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Sunday, 12/04/2011, 11:40 am

UFC NEWS – Dana White Unsure If He Will Have "Mayhem" Back In The UFC

“It’s one of the most lopsided fights I’ve ever seen. I’m disagreeing with people. I didn’t give ‘Mayhem’ Miller the first round. He had a quarter of a mount and didn’t do a thing and actually, Bisping was landing punches. I think Bisping landed more shots, did more damage. I go for damage and I think Bisping did more damage in the first round than Mayhem did. I don’t know (if we’ll see Mayhem back in the UFC). We’ll see. He didn’t have a good performance against Georges St. Pierre and he definitely didn’t have a good performance against Michael Bisping.”


75 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Dana White Unsure If He Will Have "Mayhem" Back In The UFC”

  1. Brandon says:

    Eh, to be expected from Dana White.

    • Jc says:

      fuck dana is an idiot. miller was doing damage in the mount and he also was outstriking bisping on the feet (even though they were awkward punches) miller easily won the first round. so you can argue that every unanimous desicison fight was more one sided than that but here are some other onsided fights that dana may not have seen

      jones v rua
      gsp v serra 2
      pretty much any one against dustin hazlet
      JDS v big country
      JDS v shane carwin
      and anderson silva v anyone (except chael)

      Dana is fucking dud

      • Fortyb4five says:

        LOL doing damage from the mount. The only visible damage Bisping had was from the headbutt…Mayhem got his ass whooped. Like I predicted he would

      • Johnny L. says:

        This fight didn’t go to a decision! Referee stoppage in 2nd round because Jason “turtled up” while getting bombarded with some non stop ground and pound. As soon as the fight was stopped, Miller went straight to his corner and stated he was just too tired. Miller didn’t look fresh ir even ready to fight from the get go. I would like to see Jason get a couple fights against some wrestling and bjj style fighters before Dana washes his hands of him though. There is no doubt Jason Miller needs to work on his stand up in a bad way. Maybe, he should let lil crazy ass Dobson train him in that department?

        • Mayor of Deviance says:

          Exactly, he was just too exhausted. Despite definitely having the skills, he just completely lacked the endurance and power to take this fight. Just walking out and clapping his hands with the crowd seemed to wear him out. Right from the start he was sweaty and breathing heavily– then every punch landed had no power behind it. sigh…

    • Fightfan Sydney says:

      I can’t believe anyone disagrees with Dana. Miller looked like the drunk guy at the bar most of the fight. Totally outclassed. If leaning on a guy is doing damage he did great in the first round! His walk out alone was enough to sense something was wrong, he wasn’t taking it serious n he got what he deserved. Beat down.

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        Miller does entertaining walkouts, its his signature thing. Checkout his Dream 16 walkout. His style I would say is similar to Royce Gracie. Royce also had horrible or has worse stand up.

  2. dyllan says:

    give him another shot come on!

    • mma fan says:

      i agree he deserves another shot he had a bad night he has been out for awile that was his first fight back. bottom line he is a great fighter and deserves another chance.

  3. magoo says:

    He’s good enough to pump up your Ultimate fighter Dana, but not good enough for the UFC,your a fukcen joke Dana he had a bad night,it happens to the best of them.Jake Shields first fight against Kampman licked ass too, but he’s still around give him another chance you owe him that!

  4. hallowpoint says:

    I was really rooting for Mayhem to submit Bisping, but I think he may have had the worst adrenaline dump ever in the UFC. I’ll admit he looked like absolute shit, but I think he is capable of way better. Props to Bisping for being able to punch him enough to stop the fight before he gassed out himself.

  5. v says:

    how the fuck would you give bisping the first round, miller landed overhand rights on the feet, took him down and got mount for 1/3 of the round…

  6. brannon says:

    Fuck dana white he definitely picks favorites I think he deserves another shot I mean dan hardy is still around

    • TEMPHUiBIS says:

      -]. The reason why Dan Hardy’s still around is cause he fights, I think Mayhem WILL fight again in UFC .[-

      • joe says:

        dan hardy hasn’t had a good showing since before gsp. even his fight with lytle he looked awful. he got out struck by a wrestler. the only reson he, and bisping get the big push/ not get cut is because they are important to the uk draw. the ufc makes fights based on money, not talent. mayhem will be back for at least one more fight, but some how bispings win will push him onto a title shot. even though he has never beaten a top ten fighter in any weight class.

  7. Dan says:

    Dana would be a fool not to bring back mayhem. He won the first round and just gassed from UFC jitters. Put mayhem in there again against any B grade middleweight and he’ll put on an exciting fight

  8. stua says:

    “He didn’t have a good performance against Georges St. Pierre and he definitely didn’t have a good performance against Michael Bisping.”

    ^^^^Dana must not really rate Bisping if this is the case.. its like the counts a bum who shouldve lost nevermind Mayhem being the underdog.

    typical tho from bald head bozo

  9. Dacreed says:

    I guess dana didnt see the fight or something, he make it sound like bisping did to miller as anderson silva did to demian maia or is that not considerthe most lopsided fight off all time? Dana needs to relax and give miller a cOntract cuz mayham does more for the sport the half of the current ufc fighters if you were to ask a dumb blonde to name a mma fighter she would probally say mayhem miller

  10. lloyd says:

    Personally im not a miller fan but part of me wanted to see him do better than he did and i wouldnt be suprised if dana cut him. He is a clown andcares more about being on camera than improving his skills.. that being said i would like to see a more serious and focused mayham do sum real damage

  11. David says:

    I say give him another chance how do you call him a veteran to coach for TUF then cut after one loss besides I say benefit of the doubt I mean Cung Le lost against Wanderlei silva at UFC 139 but he isnt getting cut so why should Mayhem just a bad night one more fight and watch Mayhem is gonna be back he just underestimated his opponent and let his anger get the best of him

  12. P R O D I G Y says:

    Fuck Dana hes a bias piece of shit athiest prick. Your gonna cut a guy who obviously should have got a warm up fight like Shields after he gave you one of the best seasons of TUF ever. Fuck the baluga whale.

  13. David says:

    If dana white cuts him hes a fucken moron, he watches alot of fights and knows what miller can do so he can fuck right off and give him a few more fights to see where hes at

  14. TEMPHUiBIS says:

    -]. The reason why Dana White is unsure is cause he always cuts fighters when they put on a crappy fight, I think Miller is good but on that night he was rubbish and that’s what usually gets fighters cut, it happened to Kimbo slice and happened to Gerald Harris.

    But I admit though, Jason should at least have another shot since he did a perfect job on tuf14 .[-

  15. Big J says:

    Mikey, I agree, I feel like both of their performances were, “off.” I’m not sure why Dana didn’t criticize Bisping as well. I feel like Dana has something personal against Mayhem. Any YouTube clip you watch Dana speaking about Mayhem, he is always criticizing him or saying something negative.

    They both looked super slow last night, but I’m sure anyone would following fights at 135 and 145lbs.

  16. jolomolo says:

    This seems fair to me. He gave miller a chance and he absolutely blew it. Sure he pulled in great ratings for the show but that doesn’t mean he deserves to fight.

  17. Jordan says:

    Dana W talks out of both sides of his mouth. All this crap about the UFC being different. I watched his interview and he even dropped the fbomb on the girl who was interviewing him. If he is going to discipline the fighters he should try leading by example. No wonder Bisping gets away with this fbombing the fans. Countless other fighters have been chastised by White for conduct. He let’s some get away with it and not others. He is a joke and biased. Every time Bisping shows up he runs his mouth or does something of no class and gets away with it………Sonnen etc. Lead by example!! MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT THE UFC SELLS ITSELF DANA WHITE IS CLASSLESS.

  18. Eric says:

    Miller Adrenaline Dumped! it happens…. if you haven’t experienced it, you just don’t know. your body just won’t do shit even if you’re yelling at yourself in your head. You can say “wiggle your big toe” a billions times…shit still won’t wiggle

  19. Long-Strong says:

    fuck Dana White’s opinion; Akiyama and Hardy are still in the UFC. Mayhem (not to say he can’t fight top notch people) but right now he needs fights with Akiyama, Leben, Tavares or Aaron Simpson. They gave me a real tough guy to beat right off the bat.

  20. I don't remember my name says:

    If he’s booting Mayhem out for that, Jake Shields better be next

  21. Jason says:

    C’mon guys, Dana White’s mind is ALWAYS in marketing mode for the UFC, as it should be. He will say anything to build energy and suspense. Miller will absolutely fight again because his fan base is so large and Dana knows this. Well played Dana!

  22. tigerlilly says:

    Dana white has obviously got issues with miller because if he wants to cut him after one shitty performance, he hasn’t been watching ufc over the years, pretty much every fighter has given a crap performance, matt Hughes has had them Jake shields too, and if he is worried about him being “slow” and such what the hell does he have “big country” fighting in the ufc… Based on athleticism miller deserves it way more, even if miller did make a shitty performance, there is no doubt that he has a lock on being good entertainment value And deserves another chance to prove himself!

  23. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Dana man don’t cut him after this performance. That’s really unfair that he should get cut. How come Cody MCkenzie and Shamar Bailey got so many chances. Even Kimbo got more than one chance. Miller is an entertaining fighter even in defeat man! This is bullshit, Tito got multiple chances, one of my favorite fighters Pat Barry has gotten multiple chances, Chuck, Wandy, Big Nog, Cro Cop… Come on!!!! We need more fighters like Mayhem! His personality puts asses in the seats. Put him on free broadcast like versus or Fox on UFC and I will watch!

  24. josh says:

    i usually agree with dana but if they cut mayhem that would be some bullshit.

  25. Chris says:

    Seriously, a name like Mayhem doesn’t deserve Brian Stann or A contender but how about Aaron Simpson, CB Dolloway, Tom Lawler. Facebook fight to keep a contract? Come on Dana and Joe don’t give up that easy. He is a celebrity and beating him will make someone else a big name. I know you guys are to smart to pass on this opportunity. If mayhem wins, great, if he loses he has no value to Bellator…… My 2 cents.

  26. Digs says:

    Gotta give the boy another shot.

    His striking looked pretty bad tho.

  27. Lino says:

    I think Dana hates mayhem, look Dan hardy enough said!

  28. Dillon says:

    Twitter the shit outta Dana and he will keep Mayhem

  29. mmaislandjunkie says:

    dana always shows that his ego is more important than anything when it involves ufc dealings.

  30. unano says:

    Dana White keeps proving he is an IDIOT. All he needs to do it is open his mouth.

  31. Seth says:

    What is he talking about Mayhem clearly had the first round. And the GSP fight was one of the best fights I have ever seen!

  32. G says:

    I’m glad Miller is out. He only fights once per year and he sucks when he gets in there. Everyone knew Bisping was going to TKO him.

  33. J.D. says:

    I honestly never knew Dana, president of a fighting organization, was such a idiot!!!!!

  34. jason fowler says:

    I don’t think Dana White has the Slightest understanding, How to promote, the Fastest growing sport, in History… Strike That: I KNOW, he doesn’t…

    If he did: he would offer Chris Lytle $250 000, for a return fight – Title Shot – with, a $250 000 win bonus; for, the Welterweight Title fight in UFC history… That’s just one example…

    Jon Jones vs. Anderson Silva: $500 000 per fighter; double win bonus; or,
    GSP vs. Anderson Silva: $500 000 per fighter; double win bonus…
    For the first Ever, dual title holder…

    But, the Only thing Dana White cares about is: Owning the Lives of “His” fighters… If not, he would have secured the contract with Fedor, Many years ago…

    • RCS says:

      Dana White? Promoter of the “fastist growing sport”. Might have this wrong but to say he isn’t the best is kind of baseless. And my guess cutting Mayhem is all talk or promoting.

      Would i like to see your to “mega fights”? yes, but two dream fights don’t make you or break you. Biulding UFC from nothing to everything takes more then two fun match ups. Let Dana do what he does.

  35. Xaninho says:

    Better cut Brian Stann too then, cause his performance against Sonnen sucked even bigger than Mayhem’s! At least Mayhem put up a fight!

  36. Xaninho says:

    Fucking Bisping even failed to make weight.

    • Outside Opinion says:

      Good Points. You can add the sound effects to this if you like… Michael Bisping says : “I” (heavy breathing) “think” (out of breath) “I” (heavy breathing) “could hang” (out of breath) “with” (heavy breathing) “Anderson” (heavy breathing) “Silva.” (out of breath) Uhh… Sure Michael….

      Bisping is a tough match up for any middleweight coming from pride, and I often let Dana speak his peace, but get Miller another match up and see how he does. I know the main bout was a let down, but if Miller was sooo bad why didn’t Bisping man handle him? Sure, he got the TKO but Mayhem just turtled up cause he was exausted. No more exhausted than Bisping. Neither guy was prepared for 5 rounds.

  37. slacker says:

    I think one of the things that makes that an uncomfortable fight for Dana and anyone watching was Miller’s incredibly low level of stand-up that he displayed. These guys are supposed to be professional fighters. There has to be something that separates them from the common drunk flailing around outside in the parking lot, with zero hopes of defending himself in a fight. Instead, that is what he looked like. After only 5 minutes of hard work he was done: totally spent! His punches suddenly deteriorated to being brutally slow and telegraphed; they were wild and without any aim or accuracy whatsoever. Also, they were totally impotent and anemic: his arms looked like cheesestrings flying in the wind! He was constantly falling down on his own due to his own lack of strength. He was clumsily staggering around and even turning his back on Bisping cause he didn’t have the energy to use proper footwork. It was pathetic! He looked like a bum! Even B.J. put up a better fight against Nick and he took twice, maybe even three times the damage that Mayhem took. If this is his skill level, then Dana is right. Get him out of the UFC!

  38. Omar says:

    bisping smashed mayhem,but I think mayhem should get another shot,give him alessio sakkara or another low to mid tier middleweight,but im not gonna lie if he gets another lost they should cut him

  39. io31 says:

    For those of you who insist on interpreting his words literally this is what he really meant: “I hate it when guys who are supposed to be professionals come unprepared with shitty cardio. We’ll try to renegotiate his purse, if he doesn’t accept, he’ll get cut.”

  40. ElGomi says:

    Classic dana. the biggest morron involved in mma but he runs the show. Dana we know u were bullied when u were a pudgy lil kid but dude Hollywood is in L.A not Las Vegas Douche!! Quit tryng to be shocking to get noticed u know damn well mayhem aint goin nowhere!!

  41. DaRuckuz says:

    Cmon Dana give um atleast ONE more chance.

  42. GRT 3000 says:

    That girl is perrrrty & makes me fell kinda funny (down there)

  43. Zack says:

    The fans have spoken Dana. Fuck what you think give mayhem another shot

  44. Mike McMack says:

    Mayhem deserves another chance, I hope the UFC gives him one.

  45. Ruben says:

    Why would he even mention the fight against GSP, that was over 6 fucking years ago, is he fucking serious? He brings him in as a coach for TUF and he does a really entertaining season and now hes getting axed for one loss? Get the fuck out of here….and what a fucking joke if he thinks thats the most one sided fight ever, fuck it wasn’t even the most one sided fight of the night. Dana is a fucking chump

  46. Spoolz25 says:

    bisping couldnt even get a handle on mayhem till he gassed, please bispings performance was just as bad, and for a standup fighter bisping struggled against a guy who possibly had the worst standup game ive ever seen in UFC history

  47. William says:

    Listen man you gotta give the guy more of a shot than that, it was what Millers first fight in the UFC in years, not too mention Bisping is top ranked middleweight fighter and has improved ten fold when he first started in the UFC because he worked his way up, and as far as him loosing to GSP I mean come on he’s number one welterweight for a reason. When you’re fighting at that high of a level of competition there’s no shame in loosing to top ranked fighters. Miller needs to work his way up the ladder not fight the best right away. We need to see Miller in a better match up. Miller showed heart and a determination to not loose, both fighters were exhausted at the end of the fight. I hope to see Miller again in a better match up instead of throwing him into a fight with one of the top 5 middleweights in the world.

  48. Nick says:

    Danas biased. he doesnt like mayhem cuz he thinks hes a lil kid. i say give him up to 2-3 more fights, and if he loses them, then U can think abt droping him. mayhems been training kids for the past yr or so, he didnt have as much time to worry abt his own physical abilities. plus he looked rly unhealthy for the fight. i think he should try moving up to 205, just to see wat happens.

  49. A.James says:

    If the fans demand it Miller will stay.

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