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Thursday, 01/26/2012, 05:30 am

UFC NEWS | Dan Henderson Implies That Vitor Belfort Uses Steroids, Says He’s Getting Crazy

“That’s not true, this fight [against Anthony Johnson] was never offered to me. Steroids might be killing Vitor’s neurons, he’s getting crazy to say something like that”.

Yesterday we featured comments from Vitor Belfort that explained his decisions for taking the Anthony Johnson fight in Brazil. In the same interview Belfort stated that Dan Henderson was on a list of many fighters who turned downed the middleweight bout against Johnson but that he, himself was not scared of any man.

Dan Henderson recently took to the same media source,, to set the record straight and let the world know that he was never offered the Johnson bout as Vitor implied. He then takes it a step further and calls the Brazilian fighter a steroid user.

Vitor threw the first jab at Hendo but Hendo retaliated in a more insulting way. Could these two be posturing for a future fight? Or is this just a case of he said she said?

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71 Responses to “UFC NEWS | Dan Henderson Implies That Vitor Belfort Uses Steroids, Says He’s Getting Crazy”

  1. Isaiah D says:

    What’s the difference between steroid’s and what Dan takes?

    • ronnierotten says:

      Uhhh…really? One is for past users….the other is for current…Haha…I never thought Hendo used the juice but Vitor? I wouldn’t be surprised. He’s getting really crazy with his trash talk and he used to be so humble. I don’t know…maybe he lost some brain cells after getting laid the fuck out by the Spider.

      • jacob lee says:

        Actually Vitor is really humble still. He is a Christian. He talked a little trash about Anderson probably because he was told to, and it’s hard for anybody to say anything good about Anderson. Plus at the weigh ins all he talked about was how good of a man Anderson was after Anderson acted like a jerk. Vitor trained his butt off and had to fight a cheating bum who was huge compared to him. So of course emotions were high. And vitor is just trying to find the quickest route to the title, so back off u guys. I guarantee you if Vitor fought Hendo he would smash him!

        • JMad says:

          I would have to disagree that Vitor would’smash’ Hendo, I think it would be a good fight though.

        • Thurgood Jenkins says:

          What does being a Christian have to do with anything? I’ve seen quite a few Christians on the news being charged with murder.

        • Cletus Jackson says:

          ^ +10000000000000000

        • RCS says:

          being Christian and saying you are a Christian is to different things. Much like being a MMA fighter pretty easy to say you are one but doesn’t make it true. Christian aren’t perfect but they try to live by a set of morals. Got to give props to men that try to live with high value morals regardless of religion or lack of one.

        • Ryan M says:

          yeah, diddling priests are christians.

        • Will says:

          Jacob your entire quote is ridiculous and offensive…the he’s a christian comment implies that everyone who is not a christian is egotistical and brash which just shows part of the problem with organized religions brainwashing of people in this country. His religion has nothing to do with his humility and actually shows how judgemental you are (I’m sure your a great person because your a Christian right??) Not to mention the fact that you act like you know him personallywhen you definitely don’t…just dont say anything if your going to be ignorant and offensvie

        • FunCrusher says:

          Yeah Jacob is clearly an idiot. He talks as if Vitor and he are best best buddies. Being Christian makes u a good person? Jim Bakker was the exception right? Everyone is entitled to have their own believes, but the fact that u said what u did reveals your cult following mentality. If Christians are so good then what the fuck is up with the World Revival Cult errrr I mean Church?

        • DontBeScaredHomie says:

          lol you’re so fucking stupid

        • Action says:

          Well said Will.

        • cole says:

          Fun crusher ur a little bitch so shut the fuck up

        • Chartmonster says:

          Jacob..great points man! These other fkn fools on here need to STFU! stupid asses shut up!

      • phace says:

        Vitor has actually been caught using steroids in the past. That is the nature of Hendo’s comment. Also, I guess people don’t remember Hendo beat Vitor already. If they fight it will be part II.

        • MJ says:

          Thank God atleast one person that knows mma. Pride… vitor also fought the Reem, twice. Most here have just watched mma for the past 5 years, never got to see frank shamrock slam igor or beat down lober. Or why Hendo got into MMA…frank Shamrock subbed him in 8 seconds, the dan was hooked. I would pick Vitor if they did a rematch only because Dan used his wrestling last time to win a dec… but he has gone away from that and favors that HUGE right of his.

    • Ireezy says:

      Dan does a TRT regiment that is prescribed by a doctor and used only as directed. He’s not using it to a point where his testosterone levels are too high. He follows doctors orders and uses it as directed and that’s why he is allowed to use it.

      • JMad says:

        plus, he’s old as shit.

      • borneo says:

        Dan is still cheating. he’s simply using a loophole that most fighters find disgusting and steer clear of.
        Dan’s levels dropped naturally with his age. So you figure it’s ok for his to artificially enhance them with testosterone? bullshit.
        If you allow replacement of naturally depleted testosterone for dan, how about new,young fighters being allowed to use it. makes as much sense.
        Dan is a cheater and when you watch him fight you’re watching a fake.
        He would NOT be doing what he’s doing without adding testosterone to his body. think about that.
        He’s a cheater and he admits it and he has the balls to accuse Vitor of using without proof.
        Fuck hendo.

        • Thurgood Jenkins says:

          The human body depletes itself of nutrients, vitamins, etc. Are you saying that no person should ingest pre-fabricated vitamins for the purpose of replenishing their bodies with an essential element that the body will not reproduce on its own? Or to a greater extreme, not eat to restore nutrients? Because that is technically an artificial means to enhance. Thus, your logic seems to imply that a fighter should refrain from doing anything to replenish his or her body in order to fight fair.

          And if it’s legal for Henderson then why the hell wouldn’t it be legal for “ a new, younger fighter” for the same purpose? That makes absolutely no sense.

        • Jawbreaker604 says:

          testosterone is a hormone, NOT vitamins…

        • BX81 says:

          I disagree unless dan has pissed over the limit b4. If it’s replacement then it’s ok. It’s not cheating if he really is replacing what he doesn’t have. Same goes for Sonnen. Now if they piss over the amount then it’s an issue. Over the limit is cheating in my book. Hendo as far as I know hasn’t pissed over the limit for a fight so I don’t see the issue.

        • Chartmonster says:

          It only brings it up to normal ranges you dumbass. With TRT he equal to everyone at the age of 25..fair n square!

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          is everyone else hes fighting 25? how old is bisping 25? lol

      • Uncle Phil says:

        TRT is a bunch of bullshit. Did you know that there is no specific guidelines on testosterone deficiency? That means that anyone could go to a doctor, take some blood work, and since there is no specific limit on what testosterone level is considered deficiency, get diagnosed by any “Doctor” that they have testosterone deficiency. Simply by telling a doctor that you feel you might be lacking test is sometimes enough. I am tired of all these guys using this as an excuse to get an upper hand. That being said, I believe these guys would perform just as good without that shit. There is no need for it. Testosterone won’t give you technique or anything so I don’t see the point in it.. Just saying..

        • Thurgood Jenkins says:

          Great post, Phil. You’re right, there really are no guidelines for testosterone deficiency. But some really need the treatment. I couldn’t attest to the reasons Sonnen or Henderson take it, but low testosterone levels can have serious consequences, e.g. higher risk of diabetes, alzheimer’s, etc.

    • Maher says:

      Dan does TRT. Doses are under 100mg/wk. Usually less than 50mg.

      If you’re using testosterone in a proper cycle, you’ll be using 500mg and over depending on the protocol.

      Not familiar with the drugs MMA guys use, but Bodybuilders will go up to the 1.5g-2g/wk if they can handle it, though this is only for short bursts, and obviously not healthy when sustained.

      In short, TRT is a very low dose steroid protocol that supplements your natural levels and gets them optimal. The issue with this is that (AFAIK) there’s no standard for ‘optimal’ (there is a limit to free testosterone when you’re tested though). Guys like Nate Marquardt have also come out and implied it was standard practice for fighters to get ‘a little boost’ during a training camp.

      Neither issue means a TRT protocol reaps the same kind of benefits as a true cycle. And let’s be honest, without random testing, it’s easy to sneak in a bunch of cycles in between fights.

    • dave says:

      steriods are illegal and dan dont take shit retard

  2. fuck says:

    vitor is dumb he didnt even really beat him AJ was winning that fight n probably would have won if h never gt stood u every 2 seconds

    • Xaninho says:

      2 seconds? more like 30 seconds to a minute of doing ABSOLUTELY nothing to improve position, GnP or submission attempts. I wish all the refs would stand up the Lay n Pray fuckers like that.

    • einiar says:

      fucken stupid!!!!! let me tell you vitor beat AJ standing up and on the ground. All AJ does is cover up and ran like a biiitch. Watch the tape again cuz when Aj was on top he didnt do shit but when vitor gets on top he woop hes ass and man if you look at AJ face it seems like he wan tvitor to joke him out already cuz he can not handle the beating…vitor all the way.

    • Chartmonster says:

      He forgot your first name “DUMB”Fuck!

  3. Pissed off says:

    How can you say vitor didn’t beat him? He obviously beat him, we all saw it. AJ was looking to take the fight to the ground the whole time and he got beat on the ground so really rumble got beat at his own game!

  4. ted says:

    It is so funny all these f’n guys are taking sh*t and they are now accusing one another. You are all doing something that is why an honest real man like Fedor lost to you BOZOS. Dan was on something, Big Foot for SURE! Werdum maybe but I wouldn’t be surprised if he is.

  5. “Vitor threw the first jab at Hendo but Hendo retaliated in a more insulting way.”

    im gonna disagree.. vitor basically called hendo a coward in public and claimed hes the only real man at 185 for taking the fight.. vitor has already been busted for steroids

  6. FlyingHawaiian says:

    The old Vitor is back! Steroids or No steroids! He’ll fuck some shit up! And for you who said AJ had him, your boy didn’t make weight! Fuck that dude! And he still got tapped! Excuses excuses, “the doctors tolde to hydrate or else!” get the fuck outta here!

  7. Jb says:

    Vitor isn’t humble? Wow. Then you don’t follow Vitor very closely. He didn’t have to fight rumble but he did. And at one point all if them have had some type of agent in their body whoever said they didn’t isn’t telling the truth. Young Vitor maybe used but not this Vitor. And rumble gassed30 secs in.

  8. CanILive says:

    shoulda done hendo vs vitor for TUF….. IMO

    • joshuah says:

      2 different weight classes. Not a good pairing for tuf.

      Dans mad cuz Vitor isn’t too old & vitors body is still producing ‘properly’ … fact is Dan chael marquardt, ALL these guys getting trt r LEGALLY cheating.

      Vitor OBVIOUSLY used to juice, but he doesn’t seem to be any more, or if he is he is cycling properly, as to not piss hot. So who cares? One Guy DOES cheat & one Guy MIGHT cheat, if they pass the tests & doctors give the OK, NO1 can say shit.

      But I’m sure they were both wrong they wouldn’t offer hendo a MW fight other than A.S. stupid $$ decision.

      I just don’t think Dan should even mention substances that change ur body pot callin the kettle black

  9. JB says:

    I would love to see hendo vs Vitor, talk about a bang fest. Basically watching to see who lands first……

    Do you guys know if we are going to have access to TUF brazil? And if so, is it all subtitles?

  10. JMad says:

    I knew Hendo wouldn’t have turned down that fight. What is Vitor talking about? Why would he even say that?

  11. John Adams says:

    They both have or are using steroids, so Dan’s comments are kind of funny (how’s that glass house Dan?)

    Vitor was busted in the past and by all looks, I don’t think he’s still using (just go back and look at his build in the old days when he was built like a pit bull and around 205 all the way up to 220-225 compared to now).

    Dan uses the new loophole called TRT which is joke that often past abusers of roids need to use now to get their levels back up to max capacity. Often they do what Marquardt did…abuse above max levels during theur grueling training, then time the back off to get back within range for testing. JOKE.

  12. momo says:

    i never realized but dan is a dick he needs to cool it he is starting to sound like a bitter old man dissing ppl left and right.

  13. Ruben says:

    I dont think Vitor is doing steroids now but im pretty sure he used them in the past, when he came into the UFC he was a monster, how many 19 year olds are like that at that age? Of course now hes clean but he did use them to build a lot of his mass. Henderson should STFU he uses that bullshit testosterone shit

  14. dez says:

    All this crap about hendo being a cheater is bullshit. Its within the rules of the athletic commission, and used by a great many athletes. And hendo would smash vitor even at 41 yrs old! Don’t be mad cuz hendo calls it like he sees it.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Vitor shouldn’t be making crap like that up. Hendo already said he turned down the Little Nog fight to wait for Jones. How would Dana allow him to turn down two fights without repercussions? BTW I agree, he would KO Vitor!

  15. Chael Twitterbird Sonnen says:

    No talking needed, lets just see them fight

  16. follow @BmoDollaz twitter says:

    Henderson will get a title shot just watch

  17. lol says:

    I like Vitor and Dan but Dan would beat Vitors ass. Also if you look at Vitor a while back he looked very fishy on taking roids but im not sure about now… Like these two but I have a 90% accuracy rate on predicting MMA fights. Dan would KO vitor in first round no doubt.

  18. Chartmonster says:

    Fan of both ..great matchup! Hendo looking to smash another MMA legend!

  19. maurice says:

    I was a vitor fan until now. He thinks he’s da shit for beating a badly prepared AJ. Not to mention those BS standups. Ppl keep saying rumble wasn’t doin anything. He didn’t even have time to lay n pray! Vitor betta shut his mouth b4 dan drops weight and hits him wit that hbomb. And I’m sure hendo hbomb is stronger then the bottom of silva foot.

  20. Every MMA fan says:

    Dan already kicked his ass, maybe Viturd needs a little reminder. Dan is better then Vitord in every aspect of the game. I bet Dan knocks this cheater out cold next time. Bring out the stretcher.

  21. andrew says:


  22. dave says:

    i would love to see hendo smash vitor…i thought maybe dan did turn down the fight cuz he dpont wann fight at mw unless it titel shit anymore…that what he said in interview….i wonder what gave vitor that idea….vitor has admitted to using roids in the past…

  23. Junior says:

    Its dumb Hendo already beat vitor vitor pulls
    Out if fights all the time and got busted
    For steds

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