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Saturday, 12/10/2011, 10:40 am

UFC NEWS – Dana White UFC 140 Video Blog Part 2

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11 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Dana White UFC 140 Video Blog Part 2”

  1. danriverapv says:

    lyoto looks f***ing ready.

  2. dave says:

    jon jones always trys to use famous saying…WITH GREAT RISK COMES GREAT REWARD,,,,hes always quoting some shit ,,he thinks it makes him sound smart..jon jones is close to unstopable champ,,,but loyoto can beat him cuz he has anderson to spar with who can simulate jones pretty well…and i just think loyoto style matches well to jones….mir gets ko round 2 or 3…tito cut after his loss tonight,,my perdictions

  3. drew says:

    jones doesnt even look at him…lyoto is gonna f*** this dude up…if i wake up tomorrow morning and bones is champion…i will be really bummed out. no other way about it

    • magoo says:

      lol……its what he does….beter get use to being bummed out!

    • donkeyballs says:

      he never looks at them a stare downs…. why wouldnt you want jones to remain champ? he deserves it …. lyoto loss 2 of his last 3 one by knockout, loss a close ight with page’ and beat a retiring old slow coulture…. i will be bummed if machida is champ tomorrow..

    • DAVE says:

      u think tito loooks in shape,,when i saw him on the scale in thought he looked really drawn out and soft lookiing,,,mmeither way tito is goig to get ko…he will turtle like when he fought chuck,,tito cant strike witth nog and will ge finished on the ground he has to pick his poisin,,,only way he can win is another fluky shot and sub he got on bader,,but i don see that happening,,,tito cant take matt hamill…h realy does not belong in the ufc…but he helpt build it so he has earned his place

  4. GRT 3000 says:

    Was Tito talking to Helwani?

  5. AAxAntonio says:

    i went to and checked out their pole, it was something like how long will jon jones be champ, and the number one answer was until saturday, #2 was another year, but alot of people think the dragon will get it done, i think its just cause jones has alot of haters, i dont know why, anyway i do think the dragon will win but its not cause i dont like jones.

  6. Corissa Furr says:

    Can’t wait for the fights tonight!

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