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Tuesday, 12/20/2011, 01:40 pm

UFC NEWS – Dana White: " I don't know how Nogueira sleeps at night"

“[Nogueira] was two punches away from winning that fight [against Frank Mir]. Instead he passed the guard and tried to apply a guillotine on Frank Mir. Nobody understood that. He will regret that decision for the rest of life. It was his fight. It was finished. I do not know how he sleeps after that.”

UFC President Dana tells Brazilian media outlet, Club Alfa, that he doesn’t understand how “Big Nog” can sleep after failing to finish Frank Mir in their UFC 140 contest.

Nogueira took it to the former champ with a flurry of heavy handed punches that dropped Mir to the canvas. Instead of going for the TKO finish, Nogueira opted to try and submit Mir with his fabled Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Mir, who is a submission grappling expert as well, was able to avoid danger, recover from the punching onslaught and reverse positions on the ground. In a very memorable scramble it was Mir who came out on top with a fight ending kimura that broke Nogueira’s arm.

If you hold stock in what Dana White says, he believes that Nogueira could have had his hand raised if he would have stuck to punches, but I’m not so sure about that scenario.

What say you BJPENN.COM, is White right?

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76 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Dana White: " I don't know how Nogueira sleeps at night"”

  1. Im still pissed off abt that!. The worst part is that some ppl actually think Mir is better. Nog had that shit and would have a healthy arm right now lol that drives me crazy.

    • Mighty Thesis says:

      But did he really have him if his arm is broken right now??? A fight is never over until that final bell and the cage door opens. If you’re not the one whose arm gets raised at the end, you never “had” anything but the upper hand for a fleeting moment. Mistakes were made and Nog paid dearly. That’s why you gotta finish because, at the end of the day, Mir has the win which, whether by technicality or not, makes him better. One can make philosophical inferences about who is the better fighter overall but a win, in black and white terms, means you were the better fighter on that day. No one can dispute that.

      • Jeremy says:

        hell yea man almost only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades. mir has been better than him twice now. nog is awesome but mir is better

      • IknowMMA says:

        Yes thesis you have a point but not a strong one @ that.
        Nogueira did have Mir finish and he did pull guard for the Epic Fail guillotine attempt.
        He did look way better I’m I believe I most of MMA fans will agree that nogueira is a way better fighter! He made a mistake and paid for it.

        • dyllan says:

          cant really say he’s a better fighter when he’s lost twice. you and chael sonnen really need to take a closer look at the rules of mma. you keep going until the ref stops the fight. if you tap, you lose. point blank.

        • Henry says:

          Very well put response by Mighty Thesis. This is a sport and nobody remembers the guy/team who almost won, they only remember the one that did. Mir was the first guy to knock out Big Nog and the first guy to submit him which is not something that just happens by coincidence, especially considering the illustrious career Nogueira has had. It’s like they always say, styles make fights and Frank Mir has proved that he can beat Nog. That is not to say that Mir is a better fighter, just that he will beat Nogueira 9 times out of 10. If you look at their overall careers and the opponents they have fought/beat, I would still consider Nogueira the better overall fighter personally, but there is no denying that Mir has Nog’s number.

        • phace says:

          He doesn’t have his number. He just capitalized on his mistake. Dana is right. That fight was punches away from being finished. Mir did show his perserverance though by instinctively utilizing his jiu jitsu. The issue now is that Big Nog may never have another opportunity to show his ability to beat Mir. It’s not too often one goes 0-2 and gets a trilogy. I don’t really see Mir beating any of the higher ranked heavy weights though.

    • steven brown says:

      He won that fight so he was better! Just like when Sonnen whooped Silva for five rounds and then Silva submitted him at the lasst second. Silva was the better man. I think its called perseverance!

      • IknowMMA says:

        Because I fighter wins a fight it doesn’t make it a better fighter than the other you are missing the whole MMA concept! It’s
        Matt Serra better than GSP?
        Is Tito Better than Bader?
        What about pulver vs Bj penn?
        Think about it guys he won..yes! I give him credit BUT
        That doesn’t make him the better fighter!

        • Wise Ass says:

          It amkes them the BETTER fighter on that given night. And that given night is when it COUNTS!

        • Wise Ass says:


        • dyllan says:

          and its happened twice there buddy. he’s beaten him on the feet and on the ground. just get over it.

        • MMA FAN says:

          You got to remember that mir defeated nog in their first encounter via strike. The second time around he defeated him on the ground. So how could you say that nog is better than mir, when he was defeated twice?

        • Akid says:

          He beat him x2, unlike all the other fighters you mentioned… Absolute irrelevant comparisons! The first win was questionable, the second cements he IS clearly the better fighter…

      • SanSooRob says:

        Dont remember Silvas lights going out lol

    • Jdash says:

      Mir is better, he proved that. Twice now to be exact. First it was ” Oh Nog was sick.” Out of excuses now, Mir is the better fighter at this stage of the game.

    • who cares says:

      actually MIR IS BETTER.. 1st to KNOCKOUT and SUB nog.. mir 2 – nog 0..

      nog didnt have shittttttt.. he was punch drunk and mir was recovering.. nog went for the sub cause he was tired and thought mir was an easy target for a sub.. LOL.. nog paid for it with his arm..

      sorry nog D riders.. mir is better..

    • THE INUK says:


  2. Anthony says:

    I think Nog went for the submission because he didn’t think he could finish Mir with punches and would have gassed himself out. I think Mir was slowly recovering despite the punches.

    • dave says:

      noooo,,,,had nog just walked away the fight would have been stopped mir was out,,,face down out,,,,,i feel so bad for nog,,,mir woke up with nogs arm in his face for a sub ,,,hahah…good job for frank,,,but nog will forever be sad cuz i think at his age this is the injury to end his career….a break there will forever affect his punching

    • alan says:

      im a huge mir fan, big nog had that fight and he gave it away. were was the killer instinct?

  3. DeepSeaGod says:

    Lets set the record straight. How many times has Mir been rocked and was still able to pull off the sub? Until the ref stops it, Mir still has a chance. Dana is underestimating after the fact.

  4. Jc says:

    hahaha nog is 0/2 my friend i belive it is clear who is better. nog may claim he was sick before this fight again though.

  5. Ed says:

    Nog’s ego still wounded from first loss to Mir. Set out in the second fight to do something bigger than just beat Mir – wanted to punish him while he was at it.

    From here at my keyboard, I would think that after all the wars and all he’s accomplished, just competing and winning would be the goal. I guess once a fighter always a fighter so it’s got to be personal.

  6. Michael says:

    a more appropriate question would have been, ‘I have no idea how Nog ties his shoes in the morning?’ #Hard2dowith1arm

  7. omar says:

    man big nog needs 2 stfu already,did u see da article on fighters only about big nog basically said it was herb dean’s fault that he didn’t finsh mir,the little respect he had now its all gone,his nick name should be big excuses

  8. TImbo Slice says:

    I think its silly that people play the shoulda woulda scenario. Maybe Mir was rocked, maybe he was totally with it and was about to lift his head up. Maybe not. The only thing we know for sure is that Mir beat Nog twice, and that Nog lost the 2nd fight via a rediculous bone snapping shoulder lock.

  9. Nick says:

    Big Nog is just really turning into a jerk. He might’ve been all along, really hard to tell when they speak a different language. His glory days are behind him and he doesn’t like it. And hes too dumb to realize that now hes just ruining his own reputation.

  10. medium_nog says:

    For those who think Big Nog is better than Frank Mir.. YOUR FUC*IN HIGH! There is one way to figure out who is better between 2 fighters and that’s by having them fight. Case in point they have fought twice and not only was Mir the first to knock him out now he is the first to submit him.. Excuses are pathetic

    • restingbird says:

      I would agree. Seems that some of these Big Nog fans continue to hold on to excuses. It’s all speculation anyway so why not just take the facts for what they are? Continuing to ponder what could have happened seems pointless.

  11. Cody says:

    I think Nog wanted to prove he was better then Mir on the ground , he really should have finished Mir by TKO or KO

  12. Xaninho says:

    Dana’s right he just needed one more flurry of punches and the ref would’ve stopped the fight.

    Mir was too rocked to protect himself at that point…So it was stupid of Big Nog, but what a way to capitalize on an opponent’s mistake by Frank Mir.

    In the end it is a deserved win.

  13. DB says:

    this is one of many things dana doesnt understand about fighters. sometimes you gamble and lose … how does he sleep at night after some of his bonehead moves … no names will be mentioned…

  14. sideasoundlab says:

    Mir is the man, period.

  15. Jb says:

    How does Dana sleep? Besides being loaded helps, but he uses UFC for his own ego like a reality show

  16. steeler says:

    i think big nog had a better chance of beating mir if he kept punching but no one knows for sure. everyone is saying it was stupid of him to go for the sub but it wasnt the ref told him to watch the back of the head, while mirs neck was undefended, and while mir was going for a take down so if he kept punching mir could have recovered no one knows, so he went for the neck instead. him being a bjj black belt he saw a sub and went for it no shame in that. you cant say if or should have in this sport, mma is so unpredictable you just cant do that. if yall say if he kept punching he would have won i could say if mir came out agressive he would have koed him

  17. restingbird says:

    I don’t think Mir was as “rocked” as most people think. If he was that out of it, how did he go on to have a very technical BJJ scramble with Big Nog just fractions of a second later? I think his equilibrium was a bit off so he had to go down to the ground but he was still very aware of what was happening even at that point. Was it close? Sure, but as the saying goes “close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades”. Tough to say either way….though the fact is Big Nog lost. A loss is a loss….

    • uhnomuhlee says:

      It’s called muscle memory.
      It’s what you see wrestlers doing to the referee after they get knocked out. At such a high level of grappling, Frank can pull these sorts of moves being rocked and almost knocked out.

      • restingbird says:

        I don’t totally disagree however grabbing the ref’s leg in a half knocked out dizzied state is far from competing with very cognizant BJJ practitioner like Big Nog and winning the battle to break their arm. I think its a bit of a stretch to chalk it up as muscle memory

  18. maurice says:

    Ppl must not realize how much big nog has improved these last 2 fights. He peppered mir in the clinch and controlled him. Once he decided to release da clinch he dropped mir then proceeded to kick his ass. Nog has always had good technical boxing. But he lacked speed and head movement. Now big nog is swayin punches and throwing much faster punches. His aggression in da cage is at an all time high. Mir can beat any man in the world if he gains a dominant position like that. So don’t hate on nog, take notice to his sudden rebirth in mma. After da cain fight I wanted nog to hang them up. But now I can’t wait for his return.

    • THE INUK says:

      I agree, Nog looked absolutely great in that fight.. I am very disappointed with the outcome and to be honest I still dont like to think about it LOL I hate seeing a guy like nog lose like that. very saddening lollll then again, its mma! and Props to Mr… I GUESS! LOL jk

  19. marco says:

    Fuck no Noguiera isint the better fighter, Frank Mir proved that twice, he’s better wit his hands and TKOd em n the 1st fight, and he’s better at the ground which he won the 2nd time, fuck Noguiera he can suck a big fat bby dick…plus he nvr HAD Mir in shit, its Noguiera fault for fucking up TWICE, he had his chance TWICE LOL fuck him and his fkn faggot brother.

  20. Jerry says:

    It’s never over, tell it’s over.

  21. ANDYBOY says:

    okay yes Big Nog lost plain and simple but dont be so ignorant to say the ref wasnt about to stop that fight, he jumped in to save Mir and backed off, Nog had it “in the bag” so to say, FACT! Mir was lucky Nog’s ego was bigger than his mind that night, Mir pulled off a comeback worse than Kongo/Barry, well maybe even, Mir was DONE! Nog had his number and kicked Mir’s ass, then got stupid and decided to roll with a very strong very talented , very experienced BJJ black belt, likehimself and lost. Mir is the better fighter BUT only because he took advantage in a fight when Nog did not. dont be an idiot and say Mir wouldn’t have gotten the stoppage…..morons! Mir is better, there! but he was 3 seconds of a BS flurry that wouldn’t have had to land to get stopped!

  22. maurice says:

    Calm down MARCO. Lol. I get it, u r a big mir fan.

  23. ben clemons says:

    If I remember right……..Mir was “intelligently defending” himself himself just enough…….and Nog had punched himself out……..Mir would’ve ko/tko him in the 2nd ……..

  24. Mayor of Deviance says:

    100% agree with Dana. It’s Machida vs Rampage again where, to appease Nogueira, he tried BJJ completely unnecessarily– pridefully foolish. Big Nog is too in love with that martial art instead of understanding what MMA is all about.

  25. Healthy Nog beats mir 99/100 times that was the 1 nog said herb dean old him to stop punching the back of the head which is why he went for the sub.

  26. Spoolz25 says:

    @NOG supporters mir had the kimura, nog reversed it so he was on top then mir reveresed it again to be on top and finished it, like it or not its FACT!! ive lost all respect for big nog and his camp

  27. wilbo says:

    Mir was rocked but he kept his wits about him to secure the victory.Nog Dana and Herb Dean cant just up and say that the fight was lost because he went for a submission. Mir was just better on two occasions. Nog has a great game and his ability is unquestioned in striking or ground. Mir recovered and adapted and made the best of it.A full recovery for Nog and continued success for Mir is what I hope to see. Mir is a beast and I would like to see him against De Santos or Cain.

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      idk about keeping his wits as much as grabbing the nearest limb and torquing it til he made his opponent tap. mir was rocked bad, if nog kept raining down the punches the fight would have been stopped.

  28. feenom says:

    Shoulda, coulda, woulda…there is a lot of “what ifs” in any fight. It’s who gets there hand raised at the end. Big Nog is a great fighter, but he lost that night…period!

  29. Shawn says:

    Nog had that fight. Herb Dean messed his shit up. Kept telling Nog not to hit d back of d head, which he wasn’t. I’m guessing he didn’t want to lose in a disqualification, even if he wasn’t. So he had to switch it up. If Dean didn’t keep warning him, he wudv ended that fight w TKO. Mir was done, his left arm was trapped, n he wasn’t defending w his right.

    • DBKlein69 says:

      if, if, if. if big nog ever ran out of excuses he might actually lose a fight fair and square.

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        he did lose fair and square he made the wrong choice and lost. it isnt like he was sick and wasnt at his full potential he just lost becuz he did something stupid.

        • DBKlein69 says:

          nonetheless, he lost. he had 2 shots at mir and got finished both times. stop with the staph infection and the ‘i shoulda went for the ko’. it just makes him look like a pathetic, jealous, bitter sore loser.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          every fighter says what they regret in their fight when they lose or win. gsp complains he cant get a finish if his life depended on it after every fight, i think hes more of a pathetic excuse making pansy.

        • DBKlein69 says:

          gsp never complained about not getting finishes as of late. he tells retarded ppl like u all the time that its not as easy as he makes it look. as a matter of fact, i got a little mma trivia for ya. who was the last guy gsp finished?? lol

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          good one! (sarcasm right backatcha) ….its nice to pretend gsp doesnt apologize after every boring fight of his. do i really need to provide ur nuthugging ass the videos of him apologizing after his hardy and shields fights? lmao, gsp is the lamest champion in the ufc, after every event dana white himself keeps putting other champs ahead of him on the p4p rankings.

        • bizzle says:

          Wow the grease monkey was able to finish Penn because BJ couldn’t even control him due to the excessive grease.. I am impressed by his performance.. /sarcasm..

          If your a fan of GSP and your not from Canada then you are a queer.. :)

        • bizzle says:

          I am pretty sure this is Dana White here saying that so why the fck are you drama queens going on about Big Nog?

  30. marco says:

    Na fuck Noguiera he fkn sucks dick for coc, there’s no excuse or any reason to argue, n the end Mir came out wit the W and yes intelligently defended himself like a bjj black belt shud of, and fuck u Maurice

  31. the beast says:

    anyone who really thinks mir would have won if nog kept striking is an idiot he had it in the bad and fucked up 2 by going for the choke then for underestimating him on the ground nog still the better fighter mir has no chin and will get knocked out if he really does face velasquez next as rumored

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