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Thursday, 01/26/2012, 05:30 am

UFC NEWS | Dan Henderson Implies That Vitor Belfort Uses Steroids, Says He’s Getting Crazy

“That’s not true, this fight [against Anthony Johnson] was never offered to me. Steroids might be killing Vitor’s neurons, he’s getting crazy to say something like that”.

Yesterday we featured comments from Vitor Belfort that explained his decisions for taking the Anthony Johnson fight in Brazil. In the same interview Belfort stated that Dan Henderson was on a list of many fighters who turned downed the middleweight bout against Johnson but that he, himself was not scared of any man.

Dan Henderson recently took to the same media source,, to set the record straight and let the world know that he was never offered the Johnson bout as Vitor implied. He then takes it a step further and calls the Brazilian fighter a steroid user.

Vitor threw the first jab at Hendo but Hendo retaliated in a more insulting way. Could these two be posturing for a future fight? Or is this just a case of he said she said?

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