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Tuesday, 11/22/2011, 08:24 am

UFC NEWS – Cruz Ready To Face Faber To Complete Trilogy

“The way that he beat Bowles, I think it warrants a title fight for him. That’s fine with me. I’ve got no problem. It was going to be him or Bowles, I knew that coming into that fight, and I was ready to take on either one of them. He beat somebody in the Top 5 of the division. That’s the first time he’s been matched up with someone in the Top 5 of the 135-pound division. I thought he looked good. He did exactly what he was supposed to do to be the No. 1 contender. He finished Bowles quickly and put a beating on him,” Cruz said. “I’m excited for the fight to come.”

UFC bantamweight champion, Dominick Cruz tells the guys over at that he is ready to face off with UFC 139 winner, Urijah Faber and settle their beef once and for all.

In the post UFC 139 speech, Urijah Faber took to the microphone following his complete and utter destruction of former champ, Brian Bowles and said “Dominick, you can run but you can’t hide.”

Cruz has taken note and is making sure that the world knows he is ready to face off with “The California Kid” and prove why he holds the belt.

The proposed matchup would settle a score almost five-years in the making.

Cruz suffered his lone professional defeat at the hands of Urijah back in 2007. Now, five years later and a division lower the two are tentatively planning a third outing after Cruz was able to even the score and defeat Faber at UFC 132 this past July.


27 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Cruz Ready To Face Faber To Complete Trilogy”

  1. T.DADDY says:

    Cruz is by far the worst fighter in mma.. he’s a smaller version of gsp always fightin safe and going for points instead of tryin to finish…imo faber won that last fight and will finish this chump next time.. war faber!!!

    junkie is a hoe like his momma

  2. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Hope Faber gets the belt back so we have one less points fighter holding a title. Bust that ass, Faber!

  3. Mike Diaz says:

    I got Cruz on this all day! The only thing he lacks is KO power but other than that I like this kid. Imo, one win doesn’t warrant an immediate reattempt at a title shot but the fans have the last word it seems. TEAM PENN!!!!!!

  4. Bobbi Sinister says:


  5. Donnybrook says:

    Faber’s gonna take it this time.

  6. John M says:

    Of all the fighters in the UFC’s divisions Faber is probably one of the most down to Earth guys, he deserves that belt more than anyone. This time their will be no judges decision WAR FABER!

  7. shoe says:

    you guys.. better recognise,, cruz is top 5 p4p fo sho

  8. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I like Cruz’s unrelenting pace, footwork and boxing. He’s not going to lose the California Kid for a second time.

  9. jboy says:

    Cruz reminds me of Edgar , their fighting style is similar which imo is boring, that’s why Cruz fight is free on tv

  10. GRT 3000 says:

    I think Cruz def. has some scraps, wouldn’t be champion otherwise. But he’s also kinda boring and wins on points. The peeps want to see an exciting fighter who wins decisively hold the belt; Get em’ Faber!

  11. ipawilzon says:

    All of you Faber fanboys need to go rub one out to a pic of him and one of his sellout commercials… Cruz might not have knockout power, but his skill is undeniable.. He has sick footwork and boxing and makes anyone who steps into the ring with him look like an idiot. This weight class is so full of bada$$ fighter, I dont believe that Faber has earned another shot at the title this quick. I used to be a Faber fan, but he talked so much sh** on Cruz, which was unprovoked, like making stupid a$$ youtube vids that are just plain embarrassing. Why don’t all of you stupid Faber fanboys step off the bandwagon for a sec and realize that there are wayyyyy better fighters out there in this division and they just got robbed, just because “the califonia kid” is all hype. He has lost his edge and beating Bowles didn’t prove sh**, he does not deserve another title shot and hes gonna loose again.. Now run along fanboys and go rub one out to a pic of him in one of his Amp energy or KSwiss ads.. homos

    • e says:

      meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen the homosexual rant. with all the gay shit you wrote guarantee youre a closet homo.

      but really who else in the top BW rankings deserves a shot? cruz defeated the all of the top contenders in BW. bowles was coming up for a title shot and just so had happened to fight faber who is prolly #2. bowles just lost and faber gets his shot. his title shot may seem premature but it’s the only fight that makes sense. you dont need to fkn cry about it.

  12. Georgem says:

    Urijah, It’s all yours once again so thke the belt an retire as the best pound for pound champ.

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