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Monday, 01/02/2012, 04:30 am

UFC NEWS – Dos Santos Excited For A Stand Up War Against Overeem

“It’s going to be really, really good for the fans. Because he’s a striker (and) I’m a striker, it’s going to be a stand-up battle. … He’s pretty good at using his kicks, his knees, his punches. But I believe so much in my boxing.”

UFC heavyweight champion, Junior Dos Santos, tells USA Today that he is excited to face newly crowned contender Alistair Overeem.

Dos Santos initially won his UFC heavyweight title in the UFC on FOX 1 main event. He then went into knee surgery to repair a nagging injury and has been waiting to resume training ever since.

This past weekend Brock Lesnar and Alistair Overeem squared off for a chance to be the first title challenger for the newly crowned champion, Dos Santos.

It was Overeem, the K-1 Grand Prix champion, who took out Lesnar to earn the shot and Dos Santos announced on the same night that he has only 10-days left until he can resume training.

These two heavyweight strikers are on a collision course to wreak havoc in the Octagon, but who’s striking will prevail?

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39 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Dos Santos Excited For A Stand Up War Against Overeem”

  1. Jim says:

    This is going to be a war! I can’t pick a winner for this one.

  2. Aj says:

    I would say if overeem comes out and strikes like he did in the k1 GP it’s gonna be the biggest war.

  3. Leks66 says:

    JDS is gonna touch that glass jaw of Overeem. He was walking in on Brock with his hands down, if Brock wasn’t so deathly afraid Overeems standup he could have clobbered the Reem with one of those lunch boxes.

    • Xaninho says:

      Glass jaw? pfff he has only been stopped by (T)KO 5 times in over 45 fights.

      And yes he walked in hands down cause he knew Lesnar can’t throw a decent punch and it’s easier to stuff take downs when your hands are already low.

  4. jon says:

    JDS boxing is freakin perfect. JDS via TKO. anyways its gon be a war!

  5. Josh T says:

    Ohh man, so stoked for this fight!
    Not to mention I’m also so torn between these two beasts…
    Both are prolly my top 2 hw fighters.
    It’s such a closely contested battle…def hard to predict.
    Both are clearly strikers, both got tremendous power, however I would have to give the edge to The Reem. Simply because he utilizes more punches, kicks, knees etc.
    However, JDS can and does do the exact same, but prefers to trade punches.

    I wouldn’t put it past JDS though, if he lands one of those power bombs, it’s lights out.
    Especially if Reem underestimates JDS’s striking like Lesnar. Reem has got to be sharp and keep his hands up.

    I’ve got Reem or JDS by KO lol.

  6. raymonster says:

    Overeem isn’t scared of anybody… JDS just got lucky when he won the belt…
    with those knees and kicks on JDS’ ribs and liver he wont be able last that long
    it’ll be another 1st rd. TKO….

  7. Bil says:

    Everyone’s boxing is perfect until you get knee’d by a tree stump, then it’s usually downhill from there…. A.O. has 4 times the professional fights between kickboxing and mma, than JDS. ( 62 and 15 are their totals respectively)
    It’ll be interesting what the odds are…..

  8. Roger8893 says:

    Come on alistair,show that brazilian that hes human just like the rest of us……

    • srba says:

      if anyone comes off as a human in the ufc it’s JDS 100%. when have you seen him without a smile on his face? hes allways filled with positive energy, and full of respect for any of his opponents. when it comes to champions, he is the perfect role model. as for the Reem he is the one that wants to come off as a stone cold mofo, and i’ve seen in his fights, his heart goes down to his feet with each good hit he eats, an i hope JDS is going to put it all on display come fight night. and this fight with Brock, lol, Brock was out of that fight before the first press conference took place, you can see it in his eyes in any interwiev he gives. Brock was serverd up on a silver platter for Alistair by Dana so he could make an entrance to the UFC. but JDS is gonna rip him a new one.

      • Hostile Hunter says:

        @srba: i think what Roger meant by saying “show us that hes human” is to show that JDS can be hurt and knocked out. Hands down one of the nicest and humble fighters we have in the sport. Its going to be interesting how Junior does in the clinch with Reem. Standing id have to give it to The Reem as well because he can keep him on the outside with kicks and punches. Ground id also give to Alistair, even tho JDS trains with Big Nog i honestly dont think he would fair well of his back.

  9. Roger8893 says:

    alistair needs to do da same he did to brock ,to jds…im tired of seeing brazilian champions!!!!!!

  10. remi says:

    Alistair overeem loses 1 ko not tko from chuck liddel pride days lost to shogun twice in pride by tko and by nogeira looking good his last 4 bouts but jaw is suspect even to this day one clean shot from dose Santos and overeem will be thinking about his career in the ufc.

    • Brian says:

      I like the reem but +1 jr’s boxing is a treat to watch

    • Jujitsu Player says:

      I basically posted this exact post on an earlier story. It’s going to be a great fight until JDS lands a clean shot and it’s lights out for the Reem….IMO. Still happy to ended Brocks overrated MMA career though.

    • Xaninho says:

      Overeem’s jaw is suspect cause he suffered 5 (T)KO losses in a 49 fight career?

      It’s pretty obvious and easy to say a clean shot by JDS can end the fight, simply because a clean shot by JDS against ANY opponent can end the fight.

      You’re kicking in open doors dude.

  11. Say "NO" 2 Steroids says:

    I’ve live in Japan and I’ve been to K-1 events and watched couple of Overeem’s fight.
    I’m a huge fan of him. And I like JDS too. He’s very humble. I really like this match up.
    Overeem is a real beast on striking, and in my opinion, he has the best stand up defense in MMA.
    But I doubt his chin sometimes. I’m not saying that he can’t take a punch, but his chin is kinda questionable. He got KO’ed on Badr Hari and got rocked many times on the K-1 tournament.
    And for JDS, I think he has the best boxing in whole MMA. Those clean and well timed uppercuts are really nasty. And I strongly doubt that it will hit Overeem. I really like this match up and I hope they would put it on FOX.

  12. The Refutor says:

    I give it to Overeem if really works his head movement cuz that split second he lets his leg or knee go he is in trouble. Overeem just has too many weapons.

  13. I like junior but his belt stops here. Reem is a way better striker, so junior better go get w Munoz and practice some TDs bc the Reem is going to double clinch your ass and drop u like Lesnar. New king in town the REEMMONSTER! Can’t wait for the stare down..

  14. Rowe says:

    Overeem is going to destroy JDS’ knee. He might win because of it. Think about it, when he fought Goukhan Saki, he targeted his bad arm and won because it broke. When he fought Brock Lesnar, he probably did more damage than the diverticulitis. He tends to target weak points quite well, and I see him smashing Junior’s knee to bits.

  15. bizzle says:

    JDS 1st round KO all day every day.. Easier fight for him then Carwin as Reem does not have nearly the jaw carwin does..

    • Carwin cut too much weight for the Jds fight and paid the price. Easier fight then Carwin..lmao! Reem has more weapons it’ll be a good fight but Jds will fall bc he can’t stand with Overeem! Dutch Muay Thai over Brazilian kick boxing any day! Junior is a humble respectful guy so it’ll be hard to watch him get Demolished.

      • bizzle says:

        Your showing your newbie colors again Chart.. I thought you would know that Carwin has always been a 255lb range HW and he bulked up prior to UFC because he thought he needed extra weight to compete with Lesnar.. His prime fighting weight has always been 250.. He said that and his trainers said that.. Don’t you worry JDS is not going anywhere, he will have a slew of title defenses before he hits his 30s..

        • :LoL i always want to jump in on these JDS arguments but u say everything i want to say so i dont even bother. I just let you say whats real and the haters can decide whether to agree or not.

  16. pk9grrr says:

    i think experience has this ,ive got the horse whisperer winning

  17. Xaninho says:

    Overeem has more weapons in the stand-up. His legkicks are brutal, JDS doesn’t check them too well so there’s definitely a change for Overeem to stay on the outside and chop the legs away.

    I also like JDS alot, but if he doesn’t KO Overeem I think he will loose his belt.

    I’m rooting for Overeem cause it’s been too long ago since there was a Dutch champ. At the same time I won’t mind that much if JDS keeps it, cause he’s one of my favourite fighters as well.

  18. Ricky says:

    JDS vs Overeem in a retro porn flick. Who wins then?

  19. jersey says:

    i want jds to win but reem is nasty, it all depends on if jds can connect

  20. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    JDS is going to knock Overeem on his ass and I’m going to mail Chartmonster a box of Kleenex.

  21. wayuk says:

    if cain can hit jds’ leg during their fight, so can the reem, but is that enough? no

    if overeem wants to win this, he has to mix it up well, put jds on the clinch and do his k1 striking skills along the cage.. but my bet will go to jds simply because he hits all of his opponents right in their face and the guy’s punches are quicker compared to the reem and if he hits you, you’re going down and 90% of the time you’ll go to sleep..

    the only reason i think overeem can win this is by decision (that is if he has the chin of big country)

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