it is being ko’d…do you guys watch fights????? 2nd of all to the respect of all bj penn fans..I dont think bj made any excuses, I never heard any..We know nick is talented…it shows…we also know bj is the more talented fighter with way more heart and respect..I hope this rematch happens and bj has a better camp…WAR PENN!!!

    • Ronnie V says:

      It will never happen in the UFC. They usually only allow rematches if the first one was close.

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        But, it still went to decision, we know why BJ lost, he won the 1st round definitively and both fighters put asses in the seats. Dana would make a ton of money making this a co-main for a Jon Jones fight.

        • Ronnie V says:

          Penn, is lucky that this was the last 3 round Main Event. If it went five rounds, it wouldn’t have been a decision. Penn, barely won the first round, landing 10 more strikes. Diaz landed a 100 more strikes the next two rounds. I still don’t know how they weren’t judged 10-8 rounds they were so lop-sided.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Tell it like it is brotha!

  81. johnny says:

    this is the year of Diaz, It could be very well that both Nick and Nate could be holding the championiship belts together ,Im loving it

  82. Mike says:

    And I used to think GSP fans were gay. . . . (still do)

    Holy fuck though. take the haiwaiian cock out of your mouths and get on with life, staff

  83. It’s obvious to me,after reading all of this, and the comments, who has actually fought, or even have any remote idea what it’s like to train leisurely. The camaraderie that is built amongst training partners and the mutual respect that is built. I’m not saying they shouldn’t fight one another…..and honestly …after reading this article…. I can understand why B.J. Feels the way he does. I’m not going to get involved in the name calling that either side of the argument is involved in. Win lose or draw……. Doesn’t matter in the case of the way Diaz carried himself. Just like Lesnar after he beat Mir….. There is no room in the sport for that….this is my opinion

    • Matute says:

      Yeah dude but come on! its a fight! go talk sportish manners to tennis players. This “sport” was a spectacle before becaming a sport. We always want to see great fights right? I personally cant think of fighting if Im not hyped up, so Diaz I think… Can you imagine how is to get in there and try to take out a guy in front of thousands of people? So Diaz gets hyped before, in, and after a fight, he stills brings great fights. He was hyped, getting into Penns head (what is ussually his game), not disrispectful… and Penn as mentaly weak as hes always been, breaks, loose, and went out crying talking about retirement.

  84. Jon G says:

    What Diaz said was true though. BJ does nothing from his back. As great as his BJJ is, has he ever sub’d anyone from his back? Diaz’s guard is a lot more dangerous and active.

    Either way, Diaz is the one talking and doing stuff in person. You the moderator that ill take this post down, and along with BJ, are the ones making it into a girly internet bitter twitter circus.

  85. Boxerdoug says:

    Wow scott. That was really pathetic. The posts you made before in BJ’s name made him look like a bitch. Now you try to explain, and it makes you guys sound even worse. I am a long time fan of BJ, always thought highly of him as a fighter, and as a man. Yet this whole Diaz disrespect thing is so week Brah. No one cares if Nick gave BJ a shoulder brush, or made a scene at the weigh ins. That night Nick won the fight. Period, BJ, man up and admit it. If BJ want’s to be remembered as a cry baby, and a man who ‘demands’ respect. then you guys are doing it just right. BJ should have taken his loss like a man, kept his mouth shut. Would have made him look better. Truth is Nick showed that night, that BJ should respect Nick, earned it with a one sided ass kicking.

  86. Jon G says:

    Diaz brother haven’t even responded. They prolly don’t even know about it.

    They are too busy training and keeping up their cardio. Because they know some fights go 3 rounds.

  87. BJ is just pathetic says:

    BJ is just pathetic …. I am from Hawaii and I respect and like the dude but this was a fight and not a friendly contest about who respects who. It’s not ballerina. If you want to complain, go dancing with the stars.
    When BJ demolished someone, he doesn’t whine but when he is on the other end of the picture, he complains.
    No kidding! I understand BJ wants a rematch ; GSP is out for a year therefore it’s his last chance to come back in the mix but dude!! you are approaching this like a whiner.

    In terms of Scott educating us on BJ’s thought process, thanks dude!! first grade PHD

  88. FILHARMONIC says:

    Here we go again with the stupid, pussy ass keyboard warriors, comin here to talk shit on the site! Try going to Hilo FUCK FACE AND TALK YOUR SHIT TO BJ HIMSELF!!! BET HE’LL SLAP THE TASTE OUT YOUR MOUTH… LIL BITCHES! IF YALL THAT HARD UP FOR NICK, THEN GO FIND HIM IN STOCKTON AND SUCK HIS DICK, LICK HIS BALLS AND DIG HIS ASS OUT, do whatever it is you fags like to do! Seriously, don’t come here and talk shit to someone you’ll never have the balls to do in person! If you really think you’re BILLY BADASS, then go to Hilo, it’s really not that big of a place, so BJ should be real easy to find! Good luck BITCHES! Penn Nation…signing out! Suck It Easy!

  89. vinny says:

    This childish story is still front page on is fucking crazy. This story is probably the dumbest thing I have seen on any web site. The Diaz camp made one small statement about it and back to training. Having this on the front page for a week is ridiculous and childish. The writer of this story is a joke IMO and the editor of this website should be fired to allow this story to remain front page for this long. Take this childish shit down and act like men. I check in to this website every few days to see different views on subjects in the MMA world, this story is a joke, why would any real fighter allow this childish shit be put on their web site. It looks very bad and I am sure the UFC is not very happy with it. If Penn wants to get back at the Diaz camp then challenge one of their other frighters, The only problem with that is Nate and Gilbert will beat BJ Penn as well. Pull the plug on this story,

  90. Truth Hurts says:

    You should delete this post just like how you deleted the other post about BJ calling Nick disrespectful. Now you’re justifying it? haha No one cares! You’re making BJ look like a sore loser/complainer. What’s done is done!!!

  91. Truth Hurts says:

    BJ Quotes prior to the fight!!!!….. WTF happened after he got beat?

    ” As you get older, have a family of your own, talking about opponents stops being something you want to do or be part of. ”

    — BJ Penn

    “I didn’t find it disrespectful,” Penn said. “I think it is Nick being Nick, and he’s not gonna change. He’s going to do what he’s going to do, and not do what he’s not going to do. That is cool. I know he will show up for the fight and it will be a great fight in the new UFC 137 main event.

    — BJ Penn on Nick Diaz’s demeanor prior to UFC 137

  92. Hj says:

    Hey BJ how about you quit talking shit on twitter, stop eating plate lunches and get back in the ring….

  93. lol says:

    its time like these when you find out the real fans from bandwagon phaggot fans… Why are you phaggots on this website if you dont like bj? You either support BJ or GTFO his website bishes~~!!!

    Go BJ
    Fuck diaz too

    • Truth Hurts says:

      Real fans will tell him the truth!!! Not like a bunch of “YES” men like the guys on his camp. Reason why BJ hardly improved and his cardio still fails. A lot of people are just stating facts and the truth might hurt but he needs to do something about it instead of talking shit over the internet.

  94. Philweed says:

    Hey Scott Hernandez, who the hell are you? Do you suck BJ’s dick or something? Why do you post how BJ feels and what he says? Don’t you have your own life? You’re obviously one of his ‘yes men’.
    And by the way, I don’t believe BJ didn’t write that. He in fact DID and now regrets it after seeing the fan reaction. Now he does what he always does and blames someone else in typical CryBaby J form.

  95. Adam says:

    Get over yourself. What you call “respect” is your ego…

  96. DBKlein69 says:

    if bj is truly 100% committed and drastically improves his cardio he could easily regain lightweight title. as far as 170, no need to pur urself at an immediate size disadvantage when nobody else does.

  97. BJ Penn Will Never Be A REAL Man says:

    1.) BJ is crying again. Look, stay retired. You obviously don’t have what it takes to compete at a high level. High level athletes can HANDLE losses and have the mental toughness to endure (which BABY Jay never had).

    2.) The title of this article is arrogant. Really? One of BJ’s “Yes Men” is going to “educate” us? Right. “Yes Men” are blind to truth and make excuses, they don’t educate others.

    3.) BJ is a fake tough guy. Calling out trainers when they make a good point? Really, Penn? Are you going to start calling out women if they disagree with you?

    4.) Affluence does tend to breed weaklings. Eh, Baby Jay? Daddy’s $ made you weak and made sure you NEVER got the chance to grow up. BJ Penn is the Peter Pan of MMA. Hey, that might explain all the whining….

    …and I say all that as a big fan of Penn’s. But seriously, this guy just needs to stop blubbering and grow up.

    • FILHARMONIC says:

      And what?? You’re a REAL MAN? Bitch Please! You funny ass muthafcka you! You will never accomplish what he’s accomplish, you don’t have the balls to step in the cage…as a matter of fact, let’s set the match BITCH, you & BJ… then we’ll see if you will still be wolf’n the same shit you sayin now! Fuck You Fake Ass Tuff Guy! Like I tell all the haters up in here, Eat a stiff One Bitch and uhh… SUCK IT EASY! Have a nice day 😀

    • RJ KANEAO says:

      You sir are of poor intellect and in need to be refined.. Why are you here? Seriously, really? This is a prime example of my statement you’ll find further down.. Good luck in your pathless quest! Aloha

      • FILHARMONIC says:

        SUP UCE! Yea I know the language I chose to use may not have been the best, but this is the only way I can express myself when I get all worked up! I’m tired of coming on this site and seeing all the HATERISM goin on here. Even the so called TRUE FANS are talkin smack! I believe in being loyal and staying true thru all the triumphs and short comings! I get frustrated… ya know what I mean uce?! And I still stand by what I said about all the haters… they can SUCK IT EASY! Talofa bro!

      • Sniff Da Fart says:

        Sniff da fart, bro.

  98. sean says:

    Funny how Parillo would knock Diaz the fuck out in about 4 seconds if he tried anything

    • Big Daddy says:

      LOL. Yeah, cause Parillo is testing his KO skills by getting in the cage, right?

      Rewatch the footage. Parillo looked scared when Diaz yelled at him.

      • Mitch Wilson says:

        lol at Parillo being scared and FYI, Parillo has a 75% KO rate in his boxing career which he stands at 8-0. In a Boxing match Parillo would run circles around Diaz. Next time leaern your facts before talking shit son.

  99. Duane says:

    Goes to show you that BJ only has “yes men” around him. Any real fam wouldn’t let you go out talking shit 3 months after getting beat at your own game. And then you got the “ultimate yes man” breaking down all the disrespectful things Nick did during THE FIGHT etc., wtf is Nick suppose to do lose the mental game to BJ? BJ was the one that signed the fucking contract to fight , Nick didn’t want to, let’s put that out there because people seem to have forgot. I can’t fucking believe BJ is going out like this, yes men got my boys head all jacked up. Nick isn’t even thinking about BJ, dudes fighting for the interm belt and training his fucking ass off to make sure no stones are left unturned. And all Cesar did was point out what everyone knows but his “yes men” don’t tell him, your cardio fucking sucks as well as your camps!! This sport is demanding and to stay on top and relivent takes insane work, people with lack luster work ethic can’t stay engaged in the building process to break down barriers. The era of “old school” training is OVER either do what you know gets results or let the young bulls take over….. OR keep doing what your doing and have your fans sitting here scratching our heads in disbelief.

  100. James Wolfe says:

    Look the Diaz brothers are great trash talkers as well as very good fighters. It is what is, right or wrong…It’s the way they are, more then enough attitude to go around.

    If you come back BJ, and I hope you do, stay at 155, go after the title again and beat the piss out of the other Diaz, which might shut at least one of them up, for a while anyways.

    All the best BJ.

  101. Frank Mack says:

    B.J is hurt that he took a beating.. come on bro.. its Nick Diaz.. win or loose he will still disrespect you. but this is some little kid shit

  102. Dex says:

    You know, not even one time have I EVER gone to the website of a fighter i did not like. If you don’t like Bj PENN don’t come here just to try to piss people off-it’s a misuse of your time. And for the record, Diaz is a punk, that’s a fact. Another fact? BJ would have got in that ass if he didn’t gas. That first round was pretty easy to call imo

  103. B_Metal says:

    So what this article is saying is that BJ Penn, a grown ass man, got his feelings hurt? GTFO of here with the cry baby antics. It’s the fight game not the friends game. I mean this is the same guy who would fight Georges “to the death?”

  104. Long-Strong says:

    this is fucking baby shit… no one cares… really hope BJ comes back and puts on exciting fights in the lightweight division… with a good… fuck it A FUCKING AWESOME camp…

  105. krafty11 says:

    I think if all this was said immediately after the fight instead of nearly 2 months later it might not have blown up the way it has. then again, who knows.. Posting this article isn’t really gonna help in my opinion, only make things worse. IMO.

  106. tina says:

    Scott, what the hell are you talking about? For instants at the weigh ins that is Diaz. BJ should know that’s how Nick gets ready, he gets in your head. And all this talk about respect come on man this is the UFC there getting ready to get into a FIGHT,they are going to punch,kick,knee and elbow each other until one guy is knocked out or taps out. This is not eighth grade, Diaz is not bullying your son. Cant we all just get along homie?

  107. KingGareth says:

    If I was BJ i’d fire Scott for being a highschool drama queen. I wonder how many people kept driving this nonsense into Bj’s head. This all happened during a fight…. If anything Bj should thank Diaz for an awesome fight. Diaz treats all his opponents the same, if he didn’t treat BJ like the rest of them, it would be disrespectful to Bj. Diaz didn’t trash talk too much during their fight, unlike the other fighters he has faced. Pointing out 4 little things is no reason to lose respect for someone. Fuck your site Scott. Bj deserves better.

  108. John C says:

    Penn deserves a rematch: Diaz held the fence for 40-45 seconds in the 2nd round.

  109. TrigenicKin says:

    Whatever, it’s the fight game. This is a sport where the only place you can have friends is somewhere with people who don’t fight in your weight class. Out of respect I’ll fight my friends way harder than anyone else, I’m showing them respect by going after them with everything I have. If the friendship is ruined then it’s ruined, if you want a re-match then don’t retire, just stay in there and try to get your name back into title talk. BJ has no excuses to not do well, all the talents that you can ask for is what BJ has. But in the words of Javier Mendez, “You can find guys with talent, but heart is something you either have or you don’t.” BJ doesn’t have the heart to seriously buckle down in the gym.

  110. JAT says:

    If you’re not a true fan then get the fuck out of here with your bullshit! seriously shits getting old. go to a different website for MMA news if you are going to bitch about shit on here.

  111. enough says:

    That’s a lot of bitching from the Penn camp.

  112. LMcKenzie says:

    Damn BJ…I’ve been a huge fan and supporter for years and will continue to be’re acting like a bitch dude. It was a fight, you got beat up. It’s cool though, you took it like a champ and tried to give it back every chance you get. Why act surprised now though? You said in your pre-fight interview that you expected him to be Nick; Push, shove, and talk trash.

    Instead of doing all this, do what you should have done a long time ago; Stop messing around in a weight class that is too big for you and go back to 155, where you truly belong. You are damn near unbeatable at that weight, and its the weight class you belong.

  113. Leefal says:

    I really hope BJ fights again after this.
    a) Because he’s angry and I pity the fool who feels his wrath
    2) Because to not fight again and leave with all this whining BS and nit picking could possibly be the worst exit from a legend ever.

    I’m a BJ fan and always will be. I’m also a fight fan, a shoulder bump? Seriously? In Australia a shoulder check/bump in sport will put you on a stretcher. What was highlighted in the above ‘items’ was 2 dudes passing each other at a train station.
    It’s Nick Diaz for fuck sake, the guy obviously has anger issues and a thug mentality, a shoulder check and fiery weigh-in are the least of that guys issues. It’s ridiculous that BJ would be surprised or offended by this, whether they were friends prior or not.

    I reckon BJ is looking for excuses to get angry again, it’s reflecting badly on him, but whatever, I hope he gets back in the O and knocks the shit out of a few people to cover this mess. Like a cat burying shit in the sand.

    • Mustafaw says:

      @jat agreed… Isnt there a Oh wait, almost forgot computers don’t exsist in stockton.. If they do, I’m sure neither nick or Nate would know how to manage or reply to comments…

  114. omar says:

    y all of sudden bj is talkin crap about diaz 3 months later??thats stupid,bj as usual being drama queen,and its always when he loses.

  115. brandon says:

    I think all of this is a waste of time you dont see Nick posting anything any more about BJ thats what fans want to see (conflict) (bad blood) im saying this because thats what i like to see, i dont like to see fighters talk trash before a fight and then hug and kiss each other after it?!?! Keep it real and if you dont like the way Nick handles him self during promotion for a fight then dont fight him, because you are more then likely to take a ass whooping……(just sayn)

  116. Kyle says:

    BJ Penn and Nick Diaz are two of my favorite fighters….Honestly tho Nick Diaz is always pumped up during and directly after the fight…there was not anything really out of bounds in my mind. Also Penn would not win in a rematch, certainly not in a 5 rounder. That being said Penn is a hall of famer and obviously has a much bigger legacy than Diaz…and he has a lot left in the tank…defiantly should not retire. Id like to see Penn either fight Melendez or Nate Diaz…MMA is all about matchups and I think Penn matches up with Melendez very well and Melendez is the true #1 LW….fight could go either way. I do understand why Penn is mad about Diaz dissing his camp but the rest of it is really nothing that bad and that fight would bring a pumped up Penn. WAR Penn and Diaz!!!!

    • john says:

      bj needs to go back to lw and win the belt, stop complainin diaz whooped ur ass as well as everybody else at ww. u say fitch has a glass jaw well u have a iron jaw but ur hearts still made of glass.

  117. scoota says:

    I’ve always been a massive prodigy fan but these comments hurt your rep… It makes people think you really are a baby jay. You know what Diaz is like and he said he didn’t want this fight as you were friends so of course he’s gonna do things to sike himself up, we’ve seen in many fights what happens when you like someone and have to fight, if your heads not right you lose like ice man vs the natural 1 and even in tuf when Kyle noke lost to Kris mcray fact is you should “get over it”. I think its ironic that In the pic you talked about nick being the “bigger man” and by you dwelling on and bitching about it you’re actually making him the bigger man… What’s done is done you knocked out Hughes and then he trained with you now that’s a man, also Gracie was right about your camp coz 90% of the time you’re the better fighter but your cardio gets you….. Lastly your admin does you no favours firstly with his rant the other day and now by trying to explain it he’s just bringing it up again, stop talking about it and people will forget no one will care so Scott get over it mate. And bj i still luv ya as a fighter bro

  118. FELIPE CRUZ says:

    BJ PENN shows his poor class and regret of his verbal retirement after the beating he took post UFC 137 vs Nick Diaz. BJ Penn is an awesome fighter but he lost all respect for himself as a person.

  119. Nick gates says:

    scott dont be spitting on bjs image i know hes a crazy mofo but you made him look like a dick comeing up with excuses. you said you were trying to educate us but it was less that and more shit talking and you mad e seem like it was comeing out of bjs mouth. you screwd up bro damn shits weak

  120. Pat says:

    very well cleared up, i love bj and the diaz boys, both for different reasons. In the end its a fight game so diaz hater can hate but the prove is in the pudding diaz smashed penn, and thats how he fights with passion and anger. I am sure deep down Diaz still respects penn but he did what he did move on and i hope bj doesnt keep going on about it. Just looks like sour grapes on his side.

  121. robbiemark says:

    i think this is why friends do not want to fight each other! You need to be in a zone to fight and if you go in all friendly and respectful you will have your ass handed to you. Each to their own how they wish to act but what I believe the fans want toy see are great fights not polite people!

  122. just says:

    Oh come on now- it’s like pathetic- shoulder checked here or said that there- fck that, let it go already! Geez! It’s like kindergarder…

  123. e says:

    BJ!! fuck all this talk goin on here and do your thing. Get Plenty of real fans support you 100%! congrats on the new baby and hope to see you resume training. if you could do one thing we ask of you please get that fire back and kick some mothafkn ass and then after break the jaws and the hands of all theses shit talking faggots.

  124. vca says:


  125. RJ KANEAO says:

    Wow…Super disappointed with the language in here but hey it’s a open forum..You have the right to speak your mind..But for some of you it’s just a playground where you came to slander on someone who has done more then you all in ONE decade then you’ll ever do in your whole entire life, So as you sit behind your computer screens,laptops,ipads or even the app for smart phones and commence to come down harsh on BJ who is a legend in this sport that you “claim to love” you fail to realize that nobody cares about your opinion cause you only showed ignorance,disrespect and a failure to be level headed enough to at the least try to see both sides of the story! Of course BJ has been here before with with haters, rival’s fans and of course arm chair/sofa/couch and desktop mma amateur analyst who seems to know all the answers but has never set foot in a cage or gym nor tried to learn anything academic “educational” and 100% full proof about mma or martial arts and combative sports at all.. But are quick to spit out the “should have done this” or “should have done that” BS.. I laugh at your comments cause they show no class what’s so ever and show’s the true IQ of a wigged out spectator who tries to call themselves FANS. But a real fan of the sport understands and respects what these guys go through almost on a daily basis. Like the fighter we should all try to leave it in the cage when the final bell rings as much as possible.. But this ain’t the WWE or TNA wrestling guys.. This is real life and real beefs and real situations when people do get upset.. I don’t blame BJ for feeling that way and maybe it has taken 3 months for this to come out ,But maybe it’s taken him that long to put it all into perspective and really gather and understand what his thoughts were.. Coming off a lost ain’t easy no matter what form of competition it is. But BJ made no excuses why the fight ended up the way it did. He kept his personal opinions about the Diaz matter and for that fact any matter strictly on a need to know basis. Scotty has shown you all the incident that led up to the remorse but as a third person point of view and feeling this heated about it I can just imagine what BJ or his camp may feel.. But he chose to stay silent and let nature take it’s course so to speak.. WHATEVER MAY BE WILL BE AND WHATEVER HAPPENS HAPPENS kinda deal! But he is human and enough is enough just like for all of us, hence the reason why I mention “this ain’t pro-wrestling”! But only God can judge anyone folks.. Especially to the obsessive level some of you have taken it to.. So all of you in here with just positives to say no matter what side you may be on “thank you for sharing your opinion” but for those haters that just come and say really ridiculous, outlandish, uneducated and down right un-classy words find somewhere else to be stupid at! This is for people who have a interest in the sport and respect for it as well.. Take your name calling to someone who cares.. Always with ALOHA- RJ

  126. RJ KANEAO says:

    BTW.. I am not here saying this cause of Scott’s recent post or here trying to make it seem like these were really BJ’s thoughts about Diaz etc.. But just trying to state the fact that everyone has a right to feel the way they do and say what they need to say.. But why go to the name calling,cussing and calling out people Pretty lame! I just think these forums and many like these with good intentions “not this post in general” deserves some respect and the fighter do too.. Be thankful that they have a comment space for us to state our views.. Why get nasty..You know? Mahalo again..

  127. BJ Fan From France says:

    I used to like and respect the Diaz brothers thinking that they are “true”
    but fuck them
    BJ is one of the rare “true” people among the UFC Fighters.
    I wish he’ll fight Nate Diaz at Lightweight, that fucker won’t be able to use the size advantage against BJ like what his brother did. Therefore he’ll have to rely on his skills and he’ll get fucked up by BJ.

    By the way, BJ You have so much fans and respect here in France. Please come and vist us for some MMA siminars.

    Aloha bro

  128. Don't cry for me BJ says:

    BJ the saint. WTF, what a bullshit 1st grade article, “he shoulder poked me in between rounds” everybody knows nick is all about fighting when in the octagon.
    Accept the loss, BJ never had the cardio to follow nick, fail. BJ had nick on the ground, in a great position and failed. live with it.

  129. kevdogg says:

    bj is BABY Diaz won all 3 rounds handily cry more BJ next WW champ is Diaz and ur gonna lose to whoever u fightg be it Fitch ellenberger hendrcks ur not top5 in any weight div holmie

  130. Hutch Malcolm says:

    I am a huge BJ Penn fan and have been for many years. I have BJ stickers on my vehicles, my kids have Penn shirts and toys, and I have every Penn fight on DVD. I have the utmost respect for him. But this is rediculous. These “strikes” against Diaz are silly and just who Nick is. He is a jerk. So what. They are fighters and I would expect them to use these minor irritations to motivate them. BJ should speak for himself regarding his feelings and opinions. I hope the Prodigy gets motivated to bless us all with another epic fight.

  131. Quit CRYING BJ Penn!!! says:

    Quit crying and trying to show proof on YouTube videos. The guy kicked BJ’s ASS like its never been kicked before. And BJ just can’t accept it. I’ve been a huge BJ fan, bought his PPVs and a lot of BJ gear. But he lost me as a fan. Why take pictures with Diaz after the fight, and give him props and then months later talk shit over twitter??? You where once the best in the world BJ, now you’re just an old twitter thug. It’s sad to see.

  132. wilbo says:

    This is fucking sad to see a legend like BJ go out like this.
    You lost dude.
    Accept it and move on.
    Don’t take a photo with the guy then make excuses 3 months later….. Seriously I’m a fan of BJ but this is seriously making me re consider.

  133. ERLiK says:

    BJ Penn is one of the greatests of this sport for sure . he’s an emotional person . his mental condition needs to be in a good shape to able to fight with his real prodigy . I love bj penn . he’s a lovely person, and i have a thesis for nick diaz = ” Go FUCK yourself “

  134. justin says:

    No need to apologize Scott everyone knows Diaz is a punk and a disgrace to the sport, both Diaz brothers are the definition of bad sportsmen, its not entertainment its not for hype of a fight its plain old bad sportsmanship. Nick and nate both do this every fight win or lose they are both punks and a disgrace to the sport

  135. stokes says:

    Poor Baby J, that bad man Diaz hurted his feeling, BJ should tell Dana White that Nick is Bulling him and maybe Dana will get Diaz’s mother & father to come in for a parent teacher meeting and put a stop to this nasty name calling and what not. FUCK OFF YOU PUSSY FUCK. Just lost all respect for Blow Job Penn.

    • filharmonic says:

      Shut Yo Ass Up! Again, all you wanna be “tough guys” really need to stop your shit talkin! Let’s be real, you know you would never say this shit to BJs face, so why be a pussy and talk shit? YOU ARE THE ONLY PUSSY ON HERE… I suggest that YOU fuck off YOU PUSSY FUCK!!! Go give the DIAZ BROS a blow job! Suck it easy 😉 Have a nice day!

  136. ThaGreenBandit says:

    This little girly shit is beneath BJ, and I refuse to get caught up in it. Seriously, I don’t wanna believe he is behind all this whining. A shoulder bump?! REALLY?!

  137. Tychicuss says:

    I don’t believe the hype, Why then is there video of nick and BJ, behind the seen hugging and giving each other congratulatory whispers; looked like they were both respecting each other rather well. I think this article is BS and BJ should fire your ass, Scott, for writing such garbage!!!

  138. Matute says:

    I was a BIG Bj fan but lately hes being acting like a fucking drama bitch. Man up for fuck sake!!! Weres the fucking Penn that licked his bloody gloves after a fight or the Penn that kissed Hughes after submiting him like saying “yeah youre my bitch”. Now that he is the one getting the spanks, now that he is the little bitch, he cant handle it. MAN UP! work your fucking cardio and prove your point in the cage. You are an amazing fighter, you need to get out of your camp where everyone suck your dick and begin to work in your flaws and stop being a fucking diva

  139. razinho says:

    one nick didnt try punching bj penn so thats bullshit… TWO…. STOCKTON 209 BITCHES!!!!!

  140. tom23 says:

    You gotta admit, BJ is one hard mofo. He’s a tough ass street fighter… who takes to twitter to talk shit. NOW THAT’S TOUGH!

  141. Foxy79_ says:

    Don’t forget when Jake Shields called Bj out via twitter then deleted his tweet months back.. A few of us seen it ourselves..Cesar is a tool.. And his camp,.

  142. Ronnie V says:

    Thanks for the post Scott & BJ,
    Yeah, the language in here really shows the maturity of some MMA fans. I’m a huge Diaz fan, and I’ve always respected BJ! A couple of the complaints that Scott lists are kind of petty. The shoulder shrug at the end of the round, and even the weigh-in supposed push are weak complaints. You need to get amped for a fight, and when you are in the cage you can’t be your opponents friends. I would rather see a push than a hand shake at the end of the round. Nick is an intense guy, he originally didn’t want to fight BJ, but when that contract is signed…. it’s on! I did think it was disrespectful to yell in your boxing coaches face at the end of the fight, but that was more emotion & adrenaline than anything, considering a 15 minute war just ended seconds earlier. But BJ’s coach didn’t deserve that. Anyways, I wish you two would squash it. The UFC is not going to offer a rematch anytime soon, so no sense creating this ridiculous feud. BJ, I do hope to see you back in the cage soon, kicking someone’s butt!
    Best Regards,
    Ronnie V

    • Matthew Logan says:

      I agree, BJ is a legend…. Nick is a brawler…. They are both great at what they do. They just take to the sport differently…… This lil’ fued here is pathetic.

  143. marc says:


  144. Foxy79_ says:

    Bj is a legend…… End of story..

  145. chrisc says:

    Seriously what is the point in coming out on twitter 3 months after the fight trying to set the record straight? I mean if he has beef with Nick and Caesar can’t he just be unhappy with them and keep it internal among his camp, friends and family. Why go public with this is completely baffling. Makes no sense, the only reasonable logic is BJ is trying to get a rematch and in which case I don’t see that happening any time soon. I think everyone realizes BJ doesn’t have the cardio to compete with Nick and a rematch will end in the same outcome, nobody in the media or fans alike are calling for this rematch!

    BJ you are a Legend but things like the twitter post just confuse your fans and add fuel to the haters. If you have a problem with Nick and Caesar I wish you’d not voice things publicly, what good can possibly come of it? Seriously the fight is over and there isn’t going to be a rematch. Just enjoy your life BJ, don’t dwell on the negative

  146. snoop froggy dogg says:

    All I got to say is FUKALLYALL!! I hope BJ stays retired you guys DONT DESERVE to see him fight yeah he lost but did he quit or get knocked out ever?!?!?!?! SO QUICK TO TURN YOUR BACKS he’s done so much for the sport I was at 123 in THE D ILL NEVER forget the electricity in the building, went to the weigh in gotta pic with his moms down to earth people…. knee to Sherks face FINISH head kick to Diego FINISH so quick to forget……. jus cuz he has an opinion of Diaz being a punk to him… hes NOT CRYING he’s explaining that Nick was an asshole throughout the 137… this is ridiculous maaan PENN NATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Man, this has really gotten out of control. Scott, Pedro, you Mods, you should’ve put more thought into your articles. Really. IMO, this aint BJ at all. I refuse to believe it. BJ, please bradda, please post a Vid and address all us fans. Clear these issues up. I am still a fan, and I will always support your fights. I think it’s just that so many of your fans ARE CONFUSED and WANTING TO HEAR FROM “YOU!” We don’t want to hear from the keyboard-pencil pushers……….

  148. Robbie Wiggins says:

    Ya know, All these Penn haters are gonna talk shit. I will say though I was surprised @ the time’n of BJ’s remarks but, for real that shit isnt any of my business why BJ said what he did . We the fans dont know whats been said behind closed doors out of public veiw and Nick did act disrespectful @ the weigh-ins. Honestly I dont think any of this shit is important @ fix’n BJ’s career, Tha bottom line is this, BJ can be a champion again but in this day & age he’s not gonna get it done on skill & technique alone. Although it will and has taken him high into tha ranks of the elite,but when your gassed out that skill & technique might keep you alive but it isnt gonna get you a win. If BJ would just train his cardio & condition’n to that elite level there’s no doubt in my mind that BJ would be WW or LW champion & dominate!!! BJ you have got to see that this is what is hold’n you back brah!!! I think you found tha answer w/tha Marinovich Bros. Shut all these asshole’s up & go get your title man Shock tha world brah.

  149. Sweet Tasting Fart says:

    Best way to get better
    Smell better fart.

    Penn needs to do this.

  150. DLo says:

    I think its best to let it go. BJ needs to let it go and you need to let it go. I’m tired of people being so darn sensitive. Nick spoke highly of BJ at the post conference and lets leave it at that. I’m getting so sick of fighters doing the WWE thing and arguing through the media. BJ is a terrific fighter and a great person. I believe he has been great for MMA, but lets move one.

  151. huntkev says:

    nick diaz will never be on Penns level.. the only accomplishment hes ever had was a minor leage mma ww title. He should have felt honered to fight the greatest fighter in the sport,instead like the trash he is he showed his true colors. Bj fight or no fight has nothing prove when as diaz punk ass will spend his entire career trying to be labeled an elite fighter. Bj will allways be known as one of the greats where as diaz wil retire an unkown…

  152. Dick Diaz says:

    funny that i’m back on this article about a year later and this whole debacle was just so weird lol

  153. electric model airplane says:

    Hello, i think that i noticed you visited my web site thus i got here to return the favor?.I’m trying to find things to enhance my website!I assume its ok to make use of a few of your concepts!!

  154. itsme says:

    Thanks for taking the time to read my comments. BTW don’t bother to respond to me by email, the address is bogus. What I have to say is my opinion about BJ and if you really do have his ear and if you agree with what I say, there is no reason for you to comment back to me. You will either agree with my observations or you won’t. If you agree, it may be that your influence is not such that you can do much about it either way. Also it’s entirely possible that what I have to say is already known and recognized by BJ’s associates, and for whatever reason, it is beyond their ken to make the necessary changes. I want to make 3 points to you, 2 of which are, I am sure, well recognized and discussed among yourselves, maybe debated, but I can’t imagine why.

    1.) Here is the thing Scott, BJ is fighting out of his weight class, he needs to fight lightweight only. No big secret there. Why he fights welterweight is one of MMA’s greatest mysteries.
    2.) He is not in shape. He has to be conditioned better. A new approach of some sort is the only solution. His cardio is great by any standard except when considered in the context of an elite cage fighter contesting under the current system of rules and regs. His age is against him. Thankfully he can compensate in the few remaining years that he has left to fight at this level with cardio. It’s one of the few areas that time is if not kind at least benign to the aging athlete.
    3.) Scott, I don’t know what his trainers do with him in preparation for a fight. That he is so awesome is a testament not only to his skill and determination, but also to the training strategies of his coaches, sans his endurance training of course. But here is the thing and the crux of my concerns and perhaps the area where I can offer some insight. BJ is receiving sub-par coaching in the ring during his fights. Go back and listen to what his coaches were telling him during the Diaz fight. In essence they had nothing for him. They kept telling him to fight with his heart. To my way of thinking that translates into, “Hey pal we don’t have a clue. We can’t think of anything to suggest that might stop this monumental ass whipping you are taking.” It was just awful coaching by any measure. And the same lack of real-time coaching skill was apparent in the MacDonald fiasco. BJ needs a coach who can coach him through his fights in real time. He needs someone who can tell him how to make adjustments during a fight. I’m talking about real adjustments and not the nonsense his current coaches bellow at him between rounds about fighting on his heart, blah blah blah. You get what I’m saying Scott?

    I just hate to see such a great athlete and competitor be so brutally hammered when it is so unnecessary. In summary: Get him down to the right weight class where he has a chance going in.

    Get him in condition. He needs to run some marathons. He needs to find that next couple levels of endurance. I’m telling you, I once had an employee who was in her mid thirties. She ran to and from work every day. She was a teacher and a dam fine one. She lived about 11 miles from the school. She was dedicated. The whole faculty tuned in when she ran the Boston marathon. She didn’t do too badly. For an endurance runner, she was in the top quartile. For some reason after the race I looked up the people who finished the race before her. There were hundreds as I recall. What shocked me was the number of people in their 70’s who out ran her. If he wants to keep fighting, you have to get him in shape. Endurance is key.

    Lastly just to reiterate: You have to get him or his team to recognize the difference between training for a fight and coaching him through the fight. They are not the same thing. His actual fight coach should be there a few weeks before the fight so that he can be familiar with BJ’s general skill set, endurance etc. The fighting coach should also be involved in overall strategy. He should be a big part of that discussion. And during the fight itself, his word must be law. BJ needs a fighting coach with him between rounds who is totally in the moment and can make adjustments and suggestions based BJ’s abilities, and conditioning at that specific time. I mean Condit’s coaches managed to observe that Diaz was doing most of the damage against the fence. They said, hey Carlos, stay off the fence. Go back to the center. If Diaz would have had a decent coach during the same fight the coach would have suggested that he take Condit down, that beating him on the fence wasn’t working. Okay I’ve said my piece. I can tell you, I have tremendous respect for these guys. They have heart, hell they are all heart. Even though the Diaz fight was awhile ago, I still have an emotional respoonse when I think about those guys between rounds telling BJ to fight with his heart. Scott, you obviously care about the guy. See what, if anything you can do to get him back on track. If someone close enough to him to be heard doesn’t do or say something, I’m afraid he is going to end up like Muhammad Ali you know what I mean? Good luck to you and God save BJ Penn.

  155. DaRuckuz says:

    You guys hating on BJ is a bunch of dummies.Fuck you guys,you guys is some big talkers on here.Diaz tryna punk BJ ,for what?BJ was all respectful and now hes just telling the guy who tried punking him after the fight “I still AINT SCARED HOMIE” no act tough and not expect backlash from BJ.And we da ones making it a big deal as if BJ is at home dwelling on dis shit,he probabaly typed it and laughed after while you crybabies got your panties all in a bunch….

  156. RJ KANEAO says:

    Parillo would set Diaz on his bum faster then you can count to 5.. Assuming you can count that high.. =) Just saying!

  157. REAL Island BOI says:

    Nah, brah.

    Listen, BeeJaaaay. You are da’ baddest island braddah in MMA.

    BeeJaaay you are da’ one true ICON of dis’ sport. No one can take dat’ away from you, braddah.

    Brah – we just need to smell some farts.

  158. Sally says:

    This guy knows what is up!


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