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Thursday, 12/22/2011, 10:45 am

UFC NEWS – Dan Hardy Would Like To “Smash” Matt Hughes

“I’ve mentioned Matt Hughes to Lorenzo [Fertitta]. He’s been on a rough streak as well recently, he’ll look at me and see I’ve lost four fights and think he can outwrestle me. I also genuinely don’t like him. I need a fight to get up for and I’d take great pleasure in smashing him in the face. I won’t talk about why I don’t like him, it’s some knowledge I have about him away from the sport. Even students around where he lives bet against him.”

Well, apparently you can add Dan Hardy to the list of welterweights who aren’t too fond of former division champ Matt Hughes.

In this recent interview with ESPN, Dan “The Outlaw Hardy” talks about his desire to fight Matt Hughes in his comeback fight.

After dropping four fights in a row, is Matt really a guy he needs to return against or will Hughes still prove too much for Hardy in the wrestling department?

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71 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Dan Hardy Would Like To “Smash” Matt Hughes”

  1. Fortyb4five says:

    lmao on the contrary Hughes would smash you! 4 in a row and he’s still talking shit.

    • Calvin says:

      what i love his how hughes is coming off 2 losses to amazing opponents and he was on a streak before this dan hardy is complete shit and needs to be on fight night undercards while hughes can be on ppv and as far as people dont like hughes where he lives funny cuz i live close to hillsboro and yet i root for him

      • Fallen Zero says:

        Your entire comment is fucking retarded and you obviously know nothing about the sport of MMA. Matt hughes got knocked out by Josh Koscheck who is not an amazing opponent at all. He’s a wrestler. He also got knocked out by BJ Penn, who doesn’t normally knock people out. Hardy is shit? That would explain why he knocked out Rory Marckam who was undefeated and finished every one of his fights. Or how he destroyed Marcus Davis, a professional boxer. Matt Hughes was TKO’d by St. Pierre, who wanted nothing to do with Hardy standing up. Even Anthony Johnson (who knocks people the fuck out) stood with Hardy for about 15 seconds of their fight. Everyone knows Hardy doesn’t like to wrestle, so they lay on him for 15 minutes until they win the fight. Hardy has more striking power than Penn and Koscheck put together. I would bet my life that if these two fought, Hughes would give everything he had to try to keep Hardy on the ground just to get knocked the fuck out. Hughes is washed up and fucking sucks now. Hahahaha 2 amazing opponents? You sound so stupid. Dan Hardy hasn’t lost to a single person that isn’t above average. As for his ONE knockout loss, anyone can get caught and knocked out. Only Dan got knocked out to Carlos Condit, a man who knocks people out, was the welterweight champ for the WEC, and is not fighting Nick Diaz for the intrem welterweight title. Dan Hardy is coming off four losses all to amazing fighters. Matt Hughes is going to lose about two more fights and he’s retiring. You should probably know what you’re talking about before you start running your mouth

        • MMFT says:

          kos would knock hardy the fuck out.

        • mmadred says:

          that would be a good fight

        • SILVER STAR says:

          I think kos is the luckiest fag in the UFC. I would hate to see him fight again. He is the most boring fighter around. All he does is lay & pray. That fucking sucks ass when your paying for a MMA fight. If I wanted to watch a wrestling match I would watch the WWE not the UFC. Hardy would probably loose the fight on the score cards due to kos laying on top of him. I think Hardy needs to improve his ground game, but kos just needs to find a different sport all together people dont want to pay for lay & pray fighters.

        • lolziez says:

          lol you called the other guys post “fucking retarded” well you my friend, are one DUMB mufucka.. get your head out your ass man, Hardys a fuckin joke…nuff said…

        • Thetude says:

          dude calvin was just giving his opinon, why you gotta be an asshole and try tomake people feel dumb

        • dbol says:

          Marckam and Davis are better opponents than bj and koscheck?? Hahahaha get off hardys dick! Hardy is good to watch but is very lucky to still be calling out people in the UFC. Just like he was very lucky to get his title shot . “he has more stroking power than Penn and koscheck put together” Hahaha!!! U have no clue mate

        • Fallen Zero says:

          Now* fighting Nick Diaz for the welterweight intrem title

        • LMFAOOO omglook at the hardy dickrider. I bet BJ would beat the mohawk off hardys gay ass. I love how u were trying to validate his shitty wins. U and hardy r both fags.

        • Samoa D says:

          Fallen Zero, you are retarded, Bj Penn doesnt knock people out, KOS is not a good fighter, you obviously dont know shit. BJ Penn has some of the heaviest hands in the lightweight or welterweight divisions. Hardy has good power in his hands and has no wrestling at all. Out of his four UFC wins, 3 of them were by decision. Out of KOS last five wins, 2 KOs, 1 TKO, I submission and 1 decision against better talent than your Hardy. Hardy is a good fighter but Hughes would ground and pound his face in. Before you run your mouth you should probably know something about MMA first jerk off. Oh BJ Penn has 3TKO/KOs out of his last 4 wins fool.

        • dave says:

          nick and condit are fighting for the interm belt,was that a speling mistake??? u said he is not fighting… also u are a prick…you are the kind of guy that makes this site shit,,,the guys states his oppinion and u shit all over him…in alot people eyes KOS an BJ are amazing oppponents…and hardy is a loser…wow he beat marcus davis.where is he now???

        • who cares says:

          wow.. zero.. just stop.. hardy was the most overrated fighter to ever get a title shot.. some had him ranked as high as 4th in the division even though he never beat a top 10 to get there.. plus he got 2 lucky dec. wins that many thought he lost..

          just stop.. hardy isnt scaring anyone.. also marcus davis was old when he fought hardy and koscheck has always been more legit than hardy.. kos would destroy him

        • Yes says:

          you are a ZERO. “everyone knows Hardy doesn’t like to wrestle.” You know who knows this??? HARDY ! but yet he does nothing to train for it. Regardless how he lost during the last four: HE LOST FOUR IN A ROW. If he does get his wish to fight Hughes and loses, he should cut himself from the UFC roster out of respect for the sport! Give Hardy Hughes. Hardy will be Bellator bound soon.

        • ricky says:

          so do you prefer hardy railing you in the ass or do you prefer blowin his cock off…cuz clearly youve done both multiple times

  2. LMFAO omg Hardy is such a turd hes lucky Dana and the Fertittas actually like him and that he still has his job. The funny thing is Matt Hughes would destroy this rooster faggot. Please put this fight together wow this made me LoL tho.

  3. Ruben says:

    Hardy deserves to be at the bottom of the card, on the facebook prelims. You can’t put Hughes down there so go fuck yourself Dan, you are a horrible fighter

  4. The Man says:

    I like Hardy and Hughes, but Hardy is in WAY over his mohawk.

  5. Hi says:

    i’m all for trying to campaign for a winnable fight, but dissing a legend in the sport is not cool

  6. Jacob says:

    Might be a smart move, Hughes is on his way out and hasn’t done well with guys who have good stand up. I’d like to see this fight. Both need a good win.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Not a smart move at all, because Hughes has one of the nastiest G&P styles in the UFC, and the ground game is Hard’s weakness. Hardy needs to get a few wins before calling out a dude who’s strengths are his weaknesses

  7. bertram says:

    the amount of haters out there is fucked lol. most of you have never stepped foot in a gym, yet you chirp hardys skills and shit talk the guy. thats so pathetic. grow up you losers. as for this fight, id like to see it. he isnt wrong, every other fighter out there besides bj says hughes is a douche. who knows the real truth except those guys though. anyways, haters, get the fuck outta here. if you dont like hardy dont read articles about him, cause reading them simply so you find fuel to bash him with, is fuckin weak

    • mmahawk says:

      I don’t think it’s hatin’ that makes people think that Hardy is going to get smashed….ok, maybe some hatin’….hey, just calling it out…

      @bertram: First, relax bro. Nothing said here is saving lives or affecting either fighter. And whether you’ve been in a gym, a cage or not dosen’t mean you can’t critique a guy’s style or form. I bet you’ve never filmed a blockbuster film before…but i am sure that you’ve seen plenty of movies that have sucked, and you’ve said sucked and talked some serious shit about and hated on it. People talk out of their ass all the time, but it doesn’t mean they’re wrong.


      Depending on which Matt Hughes shows up will ultimately dictate who wins here. If this is the Hughes I saw fight at Rampage vs. Jones, then Hughes will get smashed. His chin isn’t what it used to be, and lets face it, like or hate him, Hardy is a pretty solid striker. He’s not elite, but with Matt’s chin lately, he doesn’t have to be. Hughes had no advantages against a guy like Koscheck (who I dislike) but Hardy has a glaring weakness that Hughes CAN, and most likely WILL, exploit. His lack of a Take Down Defense.

      Now if Hughes comes in smart and uses his takedowns and GnP’s Hardy….and being that Hardy’s TTD IS substandard against a wrestler of Hughes’ caliber (losing a step or not), Hardy will be in for a hell of a headache.

      I like Hughes here…only because if Hardy comes in without an improved TDD, he’s going to get GnP’ed.

      • chon209 says:

        good point but i stoped reading when you said “Depending on which Matt Hughes shows up”> come on man really, he doesnt go to his closet full of matt hughes and say which matt huges do i want to wear today. Theres only one of him and thats the one thats going to show up to a fight

        • mmahawk says:

          I didn’t say that he had a closet full of Hughes…you did. I think you’re taking that literally…..and nt in the spirit in which it’s meant. If you kept reading, you’d understand what I meant.

          Matt is a wrestler. If he decides that’s his gameplan is to out wrestle and win this fight, great. If he decides to play Hardy’s game and comes to strike….puit simply, Matt’s going to sleep.

      • VanDamme says:

        Well said mmahawk: I hate it when people say stuff like “most of you have never stepped foot in a gym, yet you chirp hardys skills and shit talk the guy. thats so pathetic” or “bet you wouldn’t say it to his face so don’t say it on this forum”- GTFO!! – so your only allowed to comment on a fighter if you’ve trained? It’s almost 2012 and welcome to the internet – get used to it…

        As for the call out, I think it’s a bad move on Hardy. If Hughes brings his A wrestling game and work some GnP could be a long night for Hardy – It’s like calling a guy out who’s strongest asset is your weakest.

      • dave says:

        agreed…but i dont think matts chin has got weaker i just think he never really use to get hit….but i think he wrestling has gotten alot weaker ,,an i think hardy could stuff his takedown and ko him….i hate hardy but i think hughs is time to retire

    • Not Bertram's fault says:

      his parents are the one that named him Bertram. Hey Bertram: SHAAAAAADUUUUUUUPPPPPPPP ! If you cannot handle what’s said here, beat it! Go to your gym and beat up somebody-nobody gives a rat’s ass what you do there.
      and……..Merry Christmas!

    • ricky says:

      how the fuck do you know these people dont go to the gym? do you personally know everyone who commented and know their schedules too? youre a dirty smelly mexican just like the rest of your dirty family so shut the fuck up and moe my lawn. and after that you can make me a burrito

  8. ShaneV says:

    I think people are fooled by hardys stand up!! not that good IMO

  9. danriverapv says:

    i would like to see that fight.

  10. dbo says:

    What is wrong with Hardy? Seriously, I think he has been hit in the mohawk a few too many times. I like the guy, and am horrified by this latest news. He has lost four in a row, and hasn’t been cut for some reason. He should be grateful for that, and try to start redeeming himself by winning his next fight. His next fight should be against a striker that he has a chance of beating. What he doesn’t want is to take on a wrestler, especially a wrestler of the caliber of Matt Hughes!!! This has to be a bad joke. Why didn’t they just cut him after the Lytle fight? They have to know that fans are waiting to see if Hardy can still win a fight. Even though Hughes is past his prime, he is on a different level than the Outlaw.
    If the UFC wants to do right by Hardy and give him another chance, match him up with Rory McDonald or Rick Story. If not, why don’t they just pink slip the guy?

  11. DFL says:

    hardy should be fighting amir sadollah for his octagon career.. not hughes.

  12. Calabama says:

    I mostly agree with yall.. I think Hughes would take it to him and make him an opfer… the only reason he still has a job is because of a huge fan base in the UK… not hating just debating

  13. stone says:

    Hughes has no chin left….

  14. David says:

    Unfortunately for hardy “smashing” hughes would require him winning a fight, which he doesnt seem to be able to do.

  15. dbo says:

    Sadollah is another good match, risky though.
    Amir could potentially Muai Thai Hardy into a bloody pulp.
    If he gets into zombie mode, the Outlaw will be screwed…

    • Ryrie says:

      agreed that would be an excellent fight! hardy has never overly impressed me, neither has his striking and i think hughes would win that fight! hardy needs to get his confidence back before he even thinks about fighting and champs or former champs…..sadollah would be a great fight tho!

  16. dbo says:

    on another note, bertram is just angry because his mommy
    didn’t hold him enough when he was a baby.

    He is a legend in his gym,I know for a fact.
    It is a nursing home physical therapy room.
    He dominates everyone that comes in thinking they are tough.
    He submitted my grandmother last weekend, twice!
    We all should stop discussing mma unless he says its ok.
    We need to realize the level of talent we are sharing this discussion with.

  17. A.James says:

    Why is this guy talking? How does he have a job? He’s the only fighter I know that sends a fighter into retirement by getting himself choked out.

  18. get real says:

    until Dan Hardy can stop a takedown he should keep quiet and hope he gets only fights with boxers. I haven’t been on a mat in 2 years and can probably take him down.

  19. Long-Strong says:

    sigh.. the fight that needs to be made is Hardy vs. Akiyama. Too bad they gave it to Shields. FOTN written all over it, similar losing streaks and stylistically awesome. I don’t know what the UFC was thinking. Who else is there for him to fight? Maybe Papy Abedi, which is a fight that would be a fucking prelim at best.

  20. ruthless mma says:

    im a huge dan hardy fan, but i honestly dont think this is a smart fight to pick for him. we all know how he does against wrestlers, his take down defense in not very good, if huges shoots in 9/10 your ass is going to the ground.. i want dan to win real bad.. but i dont think this is the ticket.

  21. Fei Long says:

    LOL @Fallen Zero seems like he wants to be hardy’s boyfriend =p i am not a big fan of either of the two but it’s not cool to accuse people of shit especially if you aren’t even the victim. Unless hughes punked hardy, dan doesn’t have the right of calling him out because of douche-baggery. Just say he’s a big name guy i can beat NOT i hear he’s an asshole.

  22. "H"BOMB says:

    hughes would dominate hardy for the fact that hardy has no tdd with that said hopefully this happens matt retires with a good “W” then RETIRE and cut hardy

  23. Foxy79_ says:

    That’s fine if people don’t like Hughes.. When Dan can have his legacy maybe he can talk.. Pure douchery..

  24. cami says:

    lmao these comments kill me yo thanks for making me laugh guys

  25. Bc it’s an easy win for Hardy ..

  26. Samoa D says:

    Oh by the way, I met Hughes at the SJ International Airport, he seemed cool, gave me an autograph and took a picture with me and my son! Now does that sounds like a douche bag to you, LMSAO!!!

  27. Jrock says:

    Whoa time the fuck out everyone talking shit about matt hughes and saying don’t anything about mma if you think hughes will beat hardy.matt hughes is a fucking legend!learn some damn respect. and for the record dan hardy should win a fckn fight before he goes around saying he’ll smash matt hughes. I just lost all respect I had for hardy hope they put the fight together so hughs can give hardy his walking papers!

  28. Mike says:

    Yea im a fan of Dan Hardy but how is he going to call out an old guy who has a glass jaw now and has failed to use his wrestling in his last 2 losses. Dont get me wrong Matt Hughes used to be a great fighter but there is a time when someone needs to call it quits and now is Matt Hughes time. Dan its time to call out bigger fighters do something to them to impress people and get back on a winning streak or GTFO. Like i said theres a time for someone to call it quits and it may be dan hardys time as well.

  29. GRT 3000 says:

    Hardy always loses to top guys, now he’s calling out an aging Matt Hughes on the way out, what a dick. he’d prob. lose that too. Honestly, I don’t really give a shit what this guy does.

  30. naghammadi says:

    Hardy must be taking lessens from Sonnen on how to talk stupid shit!

  31. sheikthefreak says:

    dan hardy sux for nickels

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