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Tuesday, 01/10/2012, 10:22 am

UFC NEWS – Dana White Says If Silva vs. Sonnen Happens They Are Headed To A Brazilian Soccer Stadium (Video)

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29 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Dana White Says If Silva vs. Sonnen Happens They Are Headed To A Brazilian Soccer Stadium (Video)”

  1. Ekahi says:

    So Chael will defeat Anderson this time in front of his countrymen? Cool.

  2. Xaninho says:

    He never did and never will defeat Silva anywhere.

    There’s a big chance he won’t even get past Munoz.

  3. CanILive says:

    dana just stated that Sonnen vs. silva II ain’t happenin…

  4. Arvoiscool says:

    SONNEN SHALL BE SMASHED. Silva’s sole goal isnt gonna be to submit him this time, been there done that. He’s gonna be lookin to kick that fuckin big mouth off his face like he did to Vitor. Everyone always gets so high on Sonnen cuz he held Silva down and threw down weak ass GNP the whole time, NOBODY ever takes into account that Silva wanted to submit him, and you never even see him attempt to try to get back to his feet as soon as he gets taken down. Only fight Silva has ever done that, also only fight he’s walked out in his Jiu-Jitsu Gi. Sonnen will be Silva’s bitch again

  5. connor says:

    if he wins he will be the shortest lived champion in ufc history. Brazil will assassinate him

  6. Thetude says:

    Sonnen would be stupid to take his white ass down to brazil, he would be crufified in the street, but then of course he is a stupid, cocky, self righteous mother fucker

  7. Bob says:

    Why does Dana White want Chael Sonnen to die?

  8. Koshchek is a felcher says:

    That is just ridiculously dangerous! Sonnen vs Dan Henderson first!

  9. Millerhighlife says:

    It’s so much harder to talk trash when you’re being choked out, but Chael thinks tapping is like a reset button and he can go back to acting like he’s better than you

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