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Monday, 01/02/2012, 12:15 pm

UFC NEWS – Dennis Siver Planning Drop To Featherweight

UFC lightweight fighter, Dennis Siver, is reportedly making plans to leave his divisional home of lightweight to try and make a run in the UFC”s featherweight division.

The German striker made a huge impact in the UFC’s lightweight division when he took out title contender George Sotiropoulos in route to a four-fight win streak. However, in his most recent outing he suffered a devastating TKO loss at the hands of Donald Cerrone at UFC 137 and that loss, apparently, was all he needed to call it quits and try out a new division.

Standing just five-foot-seven-inches, Siver remains one of the shorter fighters on the UFC’s lightweight roster. While he boasts a muscular and thick frame, he is apparently confident that he has room to make the 10-pound drop in weight.

But will he succeed?

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18 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Dennis Siver Planning Drop To Featherweight”

  1. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I don’t think he will be fast enough for featherweight but I wish him luck.

  2. Stevo the great says:

    Jose Aldo would make this guy look like an idiot……he should really re-consider.

    • ChiHawks90 says:

      Jose Aldo makes anybody he fights look like an idiot, so who cares. Silver is a beast, wish him luck.

      • DOC SANTOS says:

        Too bad he’s gone to decision in his last 2 bouts.

        Dennis Siver NEEDS to drop to Featherweight. Too short and too wide.

      • Stevo the great says:

        Siver is decent….but nowhere near a beast….he is a good kick boxer. But got worked quick by Cerrone…..and Cerrone about lost his entire jaw fighting Nate Diaz… really Dennis Siver ain’t really that great. At Featherweight maybe he will be decent….but they are super fast…..they will light him up half way through one of his spinning kicks…..I’m not saying I’m just saying.

  3. Hahahanninen says:

    I think this will be a good move for him too, considering his height and everything..being in the smaller weight class will compliment his striking (not giving up as much reach as he did at LW) plus..just look at Ross Pearson dropping to feather, he was a muscly dude too and he won in his debut.

  4. Me says:

    It was an RNC , not a TKO , 😉

  5. bla says:

    Cerrone submitted Siver…

  6. magoo says:

    his frame and size would suit him well at FW,why not try it? He aint going any where at 55

  7. the original steve says:

    this german roid machine wont make weight

  8. dave says:

    this is becoming a trend…anytime i guy gets owned for the first time,,or realizes he has no hope at the title they drop weight..

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