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Monday, 01/16/2012, 09:59 am

UFC NEWS – Dana White Blasts ESPN For Poor Reporting And Offers Up This Video



30 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Dana White Blasts ESPN For Poor Reporting And Offers Up This Video”

  1. Calvin says:

    Robert Downy Jr. jumping to Condit ko Hardy at 4;38

  2. johnny says:

    Thank you Dana!

  3. shamus o'brien says:

    man lorenzo got him with that espn boxing statistic

  4. Eddie D says:

    Lorenzo owned espn

  5. stone cold says:

    some fighters only get few thousands. im sure espn was reffering to the low paid fighters that are not that famous.

  6. WrongCallsshouldbeReversed says:

    UFC pay grade to their fighters is undeniably lopsided, if two fighters have the similar level of skill sets to be matched up with each other in the co main event fight than the pay levels between the two fighters shouldn’t be at a ratio of 10:1. And Brock Lesnar got exposed as the 1 trick pony that can’t be a true fighter I said he would be when he was first announced into the UFC, but he sold himself well so he got more money than just about any other UFC fighter despite how much work some of these lower paid fighters actually put into their technique. If a fighter trains relentlessly on his techniques and than displays them in exciting and dominant fashion, that person should be at the top of the pay grade. UFC would be more interesting if anyone could become the top dog if they fought hard enough, right now you can become champ sure but you will never get paid as much as the posterboys unless you start selling out to become one

    • Uhnomuhlee says:

      Do you have any idea the time and energy Brock put into his athleticism and wrestling technique? So he didn’t practice a traditional belted system of martial arts since he was 5. Oh well! It’s MMA… This is the whole idea of what the UFC is coming to fruition. A man decided to invest more time in his athleticism rather than his Judo or his Karate, and that worked for him… worked soooo well that he won in 3 out of four championship fights! Sorry, but that’s no fluke. How many recent heavyweights have won and retained like that all the while fighting a life threatening illness? Stop whining about it. Brock brought so much more money and mainstream exposure to the sport than he’ll ever see. In turn, he brought more money to even other fighter’s pockets.
      It’s like Mir said, he’s a one trick pony, but it’s a really good trick. He did nothing wrong or illegal, and he found a way to win… multiple times against only the best in the world at a time when the division is stacked. Cry me a river!

    • Oregon Dude says:

      Uhnomuhlee 1 WrongCallsshouldbeReversed 0

  7. THE INUK says:

    heres the deal. Fighters get more then just the purse they show after each PPV…. they made pretty good money…. compared to boxers, its shit though

  8. THE INUK says:

    again, this guy talking about how boxing gets to know how much money they get with there promoters.. hey buddy!! boxing is dead, and probably cause they didnt have enough business sense to do it like the ufc did…..just my 2 cents

  9. Love the no BS persona Dana and Lorenzo portray… whether it is true or not…. I’d rather work for the UFC than ESPN.

  10. And… no shit Boxers make more money…. the sport has been organized longer. The UFC is doing the right thing… sure you will have fighters who walk, but if fighters love the sport they will look past the present short-comings and realize they are part of something pretty damn amazing. Welcome to the business world people…. when you are self-funded and burning and churning to grow a brand… some get left behind and some rise to the occasion!

  11. Brownzillian says:

    Win. Get paid. End of story.

  12. BJ S says:

    I Wanna know what BJ has to say about this. Really good in depth stuff though

  13. mmadred says:

    we film them filming us……. gotta love dana!!

  14. Awesome says:

    …break from the regular soap opera story we’ve been getting lately. Good to see Chuck !!!!

  15. G says:

    ESPN blows they barely even mention the NHL and thats one of the 4 major sports

  16. spiritsplice says:

    Chuck and Forest are not typical examples to hold up. And you can’t tell me some guy making $1000-2000 a fight is making enough that he doesn’t need to have a job, especially if he has a family. $1000 to fight on a pay per view is garbage.

    • Mr.Rusk says:

      You’d be hard pressed to find a pay disclosure with less then 6-8 grand on it

    • J Dog says:

      My contract with a 4-1 record was for 4K a fight on paper, but…….. when it was said and done I would be making closer to 20K per fight gross. All of my sponsors, non disclosed bonuses the whole 9 yards. Their contracts don’t list all their bonuses, but in my contract it clearly had bonuses listed and my 20K per fight was if I lost, if I won it would have been 24K and if I did really well I could have got knock out of the night or submission of the night or even fight of the night which is usually 70K (40K when I was offered my contract.) So please don’t speak if you don’t know, and trust me I am no fan of the UFC’s business practices

  17. Shawn says:

    At the end of the day, its still a business. And as Lorenzo pointed out, if a fighter lerforms great, brings in the viewers, and promotes the company well, they WILL be compensated by what the company rakes in for the fighters’ contribution. You can still have the same skill level, but if PPV revenue is because ppl want to see a specific fighter(s) over others, that fighter will get paid more. But it also gives incentive for lesser known fighters to get better and do the same thing as more popular fighters do, so they can start making the amount they are. Its business. And with any business bonus, you have to earn it.

  18. daveee says:

    its all about promoting yoursellf…bottom line its near impossible to start fighting in mma

  19. J Dog says:

    I have been a critic of UFC pay for a while, they wanted me to come in on short notice to fill a spot, I didn’t want to enter in that situation, I had just fought and would have only had about a week since my last fight. What they offered me would have been more than I made working my 9 to 5 job for the entire year (not for one fight but for the 4 fights under contract) the problem I have is that one of my friends had showed up and replaced an injured fighter, lost and was cut right after. He has even tried out for TUF 3 times and never got the nod when he had went in to save a fight. After I pay my coaches and training partners and manager I would have made a little more than I would with my 9 to 5 job for the entire year IF I finished my contract and had 3 fights in one year, but again this is a entry level contract they do pay well, I just don’t like some of their practices

  20. Ben says:

    Lorenzo owned that jack off. Staunch.

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