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Thursday, 01/12/2012, 09:31 am

UFC NEWS – Dan Henderson Says He Turned Down Bout With “Lil Nog” Because He Wanted A Title Shot

[box_light]”I was under the impression that [Dana White] was still kinda on the fence on whether he was gonna put me in front of Rashad (Evans) or not. That’s assuming Rashad wins. He did offer me a fight with little Nogueira and I didn’t think the fans would be interested in that fight and it’s not as much time as I’d like to prepare for a five round fight so I told him I’d wait and see what happens with the Rashad fight. I’d like to fight Jones now rather than if I took that fight with Little Nog. I wouldn’t be fighting Jones for another eight, ninth months. I’m okay waiting a little bit. It was more about having the time to prepare and I did inquire to say hey, I would be interested in doing it if it was a three round fight, I could have time to prepare.”[/box_light]

In a statement released this afternoon, Dan Henderson relays that he was offered a fight with “Lil Nog” but that the bout didn’t interest him, nor did he think it interested his fans.

UFC President Dana White last week speculated to the fact that Hendo may be getting the next crack at Jon Jones and for Hendo that was reason enough to hold off on the booking and try to wait out a title shot.

Anyone blame him?

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41 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Dan Henderson Says He Turned Down Bout With “Lil Nog” Because He Wanted A Title Shot”

  1. Ekahi says:

    You might’ve needed that fight with Lil’ Nog because Dana now says that he’s waiting for the result of the Davis-Rashad fight. No worries, though.

  2. DanaBrown says:

    Hendo will murdalize anybody they throw in front of him. Get em Hendo!!!

  3. joey says:

    Man damn dana give the man his shot look at all the exciting fights he’s put on for you he’s earned it!!!

  4. Vale Tudo says:

    I wanna see HENDO test BONES chin!!!!!!

    • CanILive says:

      might as well be blind, cause it ain’t happenin DAWG

      • apex says:

        Hahahaha you crazy man, hendos wrestling is better then reshads wrestling, and reshads wrestling is better then jones wrestling, so put hendo in jones guard, and boom one postured up punch and i would bet jones would have to be taken out in a stretcher.

        • CanILive says:

          what makes you think their wrestling is better than Jon’s??? what proof? and actually whyd you even bring it up? So far everyone with “awesome wrestling” credentials has failed against Jon. and as long as he has 100% takedown defense, i’m sticking to it, I mean Jake shields out wrestled Hendo…

        • MMA knowitall says:

          Not too mention stalk n’ bomb probably ain’t the best strategy against someone 5 inches taller with about a foot’s worth of reach advantage on ya. I’m a Henderson fan, just don’t see how he’s gonna fare any better than Rampage or Machida did.

  5. Ninjaman says:

    Put emotions on the back burner folks and think with what evidence we have been shown from bothe Hendo and Jones. Jones will beat Hendo with relative ease. Henderson says the fans dont want to see him fight Lil Nog and thats wrong as well.

  6. Duane says:

    Hendos a bad dude, it’s hard to pick against him after the amazing things he did in 2011. I use to think he was deminishing but i thought wrong completely. He’s 40 + and still got cardio, just saying it isn’t impossible, but that’s another topic haha

  7. Hendo dosent have to explain himself on this one. We all know Jones called Dana BEGGING not to put Hendo in front of him.

  8. CanILive says:

    funny Hendo doesn’t wanna take the lil nog fight and get kicked to the back of the line

  9. david.uppercut says:

    Man this guy has earned everyones respect! he’s old as dirt and still fighting and winning at the top level! those fighters who retire around the age of 30-40 are a bunch of wusses… *ahem penn *ahem

  10. Me says:

    Rashad will get submitted by Davis , & Hendo will fight for the title on ufc 145
    & will be HUMILIATED by Jones , I promise!

    • Unbiased Opinion says:

      You can’t really call it humiliating to lose to Jon in any fashion. He’s the best in the world right now. Look at the caliber of fighters that he has destroyed this past year. Shogun, Machida, Rampage, And I’m going out on a limb saying Bader. The only way I see Jones winning is by submission, or in a boring decision. I haven’t seen enough power behind Jon’s striking to even consider a knockout.

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        I think if he kept going he could have KO’ed Machida from strikes instead of a submission. But he doesn’t possess one punch KO power…. Yet!

        • War Hendo says:

          I don’t know man. Machida recovered pretty quick. I think he just got rocked. But we’ll never know because s soon as he got up he had a python around his neck.

  11. Ninjaman says:

    Me is right, I mean I, no me. I am right.

  12. Nick says:

    From where they stand taking a fight with Lil Nog would be a step down in the ranks. But it could be a good redemption fight if he wanted it. But waiting and seeing what happens with the Jones/Rashad ordeal is a smart move.

  13. slacker says:

    I would like to see Dan in a re-match with Shields at Middleweight obviously. If Shields loses to Akiyama – which I believe he will – it will be a good fight for him too.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      In a rematch he would kill Shields. I don’t even know who that was fighting Shields in that fight but it wasn’t Hendo. Him and Mayhem should both have rematches with Shields. I where that Akiyama will give Shields his 3rd loss in a row. Then where will he be?

      • slacker says:

        Yeah, I would love to see him avenge that. I can’t believe Shields won that fight. I’d like to think it was mainly because Hendo was gassed from the weight cut. I think it would be a meaningful fight for Hendo but a safe one, while he weights for a shot at the LHW belt. Big pressure on Shields now.

  14. dana white says:

    hendo was chicken to fight wee nog just cause big nog beat his ass twice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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