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Thursday, 01/26/2012, 04:00 am

UFC NEWS | Demian Maia Wants You To Know That It’s Obvious Sonnen Is Joking

“We have talked a few times. I think he’s very intelligent, he knows what to say. I think he sometimes pushes the envelope, but he’s good in attracting the media to himself. He’s a very tough fighter, and deserves to fight for the title. I have nothing against him, and it’s obvious that you don’t need more than two brain cells to see that he’s joking. I told him that he should become a comedian. There’s a lot of passion in the sport, and there are people that don’t like him. He has his style, he’s more conservative, different than myself. But I think Sonnen is a very intelligent guy.”

While talking to SporTV, UFC middleweight fighter Demian Maia discusses the many antics of Chael Sonnen.

Sonnen has built himself up to be this larger than life character. He openly insults anyone in his path and pulls no punches in his verbal assaults, especially when it comes to Brazilian fighters.

Maia is one of few Brazilians who doesn’t hold this behavior against him and in fact he seems to actually get it.

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