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Saturday, 01/28/2012, 08:49 pm

Dana White Scored Bisping As Winner Over Sonnen

For what it’s worth UFC President Dana White scored tonight’s co-main event for Michael Bisping. Unfortunately for the British fighter the ringside officials didn’t see it the same way.

Here is what Dana said during the UFC on FUEL TV’s post-fight special:

“I actually scored that fight having Bisping winning two rounds to one. I was the guy saying before this fight this is not a five to one dog. Bisping wrestled with Rashad, Bisping wrestled with Hamill, there’s debate on who won the Hamill fight but he was in there with Hamill. Bisping has great wrestling, good standup and great submissions too.”

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165 Responses to “Dana White Scored Bisping As Winner Over Sonnen”

  1. The Nash says:

    exactly, I’m not a fan of either of these guys, but watch the fight again folks. Bisping won that fight. anyone who isn’t biased can see that. even Dana admits it and he has the most to gain from Sonnen being a clear winner.

    • Dakota says:

      Not being bias, the fight couldve gone ethier way from any point of view.

      • The Nash says:

        including Chaels? he even said that the decision was wrong.

        • brent says:

          Chael said that he wasn’t sure. That he could have lost 1 and 2.

          But watch the fight again, both of them were walling and stalling.

          Bisping landed the more cleaner strikes, but Chael had the takedowns.

          It could have gone either way.

          Not a robbery by any stretch.

          ps. I don’t like either of these fools and didn’t care who won.

        • McCombski says:

          I dont think it was a robbery either. Chale got takedowns in everyround and the rest of the fight was dirty boxing on the cage. If you watch the fight agian for every punch bisbing threw chale would throw 2 to 3 right back in the clinch and chale landed some big shots in the standup game. I had Chale winning it but by split decision. I gave chale round 1 and 3 and bisbing round 2

    • Jujitsu Player says:

      For me Bisping won on shots landed, in the clinch he was landing a lot with his dirty boxing and overall did more damage. He showed great TDD and when he did get taken down scrambled well to get back to his feet. I don’t think it’s any conspiracy just a case of shitty judging again….Hope the Bisping haters and the Chael groupies at least give him the respect he deserves. He should fight Munoz for the shot after Silva v Chael.

      • Chael fan, but disappointed. says:

        I found myself thinking, “damn, Chael’s having a hard time keeping Bisping down.” Then, it became clear to me that while making all those attempts, Chael was landing more shots than Bisping. It’s not what I had expected (props to Bisping for his TDD), and was the disappointing part of it all, but Chael still landed more shots. Not the best performances by either fighter, but the correct fighter won. Expectations on Chael doing more wasn’t met because of Bisping’s defense. But, I feel that the fighter on the offense should win the fight that could go either way over the fighter who is always on defense.

    • yeah watch the fight again and see how bisping had to cheat during the fight by grabbing on to the fence and shorts of the great one.. the victorious.. CHAEL SONNEN..

      check out da stats.. ppl act like bisping out landed sonnen by a mile.. but it was close as hell.. the whole fight was close.. but sonnen won with takedowns in my book

      • The Doctor says:

        another Phael psycho for the ward. Bisping 2 rounds, Phael 1 – even Phael admits he lost & you Phael psychos LIVE for every drop of chowder he spews. Take 2 bottles of T3 and call me in a month.

        • Infallible says:

          Claim: Chael was victorious.

          Data offered in support of conclusion:

          Claim: Bisping won two rounds.

          Data offered in support of conclusion: None.

          Offer some objective data. ‘Til the, those who have offered such data remain justified in their conclusion (and remain in touch with reality).

        • Fitz says:

          that does not compute. what are you a stats nerd? answer: affirmative

        • The Nash says:

          pfft, want some objective data geek? 1) Chael said he was almost knocked out in the first 2) Chael looked like shit in the first 2 rounds 3) Chael said he may have lost the fight 4) Dana said he lost the fight 5) Chael can’t fight without his roids

          plug that into your algorithms and see what the computer says. or you could stop being a Fitchy little points fag and just watch the fight.

      • asdf says:

        I agree. Close. I think the judges hated on Bisbing for grabbing the shorts NUMEROUS times, and grabbing the cage NUMEROUS times, preventing Chael from maneuvering off of the cage. Basically, he was cheating, and I even forgot that. It looked like Bisbing had control most of the time, but he cheated to get it. Serves him right. It was so obvious, and numerous, that points SHOULD have been taken away. Let’s not forget, he spat on people, and knee’d downed Jorge. He robbed, Hamill of an OBVIOUS victory. He shouldn’t Bisbitch whine. Not to say, two wrongs make a right, but in short, he cheated numerous times in teh cage.

    • jakdjasd says:

      dude totally man wtf frikin american judges dont know how to score man I hate mma judges seriously they need to get rid of them and actually bring in judges that know a thing or two about mma there shud be a rematch seriously

      • THE JOE ROGAN EFFECT !!!!!!!!!! says:

        Listen to Joe Rogan’s commentary during the Sonnen-Bisping fight and you would’ve thought Bisping was the second coming of Christ! Joe kept praising Bisping throughout the fight like Bisping was dominating Sonnen in every aspect of MMA, which wasn’t even close to being true! So, Bisping fans and Chael haters kept listening to this brain washing crap and then RAN WITH IT !

        The “Joe Rogan Effect” is real. He has a lot of influence on how viewers see a fight just by his commentary. Joe Rogan was wrong, period. Rogan said during the 3rd round that Sonnen had to “finish” Bisping in order to win, but THREE JUDGES gave the fight to Sonnen. Yes, judges have been wrong in the past, but they also have been right. Same with Rogan. It wasn’t a split decision, it was a UNANIMOUS DECISION.

        Watch for the Rogan effect. If he uses a word or phrase during a fight, you’ll hear that same word or phrase when talking about the fight the next day or even on message boards like this. I wonder if people actually have observed this before. The power of suggestion…………………

    • MMFT says:

      i scored it two rounds to one for sonnen, but i wanted to score it as a draw…. sonnen looked baaaad tonight. bisping looked good in the first, he shouldn’t have started to grapple.

    • Hostile Hunter says:

      Sonnen plain and simple looked horrible the first two rounds, my 10 year old nephew has better striking…I Wanted Sonnen to win so we could get the Silvia rematch but i thought at the end of the second “Sonnen has to finish this fight to win” and when they read the scorecards 30-27 i fell out of my chair….and you fight metric people need to shut up, 45 baby punches to the body to stay busy so they dont stand him up…

    • A..G 206 says:

      You guys saying bisping clearly won are just gay pussy haters mad cuz hes going to smash anderson, bisping didnt win, he could have said it could have gone either way, it was close, but he didnt clearly win. Sonnen had 5 takedowns, Mike had 1, Sonnen mounted, Bisping didnt, Sonnen had more guard passes than Bisping, it was close but Sonnen was the right choice period. You guys just didnt realize how good bisping is, it was close but Chael won.

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        he couldnt smash bisping but hes gona smash anderson? sounds like youre the sonnen rim licker who cant seem to make sense of that sad performance through ur thick skull.

        • jacob lee says:

          bro styles make fights. have we not learned that. if one guy destroys somebody but then gets destroyed himself. The guy that got destroyed the first time might beat the guy who beat the guy that beat him. if that makes sense lol. Chael did smash anderson. Because Bisping has better take down defense than chael and throws alot more strikes. plus sonnen was preparing for a grappler, bisping was too so it was harder for chael.

        • Fitz says:

          plus he was hopped up on PEDS and Andy was hurt. I cannot wait for round 2 man. Andy is going to smash him.

      • Bonez says:

        I know why sonnen didn’t do well its cos you sucked his cock so hard before the fight that the roids juice came out of him as well lol

      • einiar says:

        lol@Sonnen had 5 takedowns, lol@ Sonnen mounted, Bisping didnt, Sonnen had more guard passes than Bisping???MMA is not wrestling only. there is punching, kicking, and etc. thats funny! its clear to me that Bisping won that fight.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          you are correct einiar another bogus decision by retards sitting cageside. a takedown should not be awarded more points than a nice punch to the face!

  2. Dakota says:

    All three rounds were close and couldve gone ethier way, but I think sonnen did beat him mostly due that he controled most of the fight though Bisping controled some of it too.

    • Jon says:

      I disagree there. I think of octagon control as dictating where the fight takes place. Saw rounds one and two like this: Sonnen gets the takedowns, dictating where the fight takes place, scores points. Does no damage. Bisping gets back up, thereby dictating where the fight takes place, and SHOULD score points. Bisping then outmuscles and outstrikes Sonnen against the cage, dictating again where the fight takes place, and in my opinion should take both of those rounds. Round 3 was clearly Sonnen’s, because he was able to get Bisping down and actually advance. What stopped it being a 10-8 is that Bisping got back to his feet again and scored a takedown of his own. I’d call it 29-28 to Bisping as well.

      • Dakota says:

        In a fight the fighter that backs up never has the control in order to dictact the fight and what happens you actully have to go after the other person which bisping rarely did all three rounds, though he did have a few explosive momments doesnt mean he had control of the fights. Also Sonnen was taking him down through out all the rounds, it was his fault that Bisping who is a beast and very athletic was also quick to escape and get back to his feet ASAP everytime except for the last round.

        • Jon says:

          You could look at it that way, and I’d agree with most of your points. I just feel that the fighters should get equal points for getting back to their feet as the other fighter scores for the takedown. If that was the case, I feel Bisping outpointed him in the other areas, striking and grappling. If it was based solely on agression, Machida would never win a decision.

        • Kyle K. says:

          Joe Rogan always says this. Its the fighter thats trying to win the fight the fighter that is doing something to move closer to a finish that should get the points. Cheal got the TD and Bisping got back up….thats like saying you should get points for running away when somebody throws a crazy kick….should you get popints for running? no should you get points for throwing a kick damn right you should. I truly though that Bisping won but then I watched the fight again and I saw that who got the TD? Cheal did who passed guard? cheal did who landed punches? both did. So I can see where alot of people would think bisping won but after watching it again and not being caught up in the moment and looking at what each fighter did Cheal won by a small margin.

      • Big J says:

        I disagree, round three wasn’t close at all, Chael clearly took that one. I think rounds one and two were close, but I had Chael pulling away with his take downs. The stand up was close and Bispings’s leaning on Chael didn’t generate any harm.

    • learntoread says:

      @ Dakota:

      I wouldn’t say the 3rd round was “close”. Sonnen had him mounted and took his back. Those were the two most dominant positions of the fight.

  3. EddieStix says:

    Chael without the roids looks pretty mediocre. Everyone says Bisping sucks ass, this n that, and yet Chael lost to him. I can’t wait for Andy to make an example out of him.

  4. follow @BmoDollaz twitter says:

    It doesn’t set Bisping back very much and I’m glad Chael won so he can fight Silva again.

  5. lol says:

    With a healthy Silva and the way Chael looked tonight… HAHAHAH all you chael bandwagon phaggots fighter is going down

  6. JimRome says:

    You guys are retarded, that last so called “takedown” by bisping… Wasn’t a takedown. Sonnen had him in a headlock and went down with him, and pulled him down. Sonnen had like 6 take downs, how many did bisping have? 0. Sonnen drew first blood, bisping drew no blood. Bisping barely did damage standing up. Sonnen dominated bisping in the last round. Clear winner Sonnen, you guys are blind, and that’s why we have Real Judges, who understand the rules and point system of MMA, and don’t have you clowns running the show

    • Dakota says:

      Watch the fight again he actully did take him down, and not at the point where he had him in the head lock but after that. Plus like everyone has an asshole, everyone has an opnion and something they both got in common they both stink.

    • Xaninho says:

      You really have no clue huh? Bisping didn’t do damage? Even Sonnen admitted Bisping hurt him bad dumbass!

      Take downs are overvalued by those delusional judges.

  7. Jb says:

    Chael has more of a chance than bis fighting silva. But I’d still say split decision sonnen tonight

  8. MMAJOHNSON says:

    Sonnen dictated the pace of the fight took bisping down lots and afficted the most what bisping had sonnens back against the cage, he couldnt do anything with it and Sonnen hate him or love him deserves his rematch.

  9. Brad says:

    Go back and watch the Bisping / Hammil fight in UFC 75. Hammil got robbed the same way so Bisping can’t complain.

  10. mmaguy says:

    i would give the fight to sonnen barely, he got the takedowns and did little to no damage with it, bisping pushed him against the fence but also did little to no damage whilst holding him there. takedowns with no damage is worth more than pushing up against the fence with no damage. and on the feet it was pretty even, bisping landed more but i think sonnen landed harder shots which evened it out. sonnen wins 29-28 solely on the takedowns made the difference. dana needs to stick to his job and let the judges do theirs.

  11. Trey says:

    Dana white ain’t nobody he just a spokes person but he do need to be a judge for cases like these but I just watch the fight two times and I still say chael won I think joe rogan talking and tha fact people thought bisping was going to get stomped its the reason why people are saying he won but their going to rematch so people need to quit sweating out so much and then I think sonnen if going to dominate because when bisping got the fight he was already on shape so he didn’t have to cut weight but sonnen did and thats what played a big part in the cuz sonnen wasn’t himself but yet he still got takedowns and dominated a round so I believe when he fights silva he best him this time around and idk about anyone else but I’m sick of seeing silva as the champ I wands see somebody else be champ but regardless if retires the champ I think he’s without a doubt one of the best of not the best and bisping on my option is under rated cuz people hate him and I think anderson would smash bisping especially if he tries to stand cuz if stand up with anderson you dead

    • Fitz says:

      no buddy, Dana White IS somebody. He’s the president of the organization and a big part of why MMA is so big today. UFC wrote the rulebook on judging and he’s watched thousands of fights ringside. his opinion matters and he says (like many others including Chael) that Bisping won.

    • Adrian says:

      Holy shit Trey, that is, by far, the worst display of grammar I’ve ever seen. It makes me want to punch your kindergarten teacher in the face, along with your parents and every other teacher you’ve ever had. I think that would only be two or three teachers, there’s no way you made it past 3nd grade. That being said, I totally agree with your rambling, incoherent, non-nonsensical stream of loosely connected thoughts and ideas. It’s comments like yours that make me realize the value of a forum like this one. A place where anyone can share their thoughts, regardless of qualifications or ability to communicate. I’ll have to thank BJ personally next time I see him.

  12. BX81 says:

    Bisping looked beefed up more than his other fights. Sonnen looked kinda tired to me. Maybe he put more time into searching for a replica belt than training. lol. I thought the 1st two rounds were really close and the 3rd had Sonnen mostly winning. I thought the fight could go either way to be honest.

    • BX81 says:

      I just watched the fight again and I would give the 1st round to sonnen the 2nd to Bisping and the 3rd to Sonnen. Although neither of the two fighters looked really good in this fight.

  13. Rambling Gambit says:

    Robbed. Sonnen wasn’t as impressive in his last two fights. I felt bad for Bisping. I’m not a fan, but the guy looked better and honestly beat the considered #1 contender. Those judges do need to reconsider their career options.

  14. DGAR says:

    i hate both fighters and i saw chael pressing the action all three rounds. he attacked in the beginning and all bisping did was press him against the cage but did nothing with it.

  15. The King says:

    Thank you Team Penn! The new mobile version is sic-wid-it!

  16. killa says:

    It should of been decsion for bisping, but I guess the judges want silva/sonnen 2.

  17. toquinho.ronaldinho says:

    chael won easy, he controlled the fight, took bisping down 5 times, had his back, mounted, near darth choke, and bisping only had any control when he had chael up against the cage, but sheesh, chael whooped him. c’mon, dana’s lifting bisping’s spirits. dana has it wrong sometimes. sorry. war sonnen en brasillllll…!

  18. Jim says:

    Sonnen won because of his name, plain and simple, this type of judging becoming to frequent, never leave in the judges hands!!!

  19. Alfonso says:

    Yeah, totally, I really think Geedo shot first. Han was just able to accurately fire his blaster gun.

  20. rowson uk says:

    I’m english n bisping biased,but I watched the fight live and when the fight finished I knew he would of lost. Bisping put up more of a fight than I thought he would and fairly impressivly had pretty awsome tdd but chael just looked the boss at most points in the fight. Also I’ve watched many fights over the years and that’s just the way fights like that are scored by ufc judges!!! Poor chael looked half the man he was off the juicenbut bisping just doesn’t look like he got what it takes to get over the line at top elite level.

  21. Jason N says:

    Sonnan is undefeated and undisputed. LOL freakin idiot. he should have lost. he doesnt deserve a title fight

  22. davee says:

    i think dana should give the fight to bisbing vs anderson…if everyone knows he won it then who cares what the judges say,,,give the fight to bisbing…they need bring the pride scoring into affect it was way better,,,,i like pride rules better also…but at the end of the fight whoever got beat up worse should be the loser…fuk takedowns…i hate how shit favors wrestlers now…if a bjj guy like fight off his back and he lets a wreslter take him down then why should the wrestler automatic score more…

  23. dlo says:

    Yeah Bisping got robbed. I hate the way people see fights. Just because you take someone down doesn’t mean you’re winning. You have to advanced and convincingly control the Guy. Bisping got up each time and put Chael on the fence. In the third Bisping avoided strikes and submissions, plus he ended the round putting Charles down and landing real ground and pound. I gave it two rounds to one.

  24. aaxantonio says:

    how the fuck does any1 see that as chael winning? did ya watch the fight?bisping was robbed that was a joke

  25. 691 says:

    agreed with here’s what he needs to do..bisping gets the next title shot if chael fails..thats the only way to make it right or have these two fight again..

  26. Chartmonster says:

    Dana is only saying this to justify that this was a was a good contender match and Bisping wasn’t a little bitch eventhough everybody knows Chael dominated the entire fight except being held up against the fence..Andy better heal up bc the monster is coming to Sao poalo to kick his ass!

    • Dante says:

      delusional bitch ^^
      that looked like a monster to you? dominating? LOL get me in your moms bed ill show you dominating
      hah you boy better inject his ass with all the TRT he can find bitch! no way he even loooks the same without his juice
      exposer for the phael the poser is coming to a ppv near you biatch!
      tell ya momma i say wussup 😉

      • baldy says:

        i was wondering where phaels #1 be och was…phael won the fight, but that win leans more towards pathetic than dominant…bisping holding phael up against the fence was bisping beating phael at his own game.
        im sure the champ will be more than ready to send phael to the pro rasslin circuit where he belongs….
        did anyone else think rogan wanted to sock phael in the face during that post fight pro rasslin rant phael was doing?

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          yup rogan looked like he wanted to punch sonnen in his big mouth. sonnen looked like a chump last night gettin outclinched by a british guy with no wrestling pedigree. “DOMINATED!!!” hahahahahaha

  27. jo says:

    Bisbing I think scored the most points in total and was winning the fight..but Chael stole the fight i think..he did more damage overall. Chael was picking it up and if it was a 5 round fight, he would’ve grinded out a win…

  28. InternetToughGuy says:

    Bisping definitely won that fight but left it up to the inept judges to decide which is always a gamble. I think the “approved” fighter per the UFC’s profitability stand point won last night. The whole think stunk IMO. Sonnen looked terrible and his game plan was so predictable. Had Munoz showed up, he would have mopped Sonnen up. I wonder how injured Munoz really was to have to bow out. In any event, Anderson has been quietly waiting for the future WWE prospect to step in the ring again so that he can answer Chael’s BS with action. Sonnen without steroids, will get beat up real bad…


      The judges are in on it. The referees are in on it. The commissions are in on it. The Octagon side doctors are in on it. Arianny, Brittany, and Shandella are in on it ! The fighters are in on it. Rogan, Goldie, and Buffer are in on it. Hell, even the fans are in on it! (I was since UFC 100 !!!!)

      Yes, even InternetToughGuy is in on it! He just hasn’t figured out crap yet !!

      Now lets all go cash in and go crash Dana’s house until UFC 143.

    • slacker says:

      Right on point. Sonnen without steroids is mediocre as was witnessed Saturday night. I was really looking forward to seeing Silva – Sonnen II, but not now. The difference is night and day.

  29. cody says:

    ok honestly guys no matter who won the fact that theres an argument about it how does chael get a title shot when he barly won a fight with bispind who took it on 3 week notice anderson is seriously going to fuck him up nothing against bisbing but chael shouldnt have had that much trouble with bisbing if hes ready for silva in brazil

  30. Nick says:

    Check the Fightmetric stats…Chael won in every department…cant get anymore ubiased than that..close fight, but I had chael winning since he pushed the action

  31. john doe says:

    Obviously this fight was fixed by the ufc. Who’s gonna sell more tickets? Bisping vs silva or chael sonnen vs silva. Come on now anyone who cnt see tht is an idiot. Probably dana whites fat ass who set it up. He doesn’t give a shit about the fighters. Its all about who can sell more tickets.

    • jeff says:

      im with you on this. sonnen/silva equals asses in the seats and ppv boom. starting to look more and more like boxing, sadly. i despise sonnen and bisbing and was pulling for sonnen but didnt see him as the winner. i was more disappointed in my man maia. it looks like he isn’t in shape anymore. i thought he beat munoz but he has looked shitty in the past 2 fights even when he won.

  32. Night-Wind says:

    Yeah Bisping clearly won that fight.

    Anyone saying that Chael won doesn’t know anything about mma *trollface*

  33. dub says:

    The fight could have gone either way, I had it one round a piece going into the 3rd round. and clearly sonnen won the third round. so it was probably the right decision.

  34. Chaels a blanket says:

    Chael better prepare his ass hole cuz Anderson is gunna leave it medium rare.

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      extra bloody haha

    • Robert says:

      i understand where you are coming from and at first look i thought bisping won but at second look i realized he really didn’t do anything. it was a decent fight but bisping lost and plus when you look at it…what chance does a striker at bispings level have against silva anyway… he is very forrest griffinesque in his fighting style. it would be a short night for bisping. So speaking of what kind of title fight that would be who do you think would have a better chance?

  35. Donnybrook says:

    Funny thing I scored Bisping as the winner as well and I was pissed when they announced the winner and even more pissed when Sonnen pulled that WWE bullshit in his interview with Joe… too bad Joe didn’t punch him in his big mouth right in the middle of it.

  36. Eric says:

    It doesn’t matter what people say Chael got his hand raised at the end. The next headline will read “Silva k.o.’s Sonnen”

  37. DAVE says:

    thank God hes not a judge-chael won that shit

  38. slacker says:

    I had Bisping winning the first two rounds and the fight.

  39. Zack says:

    Bisping won the first two rounds 10 9. Chael layed on him the third and it would’ve been a 10 8 for sonnen if bisping hadn’t of landed a take down and ended the fight on top. So I gave the third 10 9 sonnen. How the judges got it 30 27 for sonnen is beyond me.

  40. Jpeech says:

    I thought Chael was better in every aspect of the fight all bisping did was hold Chael against the cage… so what? i usually dont throw up links to fight metric

    but watch the fight again closely Chael won it no doubt, but damn did i gain some respect for Bisping

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      exactly bisping showed everyone how much sonnen was over hyped and how under estimated bisping was. anderson would have killed bisping sonnens second run at the belt is already looking weaker than his first run, sonnen is gonna lose worse this second time around.

  41. Jpeech says:

    Dana white is just an idiot i have said it once and ill say it again

  42. RJ KANEAO says:

    It is what it is… I like Chael’s “The Rock” Impersonation..

  43. Xaninho says:

    3rd round was undeniably Sonnen’s round. But the first two were definitely Bisping’s. So another case of some fucked up judging. I mean one even had a 30-27 score…REALLY? How ffs can anyone see a 30-27 fight in that?

    But if Bisping had KO power he would have dropped Sonnen with one of the combinations he threw. I knew if Sonnen went the distance he would get the win.

    The Silva-Sonnen fight is going to be fun. Sonnen roidless is practically useless.

  44. Xaninho says:

    Oh and I think the UFC on FOX theme music is gay. It sounds like a school marching band walking by instead of a raw pumped up fight theme…

  45. chael won idiots says:

    yall are stupid to think bisping won and dana is an idiot as an owner to think that. watch rd 1 and see who won that round from the start to end then you’ll realize sonnen won

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      ur stupid to think gettin tds should be considered winning rounds. bisping reversed each td in the first then worked chael on the fence.

      • WORKED? says:

        Doing what exactly? WEoring someone on the fence isnt just holding them there dude.His striking is where he got any points and yes take downs are score sorry dude at least thats something.Only person thats stupid iss you not knowing the scoring system.Ring control is all that can be considered for him.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          dont cry cuz the superior wrestler got outwrestled on the fence. pinning someone against the cage and landing strikes is better than taking someone down and having it reversed immediately. shows who had more control.

        • With All Due Respect says:

          You are wrong. Watch that 1st round again. Chael won that round. Bisping did almost nothing in that round except defend what Chael was giving to him. Bisping defended well and handled Chael’s attacks (not all of them though), but did nothing on the return. It would have been wrong to give Bisping that first round. The 3rd round was all Chael, so the 2nd round doesn’t even matter, though that was a close round too.

          To say Chael lost that 1st round would be because a viewer is biased in favor of Bisping. Bisping lost that round.

        • Fitz says:

          yeah worked buddy. Chael even said he was almost knocked out in the 1st. I’d say that qualifies as being worked.

        • baldy says:

          `i think takegrounds can be a little over rated…meaning if you get a take down, continue to control the position WHILE DOING DAMAGE (or your working for a submision) it should count. if you get a take down and your opponent immediately gets back to his feet, or you are unable (or unwilling because of fear of being submitted or taking damage) to do any damage before the ref stands you back up it should count for nothing.
          and as far as bisping just holding phael against the fence….thats phael, hendo, and cotour’s main weapon…so basically he beat an “elite” wrestler at his own game.

  46. Jpeech says:

    Please someone tell me how chael lost the first round Please cause I would like to hear it and then tell you why you are wrong . I don’t think it was that chael is over rated but that bisping is under rated chael obviously won

  47. Jay says:

    just another case of takedowns being worth way to much to these uneducated judges we see this over and over again it is crazy! Chael scored takedowns but did limited damage if any lost the stand up clearly and spent more time with his back against the fence than bisping and lost the dirty boxing 2-1 for bisping. I am not a real fan of either guy but it is what it is bisping got robbed.

  48. slacker says:

    Bisping stunned Sonnen with straight rights in the first and a left hook. He wobbled him in the second. He out-grappled Sonnen in both those rounds up against the fence, where the majority of the grappling took place. More of Sonnen’s punches were loose “arm” punches, as Rogan was smart to point out, compared to Bisping’s crisp, compact punches thrown with good hip rotation and his feet set. More of Sonnen’s punches were flailing and when he did rush – push Bisping up against the fence – and was quickly reversed – it was out of desperation because he was gassing and couldn’t stand and strike with Bisping. Just look at how heavy he was breathing at the end of the 1st. Fightmetrics, I don’t think, takes some of those above stated things into account.

  49. Jpeech says:

    Haha watch the first round again chael and bisping were even and strike both put each other against the cage but chael got the take downs which is what edged him in points bisping may have gotten up rather quickly but that doesn’t change the fact that he was taken down get over it idiots he lost I don’t think it should have been unanimous but easily split for Sonnen

  50. DBKlein69 says:

    everyone knows chael won the fight. its just the silva fanboys that are butthurt cuz now they gotta watch their hero come up with more excuses as to why he cant fight chael. to all the silva nuthuggers who were hoping chael would lose……………….sorry :)

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      what was sonnens excuse for sucking yesterday again? not enough trt, gettin sued, cutting weight i mean the guy has excuses for everything its kinda hard keeping up.

    • GRT 3000 says:

      just coming off the break to give a big LOL on Saturdays fight. looks like Phael gets to keep his phony belt even after losing to BISPING! that’s funny shit. I think Phael and Bisping need to fight Andy at the same time; that might do it. I like how Phael is talking up Bisping now like he’s the best ever. More b/s from the pretend champ, so he can play it up like he just squeaked by one of the best. the scam is up girls…sorry.

  51. cody says:

    even if chael one the fight was soooooo close how can it be argued he deserves a title shot im not a chael fan r bisbing but how can that be the fight to decide a title shot 3 rds of chael desprate for tds and being pined against the cage is as bad as the ground all im saying is that was a shity num one contender fight not even 5 rds and not to mention bisbing took it on short notice silva is seriously going to fuck chael sonnen up it should be funny and i had it a draw

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      i agree give munoz or bisping a shot at anderson. chael looks bad as of late and has already lost to anderson, put someone new in there who might put up a fight!

    • slacker says:

      Agreed. That performance is definitely not worthy of a title shot, even if you do give Sonnen the win, which he even knows he didn’t deserve. I think Henderson or Belfort are more worthy. Chael’s stocks just went way downnnn…. I won’t be surprised if Sonnen loses his shot. If Brazilians have lost interest, Dana will give them a fight they want.

  52. jason says:

    judges got it right

  53. Mick says:

    and this is why dana is the ceo and judges are judges….cause chaelmonster very obviously won the fight…had his back and full mount…bisping could never do that against him

  54. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I don’t know why Dana makes statements like this to the public it only causes more controversy. The athletic commission and the judges which I assume come from the commission have a job to do whether they do it poorly or not and Dana has his job as president. If he wants to be a judge he should find another profession. He isn’t a keyboard warrior and his words have consequences.

  55. Jpeech says:

    @ slacker You are an idiot Vitor Belfort deserves a title shot after getting front kicked in the face and getting KOed? no i think not….

    I swear people let there faggy feeling get in the way of how it should be scored. Its hilarious, because michael held him against the cage thirty seconds longer that negates the fact that Chael took him down and was even in the striking…?

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      hi jpeech the idiot. vitor has looked more impressive after his loss to anderson. chael barely won against bisping and vitor just finished his past two opponents, and imo anthony johnson is more dangerous than both bisping and stann. i find it funny how ppl get their empotions involved too with sonnen when an immediately reversed takedown to clinched dirty boxing and control of your opponent – remember “octagon control” is one of the key things a fight is scored on not just how many takedowns u can get- is overlooked by reversed takedowns. chael may have won the fight but lost a lot of believers.

    • slacker says:

      Why do you think he pulled out that long forgotten kick from the cobwebs of the martial arts attic? He knew Vitor had a great chance of KO ‘ing him. The real Sonnen, off ‘roids, has no chance against Silva, as we saw last night. Terrible performance. He was sucking wind most of the fight and he couldn’t even get a submission attempt off.

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        no doubt. vitor was game for that fight and anderson surprised him real quick before he could get anything going. i never get why ppl want the sonnen rematch so bad. chael cannot finish anderson in any way shape or form. that means anderson will have 25 full minutes to figure him out and finish him. if u really want anderson to lose you gotta put him against a guy who can FINISH him, not grind out a decision. cmon ppl wake the eff up! btw WAR ANDERSON SILVAAAAAA!!!!

  56. Jpeech says:

    Are you to fucking idiots? Chael was the one pushing forward the whole fight holy shit did you even watch the fight?? if so please do it again bisping didnt use great wrestling to get to his feet sonnen stood up after taking him down and started to punch him in the face TWO TIMES lol wow please watch the first round again and try and have an open mind with out being a douchebag especially you mmaislandjunkie do you wonder why most people call you a retard on here?

    • slacker says:

      haha That IS pretty dumb. Chael always tries to keep his opponent down, but Bisping wall-walked so well that he couldn’t keep him down. Also, keep in mind that Rogan, who is right there, thought Sonnen needed to finish to get the win. Anyways, regardless of this disputed outcome, I don’t believe it was a performance worthy of a title shot. Give it to someone else. Machida has expressed interest in moving down to middleweight. The Sonnen that fought Saturday night will get destroyed by Silva.

  57. DBKlein69 says:

    get a box of tissues and wipe ur tears u crybabies. notice the same ppl that “think” bisping won also think vitor deserves a rematch with andyboy before chael. lets see. vitor put up no fight against “my shoulder hurts” silva, while chael dominated silva like no other. yet silva fanboys want vitor. hmmm. if i didnt know better i would think u guys are more afraid of the rematch than anderson is. and gimme a break about anthony johnson. the bum cant even make weight. besides who the hell has he beat? dan hardy? lmao dude gets choked out by kos and vitor and misses weight by 11 lbs. but lets put him in there! lol the chael-haters are so desperate to get anyone besides chael in there against andy. sorry guys. chael got his hand raised. just like u knew he would.

  58. Objective Mind says:

    After watching the Sonnen-Bisping fight Saturday night, I thought round 1 and 2 could have gone either way and round three was won by Sonnen. Then I began reading all the comments against Chael and for Bisping. Sonnen didn’t fight like the night he fought Anderson or Stann, where he looked very solid. Against Bisping, he looked weaker and older because Bisping defended well. Bisping defended well. That’s an important point because after watching the fight again, that’s pretty much all Bisping did: defend. Sonnen pushed the fight. Sonnen had the takedowns. Sonnen landed more strikes than Bisping. Bisping did land some solid strikes, but it no way was Sonnen ever threatened by a Bisping submission or knockout. Watch the fight again, guys. Sonnen took round 1 and round 3. Doesn’t really matter what occurred in round 2! All THREE judges gave Sonnen the decision UNANIMOUSLY. That means something.

    • slacker says:

      You are wrong about Bisping defending. When they were up against the fence, Bisping always reversed and grappled him there longer than Chael had. A lot of Sonnen’s punches were just touches, weak “arm punches”. Anyways, it’s done now. Silva will destroy Sonnen in the re-match.

    • GRT 3000 says:

      check your facts mr. objective. Chael said he was almost knocked out in the first round. kinda nullifys a good part of your schpeel.

  59. brett says:

    Bottomline is Sonnen won. Sonnen is fighting for the title and Bisping isnt. Im sure Anderson will probably beat Chael, and then Bisping can get a rematch by the end of the year. It was a close fight, but Sonnen won.

  60. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Bisping can be a prick, but, as a fighter, definitely earned more of my respect Saturday night

  61. DBKlein69 says:

    gift decision? lol junkie u sound very bitter. chael won. deal with it. and when was the last time anderson got “tooled by an opponent?” umm, that would be ufc 117 against chael sonnen.

  62. DBKlein69 says:

    um fitz, i really hate to disappoint u but he didnt lose to bisping. there are several different websites u can go to for the fight results for the entire card if u want :)

    • slacker says:

      Regardless of the judge’s decision in the fight, I am absolutely certain Sonnen fans have lost confidence in Chael’s ability to win a re-match with Silva. What looked like a real possibility after their first fight now looks like a faint hope! Fans like yourself must be pretty nervous and anxious now. That in itself, is statement enough about how poor his performance was.

    • Fitz says:

      and that’s all that matters right? keep you faggy points and websites. I watched the fight and seen him lose. I also heard say he may have lost and that he almost got knocked out in the 1st. it’s gotta be disheartening for you Chael psychos…sorry. 😉

  63. DBKlein69 says:

    so tell me gay roy tranny 3000, if chael is so terrible, why has anderson been avoiding him? and why will anderson continue to avoid him? u dont think it has anything to do with what happened at ufc 117, do u? :)

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      its called injuries. even with andersons older body and multiple injuries hes still fought twice as much as the true dodge ball queen gsp. wheres that pussy been hiding? he has had one fight per year for the past two years his next opponent should walk out to i smell pussy cuz thats who theyre fighting a slippery lubed up pussy.

    • GRT 3000 says:

      you still spewin’ abt UFC 117? As long as were in the past lets chat abt UFC 55 and 60 why don’t we? those are events where Chael tried to outpoint the better man and once again got subbed. you can brag those up too if you like.

      Let’s get present here; how about UFC on Fox 2? What happened there? lol.

      Andy doesn’t want to fight him because he already beat him…he thinks Chael is a crook (very true) …and Chael hasn’t even come close to proving he’s worthy of another shot. What has he done since he got suspended for PEDS in his fight against Andy? (beat Stann whos nowhere near contendership and just ball squeaked by Bisping) What has Andy done? annihilated Vitor and a Chael trained Okami in less than 3 rounds total.

      Tell me UFC 55, 60, and 117 aren’t your only claims to Chael being this amazing & talented fighter. I admit he’s got a good double leg and even some of what he says is kinda funny. But seriously, he’s no champion. Do you honestly think he could beat Vitor, Hendo, Munoz, Maia or Wandy? c’mon dude.

    • Nick says:

      Maybe to give other people a shot and to let the juice chale was on leave his system

  64. DBKlein69 says:

    oh so andy doesn’t wanna fight chael again because he already beat him? are u sure it has nothing to do with the fact that no one has ever handled him the way chael did? i know u wont admit it out loud but u know damn well why andy dont want the rematch. its because he knows lightning doesn’t strike twice. there will be no miracle triangle to save him.
    and yes, chael would maul every single one of them. dude.

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      no one handled chael the way bisping did either and unlike silva v sonnen bisping was robbed of a decision win. which guy deserves a rematch more the guy who got submitted or the guy who got screwed by judges? u should stop worrying so much about mma and go learn how to swim.

      • GRT 3000 says:

        @Douchebag69 likes pretend time with Chael…he loves it. which means your a fuckin moron. I’m thru talking with your dumb ass. NEXT! (go ahead an impersonate now little bitch, thats all u got)


  65. DBKlein69 says:

    lol wow gay roy tranny 3000 is mad! ha! sorry bro but that wasn’t me pretending to be u. i have better things to do than impersonate clowns. whoever that was tho that was some funny shit! i guess im not the only one on here that thinks ur a complete tool :)

    mmaislandjunkie, boy u are in denial. u cant act like u know anything about mma and then say bisping got robbed. that goes beyond being a sore loser and crosses over into u being either retarded or just incompetant.

  66. Jpeech says:

    Doesnt matter what you bitches have to say cause Chael won. you can all hate him and let that get into the way of if you thought he won .all you retards can do is say well joe rogan said this and dana thought that. obviously you dont know how to watch a fight and use ur own mind to judge it lol

    • Fitz says:

      were also going by what Sonnen said too fuckhead. That he may have lost to Bisping. ahahahahaha, you Chael psychos are hilarious. the runs almost up ladies. then you can take your cockeyes over to WWE with him.

  67. Jpeech says:

    He said you might be right to what Bisping said you fucking idiot he wasnt like oh ya man for sure you totally whooped my ass Michael lol fucking idiots i forgot might means a sure thing

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