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Thursday, 12/08/2011, 07:35 am

UFC NEWS – Dana White On Mayhem’s Striking: You could see better form in girls' Tae Bo classes

“I still don’t know [about Miller’s future in the UFC]. It was bad. To be honest, believe me, my Twitter has been blowing up with all the Mayhem fans blasting me, but facts are facts. It was the worst standup I’ve ever seen in my life. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen worse standup. The guy’s been in the business for over 10 years. It looked like it was his first fight ever. It was the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. Some of the punches that were thrown by Mayhem Miller in this fight, you could go to a girls’ Tae Bo class and see better form, better stand-up. It was embarrassing,”

Ouch, that has to hurt.

UFC President Dana White recently commented to the guys over at about last weekend’s main event loser, Jason “Mayhem” Miller, and discussed where he assesses Jason’s skills as a fighter.

Shortly after the loss White was quoted in saying that he was unsure of the middleweight’s future, calling his loss the most one-sided beating in UFC history.

Going against the grain, White is in a small majority of people who did not award “Mayhem” the first round of action despite controlling the pace and obtaining dominant position on the ground for a portion of the first frame of action.

My guess here, perhaps, is that there might be something personal going on behind the scenes between Mayhem and White that the public is unaware of, because to talk so down about a fighter and to threaten termination of such a well-known name after one fight is uncharacteristic, even for the brash and sometimes controversial Dana White.

But who really knows…


66 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Dana White On Mayhem’s Striking: You could see better form in girls' Tae Bo classes”

  1. ThaGreenBandit says:

    He’s only telling the truth. His striking looked amateur as all hell. When he threw his first few punches, I HONESTLY thought he was trying to be funny. That shit was atrocious

  2. Jb says:

    Striking was horrible. Dude looked down like he was in a street fight with no exp. but Dana your fat ass was teaching girls boxing shut your suck hole. When you actually get in a octagon or ring then talk shit. Big fat baby

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      No need for him to hop in there, when he’s the president. So what he used to teach girls boxing? He currently runs the UFC, and in the position he’s in, he has every right to critique and judge the skills of the fighters that are being paid to compete under the UFC banner.

      • Big J says:

        Agreed, but as UFC President your job is to scout fighters who you bring into the UFC. If you don’t like their fighting style, DON’T BRING THEM INTO THE UFC and then act surprised.

        Dana White has been dissing Mayhem these past few days, but in reality this is a reflection of your lack of research before bringing in Mayhem into the UFC organization. Also, I heard the TUF finale brought in about 2.5 million viewers, so show some gratitude, Dana. Mayhem is a big reason for those numbers.

    • Fortyb4five says:

      If you think the man who owns the biggest MMA org. on the planet doesn’t know how to fight there must be something wrong with you.

      • Jb says:

        Ok to both of you try knowing danas story. He taught women’s boxing and aerobics before the mob ran him out of town cause he didn’t want to pay tax for his location. Once again know your facts before typing. And I didn’t say he doesn’t know striking I said its easy to talk shit when you have never fight in the octagon

        • ThaGreenBandit says:

          What the fuck does Dana getting ran out of town have to do with this story or the comments we made? How are those “facts” relevant at all? Stay focused, bruh. You’re all over the place!

        • Chris says:

          Yeah i was a tad confused as well.

        • steve says:

          bro the guy does boxing and jiu jitsu and he’s pretty damn strong. and on top of that he is a billionaire and who are you mr keyboard warrior?

        • ThaGreenBandit says:

          HEY!! He’ll kick your ass!! LMFAO!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Mayhems striking was bad but it was mostly his cardio to blame he was dog tired after the first round.
    You should also take into consideration he hadn’t fought in over a year maybe to some of you that’s an excuse but it could have had some kind of bad effects on how he trained.

    • Wilkov says:

      Agreed, his striking in the first few minutes was a bit unorthodox but he looked like he was scared to engage too much in the striking, his kicks were leg or midsection kicks trying to keep Bisping back and he threw punches when Bisping stepped through the kicks so the punches looked silly. But I think he was looking for take downs and with all the hype etc and it being his first fight in a long time and back in the UFC he adrenaline dumped. You’re totally on the money, in round two he was just moving sluggishly and trying to work through that whilst being peppered. Shane Carwin tried to deal with the same thing in round 2 with Lesnar by picking shots and going for power shots and that didn’t work, Mayhem tried to just ignore it and push through with his usual hyper style and that didn’t work either, unfortunate but I do think it’s harsh to talk about cutting him.

      Although I agree with the guys who said White is in a fine position to criticise, I think it’s perfectly fine to critique the technique of a fighter without saying ‘I could do it better’, it’s just an observation of what you think they’re doing wrong. That said though, I disagree with Dana somewhat

    • Joe Mama says:

      You forget that his fight with Jake Shields was incredibly boring. It wasn’t really his cardio, it was the fact that Bisping was beating the crap out of him. That takes a toll and makes you really exhausted.

  4. BTSupermanPunch says:

    I realize Mayhem had the absolute worst stand up skills we’ve ever seen that night. But It is a little unfair not to award him the first round, it was ALL Mayhem. He just gassed out, and once that happened, Bisping looked like he was in a whole nother league. Something has to be under the radar here.

  5. dastuka says:

    He gassed, that is forgivable. But his striking looked way crazy….there is no excusing that.

    • spirit splice says:

      Gassing after the first round in a professional fight is never forgivable, esp when you have been fighting for a decade. I expect this from local newbs, not from a name on TV.

  6. Fortyb4five says:

    I dont understand why people are talking so much about this. What did they expect? He’s never been known to have good strikes.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Jbs a bitch

  8. GNR3 says:

    I think it’d be unfair to count Miller out. Yeah his performance was atrocious, but at the end of the day he had a lot more on him going into that fight. 1 year out. His first big fight in the octagon (bar GSP). However no one can take away from Bisping’s performance, no it wasn’t worthy of a title shot but it’s pushed into a contention fight for sure.

  9. Carl Gale says:

    I definitely think he has had the wrong matchups during both his UFC fights, he fought GSP 6 years ago at a time where the star was being born in the French-Canadian, and now Bisping, a Top 5 UFC Middleweight and a Top 10 Middleweight World Wide, clearly he’s taking on fighters from too high of a calibre. He needs someone more on his level or Dana may as well cut him, because he clearly shows that he can’t compete against a Top 10 Middleweight, so it needs to be someone a lower level where he can use the experience to get to the bigger fights. Remember he couldn’t even win a Strikeforce/DREAM title, so yes, give him someone he can actually compete against.

  10. JJ1 says:

    Why is Bisping rated so highly, or being considered for a title shot? He lost in the worst way to the only top 10 person he fought. Lost to Wanderlei in this day in age. He only beats irrelevant fighters that are nowhere near contention.

  11. T.DADDY says:

    just say u dont like his ass already damn

  12. Salvador says:

    I’m sick and tired of hearing Dana bashing this guy. YOU HIRED THE MAN TO COACH THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER!!! Why the fuck did you do that if he’s such a terrible fighter? Mayhem has never had great standup and you’re gonna hold it against him for his first fight in the ufc in 6 years!?

  13. JB Spencer says:

    That was the worst, most wierd looking strikeing i have ever seen in the ufc, however, didnt he land a few of those crazy lookin overhand strikes in the first round. While impossible, if you ignored how funny looking his striking was, it was kinda even point for point in the first, i think.

    And o yeah, am i the only one that noticed the 1, 2, 3 twelve to six elbows thrown by bisbing in the second? Not that it makes a licka difference.

  14. Louiedog says:

    Bisping is overated in my opinion, and he’ll never have a title in the ufc. That being said neither will Mayham. He’s just not that good of a fighter, but that doesnt mean he wont sell tickets. As long as he gets his cardio fixed and has some exciting fights then i’ll still watch. Look at Forest, i doubt anybody here thinks he has a serious shot at the title, but i’ll watch him fight anybody cause i know he’ll give it his all. Dana just needs to put mayham up against a better match up for him and he’ll make it worth watching.

  15. mike says:

    Why are you guys talking about rankings in the UFC? Its all about popularity and draw. Miller puts asses in seats. He isn’t going anywhere yet.

  16. michael says:

    Plain and simple. Miller looked horrible, but take his circumstances into consideration and give the guy 1 more chance against a mid tier middle weight. If ur fails again, cut em.

  17. Guys dont judge Mayhem off of that 1 fight itself he is a alot better than that. His standup is decent he was throwing good straight combos when working in the locker room and his stand up will be getting better he trains with Siyar Bahadurzada (Who just finally signed with the UFC!) who is an all out killer on the feet. I honestly just think Mayhem was nervous as hell and put in a shit performance. Give him a lesser opponent move him down on the Main Card and see how he performs. To cut him after one of the best seasons of TUF would be ridiculous

  18. TEMPHUiBIS says:

    -]. Mayhem’s stand up was very poor, I actually thought he was gonna be a threat in this fight .[-

  19. mmadred says:

    dana is 100% correct but i think jason’s popularity will keep him around in some form.

  20. Ninjaman says:

    There is to many talented fighters and opportunities to sign new fresh talent these days. Dana used Miller’s marketability to make money. It’s a money game and its not the Ultamite Fighting Championship anymore, its the Ultimate Funds cashablility!!

  21. KingGareth says:

    I’d give Mayhem one more chance. Put him on an undercard against a new fighter.

  22. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Dana looks ridiculous with that Katana and probably attends that woman’s Tae Bo class….

    Mayhem’s stand up doesn’t suck like that 24/7. Dana should give him a break, both him and Cung suffered from ring rust.

  23. Q says:

    I think the only reason a couple of mayhems helasloppy overhand rights landed in the first round was because bisping was in shock by how bad they were

  24. Jeff says:

    Nice picture Dana! ahahhhahaaa

  25. fourtetshou says:

    Mayhem will be back. It’s all about business with Dana White. He’s a smart dude.
    Mayhem is a big draw, with a big fan-base. He’s not going to cut him so easily. But what he will do is threaten to cut him, cause realistically, Mayhem looked like shit. And so White won’t have to pay him so much money next time.

    Mayhem will feel lucky to get the scraps from the table.

    Just another note: I agree with what Nick Diaz had to say about Mayhem. “This dude, I’m better than this dude. He can come to my gym and train and he won’t last 2 days. He lost his last few fights in Strikeforce. Then he goes off to Japan to fight some dudes no ones heard about, and he makes a mockery of them, disrespecting their samurai spirit.”

    • Anthony says:

      Wow… Nick Diaz is a bright one. Miller was 1-1 in Strikeforce (and his loss he almost finished Shields with a RNC)… Then he had one fight in Japan versus Sakuraba who Miller had always maintained the greatest level of respect for.

      BTW, if you haven’t heard of Sakuraba – you probably aren’t a MMA fan. He was is one of the Japanese legends from Pride. Has beaten Vitor Belfort, Guy Mezger, Royce Gracie, Renzo Gracie, Rampage Jackson, Kevin Randleman, Ken Shamrock…. But yes, no one has heard about Sakuraba.

      • zach says:

        ^Not to mention putting up a decent fight against rickson gracie, hands down the best fighter of all time, ANYONE who can put up a fight again rickson is in no way a no namer

  26. mark gamoras says:

    dana needs to at least giv him one more chance..mayhem jus did ultimate fighter for him and was one of the best seasons…also jake shields standup is jus as bad and his first fight in the ufc was whack too

  27. Jc says:

    you can see more power than bisping in that same class

  28. Anthony says:

    Personally, while it looked atrocious – he did land a couple of overhand rights. Bisping has had trouble with unorthodox strikers (look at the Henderson fight), so I think that is where Mayhem Miller was aiming. Unfortunately, he adrenaline dumped during round 1.

    Give him another go against lower ranked fighters and allow him to get used to the UFC like any other fighter you bring in.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Are you saying Miller intended for his striking to look that shitty? If he was aiming for unorthodox, he seriously missed his mark. There is big difference between unorthodox striking, and what Miller was doing the other night, and what he was doing was plain garbage

      • Anthony says:

        I think he was aiming for unorthodox. He was throwing a lot of overhand rights.

        Having watch Miller previously, his striking had never been that bad and had been more orthodox.

        A fighter doesn’t just lose that ability.

  29. GFK says:

    Yeah, Dana had no problem hyping up the fight and using Mayhem’s “Bully Beatdown” notoriety to sell the past season of TUF did he.

    Did he look bad, yes. But to be honest it seemed like more of a nerves thing with Mayhem finally getting back to the UFC. I really think that he was trying to KO Bisping and as we all know striking isn’t Mayhem’s strong suit. He looked like a totally different fighter than I’ve seen in the past. It was kinda odd.

  30. Mike Diaz says:

    The truth just hurts, Mayhem looked like an amateur in this fight. Since he has a good fan base, at least send him to Strikeforce to fight in triple AAA MMA, LOL. Don’t can him to BAMMA or DREAM, then he’d be a has been for sure. Plus Bisping’s boxing looked like crap, any above average striker would have knocked Miller’s block off the way he was putting it out there, Bisping imo is more than two fights away from a title if in those fights he shows major dominance. TEAM PENN!!!!!!!

  31. Ryan says:

    Yeah i am a mayhem fan and was looking forward to see him do well. Its weird bc he has a great team to train with but yeah…his stand up looked bad and made me sad lol

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