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Tuesday, 12/06/2011, 09:44 am

UFC NEWS – Dan Henderson Has One More Item On Bucket List And That Is To Take The Title From Jon Jones

“I think I’m a tough fight for anybody. If you’re in a fight with me, you’re definitely going to know you’re in a fight. I don’t know if really Jon Jones has felt that too much in his career. I definitely would test that out. I think style-wise I match up real well with him… It’s unfortunate that Rashad got hurt, but you know, it’s happened twice now. He’s had people step in. … All I know is, if I have to, I’ll pull out the age card and just say I should have seniority here. I’m getting older. Rashad’s got a little more time than I do… That’s pretty much one of the last things I’ve got on my list for my career. to get a UFC title and keep it for a little while.”

All-time-great, Dan Henderson recently sat down with the guys over at to discuss his future in the fight game.

While he has been able to nab every other major promotional title on the planet, he has failed in two attempts to capture UFC gold. Eyeing a matchup he feels he deserves against Jon Jones, Dan hopes to be able to leapfrog the winner of the upcoming Evans vs. Davis bout and use his age as a reason to urgently charge the UFC champion.

Will his third attempt at a UFC title yield a better result for him or will that gold belt be the only real sticking point to not call “Hendo” the Greatest of All Time?


45 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Dan Henderson Has One More Item On Bucket List And That Is To Take The Title From Jon Jones”

  1. jimmmmmy says:

    lol That’s a champions smile

  2. canilive says:

    LOL, not if you end up in round 3+ with jonny

    • jimmmmmy says:

      Not sayin Hendo would win but to be fair, we haven’t seen a Jon Jones who has been in even the slightest bit of trouble going into championship rounds. For all we know he could have a shitty gas tank when tested hard.

  3. DewYouKnow8 says:

    Make it happen, he deserves it!

  4. Jb says:

    He may not have to if dragon takes it. Doubtful tho. It’s an interesting fight tho hendo vs dragon

  5. funny $$$$$$ says:

    much respect to dan but he is a lil nuts if he think he can take the belt away from bones,, it will def be a good one but jones will beat him and on top of that he think he can beat anderson,,, lets be real hendo

    • lolziez says:

      you my friend, are stupid if you think Hendo has no chance against Silva (sure he fought and lost to him already, but doesnt mean he cant now fool) or Jones, all he needs to do is land 1 right hand and its night night for anyone. So think before you type kid and go watch more MMA vids so you have a better understanding the next time you feel like typing nonsense..

      • funny $$$$$$ says:

        how am i stupid when hendo lost already!!!!! your the stupid one who is saying all he needs is a right hand did u see hendo’s match with shogun who took all his right hands and was still standing.. just deal with it hendo aint the one to take the title away from him or silva period,, i bet u a dumb a$$ who thinks sonnen can beat silva dont u ???????

        • Mayor of Deviance says:

          To be fair, Shogun just has a great chin(never KO’d), and after getting hit he sure wasn’t standing for a while. Hendo’s on fire now, and so long as he’s ready and willing it’d be awesome to see that LHW championship fight.

  6. mma_kid says:

    I say if Lyoto can’t get it done why not give the next shot to Hendo. Plus Davis is fighting Belfort next so if Jones does lose the title to either of them let them fight for a title shot. 5 round fight either way. Love these main event 5 round fights. Except Bisping vs Miller

  7. Zack says:

    There’s about a 5 % chance hendo beats bones or silva

    • Fortyb4five says:

      Oh really? Where do you pull these numbers from? Like when Diaz said he was about 70% when he fought bj…lol

      • Zack says:

        Well I guess the 5% only counts towards bones. He has a zero percent chance of beating Anderson. If by some miracle Dan did catch silva, Anderson has shown he has a chin. Jones on the other hand has not proved he has a chin which is where we get the 5%. I would maybe go 10% if Dan took a lil extra roids

  8. Hendo knocks Jones out in the first minute easy and ends his hype train. Let me know when Jon Jones can knock someone out standing. Prolly why he resorts to Lay and pray and holding guys up against the cage and try to grind his sack against them.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Were you attention deprived as a child? Really? All this stupid shit you’re talking has got to be a cry to be heard, to be noticed by someone, anyone who will listen.

  9. Jason Phalen says:

    I agree with Hendo! Put him in there with Bones before Rashad gets his shot. If Jones can manage to finish Lyoto without sustaining too much damage then the timing could work out. I don’t see Dan winning unless he puts the pressure on as soon as the round starts. Anybody that gives Jon Jones time to settle in will be sadly mistaken. Besides, Rashad will need some healing time after Davis and I’m guessing he will take a long training camp to prepare for the title shot.
    Good luck on that Dan, my man!

  10. magoo says:

    Bones will not lose, Hendo gassed against an outta shape Rua,what’s he gonna do against a monster like Jones? I know I know, Dans gonna Ko Jones with the big H bomb. Dan couldn’t get it done against Page but he’s gonna beat Jones, too funny, I hope Bones gets Hendo after he whoops Machida, I’m getting tired of listening to Dan calling out everyone!

  11. Jujitsu Player says:

    Fight I’d definitely like to see. Think Hendo has as good a chance as anyone with that hammer of a right hand. I don’t see him winning but he has the best punchers chance in the division and should be able to compete with Jones wrestling. IMO I don’t see anyone at 205lb or even coming through that can touch him….maybe Silva should get on the weights and set up one of these ‘super fights’ Dana has been banging on about.

  12. steve says:

    hendo if you attempt to stand with jones I will hunt you down and give you a stern talking to.

  13. I see this happening! Hendo the new ufc champion..

  14. pk9grrr says:

    hendo is defying the odds its possible!.. just dont come out like captain obvious wandy silva

  15. Dev_NY says:

    Don’t think Dan will ever get close enough to land a big shot on Jones. See it playing out the same way Jones/ Page went down. Jones is too big/ athletic for Hendo. I don’t see anyone beating Jones for a long time.

  16. SP says:

    Hendo can’t win. He is disabled on his left side. Can’t punch or kick with his left.

  17. slacker says:

    Jone’s is just too good for Hendo as much as I respect his amazing career. Maybe Rashad has a chance. Dan is too flat-footed and slow for Jones.

  18. mmaislandjunkie says:

    hendos a beast but jon jones would pick him apart.

  19. The Refutor says:

    i say dan gets his ass beat… sorry

  20. Mike McMack says:

    Then Danny boy needs to start working off of his back because thats where Jones is going to put him.

  21. Xaninho says:

    Ppff I always liked Hendo, but lately he’s starting to annoy me…I mean he wants Anderson Silva, now Jon Jones..

    I guess tomorrow he wants Dos Santos too. Oh and don’t forget Jose Aldo and Dominique Cruz!

    Please stop this nonsense Hendo!

  22. Thetude says:

    Hendo is definitely deservant of a shot will matter because jon bones jones is pound for pound the best fighter in the world. There is nobody that utilizes every aspect of mma as well as jones. in striking and on the mat the guy is pure dynimite and His reach is a tool that nobody else in the middleweight division has. He is serious, young, and hungry. If you have ever seen the guy train you would see a guy with the same intensity in the gym as he has during a main event. Unfortunatley for Hendo it is gonna be a long long time before jon jones loses the strap. The kid is at the peak of his game right now and about to enter his prime

  23. Thetude says:

    I definitely agree that Hendo deserves a title shot. Unfortunately he nor machida nor evans nor anybody else in the UFC right now will ever beat Jones. I mean the guy is a fucking adonnis. Nobody utilizes their strengths as well as jones, both in striking and on the mat. He posseses world class submission skills, and one punch knokout power. He is young, hungry, serious, and gives as much in the gym as he does during a main event bout (if you have ever seen the guy train, you know what i mean). Also his reach is a tool that nobody else in the middle weight division even comes close to. they say his chin hasnt been tested, but come one. you really think that badass mofo has a glass jaw? I will assure you he hasnt come this far without taking a few ass whippins. He is the best he has ever been right now and hasnt yet reached his prime. Hendo buddy it is gonna be a long long time before Bones loses the strap

    • BeScaredHombre says:

      Jones? one punch knock out power? more like a few spinning back elbows, than a takedown to ground n pound that results in tko but definitly not K.O power

    • Dan says:

      Some good points….but that ”middleweight” comment made me doubt you know what you’re talking about?! I’ll assume you zoned out and were maybe making anderson silva like comparisons for a second and got confused….understandable thought process. haha

      Jones to dominate the LHW for years to come……….no-one comes close to his skill-set, he is exciting, takes no/little damage in his fights, and shows us an array of different techniques…spinning elbows, crazy kicks, outrageous submission attempts, mixed striking and kicking, as well as an armory of wrestling skills…..the guy is unreal!! what more can you ask for….and in his recent interview he set his target for next year to finish ALL of his 2012 fights!

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