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Wednesday, 12/21/2011, 06:00 am

UFC NEWS – Dominick Cruz Blames Faber For Less Than Perfect Public Image

“I think a lot of people have misconceptions about me. People usually believe what Faber’s been saying about me, that I’m a d-bag and all these negative things. Of course, he’s going to say negative things about me. I’ve beaten him and some of his teammates. What nice stuff will he have to say about me?”

The biggest rivalry in Bantamweight history, Urijah Faber and Dominick Cruz trade barbs like it’s their hobby.

Faber is a fan favorite, one of the most recognizable and popular figures in the sport today and Cruz gets the brunt of a lot of his jokes.

The two are 1-1 in competition and a rematch is on the horizon to settle the score.

Cruz demands respect not only from Faber, but from the fans at home who watch the sport. Will a second win over Faber silence his critics, and possibly, halt the trash talk of Faber or is he destined to be the heel in the pro-Faber world?

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25 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Dominick Cruz Blames Faber For Less Than Perfect Public Image”

  1. A.James says:

    Cruz is extremely talented and never dissapoints. He’s got about two more fights before he’s totally cleaned out his division. WAR CRUZ!!!

    • asdf says:

      Ahem, he dances around the cage like a 6 yr boy. He’s not elusive at all, that’s why he gets hit so much. He just moves his upper torso like he’s head banging, and looks like a total idiot doing so. I hope beats him, and exposes this lame 6 yr old dance song.

  2. Phalen says:

    It’s been my experience that “demanding” respect is a fool’s errand. Just sayin’….

    • Bigfan says:

      I think its fair to demand respect when you kick someones ass twice (assuming he Cruz does it again)

      • Phalen says:

        Well with 2 ass whoopins you would think it would be EARNED. I was more referring to the “Fans at home” part. I believe that when you are a top level fighter that you would already have a healthy amount of respect for all of your competition considering they are the few people who know all of the hard work and dedication you experience as a fighter. Work worthy of respect.

        Now fans are completely different in my eyes. I doubt that Dominick, who is not nearly as charismatic as Uriah, will ever get the level of respect he thinks he deserves. Not by “demanding” it anyway. I agree that people underestimate him and should show the champ some love, but he isn’t winning anyone over by positioning himself against a fan favorite like Faber.

  3. CanILive says:

    i think Urijah is going to go in there head huntin….

  4. ullysses31 says:

    thought Faber looked a lot better in his last fight, where he just went in guns blazing. He played it too cautious in their first fight – I got him by decision in their next meeting!

  5. How could Cruz have a bad reputation with all those finishes on his record…scoff

  6. The natural says:

    I can’t stand how fabers been a posterboy for mma wen he sucks he ugly as he’ll to and he started fighting 155 he sucked so bad tyson griffin beat his ass and went to UFC he stayed in other shit leagues and competed till he fought aldo which shld of been his most notable reconizable ass kicking now he fighting in UFC at 135 with more sponsor and side deals and most known fighter for accomplishing nothing in his career I don’t understand did I mention that hes ugly as hell

  7. DeepSeaGod says:

    No Cruz…its b/c your style makes you look like a fairy….prancing around the octagon. You went the distance with faber and he didnt have a mark on him even after you hit him with everything you had! Like Rampage says “you couldnt bust a grape”!

  8. dbo says:

    Hope Cruz punches that long haired hobbit right in his butt crack lookin chin.
    Thing is a big enough target.

  9. I swear the guys who hate Faber are just pissed at how many girls he pulls. Pretty fuckin sad the guy is one of the most excuting guys in MMA him and BJ got me watching it.

  10. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Wouldn’t that be funny if Cruz KO’s Faber like Frankie KO’ed Maynard!? I predict a Cruz KO’s Faber in the 4th.

  11. "H"BOMB says:

    cruz fuckin sucks he truly has no cardio his pitter patter bullshit makes me wanna see jose aldo move down and destroy him lets go faber walk through his punches like you say you’re going to

  12. ricardo bautista says:

    Im sick of this clown.
    He is sooo boring..
    All he does is hit and run hit and dance.
    Dominick “Decision” Cruz

  13. get the gimp says:

    All i can remember from the last Cruz/Faber was Faber standing in front of Cruz, flinching constantly. He needs to be more aggressive in their next fight so that it doesn’t go to decision. He has the skills to beat him, he just has to let his hands go and put some damage on Cruz. The fans don’t deserve another five round man dance. Cruz needs to leave Paul Wall at home in his gimp closet as well, what is the relevance of having a 100 pound cross eyed toolbag at the fight? Does Cruz think that its cool to have the “peoples chimp” backing you up? What a joke…
    Please destroy this guy Faber!!!!

    • get the gimp says:

      “I swear the guys who hate Faber are just pissed at how many girls he pulls. Pretty fuckin sad the guy is one of the most excuting guys in MMA him and BJ got me watching it.”

      yo Prodigy, or Progidy, don’t waste our time writing stuff on the internet that is indecipherable. I had to read your post like 3 times. I could care less about how many girls Faber “pulls.” He can pull all the women he wants, lol. You think he is one of the most excuting guys in MMA. What does that mean, he used to be cute, but now is excute?
      I guess we all have to thank BJ for gotting you to watch it?
      Seriously, you can keep those baboon thoughts in your own skull, I would hate to see you have an aneurysm because you are trying to word englich for us. lmfao

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