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Thursday, 12/29/2011, 07:23 am

UFC NEWS – Diaz Brothers Explain Cerrone Pre-Fight Scuffle (Video)

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97 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Diaz Brothers Explain Cerrone Pre-Fight Scuffle (Video)”

  1. Kdog170 says:

    both diaz brothers are faggots. there gunna get both there asses kicked on friday and at 143…

    • daniel says:

      AMEN!!!! they are both punks!

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Yeah, and you’re the billy bad-ass who will call them faggots to their faces, right?

      • jon says:

        i agree green bandit pussies talk shit on the internet…and nicks a bitch??? he did to bj penn what nobodys done in bj penns career…and nate aint a pussy either…ohhh ima love when nick beats the shit outta gsp’s greasing ass..

        • DBKlein69 says:

          nick did to bj what nobody’s done in bj’s career? and what exactly is that? fought him to a decision? i think what u meant to say was that GSP did to bj what nobody’s done in bj’s career….make him QUIT

        • Ethan says:

          how many rounds did BJ have with GSP before he quit?? do you honestly believe that if Nick took BJ a few more rounds that he wouldn’t have finished him???

        • e says:

          kinda hard not to mention gsp’s name every second of your life while he’s got his dick in your mouth.

        • CHEAMAYNE says:

          No…beat the ever living piss out of B.J. is what he did…..whi

        • jason says:

          hughes did.

        • marco says:

          Bro ur wack if u think these pair of faggots r gna win cerrone is better in every part of nates game n n GSP might not finish nick but nick cannot stop GSP wrestling

      • King Prodigy Levreau says:

        War Diaz War!!! Haters going to hate…and yes KDog 170 is a bad-ass. Bahahaha. He put “Dog” in his name but missed the “187”. Give me a break…Goat rope that cowboy!!! Represent for the central cali…from the city of “NO”. One love for your ohana Diaz brothers, keep it real. It’s going to be a war!!!

    • CanILive says:

      how are they faggots??? All you “fans” and DANA want to see exciting explosive fights???
      well guess what that’s not going to happen among fighters who respect each other/ are friends, so you guys should be all for them talkin shit

    • bertram says:

      anybody who chirps a professional FIGHTER is clearly a tough typer lol. get off your mother’s couch, clean off the dorito crumbs from your one piece pajamas, and grow up tough guy

  2. Rusk says:

    I’ll paraphrase this for ya “bleep bleep bleep Stockton bleep bleep bleep Friday bleep bleep bleep”

    • Steve says:

      LOL, I literally laughed out loud at your post, it’s too bad because I used to really like Nate, his jiu-jitsu is sick and I have been impressed with him, too bad he kills that with every time he opens his mouth. The level of disrespect the Diaz brothers show their fellow fighters is disgusting and makes the sport look bad to boot, I hope cowboy teaches him some respect tomorrow night, and either Condit or GSP does the same to his brother.

      • santa cruz california says:

        come on now… these guys go through these interviews where they get asked the same stupid questions over and over. anybody would get sick of it. yeah, they don’t study much in academics, so what. they do what they want and they love to fight. some critics have high expectations for these guys, which is also unrealistic. just let em train and entertain with sick technical striking and jitz

        • Damn! says:

          somebody who makes sense on !!!!!!

        • Tony says:

          “these guys go through these interviews where they get asked the same stupid questions over and over. anybody would get sick of it.” You could say this about every fighter, but only these two act like ignorant immature fools about it.

      • zach says:

        I think its sad you dont like a good fighter because of how they act.. Look at Mir and lesnar they almost fought after the bell, but are still both fun fighters to watch, your gunna have a tough time enjoying the full extent of mma if your gunna get butthurt everytime fighters mouth off to each other

      • Ethan says:

        you say fellow fighters as if theres a fellowship among fighters… some people look at this as a competition, some look at it as a fight… its an obvious distinction between the two, the fighters that look for points are competing, the fighters looking to finish are looking to fight… Nick and Nate also COMPETE in BJJ (dunno if they still are doing so presently) and you can see their matches, theres no trash talking or pushing before or throwing shoes in locker rooms… its a fight mentality vs a competing mentality.. when GSP fought Matt Hughes the first time, he lost because of respect, thats the fight game…

  3. the beast says:

    lol asses kicked highly doubtful

  4. trey says:

    rlly? watch the vid again boys cuz cowboy wasnt walkin forward and if u put ur hands up in ppls face like diaz did most ppl are gunna say sumthin bout kickin your ass lol. we get it diaz ur a hard ass u can stop now lmao

    • the original steve says:

      he didn’t put hands in his face. thats what you are supposed to do in the staredown get in a fighting stance cerrone put his face in diaz’s hands.

      • trey says:

        watch anybody else do a staredown, hell watch the one tht was 30 seconds after this one, they kept their hands at shoulder level, they shook hands and they wlked away. if u wanna tlk shit during a staredown thts one thing but dont shove someone then jump backwards, thats just a bitch move to me

        • zach says:

          nick and nate always have there hands high at the staredowns… maybe you should watch there staredown instead of other peoples it would give you a more appropriate reading on the whole situation

  5. joshua johnson says:

    What a little punk ass hoodlum Nate Diaz is with a 5th grade education like his brother. I hope Cerrone bloodies his face up friday night.

  6. Diaz Realty says:

    Regardless of whether they win or lose, listening to them talk is like listening to a mumbling/thug version of Chael Sonnen….. Except, Nick has a lot more room to talk than “11 losses (3 by ∆)Champion.”

    • Rusk says:

      Bitch please! Chael is hiiiiiiilarrrrrryious nate and Nick sound like beef DVD rejects
      Plus Chaels is an act you either love him or hate him.
      The Diaz really are just assholes

  7. SanSooRob says:

    Same turds that hates the Diaz bros love sonnen lol so stfu about there bad for sport crap lol

  8. chon209 says:

    “stupid ass cowboy hat” lmao and yes he was walking forward on nate you cant tell from this video but there are other video angles ( so get your facts correct… and did you notice at the press conference when they ask about the story about nate calling cowboy a punk ass bitch cowboy didnt confirm that thats what nate said so cowboy is a punk ass liar

  9. the original steve says:

    what did cerrone say i couldn’t hear

  10. joe mac says:

    Diaz all day baby. Fuck that cowboy faggot. I love BJ Penn, but it seems like ever since Nick beat him all the bitches on this website hate the diaz bros. Do any of you remember that cerrone fights for Jackson, the bitch ass mother fucker who greesed gsp up for 94. Diaz Bros are about the closest things to real fighters left in the UFC since BJ retired.

  11. Guamy says:

    iI hope nate breaks this brokeback mountian looking mofo. LOL

  12. maurice says:

    @Joe Mac. Thanks. some1 who knows wat he’s talking about. bj has always been my fav fighter, followed closely by jds and nick diaz. if there is one guy that i can accept giving bj penn an ass whooping, its diaz. it dont get much realer then bj penn or the diaz. donalds great, but he is from camp safe. and watch he tries to fight safe when he’s faced with a real fighter like diaz.

  13. DOC SANTOS says:

    You all sound like parents, getting mad over Diaz knocking off Cerrone’s hat.

  14. Conor says:

    I don’t get why anyone complains about the Diaz brothers lack of respect for their opponents and how it “ruins the sport.” Not everyone is the same, people have different mentalities. Check out the likes of Floyd, go back to Tyson, check out how much Ali disrespected his opponents on camera. Some people do it cause they have short fuses, some people do it to promote fights, maybe both or maybe they do believe they are better.. But who can say they are not more interested in this fight now? Controversy and commotion sells.

  15. fuck the diaz sis says:

    That’s ok so what he knocked his hat off wait till that cowboy smashes his face in that just fuels the cowboy why do you think he wore it WAR DIAZ BRO’S WITH SHIELDS ASS HOLE fuckin faggots from stockton ( only talkin about them ) they represent Shitty.look at bj and Hawaii they couldn’t be more proud that’s how it should be.

  16. dvstade says:

    I wish the Diaz brothers would come to my neighborhood quite a few marines like to show them how to really get smashed

  17. UberMoose says:

    Fucks’ sake, it’s a fight. Do you all want them to grease each other down & have a shiatzu together? Mix up a few Shirley Temples and share a windy walk down the fucking beach?

  18. istone says:

    WAR DIAZ!!!!!!! FTW

  19. Long-Strong says:

    let’s go, Cowboy!

  20. John says:

    People, these guys are fighters, not fucking scholars, enjoy their craft instead of waisting your lives bitching about the way they talk

  21. diazfan says:

    just because they’re marine’s don’t mean they can pick the diaz bros over any marine.

  22. donkeyballs says:

    These cats love to fight. personally i can’t wait for this one

  23. Xaninho says:

    It’s on this friday! I’m so looking forward to this :)

  24. JB Spencer says:

    Damn, shit aint even that big of a deal, thats just nate being nate. Most fighters do talk shit before a fight, just a lil more intense if ur a diaz bro.

    Some fighters cant be cordial to someone, shaking ther hand and smileing in ther face one minute and the next minute be 100% motivated to kickin ther ass. Some see that as being fake, thats y he wont even touch gloves. And say what u will; win or lose, after the fight he shows mad respect for whoever he fought nomatter the shit talk. Hear what he said after his last fight?

  25. Hostile Hunter says:

    I got Cerrone by Tko 2nd or 3rd round. Dont think Nate has enough punching power to put the cowboy down. Theres no way he gets close enough to land those pitty-pat punches. Only way for diaz to win is to pull guard on cerrone and sub him. No way in hell he takes Cerrone down from clinch or double leg…

  26. CrAzyBK says:

    I like diaz but he been acting like a little bitch. And looks nervous I personally don’t think they’re as tough as they try to act. Great fighters tho but I don’t think they grew up hard. They just actors. This co main is going to steal the show everybody wants to see what will happen both guys can take it the only thing is nate can take punches for days but let’s see if he can take a foot

  27. josh says:

    what language are they speaking?…im with GSP on not being able to understand half of what they are saying

  28. Jujitsu Player says:

    IMO both Diaz brothers are fucking nuts….I don’t get why they are so angry all the time. I like to watch both of them fight and rate them as top level guys but I think Cowboy is going to be too much for Nate. I predict TKO win in the second round for Cowboy.

  29. Eddie D says:

    Keep on hating haters..Diaz gonna whoop cowboy just like Nick whooped Bj..hahahaha

  30. learntoread says:

    Cerrone has a history of choking in big fights (where there are any title implications)…this should be no different.

    Diaz by sub.

  31. Chartmonster says:

    This goes out to one of the baddest LW FIGHTERS Out!

  32. Dosan says:

    I’ve never met a real life cowboy before…

  33. ryan says:

    anyone remember when nick diaz lost to karo parisyan and sean sherk who gsp owned yeah that says enuff im from 209 too nick and nate are ok but not gsp lvl status sorry

  34. maurice says:

    I can’t believe so many grown ass men r offended by a elite mma fighter who pushes another elite fighter. Or how u guys hate how “disrepectful” they act. I much rather see animosity between 2 warriors then watch all these guys huggin and actin soft. U so called hardcore fans need to grow some ball and act like men. U guys sound like a bunch of faggots and old ass men. U guys continue to watch gsp and edgar suk there opponents dick b4 and after da fight. Ill continue watchin anderson start shit at da weigh ins then literally kickin a guys head in da following day. Ill continue watchin da diaz bros talk shit and shock da world over and over. Every “acts” like they don’t like disrespectful shit. But u same fans will be screaming in excitement when diaz is puttin a show on for da crowd. Friday nite diaz, his mouth, fist and middle fingers to CROWD PLEASING use.

  35. maurice says:

    Hey RYAN u remember when shields beat gsp up? And taunted him as 55000 canadians booed there so called hero? Ilmao

    • DBKlein69 says:

      um no i dont remember shields beating gsp up. do u? i remember shields poking him in the eye and still losing to gsp, even tho he could only see out of one eye. but hey, thats what champions are made of.

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        champions of made of? oh you mean going into a fight on the home soil and getting BOOED by everyone there for NOT FIGHTING his opponent. i see what you think champions are made of lmao that eye poke was probably the single best strike landed in the entire fight. that fight ranks as one of the most pathetic championship fights ever, but hey thats what your champion is made of.

  36. Kizzle says:

    I think he said….” you better cum in my hole friday night “

  37. chon209 says:

    watch the vidoe on why dana brings torres back and dana even says cowboy said he was getting in that ass and dana was standing next to them, cowboy is already proven a liar and he plays the im a good cowboy part he is fake just like jackoffson and most of his camp

  38. Bruiser says:


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