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Tuesday, 01/24/2012, 08:24 am

UFC NEWS – Diego Sanchez: “I would kick Nick Diaz’s a** again”

“Man, everybody out there, straight up, I don’t like to hear this crap about Nick Diaz. I’m hearing this stuff on Sherdog, ‘Oh Diego Sanchez and Nick Diaz…gotta pick Nick Diaz, that was a long time ago and he’s gotten so much better.’ You know what man, we’ve all gotten better. Styles make fights! I’m still a guy that’s gonna take down Nick Diaz, I’m still a guy that’s gonna push the pace on Nick Diaz, I’m still the guy that’s tough enough to take Nick Diaz’s little pitter-patter punches. Styles make fights. Nick Diaz has this grappling that’s on point and so do I. We get back in there again, I’m going to kick his ass again.”

Many Moons ago Diego Sanchez beat Nick Diaz inside the Octagon. The loss on Nick’s record was the first of three straight defeats at the hands of UFC talent and these losses brought into question Nick’s ability to fight wrestlers effectively in a cage.

To date, Diaz has yet to return to action against a strong takedown artist so no one really knows how he would deal with it in this new day in MMA. Sanchez however, believes that even in this new day the same song will play if the two ever matched up again.

What do you think Penn Nation? Does Sanchez have the goods to take out one of Stockton’s finest for a second time or has Diaz surpassed him?

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105 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Diego Sanchez: “I would kick Nick Diaz’s a** again””

  1. Xaninho says:

    Yeah right! Sanchez needed the help from some stupid judges to get an undeserved win over Kampmann. Give Kampmann a rematch bitch, then talk about kicking fighters asses!

    • Nick says:

      With all do respect… it wasn’t a split decision that Diego won by, he won by a unanimous decision. There are alot of things that come into play when fighting, as I’m sure you are aware of. While it seems we disagree on who won the fight and why. Diego got the “W”. That being said, I would like to see a rematch with Kampmann.

      • Xaninho says:

        I know it was a unanimous decision, that just shows all three judges are fools.

        It was an outrage.

      • JMad says:

        ya, it was a funny ass bullshit decision

      • azumpire says:

        I agree. I think Nick Diaz would kick Sanchez ass this time, and good. And Martin Kampman beat Diego up good, and he got robbed when they gave the decision to Sanchez. Martin clearly won that fight. And I think if Diaz fights Sanchez again, it will be a whole different ball game this time

        • Society says:

          You guys are all judging the fight to whos face looked more fucked up. Sanchez clearly won the 2nd and 3rd. Get your heads outta your asses. Thats in the past let it go. you Cry babies

        • phace says:

          I agree with Society

        • DontBeScaredHomie says:

          So your retarded ass thinks Sanchez won the fight because all he did was move forward and throw hay-makers and hardly every landed compared to Martins clean hard counter strikes that actually did damage? You’re a fucking idiot Martin won that fight only a moron would think otherwise that being said Nick would kill Sanchez just like Penn killed Sanchez also just because Diego lay and prayed Diaz like 5 years ago doesn’t mean he will be able to do it again or even get close

        • Xaninho says:

          He came forward but was getting tagged like crazy dude! You clearly don’t know what a good strike is.

          Walking into punches and throwing a few haymakers in the air shouldn’t be rewarded with a win.

      • Alfonso says:

        Thats is a valid point, however, it was such a weak performance on the part of Sanchez it really calls into question his ability in a Diaz rematch.

      • Jason N says:

        horrible descision for sure.

    • cody says:

      worst dec ive ever seen in the ufc no joke sanchez is a human punching bag now kampmann and diaz would be worth watching

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Agreed. I’m a fan of Diego, but his game doesn’t seem to have changed since he initially entered the UFC, while Diaz has definitely improved. Sounds like Sanchez is salty because he has been passed by while his skill set stands still. Sounds like he’s just trying to stay relevant by playing the mouth-all-mighty role

      • Shawn says:

        Diaz still fights the same. His fighting style hasn’t changed in years. He wears out his guys with his jabs, and takes them out. If he gets taken down, he works for a submission. There is the few times he will try to take his opponent down and do GnP. I would say his gotten better at it. But his style and game plans have always been the same.

        • ThaGreenBandit says:

          Didn’t say Diaz’ game has changed. Just like you did, I said it improved, so we’re pretty much on the same page about that.

    • einiar says:

      ahaha man Sanchez beat Diaz and Kampman its in the video and the world knows it period.

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      I’m still pissed off about that “GIFT” some corrupt judges gave sanchez in kampamnn fight. Diego was busted up worse than any fighter i have ever seen other than Jon Fitch after 5 round beating GSP put on him. Diego flat got his ass kicked. Kampmann had one little fingernail scratch on his entire face. Nick Diaz would beat the holy hell out of Diego as he is better at everything except lay n pray

  2. kenny says:

    yea it would be a good fight i think…bt diego hasnt bn in a fight in a while…bt it would be a good gudge match to see who is better or gottin better

  3. mma4life says:


    • NickDiazEatsHorsePeen says:

      Why are there so many Nick Diaz fans on a BJ Penn website? go to Diaz’s website if he even has one lol. shit. And truth is, Sanchez would decision Diaz AGAIN.

      • ThaGreenBandit says:

        Oh, my bad. Didn’t know the rules stated that in order to be on this site, you can only be a fan of BJ Penn, and no other fighter. Must suck to be the fan of only one fighter, which I’m sure you are, because if you had any other faves, you shouldn’t be on this site, right?

      • zach says:

        stupid comment, and you think that diego would win is proof you dont know shit about mma. Watch some more fights, do some research and keep and open mind and maybe JUST maybe someday, you will have a tiny bit of mma knowledge

      • DontBeScaredHomie says:

        Obviously because Nick has alot of fans not everyone hates on Nick like your ignorant little ass does Nick Diaz is a savage in the cage and would kill Diego just like he did to Penn and like he will do to Condit quit being a hater and open your eyes the Diaz brothers are some of the best fighters in the UFC like it or not just because you don’t like that don’t let it make you blind to the truth that they are on another level and all you’re do by hating is making yourself look like a fool for trying to say they are bad fighters and would lose to all these people when its obvious that’s not the truth

      • dave says:

        we are fight fans bro…and nick brings it like bj.///that why people like him…he aint a point fighter he is a scrapper//,,if nick worked on his takedowns/wreslting he would be unstopable

    • Society says:

      You are a complete moron

    • Jon says:

      dude if you were in the same position as Diego you would talk shit too Diego has been fighting top flight competition for a long time Koscheck, Fitch, Thiago, Kampmann, Jorge Santiago, Clay Guida, BJ Penn now whether he’s lost or not is not the point the point is he’s been fighting the best UFC put in fron of him & fought his ass off. Nick Diaz gets booted from the UFC fights a bunch of nobody’s or UFC defects comes back to the UFC & is immedeatly gets a title shot??????? get the fuck out of here with that bullshit Nick Diaz is an exciting fighter i will always give him credit for that but for him to be considered for a title shot bullshit even in the Penn that was not the BJ we’re use to seeing & to be honest we haven’t seen him do well since the Sanchez fight & even then if BJ didn’t have a granite chin & awesome head movement diego would’ve got him eventually he’s a non-stop action pacing machine & thats why Kampmann lost the decision he looked tired thats why Diaz would lose as well cuz his cardio is nowhere near Sanchez’s WAR SANCHEZ UD vs Ellenberger on Fuel TV EARN IT BITCH!

      • SteveB says:

        Nick was never booted for the billionth fucking time. He went where the money was. Walked away not fired. Shut your mouth. Nick beat diego and got screwed, just like he beat sherk. If you want to talk about this fight go rewatch it instead of making up stupid shit like diegos cardio is better.

      • GET RID OF FITCH says:

        that is so stupid to say FATTY diego has better cardio than Diaz. have you seen diego lately??? he’s afatt ass now. Diego got his asss kicked by Kampamnn. Diaz would stomp Diego’s face in no problem. Diego doesn’t even deserve a fight with a top contender. the UFC should have let ellenberger finish off whats left of Fitch’s boring ass career. Next loss Fitch is gone RELEASED. should already be gone.

  4. Tough call… Diego is a beast, but so is Diaz. You gotta give the edge to Diaz based on competition and performance lately. Diaz picked BJ apart and BJ picked Sanchez apart. Once Sanchez gets like 3 more big name wins in WW, he’ll get his chance to prove himself against Diaz again.

    • Thurgood Jenkins says:

      BJ did a lot more than just pick Sanchez apart. Sanchez’s face was not just lumped up, it was a mess. If I remember correctly, he didn’t inflict any damage on BJ either. Regardless, I’ve called Sanchez’s sanity into question ever since he started doing the “YES Cartwheel” right before the BJ fight.

  5. CrAzyBK64 says:

    He might be right sancheaz is a grinder I could see that fight going the same way as the first

  6. EricB says:

    Diego out pointed Kampmann. His face was busted up, but he drew Kampmann into a brawl, and won 2 outta 3 rounds. You may hate on Sanchez, but I thoroughly think he’d beat the crap outta Diaz. That said, I think Condit is gonna take that chump out!!! That’s right, I’m a Diaz hater, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

    • NickDiazEatsHorsePeen says:

      This man speaks the truth. Diaz is tough yes, but what people forget is that he gets grinded down by wrestlers and he also got flash KO’d by Daley. Watch the fight again and look at Diaz fall face first and the fall wakes him up from his standing KO.

      • rayed says:

        Omg, do u just see what u want to see??? How u going to even bring up the Paul fight. Yea he got the flash (rocked) not ko’d and he recovered from one of the hardest hitting fighters in the weight class… that speaks more then anything, and he came back for the tko!

        Like I said down there, mma is not ur thing brah, go back to wwe u beta faggot

  7. KJoe says:

    I like Diego and had high hopes for him but I have to say, he’s been a big disappointment. Nick’s gotten better too and in the same weight class, whereas Sanchez did some weight class jumping to achieve some of those Ws.

  8. CanILive says:

    wait wait wait… whose getting title fights Diego?? oh yea that’s right DIAZ

  9. the original steve says:

    LOL the man said he’s going to push the pace on nick diaz. not possible. yeah he could take nick diaz down and lay there pray he doesn’t get subbed and get the judges decision in my opinion that’s the only way you are going to beat nick diaz.

    • NickDiazEatsHorsePeen says:

      so basically you tried to make fun of Sanchez, and then at the end of your dumb post, you realize that Sanchez would win anyway? Because Diaz sucks too much to stop a take down or have the ability to get off his back. WOW

      • fckin HATERS says:

        Look you bitches need to stop hatin so damn much, i know your probably just a TROLL tryna get people worked up but you obviously dont know shit about mma and do you seriously think would post something good about nick diaz now? haha nope their TROLLS when it comes to nick too just look at the title of their last nick diaz quote and watch the preview and see what he actually says..big difference….

      • Stevo the great says:

        @NickDiazEatsHorsePeen You are a TROLL… a side show bob cheerleader in the corner trying to raise her hand. Just shut up already… sound like GSP with all of that hate. Bet if you saw Nick in public you would be singing a different tune and might even ask for an autograph. Keyboard warrior…..get a life!

      • rayed says:

        Hah! Its funny how trool ass bata bitches try and prove a point and justlook stupid as fuck.

        Truth is, Nick, love him or hate him, he’s in a completely different league now. Its not even with a response by Nick.

        And yea brah, mma is not ur thing if this is how u clap back. Beta faggot

      • the original steve says:

        shut up troll. i never made fun of sanchez i said he wont push the pace with nick diaz because that’s impossible nick has the best cardio in mma. and i said he could win by taking him down and hoping he doesn’t get submitted because that is truely the only way he will ever win. dumbass

  10. DAMN! says:

    Would love to see this fight and see who’s gotten better over the years… Really Interesting.

  11. banks says:

    Ahahaha at all the haters.. diaz aint goin away so dudes need to start backin thier talk up cuz my boy diaz has been

  12. Sam Hounsell says:

    Don’t think so matey boy! Untill he fights his way back to the top he has no business calling Diaz out.

  13. 1981AD says:

    He would get pitter pattered to death. LIke everybody better than him has gotten. BJ had an awestruck look on his face when Diaz was lighting him up. A look of what have I gotten into… It happened to better fighters than Sanchez, and it will happen to him if he ever fights Diaz again.

    Cannot blame this guy for trying to get a big name fight though, he needs to get paid.

  14. Daniel Muniz says:

    sure he will. the lost to bj penn when he fought for the belt. and nick diaz just ripped penn apart.. sorry diego not going to happen

  15. Airportlife says:

    Diego is just trying to talk his way into a big fight instead of actually fighting his way there like Nick has.I think the fight with BJ ruined Diego he hasn’t looked good since that fight.

  16. Patrick says:

    If they both win their fights diego would be close to getting another crack at gold make the match again. I do think Diego is tough and has an excellent training down in Albuquerque and it will be interesting to see how it affects his progress. Their both very gifted at what they do. I wish diaz would have fought BJ in the Middle of the cage.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      I think Diaz is more than one or two wins away from a crack at gold. Of his two most recent wins, one was a clear gift, and I’m pretty sure Joe and Dana recognize that. Before those two wins, he lost 2 straight, although one was at lw

  17. dage says:

    sanchez cant hold water at lw how he wanna call nick out al ww…yeah he won years agi when nick was still a baby,…nick would smash him

  18. Tikler says:

    You are delusional Diego. Crawl back into your hole!

  19. anal staph infection says:

    WTF u reading sherdog for. It’s full of UFC dick riders, they don’t know shit about MMA. I like both guys and u guys need to stop bitching about stuff that already happen. The only way to find out is to put the fight on.

  20. Mike Diaz says:

    There are some sure rematches that I would bet my savings on if they scrapped again, the tables would be turned (i.e. most of B.J.’s) but Diego Dream, Nightmare, Sleepyhead……whatever your called, this aint a contract you want to sign! Diaz Bros and TEAM PENN!!!!!!

  21. "H"BOMB says:

    i would love to see this

  22. Jujitsu Player says:

    Diego is just talking this up so he gets back in the game. Fact is Diaz is now in a different league to Diego and he just doesn’t deserve to get the rematch. If it happend it would be very one sided and Diego would end up with his face all bashed up just like he did against BJ…..which was BRUTAL.

    • rayed says:

      Exactly what I was thinking. Diego’s just a gate keeper at best.

      I mean look back at diaz’s losses: Jeremy Jackson, hironaka, parisyan, Riggs, sherk and yea Diego the wet dream Sanchez. Lets see a rematch with any of them and Diaz would be on top via domination.

      Its not even worth a response by Diaz.

      • Jujitsu Player says:

        Definitely, I think at 155lb Nate Diaz would also destroy Diego now. The game has moved on guys have just got better and better and left him behind. 155lb division is probably the most competitive in the UFC right now.

  23. Fyrfytr998 says:

    Only one way to find out. Call up Joel, and sign the contract.

  24. gbjj says:

    … nice.. is this Diego’s way of trying to get attention and stay relevant? whatever….

  25. Ruben says:

    Any strong wrestler with good sub defense beats Diaz….plain and simple

  26. Roscoe10 says:

    ” A strong takedown artist” that was getting shutdown by kampmann, If diego’s fat ass had it his way in that fight he would dry humped him all 3 but kampmann left him no choice but to stand.

  27. curtis says:

    heres an easy way to put it penn put a beating on diego diaz put a beating on penn, diego would be in trouble all 3 or 5 rounds

  28. learntoread says:

    Yeah…good luck with that Diego.

    I’m a fan, but if you think Nick Diaz is the same fighter you fought (in a very close fight) back in the year 2005, you’re sorely mistaken.

    If you think Kampmann and Penn busted you up, Diaz would swarm you.

  29. JB Spencer says:

    I thought it was funny all the shit nick talked about TUF befor that fight, how it was bs for diego to get 6 figure contract just for wining a reality show… And then his lil brother gets on the show and wins. Speaking of nate i wda luved to see nate v diego at lw, even though i dont like to see two of my favs fight.

    Anyway, its nice to hear somthing about/from sanchez, it seemed like he fell of the face of the earth lately. I aint got a bad thing to say about him or nick but i think he needs to concentrate on ellenburger, and YES! YES! YES! he will outwork, out heart, overwhelm and finish jake in the second or third; provided ofcoarse he doesnt spend the next three weeks fantisising about wining the ww title in a rematch title shot agaist nick diaz.

    • dave says:

      i always loved nick and nate….i loved nick after he shocked me an ko lawler…but yeah i remembr thinking that was so funny him talking about tuf then lil bro win the next year

  30. HoneyBadgerAintScaredHomie says:

    Anybody can beat anybody on any given night in MMA (Matt Serra beat GSP for crying out loud) – that’s part of what makes it exciting to watch. Sanchez is obviously just trying to stir the pot and bring some relevance back to his name. Not to say the guy is irrelevant by any means, but he hasn’t fought in nearly a year and MMA is really a “what have you done for me lately” kind of sport. If Diaz beats Condit and becomes the interim champ, Sanchez is going to have to fight his way back to the upper echelon of that division before he can even think about getting a crack at him. On the flipside if Diaz loses, I’m pretty sure that won’t be the return fight that Sanchez gets booked for right off the bat. Stranger things have happened though.

  31. Shaun Douglas Breeze says:

    Diaz is clearly in better form at the moment , Diego hasn’t evolved his style . However if these 2 rematched it would be a win win for the fans, Both very exciting fighters regardless of there skills and style.

  32. Put him in a straight jacket! says:

    Sanchez needs to shut up, put his helmet back on, and get back on the short bus. I really believe BJ beat the brain cells out of Diego. Nick has clearly come a long way while Sanchez has gone flat. Somebody get Diego Sanchez a straight jacket!

  33. einiar says:

    what is the truth about the discussion? Well its easy who beat who? Sanchez beat Diaz and thats the only truth period. And again what ever we are trying to proof its already been clear. SANCHEZ BEAT DIAZ and thats the truth. its the only truth that we know so far. Stop making things up.

  34. einiar says:

    i watched it man it was funny that the shorter fighter took away diaz long lymphs…lol.

  35. DBKlein69 says:

    gsp would kick both of their asses.

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      please dont use gsp and kick ass in the same sentence. please be truthful with your posts and say gsp will out point their asses, gsp will hold their asses down until the judges award him a boring win, or something along those lines and that is a true statement, thank you.

      • Joe Tallyhoe says:

        Actually GSP could kick their asses. Kick their asses badly. Remember before the last four fights how he finished people? He finished half his fights check his record. Either way, he’s much too powerful a man and he would smash them and make their face like hamburger. Not too many would disagree on that note. Yes, Im a gap fan and you probably think Sanchez or Diaz are better fighters than GSP. Lol, whatever. Diaz lost to Condit and Sanchez, well where the hell is he? LMAO. Your not very bright are ya.

  36. slacker says:

    This would be a great fight like the first. Amazing pace and grappling by both. They should set it up again.

  37. Old Fight Fan says:

    Sanchez beat Diaz because he has similar cardio as Diaz, as well as decent boxing, decent wrestling, and decent subs. Diaz couldn’t wear him out and take over, due to Diego’s cardio, and Sanchez had enough diverse skills to keep it close the entire fight.

    A rematch could go either way, but I’d give a slight edge to Diaz, this time, boys and girls.

  38. n8tvegrappler says:

    You have to give Nick and Nate credit for what they have accomplished as of late. Diego is looking for some of the light right now and I don’t blame him. Would be an exciting fight, but Nick would beat him.

  39. Jcamps says:

    I believe Sanchez just wants to cut in line just in case Diaz wins the title. Don’t agree? Not my problem!

  40. Travis Cole says:

    The article is about Sanchez and Diaz not Kampmann and Sanchez. I agree that Diaz has gotten better but not at wrestling. Look at a list of the fighters he’s fought since Sanchez and you won’t see any great wrestlers. Sanchez is right styles make fights, Sanchez has a gas tank to match Diaz and he can take the punches needed to get the fight to the ground where he would beat down Nick. You all can hate on Sanchez all you want he didn’t make the judges give him the win against Kampmann so stop hating. I’m sure he would be glad to fight Kampmann again if given the chance.

  41. Jersey Fan says:

    Can someone tell me what in the hell happened to Sanchez? He used to be an incredible physical specimen. When I saw him against Kampman, I couldn’t believe it was the same guy. He looked totally out of shape. Did he just lose his edge and give up training for donuts?

  42. big furr fan says:

    Diego will kick his ass again ya every fighter gets better but this new age crap ??? Look what the master bj did to Diego.the same thing will happen if these too meet again diaz and diego I got diego who no’s maybe diaz really did retire to grow so of that hydro shit never no? After Diego kicks the shit out of diaz then BJ can stomp Diego !!!! Hope we see it

  43. diego was a great fighter but to make it big he is going to have to sharpen up his promotional skills a little bit. are you not entertained? my lil nod to gladiater and diego. when diego fights he wins fight of the night but the guy should be a marquie top bill by now maybe his camp should talk to a pr co and get some pointers

  44. Ayuen Khot says:

    I believe Sanchez would still bring it but yea Nick Diaz is also well equipe for revenge who knows what goes around

  45. thomas says:

    haha too funny only way he can win is by taking it to the ground but still sure diaz would come out on top

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