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Friday, 01/13/2012, 11:48 am

UFC NEWS – Eddie Bravo Says Screw The Haters, “No One Has Bigger Balls Than BJ, Let’s See A Diaz Rematch”


“I love it (the trash talk BJ fired at Nick Diaz), you know what? It’s a crazy f*cking sport. You have to be a crazy f*cking animal to get in there. What BJ said, so what?

There are people on the underground [forum] saying, ‘Oh, I’m no longer a fan of BJ he just lost a fan.’ It’s like dude, give me a f*cking break these guys are animals and super emotional. Do you know how f*cking insane you have to be [to get in a cage and fight]?

Of course he’s gonna say some sh*t, so what. If there was video of BJ sucking someone’s d*ck I would still be a fan for the rest of my life…

I’m obviously joking. My point is, you’re not gonna like BJ Penn because he’s emotional over a loss?

… BJ Penn is the only dude that’s going up in weight to fight the best. He’s fighting the best. Everyone else is killing themselves to get as light as possible, their losing 20 pounds, 15 pounds.

BJ is the only guy, not only going up in weight, because there have been fighters to do it. Anderson Silva did it. He went up to light-heavyweight and fought James Irvin. But BJ, he fought Lyoto when Lyoto was a heavyweight. BJ whether he wins or loses nobody has bigger balls than BJ.

I like it (the twitter war between Penn and Team Cesar Gracie) because now there might be a rematch let’s see a rematch I would love to see part II.”


Famed Jiu Jitsu practitioner and coach Eddie Bravo, the innovator and creator of the “Rubber Guard”, was recently on The Joe Rogan podcast and somewhere during the two (plus) hour broadcast the topic of BJ Penn’s twitter rants aimed at the Diaz camp came up.

While Joe Rogan took more of the stance of caution, stating he didn’t like to see BJ come off the way he did last week, Eddie Bravo was all for it.

The two Mixed Martial Arts figures debated back and forth over a joint of MMJ and it was Eddie Bravo who stuck to his guns and was the voice of reason when discussing the topic at hand in a realistic frame of mind.

As a fighter, can you really do more to test yourself than BJ Penn has? You don’t have to agree with how he conducts himself in his personal life, in fact no one is asking you to, but he should always be respected for what he has done in his storied, two division championship career.

What are your thoughts Penn Nation?

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103 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Eddie Bravo Says Screw The Haters, “No One Has Bigger Balls Than BJ, Let’s See A Diaz Rematch””

  1. CanILive says:

    damn i wonder if i’ve chatted with eddie on here…

  2. Tony says:

    Well said Eddie, that’s real talk right there. BJ Penn….FTW

  3. ThaGreenBandit says:

    His eyes look like he jus got done puff, puff, passing a phatty! Blaze on, Bravo!

  4. gladii says:

    very well said yo FUCK THE HATERS!!!

  5. magoo says:

    Well said Eddie,I think I’ll burn one in yours and BJs honor!

  6. DontBeScaredHomie says:

    I really don’t understand why anyone would even consider a rematch the same thing will happen shit it might even be worse this time if it does end up being a 5rd fight Bj needs to shut up before he gets his ass beat again and nobody wants to see a beat down and broken Penn give a retirement speech again because Diaz trashed him in the cage for a second time

    • The_Gooch1 says:

      Didn’t you get what Eddie Bravo was trying to say? Win or lose, nobody has bigger balls than BJ. Do you really think that BJ would just STFU and be scared of Nick because he might get his ass beat again?

    • NickDiazEatsHorsePeen says:

      I hope they have a rematch, maybe Diaz will stop being a pussy and fight instead of leaning on the smaller guy for majority of the fight.

      • bertram says:

        really…nick didnt fight? apparently you didnt see bj’s face or watch the fight lol. im the biggest penn fan and i think with proper cardio he can take out ANYBODY in 55 or 70, but until then he cant hang with anybody who has near his talent, and better cardio than him. an in shape bj is an unbeatable bj.

        • The King says:

          GTFO! 1st round started off with the square off. During the 1st round Diaz couldn’t handle the Hawaiians FIRE!.. Diaz then resorted to a game plan that we well most of us hate… The GSP/FITCH tire the guy out on the fence 1st game plan.. And it worked.

          Penn won round 1

          AFTER Diaz implemented his puss puss push the smaller guy on the fence and tire him out plan. He then had his way with Penn. and even then he had a hard time FINISHING.

          Sick of you asshoes thinking you know what the uck your talking about.
          We ALL know who is the REAL SREET FIGHTER really is..

          REAL STREET FIGHTERS Stay in the pocket. While Posers resort to the fence grabbing shady GSP Fitch type of shit….

        • Laughing@you! says:

          Ummm… BJ lost you big crybaby. Im a fan of BOTH fighters, actually leaning towards BJ slightly. However, BJ got his ass beat. You wanna mention how BJ is the best, then knock Nick for not finishing??? Hah! Go ahead and contradict yourself if you want, but you look stupid man. It was a great fight, and the better fighter won.

        • bertram says:

          lmao and i bet your a real street fighter to know what its like huh. stop hating for the sake of not liking somebody. nick beat his ass and yah he did lose round 1, but like i said, if bj hadnt gassed he woulda likely won that fight. but he did, nick capitalized, and beat him like nobody has before. so stop being a hater and call it how it was.

        • Brandon Wheaton says:

          Wow I’m a BJ fan but this shit is amazing. BJ got his ass beat. badly. It didn’t look anything like a fucking boring ass GSP/Fitch match lol.

          these two had more standup than GSp & fitch’s last 9 fights combined lol.

          fucking crybabys.

        • danriverapv says:

          u are such a loser. Bj lost and he lost bad. game plans are how fights are won in MMA. if u want a street fighter go out on the street. fagget. oh and good job changing up that gay ass avatar of urs. now it just looks like a king tellitubie.

        • Draco says:


        • DontBeScaredHomie says:

          You’re fucking retarded you mindless fan get out of your delusional dream land where BJ is the best because over here in the real world its not like that

      • DontBeScaredHomie says:


        • DontBeScaredHomie says:

          Kid you’re so stupid he didn’t destroy him? Is that why BJ straight up retired after the fight because Nick trashed his face worse than anyone in his whole career? LOL yeah kid that makes sense

  7. Dante says:

    haha eddies a cool dude for real!!
    much love to 10th planet 😀
    much love to the Prodigy!

    • wootty says:

      U know what guys ,, eddi bravo couldn’t of said it better ,, I’m a life long bj fan ,, but I won’t hug is nuts for nothing ,, bj win lose draw will always have my respect ,, its a massive thing to go fight , somebody tht big , they prob have ,, 30 pnds more thn bj on fight day ,, Thts his choice ,, he was catching nick more in rnd 1. But nick is human and he wants to win and stay concious ,, hence lean on bj ,, he don’t wanna get knocked out ,, after tht fight ,, I could hold my head up more thn any other time for. Being a bj fan ,, cause he showed major warrior spirit ,, tht he as never had to use before ,, he just kept coming , and coming fwd ,, I respect bj , he as entertained me for 10 yrs ,, and I’ve enjoyed every minute ,, well earned fan .

  8. Steebo says:

    Finally someone in the game vocally expressing what us true fans have been saying all along!

  9. John Blaze says:

    Too bad BJ disrespects every single one of his fans every time his pudgy ass steps in the ring thinking he can be the champ without training.

    • lolziez says:

      “thinking he can be the champ”? guess you dont follow MMA do you dumbass..he was champ in 2 weight classes. now sit there for a min, think about what you typed, slap yourself and go play outside..

  10. danriverapv says:

    umm bj goes up to fight the heavier people because it takes more work to compete at 155 he’d rather take his chances not having to train harder to make weight. Frankie edgar has the title at 155 and is a natural 145. so yeah eat that eddie.

  11. Laks says:

    No way he has his chance now he will have to move up the ladder to have a rematch

  12. thats gay says:

    soo nobody noticed how gay that picture looks ….

  13. joel says:

    if ur hatin on bj get in tha cage see how u go night night haters

  14. King Prodigy LEVREAU says:

    BJ has the heart of a LION… Some people don’t see what others already know. Speak the truth Mr. Bravo. To Mr. PENN….One love to you and your Ohana! WAR PENN WAR!!! Somewhere in Hilo a warrior walks around everyday ready to speak his mind and stand up for what he believes. Life isn’t fair, but I never will underestimate the heart of a true warrior. Aloha from the city of “NO” in central cali. If you don’t have haters than you must be doing something wrong. Like not standing up for what you feel is right! Get Em’ Penn….Get Em’

  15. sweetleaf design says:

    BJ is a legend and one of few true fighters out there, Do i smell a UFC hawaii Penn/Diaz rematch? or drop down and stomp Nate! big fan of Nick but he will never be as respected as BJ.

  16. learntoread says:

    Tough to see Penn getting a rematch with the WW Interim Champ when he’s coming off a loss and a draw in his last two fights. (Yes, I like many others am predicting Diaz beats Condit next month)

  17. Dante says:

    aye nicks game forsure, but dont be smack talkin on BJ chump
    im not gonna smack talk nick, i like him and his bro..
    but your lack of respect for The GREAT Bj Penn sickens me , cmon how fucked up iz u?

  18. Manny says:

    Did i read that right? Eddie Bravo is the creator of the Rubber guard?

  19. IdarreL says:

    BJ is the shit! So is Bravo! Fuck all the haters!

  20. Suvaco says:

    not only does bj have bigger balls but he has bigger dick as well.

    War The Prodigy!!!!!!!!!

  21. Patrice says:

    I don’t care too much care for Mr Bravo but he is right…

  22. E.Bravo for corner man! says:

    Mr. Bravo makes a good point about BJ going up in weight to fight.

    I don’t think the rematch will ever happen. Plus, if it’s a SPORT, it’s about competing against all and NOT avenging a loss (or cage-grabbing incident).

    You don’t see the Miami Heat following the mavericks everywhere to rematch, it’s all about winning and beating everyone you can.

  23. fuck diaz bros says:

    You no bj is probably a lot more emotional over his entire career plus family so leave the guy alone and i hope to see a rematch and Penn goes.down in style by beating the fuck out of diaz by the way bj corrisa furr is smoking hot you lucky bastard ask her if she will do playboy

  24. SP says:

    BJ is on of the top 3 greatest ever for the things he has done.
    Of course no one is the best forever, look at Ali. He can’t box anymore.
    Fact is you won’t see any other guy BJ’s size last with Machida.
    Nor will you see many other fighters win two belts in different weight classes.
    GSP won’t do it. Anderson prob won’t.
    That’s why for me, there’s the best TODAY, and there’s fighters like Couture and BJ who I hold in very very high regard. Most fighters can’t do what they’ve done.
    Ppl all about pound for pound. Couture and BJ are at the moment the top pound for pound fighters ever and so far for being champs in different weight classes. End of story.

  25. @BmoDollaz follow me says:

    BJ might be able to get a rematch IF Condit beats Diaz but that’s a big IF. But id like to see the two go at it again it was a good fight.

  26. RickRuckus says:

    It’s one thing being emotional and after a loss, I would understand maybe stressing over not going over the proper game plan or maybe telling yourself, “you should of done this and that” instead of what you have done in the fight but to go off and start insulting Nick Diaz on his strategy and calling him a coward and comparing him to “LAY & PRAY FITCH”, now your just being a SORE LOSER…

  27. CanILive says:

    if you guys think about it… exciting explosive fights usually come from fighters that have been talkin trash/ disrespecting eachother…

  28. CanILive says:

    not saying anything against BJ… im a big fan.. but if he’s going to get mad about diaz putting him against fence… BJ is the one with the first takedown of the fight on diaz…

    • NickDiazEatsHorsePeen says:

      this is true, he did get the first takedown but I if you watch the fight it wasn’t a stall takedown, he went for the back and went for a finish. Diaz on the other hand HELD the cage while holding BJ against the cage… thats a stall bro. When’s the last time you saw BJ take someone down and didn’t try anything offensive?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!! Diaz relies on pure cardio cos he hopes his opponent gasses out. Which I admit, BJ is prone to doing.

  29. Ly-er_Ly-er says:

    Hahaha, those are sum funny comments from Eddie. I personally agree w/ his comments, and I’m sure he’s more cognitive when he’s lit up so his insight must be much more profound, LOL! So yah win, lose, or draw…you’re either a true fan or not, loyalty is key.

  30. reek says:

    FINALLY someone else who thinks the same as me. its weird cause people get their feelings involved with a debate and then no one is thinking rationally. good stuff

  31. peter says:


  32. Twayne says:


  33. DaRuckuz says:

    das what i thought

  34. ausin says:

    i would love to see a rematch go bj

  35. DAVE says:

    Diaz should, and wont, give him a rematch because of such a bitch move BJ used!! What was it 3wks after the fight he starts crying about how much bigger he looked in the pic,then whined about holding the fence??Give me a break,But sits next to him after the fight,for an photo opp.Sure it was a great fight,But Diaz won that shit! case closed

  36. STEPHEN HORGAN says:

    fuck you dave,,,bj alll the way..if he was in shape he would of whooped him…but he wasent ,,hat eddy said was true…to people sayin he lost a how fast that shit would change if bj comes back and backs it up…..marv plus bj equals diaz like sanchez…god bj come back

  37. Kaleo says:

    Win or lose, I’ll still support BJ! I’m very proud at what he has accomplished and for being from Hawai’i.

  38. Donnybrook says:

    I’m with Eddie on this one… fighting is one of the most emotional things you can do so if BJ wants to vent let him, I have nothing but respect for the man. One way to get a rematch with Nick is kick the shit out of his little bro (Nate) and his good buddy Gilbert and then call him out… he’ll have no choice.

  39. dave says:

    i dont want bj to fight nick if he comes back,first he should fight at lw where he shouild fight at lw where he can be champ..maybe cut to 145 an hold both belts same time..he can be first to do that,,,but if he came back fo a rematch nick he gets beat badly again and retire all over,,,i am shock bj put his arm aroud nick after tthe fight for a pic.2face

  40. Duane says:

    All this talk and he still wouldn’t have his cardio right tho.. Haha

    Rogan podcast all day!!

  41. Robbie Wiggins says:

    Thanks Eddie! One good thing has come from all this though, Now all tha fake ass , only ride’n with him because he’s winning @ tha time so called fans are now exposed!!! Kick rocks fake ass motha’f%ckaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Creature says:

    Only one fighting higher weight guys? …Eddie must have never heard of Dan Henderson :)

  43. chon209 says:

    i dont see the point for a rematch but if there is nick would finish for sure because the first time nick was not motivated to fight and everone knows that because his camp and even nick stated he wasnt so thats why he looked like shit in the 1st it was only after bj punced him in the face and try to sub him he started to act like himself (2nd) and get that mentality back and a rematch woul most likely be a main event 5 rounds if you think otherwise that is just the fanboy in you

  44. chon209 says:

    does anyone know which pod cast that was becuase i saw the last one with bravo #174 and didnt hear them talk about this becuase i would like to judge for myself who was
    “discussing the topic at hand in a realistic frame of mind” so if staff or someone here can let us know which pod cast it was would be helpfull thanks

  45. Chartmonster! says:

    Bj and Fedor greatest of All time! Win or lose Bj fights the best fighters in the business. Bravo spits the fkn truth!

  46. Paul Anaya says:

    Let that shitbag Diaz come down to 155 and see what’s up! For those who say he cant make it…his taller brother fights at 155…so bullshit! And if Nick won’t do it…Dana should arrange for Penn vs (Nate) Diaz! Just cuz it’s the next best thing!

  47. GJJ602 says:

    If BJ had better conditioning, he could beat Diaz pretty easily. He handled Diaz pretty well in the first round If i remember right, but he was gassed by the second, which is when Diaz took control. I just don’t think he has the discipline to get the kind of conditioning he need’s to beat Diaz. I’d love to see Diaz get his ass beat though, hopefully Condit can do it

  48. Draco says:


  49. Long-Strong says:

    all i know is that picture is incredibly gay…

    • No says:

      YOU’RE incredibly gay to have gay thoughts running through your mind when you look at a picture of two strangers. It’s okay, though. Someone in your home, your neighborhood, your city, your state, your country, is having gay thoughts about you at this very instant ! Imagine that. Do you feel it?

  50. Ryan says:

    Renzo fought bigger guys than Machida and didn’t whine like a little girl when he lost a decision to BJ.
    Btw Renzo was 36 at the time and didn’t quit afterwards and then start bitching 2 months later. BJ is a spoiled rich kid that never learned humility

  51. Vinny says:

    Quit printing this crap. Bravo never fought MMA, He is all fucked up. You are making BJ look like a baby

  52. TheRealDealVIP says:

    eddie makes a lot of sense ….so many people turned on BJ after he went after nick…but fuck it..its a fight…i want a rematch boy

  53. dave says:

    first bj had nik face2face afer that fight to confront him but he did not..he hugged him for a pic…2nd frankie edger dooes thesame shit a bj at lw..b does not cut weigh for ww he gains few pounds,,,so does edger………….i dont understnd why gyus like edgerdont hold the lw belt and also cut 10 pounds and try get title there,,he be first to hold both at 1 time

  54. Taimanglo says:


  55. Mitch Wilson says:

    I love Eddie awesome shit.

  56. snoop says:

    Penn moved up because Edgar ended all of his hope in lightweight. If you wanna scrap go to K1. If you wanna see who is the real street fighter go to Rio Heroes.You can’t say the guy is a coward because he didn’t fight the way you wanted him to fight. This is MMA find a way to impose your game and stop being a pussy.

  57. SanSooRob says:

    I’m sorry ,I like the Diaz bro but a pissed off bj penn wins 10/10 times.
    Bj penn wins rematch hands down

  58. AdamBomb says:

    … That has been my argument with Penn haters and so called “Fans” that dont like what Bj said how can you call you self a true fan if you jump ship right in the heat of battle ? Your gonna be a fan no matter what win or lose .. Talking shit or Being Humble. Your a true WARRIOR BJ !

  59. BJPennrules says:

    Win or lose BJ Penn rules!

  60. ArChie Vale says:

    Bj Penn is a BAD SOB. When he`s primed or not. BJ takes the fight and gives it all he got. therefore Fncking BJ Penn would still qualify as a Pound for Pound best fighter out threre….

  61. jonsey says:

    fuk what eddie the fake inventer bravo says..stealing moves that already exist and just naming them…ahhh both diaz bros did same as bj..nate from lw to ww an back down…an nick from ww to 160 catch to ww to mw to 180 catch…fukin idiot bravo …got lucky gracie thought he was shit an slipped up…i like bj but diaz did same shit….an anderson fuk head…a

    • Luke says:

      Youre fucking stupid shut the fuck up.

    • Trae Murphy says:

      jonsey: ur jst another internet warrior; step to Bravo if ur so shit hot! Wanker! Fckin noobs! BJ Penn fan 4 Life. Fck it BJ fight Mac and then do a rematch w/ Diaz!

    • Corey says:

      Dude get your facts right. In everything eddie has ever written he saysw who actually made the moves. He says why he namedthem(whether they wernt named already or they aleady had a name) he just made a new system without a gi.your ignorant and close minded. And if you rewatch the match gracie could barley pass his guard(if he did at all I’m not for sure if he did or not I don’t remeber) everything u said other than the diaz brother moveing up in weight is incorect . Your sounded like a moron

  62. whiston kaleimamahu says:

    if BJ had greg jackson in his corner he is still LW champ and possibly beats GSP…possibly, he needs someone to tell him straighten the fuck up…put on a show, and win like this…Gjackson would have found the gameplan for edgar…take the little shit down, and he would have practice w top notch wrestlers to avoid the

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