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Friday, 12/09/2011, 09:20 am

UFC NEWS – Dana White Comments On Miguel Torres Termination

“It wasn’t that I thought this was offensive. I thought it was absolutely ridiculous and offensive. And yeah, I’m sure, offensive to many people. There’s been cases here where things have happened where some people have been offended by things that the fighters have said. You know, we have the Forrest Griffin incident, we’ve got the Rashad Evans incident and now the Miguel Torres incident. Now, the way that I handle these things with guys is, you know, we’re all gonna make mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes. And, you know, a lot of the way that the public looks at these things is when a guy makes a mistake, you put him up on this pedistal, he makes a mistake and you want to burn him down. They burn him down, they beat him down. And that’s not the way that I operate. We don’t come out at the UFC with these canned statements that are written by our lawyers, we handle everything on a case by case basis, with the idea that people are going to make mistakes. And it’s how you handle yourself after you make that mistake.”

“He (Michael Landsberg) reads me Miguel Torres’ tweet, which is…let me try to quote it here. Basically ‘Rape vans. If they were called surprise vans, more women would get into them, because everybody loves a surprise.’ When he read that to me here this morning I was…I was blown away. It’s one of the first times in an interview that I didn’t know what to say and I was just blown away. So as soon as I was done with that interview, I got ready and had to head over to the press conference. So I’ve got people working on ‘is that what was said?’ et cetera. After the press conference I find out that is what was said, he did say that, and he was joking. It was just a joke. And that’s not a funny joke to me. That’s not a…it’s just not something you tweet, you know? If that’s your sense of humor, keep it at home around you and your buddies and keep it to yourself. It’s not something that you put out on Twitter. And there’s no explination for it, there’s no…I can’t make any sense of it. And enough is enough. If this doesn’t…at least, when you’re getting ready to Twitter or you’re getting ready to say something, think about what you’re going to say, think about what you’re going to tweet and use a little common sense.”

“I’m not gonna be pressured by the fans, the media or anybody else to go in and attack my guys when they make a mistake. I’m not gonna come out with these canned, written statements from our lawyers. We’re gonna handle this thing honestly and real. Just like everybody would in real life. And what Miguel Torres wrote is unacceptable. It’s unacceptable.”


76 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Dana White Comments On Miguel Torres Termination”

  1. jc1 says:

    i hope miguel gets kicked in the nuts twice today.

    • MMFT says:

      I hope you grow two halves of a brain today.

    • Dondangerously says:

      “it’s just not something you tweet, you know? If that’s your sense of humor, keep it at home around you and your buddies and keep it to yourself. It’s not something that you put out on Twitter.”

      Rediculous. It’s twitter. They’re words. How dare you Mr. Dana White. How dare you tell someone how to live their life and how to express themselves. Yes, perhaps it would be best if we all get on these social forums and pretend to be people we’re not. Fake. Fake as fuck. I say, do what ever you want, say whatever you want.

      “when you’re getting ready to Twitter or you’re getting ready to say something, think about what you’re going to say, think about what you’re going to tweet and use a little common sense.”

      On the flipside, be prepared to live with the consequences of your decisions. Understand that everyone is judgmental at some point. Did Miguel Torres actually go out and rape somebody? Not that I know of. Was his intent to support the rape? I doubt it. Words man. They’re words. Intentions are important, and since words are meant to represent our intentions, some believe his intent was to support the rape of women. Though Dana White would disagree, and agrees it was meant to be a joke.

      Too many people try to control what we say and do. I can understand if what he was saying was slandering the name of someone else, or inciting a riot, or something else that was hurting somebody in some way. I like Dana White for the most part, but this is his way to send a messge to all his fighters and control how they represent themselves. I understand it. He’s got a business to run, and to be take the business where he wants to take it, and where we’d all like to see it go, he’s got to make decisions to comfort the highly sensitive and easily offended people. He himself said he was not offended. But simple minded fucktards who want to say what people can and can not do even when they’re hurting no one make up a large population of people. Their parents told them to be a certain way, and they adhered. They tell their kids to be the same way, and they will adhere. Not a free or objective thought among any of them.

      I agree that Dana White had a decision to make. His a boss and a businessman before a friend to any of these guys. But to makes comments suggesting censorship on a public social forum is rediculous. Miguel Torres said some dumb shit for sure, but it may have been taken out of context. Now, yes, he has to accept the consequences of what he tweeted. Comedians can make rape jokes and add context and people laugh; they know the comic isn’t serious. Saying anything is off limits to talk about on a public social media is censorship and that is worse than anything Torres said. It amazes me how many on here don’t have half a brain to objectively think about anything. It seems all two personal, like he said it directly to you.

      “i hope miguel gets kicked in the nuts twice today.”

      What at idiot you are sir. Who are you, Mr. Perfect? You want some attention? I mean, wow, no one could ever speak rationally or intelligently to you, because it’s obvious you would never comprehend anything that actually makes sense. Very sad and dissapointing how much judgment without any real thought is put out there so freely.

  2. g says:

    You must be a bitch and by bitch I mean woman.

  3. The Unknown says:

    Oh but its ok for Forrest and Rashad to make similar remarks, right? Dana White your fucking pathetic.

    • MMFT says:

      I can’t believe how stupid dana can be. I wonder what torres has to say about it. that shit is so stupid I can’t even believe it. I WISH WE COULD START A PETITION AND SHIT.

  4. James Maney says:

    It.just seems like there’s a double standard going on.

  5. Outside Opinion says:

    Talk of raping women or anyone for that matter is unacceptable. Period. Was Dana a bit harsh? That’s a matter of opinion. With Forest and Rashad incidents, I would be more carefull what I Tweet.

    Most of the time these immature punks have to talk about deviant sexual exploits cause most of them couldn’t tell you what a beautiful woman looked without internet porn. Ask a Rape Victim that lives with fear every day if they think Torres’s comments are funny…? I wonder how funny Forest’s wife thought his comments were?
    Do you think he would love for a gang of thugs to talk about raping his daughter?

    If I ever hear my son talk like that…….I’d show him a few new techniqes. Very little honor left in this world.

    • MMFT says:

      you’re an idiot, man. he shouldn’t have been cut. I don’t even think a warning is necessary. what’s the big fuckin’ deal? it’s a fucking joke… on fucking twitter… and an awesome former champ gets canned for it? I remember when dana wanted all his fighers to start tweeting, but now he gets pissed if they’re quoting a show they like. and he’s not doing anything to rashad… torres’ was quoting a tv show… rashad was making up his own material about something that’s going on right now. dana is probably full of shit and just has personal beef and jumped at the first chance he got to screw him.

      • watchafightbeforecommenting says:

        You’re the fucking idiot! If you had a child you would probably feel differently about this. Don’t go judge someone who doesn’t appreciate a rape comment on twitter. This guy is supposed to set an example being a “professional” and knowing kids look up to the pros. What would happen in another sport if a player did this? There is a lack of respect going around and it has to be stopped and dana knew that and looked out for the UFC and its future. That is why the UFC continues to grow! If we had some dumb ass like you running it the fighters would still be able to pull hair and shit….

        • MMFT says:

          I do have a child, why the hell would that make me feel differently about a joke off of a tv show? well I guess if we’re going by your logic they should probably stop airing TUF shows because every year several fighers look crazy, or get drunk and do fucked up things to eachother, and that’s just a bad look for the ufc. The ufc should also just get rid of their commentators, just in case they decide to say something that a kid would hear while watching the person he looks up to. and they should stop doing pre and post fight interviews because how would you know what the figher is going to say?

          they should script everything and just set predetermined outcomes for the matches just to make sure nothing gets out of line. oh wait, that’s the wwe.

        • MMFT says:

          and why is torres the only one taking heat with the recent rashad and forrest drama? if he wanted to do something why not fine each of them and make a statement about how fighers should conduct themselves on twitter, and then if it happens again you can move on to firing.

        • JBizzle says:


        • dave says:

          i have a child you idiot…dont talk like you knoww me…..many fighters have done much worse…and i did not even say miggul was done wrong,,,im glad he got cut…he is shit

        • E says:

          I thought this country was about having the freedom to speak whats on your mind. Thou it was a stupid comment to say on twitter but cmon son!!!

        • Rowe says:

          Dude, freedoms end as soon as you incite violence, carnage, or infringe on the rights of others.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          I agree with you but when you are unemployed you can say anything you please.

        • Nate says:

          Ok so I’m a longtime UFC fan and a parent raising a family, and I find YOUR opinion very offensive.

          First of all people need to understand that it was a joke, which he was quoting from a tv show. So do you think that that show should be pulled from the air for that comment? the network shut down? Of course not because that would be trampling all over the first amendment, taking away a person’s right to express themselves.

          If someone says something that you don’t personally like you should be grown up enough to formulate your own opinions and choose to pay it no attention instead of crying like a child who’s toy was taken away. Do you write letters to television stations every time they air something that you personally don’t approve of? Of course you don’t because you recognize a person(or tv station’s) RIGHT to express themselves.

          And if Dana White is going to go down that road then he should live up the example he set and not turn a blind eye to other fighters’ comments. What Rashad said was much worse than Torres’ comment.

          So, an apology to Dana White over the phone keeps you employed when you clearly made a very hurtful statement about a current, particular, incident?? That is what I think is the worst part of this whole situation.

          Rashad Evans should man up and act like the role model he claims to be. He should get off his ass and go to Penn State and personally apologize to every poor child that was not only hurt by Jerry Sandusky, but again forced to relive the trauma when he decided to open his stupid mouth before considering that there may be consequences to his actions.

        • ricky says:

          perfectly said

        • ricky says:

          and im referring to watchafightbeforecommenting’s comment

    • dave says:

      what techniques would you show you son ??? do we need coontact the CAS up in here

    • Dondangerously says:

      Yes sir. Censor your son, and teach him what to think, instead of how to think, like most of the mindless zombies in the world.

      “Talk of raping women or anyone for that matter is unacceptable. Period.”

      And who are you, the free thought police? Talking of rape is unacceptable for sensitive easily offended people. And why are you so sensitive and easily offended? Because you think the world revolves around you.

      Words man. Words. I’m gonna rape your mom.

      Look at that. Am I really? Of course not. They’re just words.

      I’m sure you like to watch the fights. You like to see so and so get knocked out. Ask a Knockout Victim that lives with fear of getting KO’d every day if they think people whooting for a knockout are funny. Oh wait, you mean that’s ok? Even though it’s violent? You can even joke about it? Hypocrites. Getting in trouble for words is rediculous.

      Say what you want, do what you want, as long as you aren’t hurting others or yourself. And no, I’m not talking about you sensitive princesses either. This life is so temporary. Live it instead of trying to control the things around you. You can only control yourself. And please stop being retarded.

  6. SanSooRob says:

    Again , why is joe rogan still in the UFC lol
    Hell frank Mir said he was going kill somebody in the octogan lol
    Forest goes to some rape center and all is forgiven waaaaaahaaaaaa
    It’s okay for Rashad because he wanted to stick it to penn state lololol
    Man Dana you need to take a nap, fox got your head all f up in the head lolol

  7. v says:

    rofl at the end. “Will Rashad be punished”? “No”.

  8. Dan Walker says:

    I will just combat dana’s faggotry with more streams.

  9. Kyle says:

    Forrest or Rashad…. People are forgetting, DANA HIMSELF is the biggest abuser of offensive statements in the UFC. for him to fire ANYONE for an offensive statement is the height of hypocrisy, the definition of the pot calling the kettle black.

  10. @Kessler131 says:

    I’ve read that Miguel Torres was quoting “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” That show is aired on FX network, which will also be hosting UFC content.

    If it truly is just a quote from a television show, then I, as a UFC fan, will be very disappointed in Dana White. Firing someone shortly before Christmas, without even directly talking to him, is cold.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Torres should have been smarter about this.. Things like this can be taken out of context and unless Torres himself wrote on his twitter, that was from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” then he was setting himself up for failure. That was so dumb Torres WTF! Dana should have just fined him or not book him for a couple fights.

      This case by case thing he is talking about must have something to do with how deep the division is… It must.. Or depending on your PPV or gate draw.. What is this case by case basis?

  11. dave says:

    the real victim here is dana….i think he is a victim of rape that why he is so offended…rashad dont even get a fine or slap on the rist but this guy gets fired…ohhh well he was going to get cut soon…he was starting to suck more and more,,,he was bouncing fromm camp to camp trying to find someonme o blame

  12. Rusk says:

    I don’t know what’s more disappointing him getting cut or that Dana doesn’t watch always sunny

  13. dave says:

    miggel is always talking bad…if you look his interveiw connected to this he tell ariel he is going pop a boner to his cloths,,,he always try bee funny wiith dirty comments….the guys a loser anyways.

  14. Benefit of the Doubt says:

    Is “motorboating” at least TWO female reporters on CAMERA acceptable behavior for UFC fighters? Rampage is so lucky that these reporters didn’t take it up as sexual assault because I GUARANTEE that Rampage would have been convicted in any US or Japan court room.

    This Torres thing is bull$—. Should someone pull the race card out or is it really just about money and the wealth certain fighters bring to the owners of the UFC? It is certainly not about the integrity of the UFC, that is for damn sure. White mentions the “heat of the moment” with the remarks from Rashad but totally disregarded that way of thinking when he cut Paul Daley. Everyone knows that fighters are still on that emotional high at the conclusion of every fight, and that’s what affected Daley’s thinking at that the moment. Props to Helwani for asking the tough questions that I think made White squirm and look like a jackass.

    Totally disagree with White, but what can any of us do about it? It is pure politics and we all know how hard is to change the political environment of any organization.

  15. KingGareth says:

    People are becoming soft. Getting all upset because someone hurts their feelings. Grow some skin for fucksakes.

  16. Snooks says:

    I think we can all agree that Miguel is not a rapist… Nor is Russel Peters a racist… etc. A joke is a joke. Everyone offends everyone daily. Stop taking everything so seriously. Almost everyone I know, except the occasional preist, cracks jokes at the expense of others. It’s not that he wanted to offend rape victims. Not the case at all. He wanted to say something funny and get a laugh. As gross as it was, it was in good humour. No harmful intent required. Stop freaking out. I feel bad for the guy. He said something stupid and unfortunately he is a public figure. I FEEL REALLY BAD FOR HIM.

  17. J2theRod says:

    Dana must have been raped.

  18. Feenom says:

    Dana is in the right on this one. If you are in the spotlight for being in the ufc. You have to keep a respectable image. You are repping a highly respected organization that is targeted by all.

  19. Millerhighlife says:

    Pffft.. he almost started to seem cool enough to start paying for PPV’s again. Cutting Miguel makes it impossible for me to even talk about the horrible thing he said cause it’s too ridiculous that he’s already cut before the talk begins

  20. Millerhighlife says:

    Can’t wait till the SouthPark creators decide to bash Dana

  21. chris says:

    this is what going on fox does now that your really in the eyes of americans you are gonna be scrutinized more. fuck that everyone is always gonna get offended by something, someone right now is getting offended at someones post on here. fuck it rape is the new missionary…. lol

  22. Dave says:

    Dana White is the down fall of this sport.

  23. Shawn says:

    I think Forrest’s n Evan’s comments r just as bad. Joke or not. Torres does need to answer for his mistake. But to ‘hang’ him n not Griffen or Evans is outright unfair. It’s shows much favoritism on Dana’s part. It was Miguel’s first mistake, but Forrest n Rashad av been shootIng their mouths off forever. Even Sonnen, with his attacks on people. Those aren’t jokes either. Doesn’t paint a good picture on d fighter, but also doesn’t paint a good pic on d organization.

  24. AAxAntonio says:

    more torres comments: “Your mouth says no but my roofies say yes.” “99 no’s and 1 yes is still a yes. #determination99″ good job dana

  25. Dana makes sense and action justified! Professional athletes need to conduct themselves as proffesional, especially about something as traumatic to a victim of rape. Made an example out of Miguel!

  26. Matthew Logan says:

    Fuck off Dana, quit power tripping you fuckin goof!

  27. Dave says:

    Why not fire Tito for treating his wife like a punching bag.

  28. hypehpyehype says:

    torres is a fuckin champ. lol. what balls

  29. rayed says:

    You sensitive bitches!!! Get the fuck over it!!

    Yea its a little overboard but who cares!?

    And if anyone of danas favorites said that he would totally back them up!

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      I guess that makes you an insensitive whore (WHooore, as Frank pronounces it on “Always Sunny in Philidelphia”)!

      Gain some perspective and think of those who have been raped. Rape isn’t funny and people make mistakes but our comments, like your own affect other people and you should respect that. We have the right to say what we want but there are always consequences.

      After you get traded for cigarettes in jail and raped by a guy named Bubba you remember who was an overly sensitive bitch!

      • rayed says:

        Brah you need to tampon for ur vagina?? You sound like a rape victim. Is that why ur mad? U mad bro?

        If people don’t like what they read the….. DON’T FUCKING READ IT!!!!

        Its the net, not a fucking public school or a government building.

        So i suggest u clean ur vagina and close ur eyes next time something offends u. Or spend the rest of ur life sounding like a bitch and trying to argue a lost cause

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          I guess if you had a job. Which you probably don’t, then you know that you have to pay for what you say.

          You sound like rape doesn’t bother you. Is that true? I might even go as far as to say you advocate it…

          Maybe your a rape victim because you seem a little numb and a little dumb at the same time.

        • rayed says:

          Nope. I gotta job. And hell no I’m not down for rape. I have chick friends that have been raped and some friends and I would live to get our hands and the coward that did it… but that is ridiculous!

          Its a curl world. Not everyone is going to have the same sense of humor. And I think this is bull shit. That doesn’t make me or Torres a bad person. Its makes people like u sensitive little girls. If what Torres said offends u and anyone else… u must not have had ur rude awakening yet. Its a fucked up world, get used to it.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          I’m sorry your friend got raped btw. I know the world is fucked up but we don’t have to accept it. When things like this lightly then it becomes the norm. This is as bad as Rashad’s comments in my opinion. People accepting that world is fucked up may toughen you up but what about the defenseless women and what about the children at Penn State who were ignored.. The community at Penn state as all too eager to accept that the world is fucked up and the ends justify the means.

          I’m taking my troll hat off.. Till next time.

        • ricky says:


  30. Ruben says:

    I hope miguel torres gets raped

  31. King says:

    Ask anyone who’s been raped, has a wife or daughter thats been raped, if this is a funny joke. I dont dislike the guy, but these kind of jokes arent funny.

  32. Philippe says:

    Dana White should check himself from what he is now to what he was 5 years back and what he was when he became pres of UFC. Pressure is getting to him with all these deals and increasing PPV and TV events. Too many irrational decisions causing major mistakes, exactly what Viacom and Bellator are waiting to take advantages of. 2012 is the year i guarantee we will see competition rise.

  33. chuck says:

    I think a fine would have been a good idea. Dana wants the ufc to be a top sports organization…if this was a nba or nfl player they would be fined. I dont think he should have been cut. It is what it is though…its not like he was a big draw anyway.

  34. GFK says:

    So rashad and forrest say the same shit and Dana does nothing because they both give him a bullshit excuse… Miguel Torres says the same thing and says its a joke and he gets shit-canned?

    Dana White is an idiot. Tell the truth, this has everything to do with the UFC’s image now that they are on FOX. And the fact that some mainstream reporter blindsided him with Torres’ quote and made him look stupid!

  35. Kaylo says:

    Dana White can call a female reporter a cunt and everything else and he’s calling Miguels tweet unacceptable?? What an idiot!

  36. Jordon says:

    It’s a quote from a comedy tv show. And Dana said that he doesnt care if it was on tv, yet Forrest’s comment is based off of tv too. Double standard. This is really bullshit, and Dana is just playing favorites.

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