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Saturday, 01/21/2012, 07:44 am

UFC NEWS – Dana White Gives Updates On GSP, Silva, Sonnen, Davis, Evans And More

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42 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Dana White Gives Updates On GSP, Silva, Sonnen, Davis, Evans And More”

  1. mss007 says:

    I go to bed every night praying nick diaz will win. LOL. I love it. WAR DIAZ!!!

  2. John M says:

    I love the fact that GSP legit hates Diaz, Diaz’s fuckin punk ass is gonna get it bad!

  3. Ahmed says:

    Or he’s scared of Condit, It’s simple their a sure fire way to beat Nick Diaz but to beat Condit is a mission that Tom Cruise wouldn’t take. Remember Nick sucks against wrestlers and especially guys who are fight to not lose based fighter. GSP is praying for Nick to win so he keeps his belt one year longer. The NEW INTERIM WELTERWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD CARLOS CONDIT” via KO in the 2nd round

    • anthony little-johnson says:

      did you smoke a little crack this morning or quite a lot? cant wait to see your comment after diaz trounces carlos “overrated killer” condit

  4. ry tay says:

    the diaz brothers would probably suck to hang out with but DAM can they fight. i think they will both hold UFC belts in their weight classes.

    Mayhem should have been scared homie.

  5. fuck diaz and cockmonster i mean chael not chart or both lol. says:

    GSP never herd of him not liking somebody thats Awsome maybe he will show up and pullverise diaz shut that little bitch down its going to be great also to watch.cock sucking chael get the fuck kicked out of him in front of 80.000 people there will be a riot Anderson will walk though him and it will be the happiest days of my life also I guess I forgot about condit I hope he beats the fuck out of that little bitch diaz is tough but there’s always someone tougher let’s go CONDIT also fuck both diaz bitches

    • DBKlein69 says:

      anderson will walk through chael? im sorry, did u miss ufc 117? ya know, the one where chael made andy his bitch for 23 minutes before getting triangled in one of the most miraculous comeback victories in ufc history? there is a reason anderson is milking an injury. it’s called chael p. sonnen.

      • Xaninho says:

        Sure sounds like you’re milking Chael P. Sonnen on a regular basis…

      • fael sonnen says:

        You mean the fight where Silva had an injured rib, Sonnen tested positive for roids, and Silva tapped his punk ass? Yeah I think I remember that one. Sonnen is a fantastic wrester and a ticket seller, but not a whole lot more. People will always pay to watch sonnen fight, simply because he’s an amazing promoter. But as of yet I haven’t seen him do anything impressive in the standup game and although he held silva down for 5 rounds, he failed to actually inflict any real damage or end the fight.

      • u FOOL! says:

        u dont know shit sonnen nut hanger fuck off with that bullshit

        • DBKlein69 says:

          lol yes ‘u fool’ that is a very intelligent comment! he let him! r u serious?! that takes nuthugging to a new level. delusional nuhugging. hey how about this….umm chael let anderson submit him!
          i know u love andy but get real lol. he got knocked on his ass

          wuddup chart. yo remember when andy ko’d vitor with that front face kick? well, according to vitor….he let him! :)

        • Xaninho says:

          It was tactical. He wanted to submit him by all means, so for Silva being taken down wasn’t a bad thing.

          Watch the fight Ali-Foreman. Everyone thought Ali was being beat up, but that was all tactics too. He waited till Foreman got tired and KO’d him.

          Silva waited for the opportunity to submit him and he did.

          That’s just going by the facts, ofcourse Sonnen fanboys make up their own versions of that fight. In the fanboy version Sonnen won and is now the undisputed champion…

        • DBKlein69 says:

          no but we all understand that sonnen let silva submit him. it was tactical.
          xaninHO: delusional nuthugger

  6. Marc Rogerson says:

    roll on summer. I need my GSP fix and although im not a Diaz hater I will be rooting for GSP all the way. I hope he doesnt slow-mo Diaz though and takes it right to him. I wanna see GSP get at least one superman punch per round. meaning one punch . meaning he will tap him out first round :)

  7. Vincent says:

    Everyone watch the Sanchez vs Diaz fight that’s the same thing GSP is gonna do to nick Diaz wait till he commits when he’s striking then take him down and beat him up.

  8. Donnybrook says:

    Glad I can comment again without having to be a social networking nerd and sign in trough Facebook or twitter or anything else like that because I dont do that shit… I’m old school I guess. With that said I’m with GSP, I’m pulling for Nick to win only so I can see GSP dismantle him but I give a slight edge to Condit, I think he has more weapons in his arsenal and just as much heart as Nick.

  9. SanSooRob says:

    Gsp is fn amazing you see him pull of those decisions ..
    I never seen that done in mma ever waaahaaaa
    Yawn Gsp !!! War Daiz !!!!

  10. SanSooRob says:

    Lol my bad , but it’s yawn Gsp not war Gsp 😉

  11. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    LOL Chael Sonnen, at least is the 185 P4P champ in trash talk.

  12. Vincent says:

    @learntoread shut up Diaz cum guzzler go do something with your life instead of playing world of Warcraft all day and living in your mom’s basement you worthless bitch…. Thank you:)

  13. Zoeldog27 says:

    This forum is full of keyboard warriors who think they know something about MMA, go train for a few years & maybe youll understand what the fuck your actually saying.

    • Dj scrap master flex says:

      I’ll whip you with my keyboard right now zol-dogleg. Check it out, this isn’t an mma gym. This is where meat heads like you shut the fuck up and read comments. Comprende? go back to your 7-11 job and your weekly taibo class. Leave your tough guy shit at your mamma’s house.

  14. Xaninho says:

    Looks like DW reads comments here lol..

  15. magoo says:

    Nick Diaz goes to bed every night praying GSP never heals and will have to retire,so he can be a UFC champ for maybe more then one fight…..Nick Diaz your days are numbered you are the man that will unleash the evil beast in Georges St Pierre, don’t even care if you finish him,just wanna see you bust his face for 5 rounds that would be more satisfying! Oh and Dana take your high blood pressure pill your head looks like its gonna pop!

  16. Dj scrap master flex says:

    Dana is eating a lot of fuckin steak and lobsters man. Looks like a fat fuckin over cooked lobster. Watch him take fuckin deep breaths just answering questions. Probably railed up before interview so he won’t fall asleep after eating 10 steak and lob dinners. Fuckin pig-lobster boy…also looks like porky pig come to think of it….all red, piggy beady eyes, no hair.

  17. Long-Strong says:


  18. DAMN! says:

    GSP calling Dana White every night before going to bed… Something fishy…

  19. davee says:

    diaz all the way….but nick and condit both pose problem to gsp…however they are both much smaller then gsp…gsp should be fight anderson at mw and nick and condit shoukld be fighting for the real belt..gsp has cleaned out ww already…he has fought guys 2 times now….gsp is a coward,,saying he need adjust hiss weight o fightt at mw..he cuts from 197..just cut less you bitch….nick diaz 2012 ww chammo and nate 2013 lw champ

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