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Friday, 01/27/2012, 11:28 am

UFC NEWS | Dana White Open To Anthony Johnson Return Once He Proves Himself

“[“Rumble” Johnson] needs to go fight somewhere else, get some wins and come in on weight. He needs to prove to me that he can be a professional, show up on weight and do the things that he needs to do. [If] he gets a few fights under his belt and does that, we’ll talk.”

UFC president Dana White informed the media in attendance at yesterday’s UFC on FOX 2 press conference that the recently released Anthony “Rumble” Johnson is eligible for rehire once he hits the local circuit and can prove his worth.

After missing weight at UFC 142 and suffering a first round submission loss at the hands of Vitor Belfort the debuting middleweight who was technically a light-heavyweight was released from the promotion for the infraction. It was his third time missing weight.

“Rumble” remains one of the most athletic and talented fighters in the game today, I don’t think anyone sees a problem with him making his way back up to the UFC and it shouldn’t be a hard task for him to accomplish as long as he is dedicated.

But do the fans think he deserves a second chance?

Speak on it Penn Nation!

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25 Responses to “UFC NEWS | Dana White Open To Anthony Johnson Return Once He Proves Himself”

  1. 1981AD says:

    Sure. If he proves over the next few years that he can do all aspects of his job, which includes making the weight he is scheduled to fight at, and puts on some great performances than I would like to see an explosive hitter at 185.

  2. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    If he is going to let AJ back in, then just let Nate Marquart others who have been kicked out over the years back in the UFC. Where was AJ’s sincere open apology to the fans for missing weight several times?

    • lex walker says:

      anthony missed weight, nate was using steroids…..

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        I know but don’t you think Nate deserves another chance?

        • Mo says:

          every 6 seconds a man’s testicles shrink because of the use of steroids…

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          Rocky Mountain Oysters.

        • baldy says:

          yeah…one of phael sonnen’s balls shrink so much it disappeared…
          i could name a guy who phaeled a drug test and committed a felony….and he’s fighting tommorrow night…
          maybe if marquart acts like a doosh and carries around a fake belt and does his best rasslin schtick they’ll let him back in.

        • A.James says:

          He did get a second chance. He popped twice!

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          I’m just saying if AJ can get a possible 4th chance, why can’t Nate get a third? Even Dan Hardy who keeps losing keeps getting chances. The dude is having a tough time finding a fight in other promotions.

        • LCM says:

          Because testing positive for anabolic steroids and missing weight are two very different things. Apples and oranges.

        • lex walker says:

          @ninja nah I don’t I think steroids are for pussy’s honestly

        • Brandon Wheaton says:

          It doesn’t have shit to do with roids, as Chael & others have proved (and I’m a fan).

          Guys like Rumble & Chael draw a certain demographic, they have a following. Marquardt, not so much. Who’s he gopnna attract to the sport? Gingers?

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      Nate marquardt is awhole different deal PERIOD. I’m sure your a newbie and don’t reliaze he was busted for ILLEGAL steroids in 2007 while fighting in the UFC and the agsin last year he proved he was using testosterone traetment for performance enhancing AGAIN. I know you don’t know the whole story as he sent in 3 HOTTT samples to penn athletic commision after he tested high in the Dan miller fight but they let it go cause he had his little TRT nore from the doctor. they agreed to give him another chance if he went to a hormone doctor of their choice and he did and was told no more injections from your JUICE doctor in New Mexcio so whats Nate do he runs right back to New Mexico and gets shot up with an aggressive dosage week before fight. No Nate is done FOREVER in the UFC 3 time loser and lifetime steroid abuser.

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        Well not that new but you have a good grasp of the subject when PEDs come into the conversation. I’m irritated that AJ is getting another shot to come back when he basically to fans to fuck themselves on his twitter. If Nate is a 3 time offender of steroids then let him bake. Someone who is sincere about making a change should be given a chance at redemption. I think he is doing some press against the use of steroids or has these past couple months. I don’t remember, it was around the time Torres got kicked out of the UFC.

  3. Tranceangel says:

    I don;t get it… One minute he’s fighting the last person to fight for the belt and the next he’s off the roster !?! WTF !?!

  4. IceMan says:

    “the local circuit and can prove his worth.”

    It’s HE’S not HIS.


  5. NardoC64 says:

    Doesn’t make sense to me. He has a weight issue, not drugs or bad conduct (cheap shots, etc). Why release him to then have to prove himself? He is a great and dangerous competitor with a weight (training) issue. Fine him. Suspend him. Punish him accordingly and advise him to chose an appropriate weight class and get proper preparation training.

  6. Uhnomuhlee says:

    The UFC doesn’t need him… I wouldn’t miss him one bit if Dana never let him come back period. The sport is a lot bigger and better than one proven UNPROFESSIONAL fighter. This guy doesn’t deserve to be called a pro anymore as disrespectful as he’s been to his former peers with the missing weight. This last time was just a spit in the face to Belfort, and he shows how unconfident he is in his ability, always trying to stack on as much muscle and weight as he possibly can for the size advantage. He’s poison for the sport with this worsening lack of discipline and inability or refusal to meet his contract obligations… then he goes off on the fans and is beyond unapologetic for these things? Puts it on the doctor who made hom hydrate, but doesn’t say anything about being so stupid trying to cut too much weight in too little time. I hope some nobodies sub this guy just the same so he doesn’t get a whiff of the UFC again.

  7. Ffred says:

    Moron’s.. your all to young and probably never saw open weight fights. Classes are set to level the playing field. Simple. If you can’t make weight, it’s an unfair advantage for the other fighter. UFC needs to aggressively enforce rules to ensure un bias and fairness, safety for the fighters. They worked for years to get UFC sanctioned and popular to let a JERK OFF like AJ to ruin it for everyone else. Make weight or move up in class. So after 3 fails.. your out till you can train and act like all the other pro’s that do it for their fights!

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