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Friday, 11/18/2011, 06:30 am

UFC NEWS – Dana White Confirms Four Bouts For UFC on FOX 2 (Video)


13 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Dana White Confirms Four Bouts For UFC on FOX 2 (Video)”

  1. kenny (throw in the towel )powell says:

    Super pumped let’s get it on !!!!!

  2. The Beast says:

    Come on Wandy we need to KnockOut Cung Le

  3. T.DADDY says:

    coming back to chi town.. yeah buddy!!!

  4. The Fuck says:

    He doesn’t confirm any bouts in this interview., the home of recycled news.

    • THE INUK says:

      your an idiot,, its the same as every other mma site.. it tells whats going on in the world of mma, and shows videos and interviews…. your a dumb”fuck” ,, no wonder your names ‘the fuck’ ….get off this site then you homo!! if you dont like somethin, whats the point of talkin shit about it, just get the fck off the site and do somethin productive!!!

      • The fuck is missing a word ” The Dumb fuck”!

      • The Fuck says:

        “Dana white confirms 4 bouts”.. Nope, he doesn’t. Just like every other mma site? They barely have any exclusive content, which is fine, but to purposely label something it isn’t for more hits is ridiculous.
        Cry more please.

        • The Fuck says:

          You a No Speaka Engrish? He says he can’t tell Ariel and that he is telling fox on Monday, so when he tells them on Monday everyone will know.

        • who cares says:

          LOL… “Cry more please.”… coming from the biggest cry baby in this post..

          the title isnt that misleading.. near the end dana says he thinks 4 fights for fox..

          stop being a bitch.. the title isnt that ridiculous..

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