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Friday, 12/02/2011, 03:59 pm

UFC NEWS – Danny Downes Released by UFC, Seven Others Suspected Of Same Fate

UFC lightweight fighter and Roufus Sports Fighter, Danny ‘Boy’ Downes took to twitter this afternoon to announce that he has been released from his duties under the UFC promotion.

“Zuffa has “exercised its right in to accelerate the term of its promotional and other obligations.” In other words I’m cut,” wrote Downes.

After going 1-1 under the WEC banner, Downes was shifted to the UFC with the merger in 2010. However once in the Octagon, he failed to obtain success and dropped two consecutive bouts to Jeremy Stephens and Ramsey Nijem to earn his walking papers from the promotion.

We announced yesterday that Eliot Marshall has also received his release from the UFC, but now that the dust is unsettling from all the recent events we have been having, it would appear as if, more than likely, six-more fighters have also been released by the promotion.

While not yet official, Jason Brilz, Shamar Bailey, Clay Harvison, Edward Faaloloto, Matt Lucas and Paul Bradley have all had their fighter profiles removed from the official fighter database.

The aforementioned Downes and Marshall also underwent the same removal at the same time as the other six fighters, so while not yet announced by the promotion or fighters’ management, it is safe to assume that the additional six-athletes listed have also been released by the UFC for their recent failures inside the Octagon.


21 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Danny Downes Released by UFC, Seven Others Suspected Of Same Fate”

  1. Ekeezy says:

    Damn, Win or go home. At least there are other promotions these guys can try to get into.

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      Any bets next time Fitch loses he will get cut? Mark my words Dana wants to get rid of him. His exact words were Fitch stinks up his fight cards and is over-paid and has no fan base. Look for Dana to feed Fitch to Ellenberger next spring. I’m sure Fitch will make sure he’s injured when that fight is announced so he can wait and get another WW thats ranked below 15th (AGAIN) like hendricks. Fitch’s days in the UFC are numbered IMO only reason he’s still around is he has been injured for a year after his shoulder was ripped apart by a fighter he outweighed by 30 lbs. How can Fitch say he has cleaned out the WW divsion and deserves another 50-43 beating by GSP. Lets see Fitch hasn’t fought Condit, Ellenberger, Story, Diaz, Kim, Rory Mcdonald, Sheilds, Koscheck. The only top 10 fighter Fitch has ever beaten was Alves (years ago) who has lousy ground game and has been beaten by everyone else and is no longer anywhere close to being a contender. Fitch is going to be calling nate marquardt by next year asking how fighting in England is. NOONE in all MMA is as boring as Fitch

  2. Eric says:

    this sucks! i hate how 1 loss is a maybe, 2 loss is like get the fuck out of here. As someone who trains, had fights, and would LOVE to make a career out of it, fighting for the UFC would me bigger checks, but the other promotions seem more of a stable job in a sense. I happy Bellator is starting grow more, i just hope other promotions can get up there so that us fighters can have more possibilities instead of just UFC.

  3. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I feel bad for Danny and Elliot those weren’t easy opponents they lost to. Shamar… Deserves to be cut. I haven’t seen him win a fight in the octagon. He should go to another organization and come back when he is ready.

  4. Mr7 says:

    While it’s all business, it is sad that they will cut some really talented people so quick when they’ve lost tough bouts. Some have even been cut from a loss that should have been a win because they got screwed by judges. Yet, I’ve watched the UFC keep some fighters around for years when they couldn’t beat tough or easy opponents. The UFC makes less and less sense to me as this goes on and on. It’s very clear that caring about the fighters and the sport is not what it’s about. It’s all about the greenbacks. . . very sad.

    • rob says:

      It’s all about how much money they think they can get out of them. Unfortunately a lot of the good fighters that get cut don’t draw fans like others who are losing but have a fan base. Dan Hardy is a prime example. I love watching Dan fight, but he has lost four in a row. Why hasn’t he been cut? Because the fans love him.

  5. FunCrush says:

    I had Marshall beating Vera, close fight I gave him the edge. They should cut Vera for being an underachiever. Besides that, anyone with a loss to Keith Jardine should be cut. Effective immediately. If you lose, it’s been shown that you better lose in the most entertaining of ways. If you lose and are involved in boring fight, you will be axed. Unfortunate, but thats how Dana rolls. That only applies to lower tier fighters without a “big name”. Legends and big draw fighters tend to get an extra chance.

  6. This guy says:

    Who is Danny Downes?

  7. josh says:

    I agree with eric. But eric we are looking at it in our eyea. Fighters point of view, but in a business point of view is undrrstandable also. Its for the money. Our training is so grueling and hard.. one mistake can lead it down the drain.

  8. Ruben says:

    Why do they keep bums like Hardy around after they lose 4 in a row, keep in mind that all those loses were pretty definitive loses, they weren’t close and he was not robbed once in all of those bouts. And don’t try to play the “He’s an exciting fighter” card because of his last 4 loses 2 have been boring and one was a brutal KO at his expense and the other he was outclassed by an old journeyman fighter.

  9. Caroline Sellers says:

    The UFC is a fast growing sport…Win or go is not for everyone.

  10. Omar says:

    every1 that got cut earned it

  11. G says:

    UFC – Major leagues. Lose three fights and you’re done. Makes sense to me. That way, those in the UFC always pose major threats to newcomers and makes it a feared leagued; the top league. I love the UFC. I dislike that sometimes guys get out of fighting only TWO fights per year. They should be forced to fight three times per year, to keep it more exciting. Two times are year creates such a lull in excitement.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      I mean there are only 12 months in the year and some fights leave the fighters suspended for a long period of time. Shogun and Hendo are both suspended for 6 months. Champs should have to defend their titles at least a minimum of twice a year.

  12. KingGareth says:

    The UFC is for the best. Not everyone can be the best and some divisions are starting to get crowded. They can always earn some wins elsewhere and earn a way back in.

  13. Scott says:

    Jason Brilz should be given one more chance. He won that fight with Little Nog and had issues with injury. Shamar Bailey hasen’t won once, including his stint in the Ultimate Fighter. I agree sthat sometimes Dana is too quick to ut.

  14. Jpeech says:

    Ahhh no that was Michael Johnson…..

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